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Chapter 1008 flowers bloom overnight, curse begins

Gong Yu knew that Gong Ou's style was always bold and arrogant, so he was worried about the tunnel, "what do you want to do next? Our people are also in zone 13. Is that the first step or the static brake? "

"Lancaster can control area 13, and we can control it. It's hard to say who has the upper hand. Our main purpose is to find people."

The house of bits and Mr must be found. This is the last step to the collapse of Lancaster.

When Xiaonian stood there with a white flowerpot in his arms, he only heard Gong Yu say, "is it too risky for you to do this? You are here now, but Lancaster has only one little son who is not favored. Even if you die together, Lancaster will win."

George's old boss always wanted Gong Ou's life.

Gong Ou fiddles with the machine in front of him. He sneers at him. "The old man won't care about his son."

"That son is not favored, even if his own blood is not as noble as that Mona, how can he care?" Gong Yu said, when he was still drawing together, Xiaonian said, "Xiaonian, do you think it is?"

When Xiaonian stood there and shook his head, "I don't quite understand."

Gong Ou connected the wires of the machine one by one, without raising his head. "He doesn't care about his son, but about winning or losing. What if I die here like this?"

"Lancaster George avenged his daughter."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

When Gong Ou looked at it, he said, "simplicity. Lancaster has been messed up by me, and the interior is fragmented, and my people are still disintegrating them. If I die with bit's trump card, I am dead, but Lancaster is completely destroyed, and the palace and N.E still exist, and I have trained successors to continue the camp until my children can take over. How can the old leader be willing to see his family defeated, and the palace family is still alive. "


"The last person to come is you." Gong Ou looks at Gong Yu coldly. "There are few people in the palace. It won't be too messy for you to stay behind. Fortunately, they didn't expect you to be stupid enough to follow them. When there's something wrong, you will be the first to go back!"

He was opposed to Gong Yu coming along, but Gong Yu was determined to do it alone.

Before they left, the two brothers had a fight. Gong Yu still said that he would follow them.

Being scolded by his brother for being stupid, Gong Yu was a little depressed. He leaned back and his eyes sank. He didn't speak. "Impossible."

This time, he must come, this is his insistence.

Even paranoia can't stop him.

"No right to say no." Gong Ou said coldly that he must leave people for the palace family.

Hearing this, Gong Yu got up from the sofa and said to Gong ou, "one day I am your brother, and one day I have the right to be above you!"


Gong Ou's face became rather ugly.

When Xiaonian looked at them anxiously, he only heard Gong Yu say, "I have been hiding for so many years. This time, I will not hide again!"

After that, Gong Yu turned around and left. His posture was determined. There was no possibility of turning around.

When Xiaonian looked at his back, put the flowerpot in a sunny place, and then walked towards the unsophisticated Gong ou, saying softly, "I don't want you to shoulder so many responsibilities. He cares about you and has something to say."

"I don't need irrational care."

Gong Ou said coldly.

The palace family must still have a man in it. He is deeply involved in it. Gong Ming can get out but he has to jump in.

"Sometimes caring has nothing to do with reason." Xiaonian sighed softly, "I'll peel the apple for you."


Gong Ou sits there, his eyes are moving, he looks up at her, and his hand on the machine clenches a thread.

Care has nothing to do with reason. It's stupid.


The two brothers quarreled, but they still worked together. After all, they had not reached the point where they had to go.

Area 13 is controlled by two families at the same time. As expected, the Lancaster family did not come in to fight directly as Gong Ou expected. Instead, they seemed to show them an attitude. They had already come. They could not move to bit.

In a few days, there is often a strange phenomenon in the street of No. 13 district. People from two families walk around the street, walking on one side of the street, and the situation is the same as fire and water, but they don't fight each other. It's safe and sound.

One is looking for their address, one is looking for bit's hiding place.

Different from this seemingly calm but tense situation, shixiaonian has been cultivating her flowers. She is inexplicably superstitious. When the flowers open, they will return.

In the morning, Xiaonian walked out of the gate with a flowerpot in her arms, ready to let the flowers bask in the first ray of sunshine.

As soon as she stepped out of the gate with one foot, she heard a whisper. When Xiaonian looked up, she saw some bodyguards standing in front of her. She couldn't help asking, "what's the matter?"

"Second young grandma." The bodyguards nodded respectfully at her and said, "look at these trees..."

When Xiaonian looked at the past from their eyes, only to see that some bare trees were now in full bloom, and all the plants on the ground were in bloom, red, purple, white, colorful, beautiful and fragrant.

The whole courtyard in the high wall seems to have been visited by the God of flowers overnight. The flowers are in full bloom, so beautiful that people can't shake their eyes.

"How could this happen?"

When Xiaonian was stunned.

"It doesn't look like a good omen to bloom this night." A bodyguard came up to her and said, "we've been out looking for bit's hiding place these days, and we've heard a lot of gossip that once there's a curse in this area, it will blossom overnight."

"What do you mean? Isn't it full of flowers? "

"Is there really a curse?" asked shixiaonian?

"That's right, but some plants are dying, they can't grow flowers, but they will suddenly bloom overnight." The bodyguard said the local rumor, "curses appear, flowers bloom overnight, people are in danger; curses come true, flowers fail overnight."

"Yes, the last time we found the place where the flower failed, we dug up more than a dozen corpses in the ground. They were so miserable that the local people said they were cursed."

"Please come here to talk about this nonsense?"

A gloomy voice sounded.

"Second young master."

The bodyguards quickly stood up side by side, their heads too low to lift.

Gong Ou comes out from the gate with his sleeves arranged. A pair of black eyes sweep the bodyguards indifferently. When Xiao Nian comes to him, she tiptoes to adjust the neckline for him.

"Don't believe the nonsense." Gong Ou looked at her and said he didn't want her to think about anything.

"I just think it's amazing. When I first came in, the trees in the yard seemed to be bare. I didn't expect that they would blossom overnight." "When small read smile said," we have something important in the body, otherwise you can ask people to check well, is the problem of soil or man-made problem

Anyway, she doesn't believe in curses.

"It's no surprise, it's just the way the locals want to get us out of here." Gong Ou let her organize for herself, said coldly.


When Xiaonian's face was stunned, Gong Ou grabbed her hand and walked into the room. He went to the biggest TV in the center. He saw the monitoring picture on the screen.

In a square, people gathered in front of the government building, holding banners to protest loudly.

After listening for a while, shixiaonian realized that they wanted to expel the stranger Doesn't it mean them?

"The palace family and the Lancaster family sent a large number of people into area 13 at the same time. Some people felt uneasy, so they used the curse to let everyone think it was the invasion of outsiders, and wanted to use the pressure of the people to let us leave."

Gong Ou said that he had a wise eye and was not fascinated by the so-called curse.

When Xiaonian suddenly realized, "it turns out that this is the case, but it can also be understood that the place where he has lived for many years suddenly now is full of people outside the streets and alleys. Can you not make people upset?"

Although she didn't go out, she also knew that the whole area 13 was covered with two families. They were like walking bombs, just one lead.

"It's no use messing around. Since the old man put bits here, it's doomed to be our battlefield."

This is the last battlefield.

Gong Ou turns to leave and heads for the restaurant.

"But it's hard for us to find bits when the locals are in a mess, isn't it?" Shixiaonian asked and followed Gong ou.

All of a sudden, a figure came out, and Xiaonian was scared to step back. When he saw the person, he was scared to take a breath of air conditioning.

It was a simple and retro woman with long hair and a heavy head. She bowed and lowered her head, but her face was like a centipede climbing wound, which was clearly printed in the eyes of shixiaonian.

"I will find it!"

Gong Ou said arrogantly. He didn't hear Xiaonian's voice. When he turned around, he saw Xiaonian with a pale face and a woman bowing her waist.

"Isn't it scary not to let you out? Go back to me! Immediately! " Gong Ou immediately stood in front of Xiaonian and said to the woman viciously, holding her hand.


The woman nodded her head at them three times in a row, as if she knew her mistake, and turned to leave in a hurry.

"Who is she?" When small read Zheng ground asks a way, some Yu Jing is uncertain.

"I don't even know how to find someone who has destroyed his capacity to be our residence." Gong Ou said coldly, "I'm afraid to frighten you, so I let her live in the small house behind. I don't want to move in the big house. I didn't expect that she would run out!"

"Is she the master here?" When Xiaonian understood, he felt a little guilty. "That's why we have to force her to live in her house. How can we make her hide?"

She was scared just now. She must have hurt people. She didn't mean to.

"It's not forced to live, it's for the money to buy and sell!" Gong Ou said.

"That's not good for her to live in a small house..."

"Listen to me. You are pregnant now. How can you do that when you look at her every day Gong Ou interrupts her words and says it rightfully.