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Chapter 114 her mouth is burning

When Xiaonian walked to the living room, his cell phone suddenly vibrated.

She took out her mobile phone. It was a message from moqian --

remember the last amusement park?

Crazy amusement park.

When Xiaonian thought of the old amusement park and the scene of playing crazy with mu qianchu when he was young, he couldn't help but smile.

She reached out and typed in the text on her phone --

of course.

How can I forget.

It was a rare pleasure when she was young.

Mu qianchu's message will come back soon --

when will we go together? The facilities of the amusement park are waiting for you.

Mu qianchu holds her up to heaven.

How many years have passed since this spoiled language.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa, he went back to the past again?

Mu's family is in an eventful autumn, which is negative. However, he doesn't hesitate to announce that he broke up with Shi Di, which is worse than ever.

Mu qianchu's message came back --

it's OK. I promised him that I would earn back the lost money several times!

I believe you have this ability.

Xiaonian, your words are the biggest motivation for me. By the way, do you know what my first thought is when I restore all my memories?


Ah, that's what my little idea looks like.

What's the tone? Surprise or disappointment? When Xiaonian was sitting on the sofa, she was very curious, but she could not imagine mu qianchu's face when she called.

What do you mean she looks like this?

Happy or disappointed.

She stared at her cell phone for a long time, and mu qianchu didn't reply to her again.

She can't help but feel anxious. Just as she was about to type in the text for questioning, mu qianchu's message came back --

was she worried? The answer I'll let you know next time I see you.

The tone of this sentence was understood by Xiaonian.

Mu qianchu must be laughing and sending it. It's too bad.

However, he really changed back to the old one. Only the former one knows how to whet her appetite, how to make her curious, how to make her anxious

When Xiaonian holds the mobile phone, a beautiful face shows a smile.

Finally, the memory is restored.

I'm glad I didn't become a fool.

That's good.


Probably in England this week really "tired" bad, Gong Ou this sleep from noon to the next morning.

Seeing that he was fast asleep, Xiaonian hid in his study to draw.

In the morning of the next day, Xiao Nian got up to prepare breakfast. As soon as he entered the kitchen, Tang Yi was busy. He was yawning and picking vegetables. There were one or two dishes on the side of the Liuli table.

Tang Yi obviously got up early.

She is quite positive.

"Good morning, Xiao Nian." Tang Yi looks at her and smiles, "I don't know what you like to eat, so I'll give you what I'm good at, OK?"

When Xiaonian went to the front of Liuli platform, he picked up chopsticks and put a piece of vegetables in his mouth.

The taste is not salty but not light. The original taste of the dish is not covered. It melts perfectly in the mouth.

I have to admit that Tangyi is better than her.

"It's delicious."

When small read not stingy own praise.

"Do you think Mr. Gong can enjoy it?" Tang Yi looks at her anxiously, with expectation in her eyes.

Xiaonian shook his head. "I'm not sure about that."

Gong Ou's taste is not normal. Any delicacies are not worth mentioning in his mouth. When she cooks a instant noodle, he can eat several bowls.

His taste is beyond ordinary people's judgment.

"What if I do what he doesn't like?" Tang Yi looks at her in panic.

"It doesn't matter. Take your time." Shi Xiaonian said, suddenly, he said, "in this way, today you only make one dish, and I'll come for the others. If Gong Ou accepts, tomorrow you will make two dishes, day by day, until he accepts them all."

When Gong Ou falls in love with Tang Yi's cooking, it's not far from him.

"So much trouble?" Tang Yi doesn't understand.

"You don't understand. Gong Ou's stomach is very strange, but if you just catch him, you will basically catch him." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Remember, Gong Ou was conquered by the food she made in the beginning.

Although she didn't know where the food she made was delicious.

Tang Yi nodded knowingly, "OK, I'll give you a hand. You can cook."


When small read nods, picks up the clean apron which hangs aside to put on, starts to be busy.

Tang Yi squats on the ground to pick vegetables.

"When I read it!" A bully scream thrust into the kitchen.

When Xiaonian was standing there stewing the soup, he bowed his head and wanted to have a taste. Suddenly he heard such a sound, and his lips were so scared that he directly pasted it on the spoon. The boiling soup was poured on his mouth, and she immediately called out, "ah, it's so hot."

She swung the spoon and shut up.

It's hot.

"What's the matter?" Tang Yi stands up.

Before the voice fell, a tall figure ran into the kitchen, too fast to be seen clearly.

When Xiaonian falls into a warm embrace, Gong Ou embraces her and holds her chin. "How did it burn?"

He frowned, pulled her hand from her mouth, his black eyes fixed on her lips, her mouth crimson.

"You scared me."

When Xiaonian looked at him with resentment, his lips were numb with scalding.

"I'll just give you a shout." Gong Ou stares at her. Is that frightening? She was too frightened.

"I'm making a stew."

He made a sudden cry.

She wanted to taste the soup slowly. She was scared. Her whole lips were stained by the boiling soup, which killed her.

"Stupid, I've never seen a woman as stupid as you." Gong Ou stares at her, pulls her to the sink, turns on the tap, touches her fingers with cool water, and then touches her lips.

Little by little.

Be careful.

"No, I'll do it myself." When Xiaonian resisted the tunnel.

"Don't move! Watch out for blisters. " Gong Ou said, continue to take cold water and rub it on her lips to cool her lips. Her voice is low and magnetic. "How is it? Is it better?"

When small read sipped lips, "no feeling, mouth numb."

His mouth was so hot that he didn't feel it.

“……” Gong Ou stares at her lips, but doesn't see the swollen appearance. "It's just ma?"

"Well." When small read ask.

"Just not feeling?"

"Well." Touched by cold water, she doesn't feel hot now.

"Then I'll make you feel!" Gong Ou said in a domineering way, suddenly he picked up her face, bowed his head and kissed her. He held her lips and kissed her. He tossed and turned again and again. The tip of his tongue opened her numb lips and took the sweetness out of her mouth.

When Xiaonian's mouth was numb badly, he suddenly kissed her like this, and her lips were slightly painful. But soon, Gong Ou's kissing skill made her sensory nerves a little lost.

He deliberately demonstrated his superb kissing skills, kissing her without delay, teasing her reaction, clasping her back brain with his big palm, and being dependent on his lips and teeth.

When Xiaonian put his hands on his chest, he tried to push him away but was hugged more tightly by him.

Tang Yi stood by and looked at them. He felt that he was an outsider. It was not good to enter or leave.


It took a long time for Gong ou to let go of her and look at her bewildered by his kiss with satisfaction

On kissing skills, how could shixiaonian be gong Ou's opponent.

Especially when he was deliberately showing off his kissing skills, Xiao Nian's eyes looked at him vaguely and said stubbornly, "No."

"Well?" Gong Ou raises his eyebrows and tries to kiss her.

"Yes, yes, yes." When small read see situation hurriedly say, hand touch lips, don't want to be kissed again by him, Tang Yi is still on one side.

"Feel it?"


When small read repeatedly nods.

Hearing this, Gong Ou cradles her lips and stares at her with black eyes. Her pupils are covered with a layer of love Yu's luster. "Now that you feel it, how can I make you dissatisfied with this little thing?"


When Xiaonian was stunned, he suddenly understood that he had misinterpreted her meaning. "I mean, my lips feel no pain, I'm not Ah "

before she finished speaking, she was held up by Gong ou.

"Don't talk nonsense to me." Gong Ou hugs her domineering and walks away. He doesn't even glance at Tang Yi.

It seems that he and shixiaonian are the only two people in the kitchen.

"Wait, I'm still stewing."

When Xiaonian was kicking his legs desperately in his arms.

"Let the maid do it."

"But it is..."

"No, but." Gong Ou put an arm under her knee, and put it in her arms. She could easily restrain her legs. Her voice was deep and depressed, "did you not go back to sleep last night?"

When the eyes of small read blinked, "I see you sleep too well, do not want to disturb you."

"Who wants you to leave me alone?" Gong Ou said in a deep voice, "don't you know what I plan to do with you last night?"

As a result, he fell asleep.

His shameless and explicit words are justified by him.

When Xiaonian opened his mouth to say something, Gong Ou had already carried her into the bedroom, put her down and reached for the door.

Next second, when Xiaonian is pushed to the wall by Gong ou, he kisses her wildly. He kisses her crazily, sucks and kisses her neck, leaving one kiss after another.

"Don't......" When Xiaonian resisted, the voice became a light chant, "breakfast, breakfast is done."

"I don't want to eat."

Gong Ou's voice has become mute, and he begins to kiss her again.

When Xiaonian reaches out to push him, he grabs his hand. He holds her hand, opens his mouth, and rolls his tongue.


when Xiaonian was so sensitive that he shrank all over his body. His face turned red as if he were talking. He desperately wanted to withdraw his fingers.

Seeing her reaction, Gong Ou clenched her lips and her voice was very sexy. Her black eyes stared at her directly. "I haven't seen you for a week. Your fingers are still so sensitive."

"Let go of my hand."

When Xiaonian hated himself, his voice became strange.

"I don't."

Gong Ou stared at her in an evil way, continued to kiss her hand, kissed her lips again after being satisfied, and the solid chest was close to her.

Two people are close at zero distance.

She could feel the hot temperature on him. She wanted to escape, but she could not escape. She could clearly feel the changes under his abdomen.

Her face couldn't help reddening.

"Well, little thing, now I know