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Chapter 364 do you remember Mr palace?


A businessman is a businessman. He can remember everything.

When Xiaonian is silent for a moment, Gong Ou pounces on her when there is a traffic accident in front of her, so desperate.

She pursed her lips, determined to look up at Gong ou, "let's have a good talk."

She really has a question for him now.

"Don't run?"

Gong Ou looks at her incredulously.

"As long as you're willing to talk to me, I'll run."

She only runs when he becomes a monster.

Gong Ou looks at her suspiciously. Her eyes are deep. She reaches out and presses the gauze on her forehead. She stretches out her legs and kicks in front of her. Coldly, she says, "pull over!"

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

The driver replied respectfully.


When small read speechless ground to look forward, originally even the special car driver that she calls is Gong Ou's person.

There's no getting in.

If he doesn't take good care of himself in the hospital, he's thinking about something.

"Get out of the car!"

Gong Ou doesn't get angry. Push the door open and get off.

When Xiaonian gets out of the car, Gong Ou walks beside her and reaches out to pull her. When Xiaonian sees it, he quickly hides.

The meaning of resistance is obvious.

Gong Ou's hand was frozen in the air, and he wanted to hold her back angrily. The clean and clear fingers grabbed her in the air, and finally reluctantly put his hand back into the pocket of the brown windbreaker.


Be gentle!

He walked two steps forward with a little melancholy, then retreated back, stared at her with one eye, and asked unwillingly, "why don't you come to see me for two days?"

How to get around the problem again.

When Xiaonian stood beside him and looked at him calmly, "Gong ou, if you really want to have a good talk with me, what do I ask and what do you answer, otherwise our conversation will not continue."

He didn't even know what she really wanted to know.

"Are you hating me?"

Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows.

"Do you want to promise? If I don't agree, I'll go. "

Said Shi Xiaonian succinctly.


Gong Ou took a look at her, and his thin lips were pursed. For a while, he asked in a deep voice, "shall we just talk on the street?"

"It's the same everywhere."

When I was young, I didn't think there was any difference.

"You're not afraid of being photographed?"


You're afraid of being photographed.

When Xiaonian secretly thought, but also, when they were photographed together, the media would scribble, more things than less things.

As soon as she was about to speak, she saw Gong Ou look around, a pair of black eyes, and finally her eyes fell on her hand. Suddenly she grabbed her hand and ran forward. When Xiaonian struggled, "what are you going to do?"

"Find a quiet place to talk!"

Gong ou, take her all the way.

The trees on the road backed behind them, their shadows were mottled, and the fragrance of leaves wafted in the air.

"I will go myself."

When Xiaonian shook off his hand, but he could not shake it. He could only let her run.

That's the virtue of his strength.

You can't speak well if you have something to say.

When small read very want to continue to struggle, the line of sight falls on his back brain, see that a circle of gauze on his head, her eyes light hair is dim, struggling action or slowly small down.

Shi Xiaonian is led by Gong Oula to run forward. At several turns, she suddenly sees a huge hemispherical building, which is the science and Technology Museum under N.E.

They are in the back of the science museum.

Before they knew it, they arrived at this place.

When Xiaonian looked at the magnificent building in front of her eyes, her breathing was somewhat stagnant, and she had too many memories in this place.

Here, Gong Ou sends Mr palace to her, where they open their relationship to the world, and here they issue a breakup statement to the outside world.

From the moment she moved to the end, it was here.

To be honest, shixiaonian had some resistance to this place.

She shrank back conditionally.

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes and deep black eyes. "What's the matter?"


When small read light tunnel.

"Go in!" Gong Ou holds her wrist and drags her in.

"I'll go myself, you let go." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Oh, I see."

Mouth said to know, Gong Ou is still strong drag her to go inside.


When small read how to earn all struggle, can only be forced to follow him in.

The science and Technology Museum is now open to the outside world. There are many tourists. When Xiaonian was brought in by Gong Ou from the side door, she ran into two young girls and turned her head to avoid them.

Gong Oula walked along with her, passing by the two girls, only to hear the two girls screaming excitedly behind them, "ah ah, was that Gong Oula just now?"

I didn't hear what I said next.

Because she's been led inside by Gong Oula.

Gong Ou reaches for a door and pulls her into the office.

All the people in the office turned around one after another. When they saw Gong ou, they all stood up at once. They were all trembling, "Mr. Gong."

I haven't heard that Mr. Gong is coming. What's the big deal?

"Within ten minutes, close the science and Technology Museum."

Gong Ou said coldly.

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

The staff immediately nodded, called and went out to demobilize the tourists.

Soon, the bustling science and Technology Museum will be quiet.

There is no noise outside.

When Xiaonian lowered her eyes, Gong ou still held her hand. She struggled twice. Gong Ou held her hand tighter. Her long fingers covered her hand and gave her a look. "Don't move."


When Xiaonian wanted to talk, he suddenly saw a staff member standing not far away, buried his head and secretly looked at them, curious and gossip on his face.

When small read close lips, no longer speak.

No matter what she said, it will only become other people's chatting and gossip. It's better not to say or not to do it.

"Mr. Gong, the science and Technology Museum has been closed. Is there anything else we need to do?" Several staff members came in a hurry and asked breathlessly.

When Gong Oula was holding it, Xiao Nian left with a word, "stay here! No one is allowed to move! "


So all of them stood in silence. Someone was yawning and smelling words. The expression of yawning was so stiff on his face. His hands were open and he dared not move.

When Xiaonian is forced to move forward by Gong ou, he enters a pure white world.

It is the first place for Mr palace robot to test life. It is a huge laboratory and a living area.

Everything is pure white except glass.

It was dazzling white.

Here again, why take her to such a place full of memories? She finally stopped thinking.

"Can you let go now?"

When small read coldly said, he a man who has fiancee will hold her hand for how long?

"How do you get so bad tempered now?" Gong Ou glanced at her, some of whom were reluctant to let go.

If not for fear that she would resist too much, he could hold her hand until tomorrow morning.

"Who dares to call himself a bad tempered man in front of you, Mr. Gong?"

"When Xiao Nian, you are getting sharper and sharper now!"

Gong Ou said that he picked up a remote control from the cabinet and pressed it down. He saw a robot hologram walking and moving in front of the kitchen guard not far away.

R house.

When I saw the familiar image, Xiaonian's eyes were sour.

She walked slowly, raised her hand and touched Mr palace. Her fingers passed through his tall body. She could not touch anything. The shadow was imprinted on her hand.

It's not Mr, it's just holographic.

Looking at the reality, in fact, everything is illusory.

She has not seen Mr palace for a long time. She asked Xia Yu to pick up Mr palace for her, but it was no longer there. It should have been taken away by Gong ou.

Gong Ou stood aside, his black eyes glaring at her, his face sick and his tone strange, "why, do you remember Mr Gong? I thought you had left it behind. "

Her expression was as if Mr palace was her old friend.

"Remember what? It's always unreal."

When Xiaonian slowly draws his hand back.

The R palace and Gong ou are illusory to her. Now she will not think about the illusory things any more.

"It's a hologram, of course it's an illusion! Mr palace is right there with me. If you don't come and ask me for it! " Gong Ou said that he did so many things just waiting for her to contact him.

As a result, not once.

She's really tough.

"Will you give it to me if I want it?" When small read looking at his empty hand, lightly asked.

"It depends on how you want it." Gong Ou raised his chin slightly, some of his toes were high.

"In what way would you give it?"

Gong Ou came to her and stared at her with low eyes. His thin lips lifted slightly. He said word by word, "the way men and women fight."

When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, the handsome face suddenly became very strange in her eyes, which made her heart cool.

"Gong ou, I know you don't have any moral and love views, but please don't flirt with me on the premise of having a fiancee."

She can't take it.

She felt sick.

Gong Ou doesn't think so at all. Black pupil stares at her deeply and almost wants to swallow her. "What I want to do with you is not just flirting."

It's so bad for granted.

In his place, three outlooks are worse than rubbish.

"Why don't you come to see me?" When small read into the main topic, looking at his some pale face said.

"I asked you that!"

Gong Ou said in a deep voice, has she reversed the relationship between the characters?

Smell speech, when small read a wry smile, "what I ask is that I was imprisoned in the seaside tower for half a year, why don't you come to see me? Even if we broke up, then you should know that I was pregnant with your child, and you would not come to see me at a glance? "

Her voice was bitter. At the end of the day, her voice was interrogative.

This is a question that has been suppressed in the bottom of her heart. She didn't want to ask, afraid of humiliating herself.

But now, she wants to solve all her doubts.

Gong Ou was stabbed by the bitterness in her eyes, and a look of shame flashed over his face. His tall body stepped back a few steps, then he sat down in the corner of the sofa, sat down heavily, and said calmly, "I can't find you!"