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Chapter 1115 gongou street robbery

She has to treat miyou well today.

That's her goal!

Looking at Gong Ou's hairy appearance in the tablet, Xiaonian couldn't help laughing.

I'm so satisfied. What is she doing now? I'm used to being together with Gong Ouni at ordinary times. Sometimes I don't know what to do when I'm alone.

When Xiaonian looked around, the terrain of the town was complex and uneven, the road was curved and winding, and GPS was not good for navigation, so she chose to govern the palace and Europe here, because it was not easy to find.

If she remembers correctly, this way is the moon rock as high as 135 meters.

Moonlight rock is a famous scenery here.

Anyway, I have nothing to climb to have a look.

When Xiaonian took the tablet computer in his hand and walked towards it. However, there were many branches. The more trees there were, the more leaves covered the sun.

Good fresh air.

When Xiaonian took a strong breath of air and walked towards it, most of the rocks here are natural, which created many unique views. When she entered a cave, there were drops of water dripping down, and a big stone below had been concave into many, like a huge bowl.

Is water dripping through stone?

When Xiaonian squatted down, he touched the edge of the boulder with his fingers, and his fingertips were cold with water ice. The boulder was engraved with the words of various countries, all of which were names.

From the introduction monument on one side, she knew that the water had been dripping for more than five hundred years and was regarded as a tough symbol of eternal love.

Can so many people carve names.

When Xiaonian touched his fingertips with some water, he wrote down Gong Ou's name on the dry stone wall beside him, followed by Xiaonian.

The two names are close to each other. The sun falls from the leaves and falls on the two names, making shixiaonian have a second trance, as if he has seen eternity.

When Xiaonian turned and walked out of the cave, he continued to climb.

Walking around like this, Xiaonian arrived at the top of moonlight rock. It didn't take long. Several tourists had gathered at the top, including lovers and small families, who were taking pictures seriously.

When Xiaonian was tired of walking, he wiped the stone chair beside him, sat down and looked out.

The houses of the whole scenic spot town are gathered together in a small way. The flower fields form the most colorful patterns. Further away, there is the vast sea. The huge cruise ship is quietly stopping in front of it.

It turns out that the scenery is so beautiful in the moonlight rock. If she were not afraid that Gong Yao and Gong Kui would expose her whereabouts too early, she would surely take her two children to climb the moonlight rock.

"How are you, Auntie?"

A little boy in a football jersey sat beside Xiaonian and greeted her with a smile. His face was full of sweat from climbing the mountain.


When Xiaonian smiled back and handed him the water he had just bought.

The little boy looked at her and took the water shyly. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." When Xiaonian smiled, he was about to stand up and leave the little boy suddenly handed out a picture to her, "Auntie, I have nothing else, there is a picture of myself for you."

Exchange gifts?

When Xiaonian took the photo with a smile, the little boy holding a football smiled happily to the camera, "I will treasure your photo well."

The little boy smiled more timidly and ran all the way to his parents.

The boy's parents smiled kindly at shixiaonian and took him down.

When Xiaonian stayed in the moonlight for an hour, even the last couple left, leaving her alone. She was just a person dominating a scenic spot.

It's boring again.

I don't know where Gong Ou is playing now.

When Xiaonian turned on the tablet and called up the monitor, she sent many people to hide and take pictures of Gong ou. She locked Gong Ou in many lenses and magnified this section.

Camera shot: Gong Ou stops at a square where she displays the paintings she sold before.

Many people are watching.

Gong Ou once said that he would buy all the paintings she sold, because they were in the four-year paintings he had disappeared. He had never seen them before, and he would hang them at home.

The paintings collected by Gong Yu were forcibly taken back by Gong ou. Some of them are still missing. Some of the square paintings are private collections of Gong Yu, even Gong Ou doesn't know. This time, she asked to take them out.

Seeing her paintings on display, Gong Ou naturally wanted to buy them back.

Unfortunately, he can't.

Because, how can the second young master of the palace family who is traveling around the world by cruise ship put money? Especially after she carefully emptied all the money in the room.

Sure enough, Gong Ou was surprised to see the paintings for no more than a minute and began to touch the money.

But how could someone give him money today.

"Wow, face changing."

"The horse is about to jump."

"Turn your eyebrows, glare, clench your fist, and jump up! I said you'd jump! "

When Xiaonian felt that she was watching a live broadcast, Gong Ou's performance was completely expected by her.

When seeing others pay for paintings, Gong Ou's anger is even more uncontrollable. His black eyes stare at the painter, staring at him all the time.

"So fierce."

Across the screen, Xiaonian felt the anger value from Gong ou and shuddered.

The buyer didn't seem to know Gong ou. He insisted on buying paintings and pulled out a pile of money.

When Xiaonian stared at Gong OU on the screen, his whole heart was tense.

If Gong Ou's paintings are bought, she will have to appease him for a few days to smooth his mood.

Shi Xiaonian thought so. He saw Gong Ou holding his fist and staring at the man who paid for the painting. Suddenly, Gong Ou took off several paintings of the easel one by one and carried them on his shoulders.

The people in the square were all dumbfounded.

When Xiaonian was stunned, he said, "Gong ou, you robbed in the street..."

Don't be shameful.

In the camera, Gong Ou disappears like a gust of wind, and the whole square is petrified. It's a long time before the buyer excitedly screams for help.

"What's the news going to be like tomorrow? I'm sure it will be written as" N.E. president robbing ", and it will be blacked out." When Xiaonian frowned anxiously, he thought, "this kind of black history palace and Europe will definitely find a way to eliminate it all. I can't see such a wonderful picture at that time, so I have to save it quickly."

Finish saying, small read hurriedly to find which is the save key.

Suddenly, there was a shadow, covering her whole person as if in the dark.

When Xiaonian sat in the stone chair with his head down and saw two straight legs standing in front of her, she was shocked. No, she came after her so quickly.

It's over.

When Xiaonian holds the tablet in her arms, She Stoops to stand up and ready to leave.

A strong hand to her shoulder a pressure, the whole of her hard to pressure back, forcing her to sit.


Oh, sooner or later.

When small read slowly raised his head, dry smile two, "Hi, Gong ou."

Gong Ou stood in front of her. She was tall and slender. Her sleeves were rolled up to her arms. There were only two buttons left. Her chest was exposed in a large area. Her skirts were full of sweat stains. There was no image.

Looking back, Gong Ou's hair is short and messy, his face is full of sweat, his forehead is blue and his tendons are jumping. Black pupils stare at her with hatred. They can't help but eat her. Their thin lips are pursed without a trace of blood.

This anger She hasn't seen it in Gong ou for a long time.

When Xiaonian laughed, his shoulders were hurt by Gong Ou's pressure.

"My black history is dying to be preserved, eh?" Gong Ou stared at her and repeated what she had just said word by word.

"Aren't you in the square? Why did you come here in a flash?"

"I've been fooling you all day, and your courage is getting fatter and fatter!" Gong Ou clasps her finger in and holds her shoulder firmly.


When Xiaonian was in pain, she bit her teeth straight. Almost immediately, the hand on her shoulder came loose.

Still love her.

When I was a little angry, I looked up at Gong ou and explained with a dry smile, "I just rarely see this side of you. I think it's very precious, so I want to keep it."

"Is it?" Gong Ou asked with a gloomy face.

"Why do you sweat so much?" When small read don't understand ground ask a way, pull him to sit down beside.

Don't ask is OK, a ask Gong Ou's face is more smelly, he stares at her, "you try to be chased by a group of people for three streets without sweating!"

And carrying that heavy painting.

"Three streets?" When Xiaonian was shocked, "how can they not protect the bodyguards Oh, I told them to ignore you. "

"How dare you say that?" Gong Ou wanted to pinch her neck. "For the first time in his life, Gong Ou didn't have money to pay the bill. He robbed her in the street and was chased three blocks. Two police cars ran after me! It's the only time you're satisfied? "

When Xiaonian was sprayed, he could hardly sit still. He whispered, "I didn't know you would rob things in full view of the public."

"That's your painting. I haven't seen it before. Can I let others buy it?" Gong Ou sprays at her again.

“……” When Xiaonian shrunk her neck, her heart was filled with guilt and sweetness. She secretly looked at the tablet computer in her hand, "why didn't I see this section?"

"See it and save it?" Asked Gong Ou ironically.

"No, no, I must have gone out to pay for you." When Xiaonian immediately said, Gong Ou's anger value seems to have reached the peak. She can blow up moonlight rock against him again.


Shouted Gong ou.

When Xiaonian whispered and looked up at him sincerely, "really, how can I really watch you rob? By the way, you are clearly in the square. Why did you suddenly come to moonlight rock?"

She can't think.

Besides, she also designed a series of routines from surprise to hair blasting, which are now wasted.

"Oh." Gong Ou sneers scornfully. "George, that old guy didn't even try to cure me with my skills. What's your little hand? Since the twins told me you went to play, there has been a certain delay in the pictures you see. "