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Chapter 1036 he There seems to be something wrong

But when she heard Gong Ou's voice, she seemed to see it. Was it her fantasy? Is there anything wrong with him.

"He There seems to be something wrong. " Bit thought over the words and said, very tangled, and then pointed to his head.

When Xiaonian lies there and looks at him inexplicably.

Something wrong? Head? Gong Ou?

Is it because she has been in a coma for too long? She doesn't understand bit at all.

Bit stooped down to approach her, pointed to his head and whispered, "I think there may be something wrong with him. In fact, is the technology genius who shocked the world the shooter the palace family is looking for? You tell me. I promise I won't tell you. "

Gong Ou is not a genius in that way. He is praised like that.


When small read a face at a loss.

"That day when you were in surgery, he was crying, laughing and making noise, just like losing his heart." Bit said seriously, "I think he really has a problem. The media has revealed that he has paranoid personality disorder before. Is it so terrible? Is this a form of mental illness? It seems that the degree is very serious. Will it be passed on to your child? Are you ready to sue for divorce? "

The more he said it, the more serious he was, the more worried he was about his children's future.


When Xiaonian thought that he might still be too sick, how could he get divorced? As soon as she was about to speak, she felt a cold wind pouring in, making every bone of her lying there hurt.

"I didn't expect little master Pitt to care so much about our marriage."

A cold voice came, cold to the bone.

Gong Ou?

When she heard his voice, Xiaonian was excited to sit up. The pain of tears came from her body. She frowned and went back.

Gong Ou's tall figure didn't fall into her sight. When Xiaonian turned his head on the bed, he saw Gong ou, wearing a smoke gray household suit, sitting in a wheelchair. His long fingers pressed the key to control the wheelchair towards her.

What happened to him?

When Xiaonian's face turned white and his mouth opened, Gong Ou had stopped by bith's side before he could speak. The two men looked at each other.

Bit stood next to him in embarrassment and pretended to have a clear cough.

"Is lung bad at a young age?" Gong Ou glanced at him contemptuously in his wheelchair, raised his hand and took two pictures on his chest casually. "There are many good doctors in the palace, and they don't need to change one!"

Gong Ou does not look hard, but bit is beaten back several steps, coughing, "cough."

Bith held his chest and stared angrily at Gong Ou's self righteous face. He stifled his anger and said, "I'm not a child."

He is now in the hands of the palace family. Although the palace family treats each other politely at present, who knows that he will be very unlucky one day? This palace and Europe are very strange and inexplicable.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou sneers, picks up the eyebrows with interest, and says, "Oh? Three years old? No wonder I know what divorce is. "


Bit was so blocked that he almost didn't slow down. For a while, he couldn't come up with a word to refute. He just stared.

When Xiaonian was lying in bed and couldn't look down, he said, "Gong ou..."

Gong Ou turned and looked at her. The sneer on his face immediately turned winter into spring. He was very gentle. A pair of dark pupils watched her deeply. "I'm here, you say."

In the face of such a smiling junpang, Xiaonian suddenly can't blame him, so he has to look at bit with some regret.

Bit felt his nose a little uneasily and said, "then I'll go out first."

"Will you go? I can get you a babysitter. "

Gong Aotou said without returning.


Bit's face was purple, and he ran out without saying a word.

"What are you fighting with him for?" When small read some weak ground to say, Gong Ou's face sinks down, cold tunnel, "he urged you to divorce, I would have thrown him out to feed the dog if not for his still good to you."

"He just hasn't seen a person like you. He's just curious." When I was young, I actually understood bith's psychology. When she knew Gong ou, her psychological activities were much richer than biter's.

"What is a man like me? What do you mean, shixiaonian? "

Gong Ou stares at her fiercely, his face unswervingly.

When Xiaonian didn't have time to think of some soothing words, Gong Ou's eyes suddenly turned, his face changed, and he began to laugh at her again, which made him smile like a spring breeze and a warm spring sky. Even the black on his cheekbones was soft

“……” When small read silently looked at him, was frightened, "you suddenly smile what?"

It seems that bit is right. Gong Ou has a problem.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou reaches out and grabs her hand. Black eyes stare at her deeply. "I swore that I would never hurt you again. I want to treat you, smile at you and accompany you all the time."

Because he was afraid of turning around, she would not have a chance to see his smile.

When Xiaonian was stunned, he looked at several blood threads in his eyes and a dark spot on his face. He was very distressed, "Gong ou..."

"I'm fine."

Gong Ou interrupts her and doesn't let her worry. He stares at her tenderly, grabs her hand and pastes it on his face, enjoying the moment of being cared for.


"I said it's ok if it's OK. You don't worry about me. But if you have to worry about me, I'll allow you to..."

"And the little pumpkin? How is he? " Since he didn't want to say it, Xiao Nian turned to talk.


Gong Ou suddenly let go of her hand, and Xiaonian's hand fell down feebly, facing a face with almost ferocious and twisted features.

"Shi Xiaonian, you just struggled from death. Pay more attention to me and I will die?"

It's bit and pumpkin again. Does she focus on him?


When small read silently looking at him, is not what he said little worry for him? And he's sitting in front of her now, but pumpkin is not. Isn't it normal for her to care?

"What? Is silence the gold to play with me? Is it right to say nothing? "

Gongou cold tunnel.

"Smile, smile at me." When Xiaonian was lying there, she raised her fingers and pointed at her pale lips.

Gong Ou remembered what he had just said, and immediately pulled out a smile and showed her white teeth. "He still lives in the incubator, very safe! It's safer than me! "

He almost bit his teeth and said it word by word. He was so tense that he couldn't laugh. He looked very dark.


When Xiaonian felt that she had suffered 10000 mental injuries as a patient who was just waking up from a serious illness, she turned her eyes and whispered, "hold it."

"No hug!"

No mood.

"Give me a hug."


"Just a moment."

"You are so wordy!"

Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes, then leaned close to her bedside, leaned over slightly, stretched out his hands to hold her body, across the soft quilt, junpang was close to her face, and thin lips fell on the corner of her mouth.

When Xiaonian was held by him, his breath gently brushed her face. She smelled the potion, and did not know whether it was him or her.

But it feels reassuring.

When she thought that she was going to die, she also wanted him to hold her. She didn't need to smile deliberately, so she simply held her.

It's good. She's not dead. She can still get his hug.

When Xiaonian secretly swears, she will treasure more in the future.

Suddenly, Gong Ou let go of her, let go of her hand and press her waist. Her eyebrows were tightly tightened, and her teeth were closed, as if she was trying to bear something. When Xiaonian could not care about her body, she would sit up and ask anxiously, "what's the matter with you? Are you hurt somewhere? "

"That three-year-old has a pain in his hand." Gong Ou's forehead oozed with sweat.

"Do you have pain in your hands?" When Xiaonian naturally didn't believe him, he sat up and reached for him. "What's the matter with you, how are you in a wheelchair? Tell me Uh.

As soon as Xiaonian's hands were working hard, the pain in his body immediately came, and the whole man fell down softly. Gong Ou reached out his hand to catch her, discontented with the tunnel, "you just gave birth prematurely and had a major operation, but just dropped from the critical stage. What do you want to do? You're going to the fields right now? "

When small read black line, pillow on his arm to look at him silently, "I'm not worried about you."

Did he talk like that.

"You worry that I won't give up the chance to ask for help to protect the life of a hostile son." Gong Ou said in a deep voice that he had put her on the bed with some difficulty, and his waist began to ache again.

When Xiaonian was lying there, people were still very weak, but the consciousness was almost restored. She knew that he was talking about the Internet for help.

"How do you know?" When Xiaonian looks at him with a little heart.

"I also know you could have escaped, but you went back to save the three-year-old. You gave your life to him!" Gong Ou is so cold that he can't laugh anymore.

When Xiaonian closed his mouth, bith even said this. In Gong Ou's eyes, this kind of behavior is a trouble, isn't it?

"Is he important to you? What is he? His life is less than one thousandth of yours! " Gong Ou's face became increasingly gloomy.

So angry?

When Xiaonian was lying there, she knew that she would be reluctant to talk about her by pretending to be weak. But she still decided to admit that, "I really like biter, but I'm not great. In that case, I know that they won't kill me, so I think it's better for two people to live than one to die, and that person is saving me with his own life."

Bit is good to her. She can't bear to live up to it. She thinks that both of them can survive safely. She doesn't expect that the following series of things will happen.

"That's why you like to protect others?" Gongou cold tunnel.

"Gong ou." When Xiaonian stretched out his hand in the quilt, pulled his sleeve carefully, and stared at him with black and white eyes, "don't be angry, OK? I know I'm worrying you this time. "