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Chapter 1066 bit is not dead

"He is my son!"

George said in a deep voice.

With frequent news, the reporters could hardly code words. The two families who were just talking about the Centennial cooperation plan started a big fight for the body of a teenager.

The atmosphere suddenly became extremely tense.

The bodyguards on both sides form a confrontation situation, as if the whole situation will explode as soon as there is a fire.

Gong Ou pushes back Shi Xiaonian, who subconsciously grabs his sleeve. Gong Ou simply grabs her cold hand firmly.

"Your son cursed you before he died, so you are not afraid to take him back and have a soul staring at you day and night!" Gong Ou said coldly, his face as cold as frost.

The reporters shot like crazy.

"You are the one who instigated all this." George stares at Gong ou, unable to maintain his usual self-discipline. "The Centennial cooperation plan has been signed. Don't push too far!"


George hit a target backwards.

When Xiaonian wanted to talk, Gong Ou held his hand tightly. Gong Ou stared at George gloomily. "Today, bit can't let you take it away. If you have the ability, try it."

"The palace always deceives people too much!"

"It's not like you forced your son to die where he was born!"

The masters of the two families were at odds with each other. The bodyguards didn't know who pushed them. Everyone was in a state of turmoil. The situation was so ugly that they couldn't get rid of it. They fought the most horrible group fight.

Gong Ou immediately pulls shixiaonian away from the fighting crowd. Shixiaonian says excitedly, "bit, bit!"

Bit's still there. They'll step on him.


Gong Ou shouts, Feng de and bodyguards start to snatch the body immediately, and Lancaster's people come forward to snatch the body.

"Stop biting! Don't touch him again! "

Seeing this scene, Xiaonian covers her mouth, is angry and sad, and rushes forward to stop those people.

People are dead. Why do you make such a mess.

Have they ever thought about bith's feelings.

When George heard her voice, he glanced at her and said it. His eyes were like those of a cold pool, full of hatred.

"Take the young master away!"

George said, reading as he stared.

Suddenly, a bodyguard came to George and handed out a note. George looked at it, his face became very complicated, and he rubbed the note into his fist.

Next moment, George Goes to Gong ou and slows down his mood. "President Gong, today is the day when we sign the Centennial cooperation plan. Why do we make it so ugly? I have something to say in private."

When Xiaonian stood beside Gong ou and looked at George's face. On that face, she could not see a little sad look for her son.

How unlucky for him to be the son of this man.

George raised his hand and Lancaster's bodyguards stopped the snatch and all backed away.

Gong Ou looks at this scene with cold eyes. His black eyes turn slightly and understand what. He turns to Feng de and says, "Feng De, clear all the reporters out."

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded.

Soon, the reporters were all cleared out of the government building, the ground behind the meeting table bit quietly lying there, the blood on his body more and more.

The bodyguards of both families stand on one side.

There was a lot of silence in the meeting hall. Gong Oula passed a chair and sat down with Xiaonian when she was pale. She put her hands on her shoulders and said coldly, "Fengde, take bith away."

"Mr. Gong......"

George's face was rather ugly. Before he had finished speaking, Gong Ou sneered and said, "this should be what your woman means."

The note just passed from Enid to George if nothing happened.


George was silent.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps, and everyone looked upstairs. Enid, with the help of two bodyguards, walked slowly down the stairs on the left.

At the bottom of the stairs is the motionless bit.

Enid's disfigured face was white without blood color. She walked down step by step. The trembling figure seemed to fall down at any time. She looked at the bit on the ground quietly. There was no light in her eyes, which was darker than the cloudy day.

When Xiaonian looked at her, he felt hateful.

In fact, Enid loves bit, at least a little bit, otherwise she won't want to transform bit, but compared with George, Enid gave up her son without hesitation.

It's not easy for bith to recognize his mother, with all his extravagant hopes for family love, and then he is severely thrown back to the cruelest reality by his mother.

When Xiaonian's hand is clenched by Gong ou, it makes her fingers not so cold.

She watched Enid step by step toward bit.

George on one side walked forward and reached for lainide. Enid dodged his hand. George took her by the wrist. "Don't be too sad, I'll take you back."

The voice was extraordinarily gentle, so tender that it made people look good.

It turns out that George, who is superior, has such a side. It's true love.

"You let me go." Enid did not look at George, but struggled with her hands, her eyes drooping, her face white. "Don't bother him any more, he doesn't want to go with us."

Then a tear came from Enid's eyes.

"Don't do that. You're not in good health. You can't be too sad." George hugged her anxiously and showed all his patience and gentleness.

Enid's face didn't seem to have any scars in his eyes.

That kind of look Xiaonian saw in Gong Ou's eyes, but she really didn't want to compare George with Gong ou, which was totally incomparable.

Enid saw that she couldn't get away from the struggle, and then she didn't. She just stood there and looked at her son on the ground, her lips trembling a little. "Gong Er young master and Gong ma'am, I want you to take bith and bury him, but only if I stay with him for a while."

Just a moment.

With that, Enid walked towards bit, and just as she was about to squat down, Gong Ou said coldly, "madam, I want to talk to you."

George looked at Gong Ou coldly, obviously disagreeing.

"That's not necessary."

George put his arm around Enid and said, holding her waist firmly like a treasure of the world.

"I promise the lady I want to talk about will want to know." Gong Ou said coldly, "about bit."

Enid's body was shaking hard. Then she slowly raised her eyes to Gong ou. Her eyes were red. She slowly walked forward and was pulled by George.

"The Centennial plan has been signed. Young master Gong Er will not threaten you with me again." Enid whispered, she's smart, she knows everything.

"I'm worried about your body." George frowned, and Enid looked as if she would fall at any moment.

"I want to hear about bith. That's the only thing I can do."

Enid said, and Yanran pushed George's hand.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, Gong Ou let go of her hand. She was a little surprised. Gong Ou didn't take her with him. He wanted to talk to Enid alone?

On such occasions, Xiaonian didn't ask why, so he quietly watched Gong ou and Enid walk to the conference room.

There was chaos in the meeting place.

The chair fell by more than half.

George glanced coldly at Xiaonian, sat down in the seat beside him, and looked at the door of the conference room with his eyes, and waited.

Feng de and his bodyguards turn the table 90 degrees, erect opposite doors, and then lift bit from the ground and put it on the meeting table.

"Get a white cloth." Feng de orders.

George didn't even look at it all the time.

When Xiaonian stood there and watched bit turn over, the suit on his chest had already been blurred by blood, even the tie was full of blood, and this tie was arranged by her own hands for him in the morning.

That face is so young, but he is lying there, no future, no hope.

To die, bit is desperate.

When she thought about it, Xiaonian couldn't control herself. Her eyes were red. She walked forward, and Fengde stopped her for a while, looking at her anxiously.

"I'm fine. I'm his sister. I'll wipe his face."

As Shi Xiaonian said, tears fell down.

Feng de rang set out and handed out a clean handkerchief.

When Xiaonian walked forward, he looked down at biter's blood at the corner of his mouth, and his teeth bit his lips. "You see that your face is so dirty, just like a kitten."

She picked up her handkerchief and wiped the blood from the corners of bith's mouth.

Smell speech, George just turned round to look at her one eye, look indifferently, "pretentious, if you don't in front of him gossip, he won't walk dead end."

When Xiaonian stood there, his fingers seized the handkerchief.

Bit took his own life to return the grace of life, but it was not worth a little repentance as a father.

When Xiaonian didn't argue with George, he just wiped bit's face and said, "I don't care enough about you. I don't know when you can speak Chinese so well. I'm sorry for your sister."

The handkerchief was stained with youth's blood.

When Xiaonian wiped the bit with a handkerchief bit by bit, his eyes were so fascinated by the water light that he could not see clearly. Everywhere he saw was a blur of blood.

She reached for his neck and rubbed it gently, one by one. She felt the beat under her belly, which shocked her.

When Xiaonian stayed there, his fingers stayed in the same place for a long time, and the beat was not strong enough, but it did exist.

How could this happen?

When Xiaonian wiped his eyes, he looked at Fengde in astonishment. Fengde stood there quietly and gave her a look.


When Xiaonian suddenly understood what, he forced himself to hold back his happy mood, continued to wipe his face for bith, and said sadly, "you said that I was good to you, but I didn't do enough, even you don't know what you've been thinking these days, it's hard to say nothing with such a heavy thing?"

The venue was very open and quiet, only the voice of Xiaonian was heard.

Soon, the bodyguard brought the white cloth, which was very thick and heavy. When Xiaonian and Fengde started to cover the white cloth as a bit.

"Let me talk to him again."