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Chapter 579 Gong Ou's dodging eyes

"That's good. You and the young master are fine. I hope you will be married when I come back. Then I can hold the third young master and young lady." Feng de said, in a relieved tone, teasing her, "it would be better if we had twins again. The more family members, the more lively they are."

“……” When Xiaonian tried to squeeze out a smile, "I will try my best to get you back. You believe me."

When Xiaonian stood there and watched Feng de leave.

Fengde sits in the car, hands out the window and waves to her. As the car goes farther and farther, Xiaonian can't see the appearance of Fengde.

In recent years, the pictures of each other's lives flew through Xiaonian's mind like a movie. She looked at the road ahead and was very sad.

Father, I will let you come back as soon as possible.


After seeing off Fengde, Xiao Nian walked in.

Walking into the kitchen, I saw Gong Ou sitting alone at the table drinking milk and watching the video floating in the air. It was made by holographic technology.

Why not eat in the restaurant but in the kitchen.

When small read some doubts, but also did not say anything, she went in silently to prepare breakfast, behind the palace came the cold voice of Europe, "want to scold, less in the heart, be careful to choke out the disease."

When Xiaonian turned to look at him, his eyes were still red.

As soon as she glanced at her eyes, Gong Ou immediately straightened his back, sat there, took his eyes back, put the cup back on the table, and said coldly, "you don't need to say anything about being impersonal, indifferent and selfish, and not nostalgic."

When small read originally didn't want to scold him, be so said by him on the contrary some helpless, ask, "then what should I say?"

"Innovate on your own."

Gongou cold tunnel.

"I can't innovate."

When Xiaonian went to sit down beside him, like a primary school student, he put his hands on the table and stared at him.

Gong Ou turns down the news video in the air, and then turns it down. He keeps turning it down until he sees the whole video on the desktop, until his head is so low that he can't even see her face.

"Why don't you look at my face?"

When Xiaonian finds out his difference.

"How good do you look I want to see? "Ah." Gong Ou sneers and takes a glass to drink milk.

When Xiaonian put up his hand and pulled his cheek, "right? But I remember last night when someone praised me for my good looks and said that he was too old for me. "


Gong Ou chokes.

"Don't you remember?" Asked shixiaonian.

"I only remember being drugged by Fengde last night." Gong Ou put the milk cup back, picked up the tissue and wiped his mouth. "I don't remember anything else."

even looks like a drunk denial.

When Xiaonian shook his head helplessly, "since you don't remember that, I'll cook porridge for the twins."

As he spoke, Xiaonian stood up and walked to liulitai.


Gong Ou squints at her. She and Feng de are so good. That's it?

"I didn't blame you." The voice of Xiaonian suddenly came.

Gong Ou's eyes fell on her.

When Xiaonian was preparing for porridge, he said, "Gong ou, after last night, I believe that there is your reason why you let your adoptive father leave for half a year."

"What happened last night?"

Gong ou will deny going to the end.

Seeing that he wanted to fragment last night's story, Xiaonian smiled and didn't say what he said. She looked back at him and said, "my adoptive father is going to leave for half a year. Who is in charge of the family affairs in this half year? Who are you talking about? "

The housekeeper is not so easy to do. How can a person who has great trust let him be the housekeeper.

This time, Gong Ou finally no longer escapes from her eyes, but looks up at her with deep black eyes.

"What are you doing looking at me like this?" When small read to ask a way, react suddenly come over, hand out to point at oneself, "I?"

He wants her to be a housekeeper?

No way.

"A housekeeper is the most basic skill. Aren't you going to marry me?" Gong Ou stands up from the chair, walks to Xiaonian, and looks at her high. "I'll try to manage your home for ten days first. No problem, we'll get married. I don't want to speculate. How about that?"

When Xiaonian looked at him foolishly, he started to run, "adoptive father!"

Don't leave, father. Come back soon.

Before she ran for two steps, Gong Ou pinched her wrist and went back easily. Gong Ou looked at her discontentedly. "Don't you want it?"

"There are so many things involved in housekeeper. I only know how to draw. I really can't care so much." Shi Xiaonian said, frowning, "really, I'm not good at sorting out any accounts, modifying the garden, including talking about things."

"Do you want to marry me? I'm afraid of the difficulty?"

Gong Ou asked in a cold voice, squeezing her hand harder.

"I......" When the time is small, the words are blocked.

"That's it. If you hold on for ten days, I'll put the wedding on the agenda." Gong Ou said and went out to make a decision.

"The Butler's task is really too heavy. What can I do if I can't manage it well?" When Xiaonian saw that he was indifferent, he shouted at his back, "you old man can't marry me."

Who regrets seeing it.

She said that she was good-looking, that he was old, and that he was married just like she begged him. If he pretended to lose his memory, she would not believe that he really forgot what he said last night.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Gong oling snorted and went out. "The job of housekeeper is so simple. If you can't even do it, what is to take care of me and your family?"


When Xiaonian was so blocked that he couldn't speak, the housekeeper could marry him to be his wife only if he did a good job. Then why didn't he marry his adoptive father? Now it's too late to go after him.

As soon as Feng de left, Gong Ou suddenly smashed down the task of the housekeeper, and Xiao Nian really wanted to strangle him.

n. E building.

In the president's office, Gong Ou sat at his desk and turned over the documents. Two secretaries stood there and reported, "after the holographic era conference, the market value of N.E has gone up all the way. This is the latest wind direction report."


Gong Ou responds coldly, adjusting his wristwatch and looking at the time.

It's going to be noon. Can she bear it?

"There are also several documents, which are the potential companies selected. They hope to get your support from the president." The secretary put another pile of papers on the desk.


Gong Ou answered absently, turning over the documents in his hand and looking at his watch from time to time.

Can't resist looking for him?

This woman has a lot of ability.

Just thinking, there was a knock at the door. The door was pushed open. A secretary stood there. "President, Miss Xi is here. Excuse me..."

"I'm very busy." Gong oudao looks down at the documents.

"Excuse me, excuse me." Shi Xiaonian went in directly behind the Secretary, holding a pile of documents in his hand, rushed to Gong ou, looked at the two secretaries who were reporting, panting, "I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry. Gong ou, here is a document for you to sign. "


Gong Ou looks at her with black eyes.


"Pa Pa Pa."

"Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa."

When Xiaonian photographed one document after another directly in front of Gong ou, sweating on his face, "here is the contract for the reconstruction of the garden at home. Before, my adoptive father was following me, but now he doesn't need your signature. This is the one who repairs the water pipe at home. Similarly, when my adoptive father isn't around, I want you to sign."

"Do the plumbers want me to sign, too?"

Gong Ou stared at her, and looked down at the papers on the table.

I have to admit that she is not a vase. Her ability is not bad. She can distinguish the documents clearly in half a day. It's enough to be a secretary beside him.

"Yes, they were all in charge of my adoptive father. They don't recognize my words. Sign them." Shi Xiaonian said and handed him the pen. He was so tired that he took a drink from the water glass on the table.

That's his cup.

Gong Ou stares at her, and her body tenses up with her swallowing. He quickly turns his face and says coldly, "can I sign my words at will? I'll have to see these documents carefully before I sign them. "

"You need a lawyer for plumbing?"

"Yes." Gong Ou closes a pile of documents. "I'm still busy. Stand by first."


Is this going to dry her?

When Xiao Nian looked at Gong Ou speechlessly, she was tossed by him all night last night, and was forced to be a trial housekeeper today. She was too busy to talk with twins all morning. Finally, she figured out a way to deliver documents to him, and he just hung her out?

Last night, she said that she was very affectionate. Today, she is regarded as an invisible person.

When Xiaonian stood aside and bit her lips, she relieved herself. Nothing, nothing. She was used to all kinds of eccentricities of Gong ou.

It's strange that the feeling of being hung is not bad. Before, Gong Ou didn't allow her to enter the company when she was free. Now she stands beside him and looks at his office. She can even follow him into the meeting room.

So she can look at him every day and see him from morning to night as a housekeeper?

That's not bad.

Gong Ou doesn't drive her away. She is also happy to be with him. She pays attention to his every move. She has been watching for a long time. She is itching to draw for him.

Occupational disease.

She followed him, poured a glass of water at the end of the glass, and watched Gong Ou drink her water to run the business, which was not bad.

Although it's not as sticky as before, it's still warm.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou's focus on work, he even doubted. Was he intentional?

It should not be so boring. If you want her to accompany you, just say it. Why don't you beat around the Bush.

Gong oujin meets with N.E's partners in the living room. After making tea for them, Xiao Nian quietly exits the meeting room and walks to the president's office.

She went directly to Gong Ou's desk.

It really takes no effort. She was still trying to find an excuse to go into Gong Ou's office to get medical records. Gong Ou gave her the identity of a housekeeper.

When Xiaonian squats down at the desk, blocks his body with a chair, looks at the password on the drawer, and reaches for their engagement date.