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Chapter 1010 syncope of Gong ou

"I have people I want to be with." Xiaonian said with a smile.

"Is that the defiant young man?" Asked the woman.

A defiant young man? Well, no one but Gong ou can bear these four character idioms.

Xiaonian smiled awkwardly, then bowed his head to the woman guiltily. "That's my husband's temper. I'm sorry for him. Please forgive me."

The woman sat on the edge of the table, smelled the words, looked up at her eyes, the ugly scar on her face was more clear, "he is your husband, and you don't need to apologize for him, you are two people, not tied together, his mistake doesn't need to be borne by you."

When Xiaonian stood there, he thought it was strange, but he couldn't say it was strange.

She responded with a smile, turned her eyes to look around the room, and said, "Auntie, you don't even have a TV behind you. I asked someone to move a TV, so you can help yourself."

"You must be very pleasing to your parents, right?"

Suddenly the woman said.

"Ah?" When Xiaonian was stunned, the woman looked down at the cake in front of her. "You can make food again, take care of everyone's mood, have a gentle temperament, and it must be very pleasing to the elders."

When Xiaonian realized that the woman was praising her, he said, "I'm not as good as you said, so take a rest, I'll go back."

With that, Xiaonian turned to go, and the voice of the woman sounded behind her, "don't stay here, this is the place of death."

Her voice is pleasant and calm, which is like a pool of stagnant water, without waves or vitality, but it makes people's heart quiver.

When Xiaonian looked back at her, she reached out her hand to pick up the cake and began to eat. Her hands seemed to have been burned, and her skin became wrinkled.


Shixiaonian was eager to say something, but thought about it and left it. Maybe the woman, like the local residents, thought that one night's blooming was their curse, so let her leave as a pregnant woman.

When I walked out of the hut, Xiaonian looked at the sky above my head. After the cake was finished, I had nothing to do. It was really boring every day.

I really want to go with Gong ou, but I can't.

When Xiaonian walked into the big house in front of him alone, he looked at the buds of the moonlight flower dozens of times. If the moonlight flower can bloom overnight, would they be able to go home?

"Second young grandma, second young master has an accident!"

A voice suddenly came, when Xiaonian stood there, the whole person was suddenly blank, a heart seemed to stop beating, and there was no sense.

The water cup she was holding also fell from her hand.

"What happened to Gong Ou?"

Gong Yu rushed down the stairs in a hurry, and his face turned.

I don't know how long it took for Xiaonian to find her soul. She turned around stiffly, only to see two bodyguards carrying the disguised Gong ou and putting him into the sofa. Gong Ou's eyes were closed tightly and her face was pale.

When Xiaonian stood there, she couldn't move. She watched Gong Yu put her finger under Gong Ou's nose to test her breath. At that moment, she suddenly found that she didn't have the courage to face the promise.

How can she collect the body for him? How can she watch his body get cold a little bit

"Big young master, second young master just passed out." A word from the bodyguard pulls the soul of shixiaonian from hell to heaven.

She bumped forward and nearly fell down. When she got back to her senses, Xiaonian quickly went to the sofa and helped Gong ou to a comfortable position to lie down. She asked, "what's the matter?"

"We don't know. Just now we were investigating bit's whereabouts. When the second young master was still talking, the man suddenly fell to the ground." Two bodyguards said innocently.

"Don't call the doctor! Quick! " Gong Yu roared. His tone was so heavy that he almost lost his temper. It was totally different from his usual noble elegance.

When Xiaonian kneels on the edge of the sofa to check if Gong Ou is hurt. He only sees some bruises on his hand, which should have been hurt when he fell down suddenly.

"Gong Ou? Gong Ou? Can you hear me? " Shixiaonian caresses his face.


Gong o lay there motionless.

The doctor was soon found. The doctor opened Gong Ou's eyelids and made some simple checks. He went to one side and said, "it's OK, young master and young grandmother. The second young master may have been overworked recently and didn't have a good rest, so he suddenly fainted."


When Xiaonian frowned, this is a good word. She often sleeps until midnight when she turns around and Gong Ou is not there. He must be doing something.

She couldn't stop him because she promised him as soon as she entered area 13.

"Really just because of fatigue, no other reason?" Gong Yu asked cautiously.

"The second young master is in good health, but he needs a good rest." The doctor said truthfully. Shixiaonian asked, "how long can he wake up?"

"No matter what, it's time for him to go to sleep."

After that, Gong Yu squats down with his back to Gong ou, grabs Gong Ou's arm and carries him on his back. Xiaonian helps him and follows them all the way into the bedroom.

Gong Yu put Gong OU on the bed and said, "you accompany him, I will arrange people to do things."

"Good." When small read a nod, and then don't worry about the tunnel, "brother, you don't go out."


Gong Yu did not go back and did not know if he heard her.

When Xiaonian didn't care about him, he took off his shoes for Gong ou, then pulled them over and covered them for him. Looking at this pale face with low eyes, her heart ached to the point of suffocation.

She finally stood by Gong Ou when he was in danger, and finally she could face it with him, but she still had to watch him fight alone.

"Do you really consider yourself a God?" When small read silently sighed a breath, turn around to walk into the bathroom to wet the towel, walk back to wipe Gong Ou's face.

Gong Ou sleeps in bed, his lips are dry, his brows are slightly frowning. He is so restless in coma that he carries everything on his own. When he is tired and painful, he carries it on his own.

What a fool.

When Xiaonian takes care of the sleepy Gong ou, he finally lies beside him and sleeps. When he wakes up, Gong Ou turns over and wakes him up.

As soon as she opened her eyes, a pair of dark eyes were fixed on her.

"Are you awake?" When Xiaonian sat up from the bed in surprise, her waist was a little sore, Gong Ou helped her, and then sat up from the bed, looking at her nervously, "scared you?"

"Can you take care of yourself if you scare me?" When small reads helplessly to look at him.

It's already night. It's dark outside. There's a small light in the bedroom.

"I'm fine. Maybe I'll get heatstroke if I get too much sun today." Gong Ou presses his head and blames his fainting on heatstroke. When Xiaonian looks at him more helplessly, "it's OK to wear a coat here. Do you have heatstroke?"

"It's hotter over there than here." He's still bluffing.

"Is it? It seems that the temperature display on my mobile phone is inaccurate. It turns out that half of area 13 is the South Pole and half is the North Pole. "


Gong Ou stopped talking. Next second, he lay down on her leg and stretched out his hand to surround her. "I'm hungry. I'll think twice."

Can't talk about food?

She's soft, isn't she?

"There is a cake I made in the restaurant. I'll make you two dishes after I have some to eat." Xiaonian put his finger in his hair.

Two people are close.

"That's lovely."

Gong Ou grabs her hand and kisses her hard. Black eyes dote on her. His eyes are deep and hard to resist.

Shi Xiaonian comes down from bed and walks out. Gong Ou presses his brow and his eyes are full of remorse.

He is not afraid of fatigue, just afraid of falling in front of her.

She didn't blame him for a word, which made him feel sick in the chest.

In the restaurant, when Xiaonian put the cake and fork in front of Gong ou, Gong Ou yawned with his fist covering his lips. He was in low spirits and took the fork and began to eat, "delicious!"

"In your eyes, have I ever made bad food?" When small read ask.

Gong Ou stared at her and thought for a moment, including a mouthful of cake

When small read to smile, "OK, eat quickly."

She enjoyed the time that Gong Ou stayed with her and the way that Gong Ou ate. It was a kind of Devour gracefully.

When Xiaonian was excited by his own ideas, Gong Ou saw her smile, and her face was lighter than before. She lowered her head and continued to eat cakes.

Small changes never escape Xiaonian's eyes.

Fool, afraid of fainting, she will blame him angrily? Don't worry, she is afraid of too little time, reluctant to use it in anger.

When Xiaonian turns around and goes into the kitchen to cook, he simply cooks two dishes and brings them to the dining room. "Gong ou, you have to sleep at night. You can't eat too much, or you have an excuse not to sleep to do things..."

That's half the time.

Gong Ou fell asleep on the dining table. The cake in front of him was half eaten. He bit a fork in his mouth, and the thin lips were still stained with cream. It seemed funny.


When Xiaonian stepped forward, he laid the dish gently on the table and reached out to wipe the cream off his lips.

Are you tired to this extent? It's the first time in the world that you can fall asleep even if you eat her food?

It's better to fall asleep, so that he doesn't have to stay up late to do things, and he can have a good sleep.

Two bodyguards were called. When Xiaonian settled down in gongou, she lay down and waited for him to change clothes and wipe her body. She was so tired that she was sweating and hungry.

"You don't have a good breath. I'll eat the food myself." When small read low body in palace Europe's lips imprint a kiss, show a smile, "good sleep."

She walked into the dining room alone and made the food hot again. Just after eating two mouthfuls of food, a bodyguard rushed in. Her words were incoherent.

"What's the matter? Is Gong Ou busy again?" He asked nervously.

"No, it's not." The bodyguard repeatedly waved his hand and pointed out to the outside. He said angrily, "it's the eldest young master who stunned the man guarding the underground waterway. He's gone. Do you want to wake up the second young master?"