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Chapter 804 the life of the cock, the fly and the dog

"Then we're out of bed tonight?"

When Xiaonian found out this reality, on the first day of the romantic honeymoon, the two of them would face the dilemma of no bed to sleep? And she's really tired now.


Gong Ou leaned against the wall, looked at her, looked out at the moonlight, turned around and walked out. When Xiao Nian hurriedly grabbed his hand, "where are you going?"

"Ask someone to open the door and buy a bed!"

Gong Ou said.

"No, everyone here goes to bed early. Don't disturb others." Shi Xiaonian said that it would take several hours to buy a bed to install and a quilt.

She is tired now, just want to rest.

It's OK not to rest in bed.

"Then there's no bed tonight."

"We can see the moon. It's a romantic thing, isn't it?"

When small read a way, blinked a pair of black and white clear eyes, Gong Ou stops.

Two hours later, two people sat on the carpet in the sunshine room, looking at the big moon outside, quietly watching.

The picture is romantic.

No matter how romantic it is, it's enough to let people watch it for two hours at a time.

"The moon is so big."

When small read holds own knee, the voice small regrets a sentence.


"The moon is so round."

I have to say something. If I don't say anything more, she will be sleepy.

"If you have nothing to say, don't say it!"

Gong Ou squints at her, the moon is big and round. He has been reading for two hours, but can't understand?

"Oh." When Xiaonian pursed her lips, looked up at the big moon, and finally couldn't help yawning, and finally fell on Gong ou.

Gong Ou looks down and sees that she has closed her eyes.

I've been sleepy for a long time.

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes, reaches out to take off her coat and cover it on her body, puts down her legs to make her lean more comfortable, and covers her tightly with her coat to prevent her from catching cold.

The night passed.

When Xiaonian woke up in Gong Ou's arms, not counting the warm sunshine shining through the glass, Gong Ou was a little tired between the eyebrows. When he stood up from the carpet, his long legs were shaking, which was very embarrassing.

"Gong ou, are you numb?"

When Xiaonian understood that he had been sleeping with him for a long time, did he never move in a night.


Gong Ou continues to walk out, shaking his legs.

"Then how is your leg like this?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Gong Ou continued to walk out, with a deep and serious voice. "Blood circulation in the legs is blocked, and the cells don't supply enough oxygen."


What a profession.

"But isn't that just numbness?" She can't understand professional vocabulary? She's not stupid.

"Go away!"

Gong Ou stares at her.

When Xiaonian walked up with a smile and held his arm, "well, I know it's all because of me that your legs and feet are numb. In fact, you can sleep on the carpet, just push me to sleep on it."

"Push it, you stick it on again."

“……” How could she be like that? When Xiaonian thought about it, he said, "you must have no rest in order to take care of me, OK? Why don't you go to the sofa and have a rest? "

Is it comfortable to lie on the sofa.

"That's the sofa! I can't even stretch my legs! " Gong Ou hums.


"Don't move!" Gong Ou stops suddenly. Xiaonian immediately holds his arm and looks at him nervously. "What's the matter?"

Gong Ou's whole face was stiff and shouted, "don't move! Don't move! You stand like this! "


"Severe numbness! Don't move! "

Gong Ou's voice was torn.

When Xiaonian was roared to be motionless, she looked at him with a worried face. She also experienced severe numbness in her legs. She could not be touched, or she would be hurt and scratched.

"How are you now?"

He asked carefully.

"Still numb! Lean on! "

What a long time, damn it!

Gong Ou's legs are numb. His whole body is as stiff as a stone. He doesn't move.

Just go through it.

Just for a while.

Yes, give him another 10 seconds. It's 10 seconds.


A happy voice of innocence came suddenly.

Gong oudun looked up as if he saw ghosts and monsters. He saw Gong Kui in a big sweater running all the way with long hair and joy.

"Don't come, Xiao Kui."

This is what shixiaonian said.

"Don't come here! No! "

Gong ouxie roared at the bottom of the room, but Gong Kui came running like a fawn. He rushed to his leg and hit him hard. When he went to hug him again, he said, "good morning! Xiaokui loves you! "


Gong Ou stood there silent.

Mingming is not on herself, but shixiaonian still feels the taste of the moment of collision. She lowers her face and can't bear to see Gong Ou's expression at this moment.

In this way, the honeymoon of a family of four started.

This is how the gong'ou family spent their morning.

"Gong ou, you dress the twins. I'll prepare breakfast. Mr Gong will help me." He arranged things in an orderly way.

The R palace followed her into the kitchen.

Soon, the voice of Gong Ouyuan came from outside.

"Why doesn't this dress have buttons or zippers?"

"That's a pullover." Xiaonian also tried to shout in her own voice.

"But holy can't do it!"

"Oh, that's Xiaokui's pullover."


After a while, Gong Ou shouted again.

"Why can't they dress themselves, they are so big!"

"Then you teach." Shouts shixiaonian, hands the heated milk to Mr palace, and lets it distribute one by one.

Then, I heard Gong Ou's roar, teaching the two children to wear their own clothes.

"Gong Kui, you're wearing the wrong one. There's no bow in the back. Wear it again!"

"Dad, I don't feel well in my clothes. My neck hurts." Gong Kui's voice is weak.

"Oh, that bow tie is at the back. You can wear it again!"


"Holy, your shoes are on the wrong side! Put it on again! "

"No, it's still the opposite!"

"I will! Lean on! Why are these shoes so awkward? They're all wearing the wrong way! "

"Why there are no servants!"


After Xiaonian has prepared breakfast, Gong Ou comes out of the room with two dressed children.

In addition to the strange color matching, the rest is OK. Well, it's really OK. At least I didn't wear two socks with different colors.

After breakfast, Gong Yao went to meditate again. Many of Gong's habits and rules were abandoned by Gong ou, but they were completely preserved by Gong Yao.

In this way, when they are ready to travel, it is already noon.

"The person delivering the bed will arrive later. You can watch them install the bed and pay for it." Gong Ou said to Mr palace.

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

The R palace nodded.

Four people went to the sports car, and then the problem came again.

This sports car has only two seats. In order to have a two person life, Gong Ou has arranged for only two people to stay. There is only one bed, only one bedroom, and even the sports car has only two seats.

But they have four now.

So a family of four stood in front of the sports car and stared for hours. When Xiaonian asked, "Gong ou, with your temper, are you going to buy a new car again?"

Half an hour later, a family of four stood in front of a bicycle shop.

Yes, bicycles.

When Xiaonian realized that the road of langhuayu is narrow because there are no cars here, and there are few two wheel vehicles, especially environmental protection.

Local people ride bicycles.

When Xiaonian silently looked at Gong Ou beside him, as if he could see six dots floating over his head.


Or silence.

The owner of the car shop looked at the four of them, especially the young man with a black face. He shrank a little scared. Did he come to buy a car or smash the shop?

"Boss, we want to buy bicycles, which can bring children."

Shi Xiaonian took the lead.

Smell speech, the boss even breathed three breaths of relief, then rolled out two pink bicycles from the inside, after the car is added a small seat for children to sit, said, "look, this design is for parents to carry children, here is a safety buckle, buckle will not be afraid of children falling down, one-year-old children can sit."

It's a good design. It's exactly what she wants.

"Let me see."

When Xiaonian stepped forward, Gong Kui clapped his hands happily. "It's wonderful. I like pink. I want to take a pink car."

Hearing this, Xiao Nian suddenly thought of something and turned around. As expected, Gong ou and Gong Yao, one big and one small, were standing there. Their faces were not good-looking.


Gong Yao's face is like a refrigerator.


Gong Ou's face is livid.

"Well." Shixiaonian asked, "boss, do you have any other colors?"

Let Gong Ou ride a pink bicycle, the picture seems a little strange.

"No, this is the last two. I need to send another delivery. Are you in a hurry? If not, we will have the goods in another week." Said the boss.


For a week, they are going out now.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, "what do you think?"

"What do you think I should think now?"

Gong Ou asked with a blue face.

"Then let's go for a walk?" He asked tentatively.


She's still pregnant. Are you kidding him!

Gong Ou glanced at her, pulled a pink bicycle and walked out, calmly saying, "holy! Get on the bus! "


Gong Yao followed him. There was a certain sense of resignation on his clean, cold face.

When Xiaonian paid, he rode all the way forward wearing gongkui. Beside them was a very wide lake. Gongou was standing on the side of the road, pedaling desperately.

When Xiaonian rode by, he stopped beside him and opened his eyes in amazement, "Gong ou, you can't ride a bicycle?"

"How could it be!"

Gong Ou stares at her and continues to pedal hard. Her legs are very long and it's very difficult to bend.


Give it a push.

"Bang bang."

Two kicks.


The pedal is broken.

When Xiaonian looked at him speechless, Gong Ou looked at half of his pedals and said, "what's the quality?"