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Chapter 598 prelude to the outbreak of Gong ou

"It's said that Miss Xi is from a civilian background and has never studied in a university before. Our second young master always has a higher eye than the top. At that time, I chose several young ladies from different families for him, but he was not satisfied with them. He just liked Miss Xi."

"Yes. In particular, the eldest Miss Lancaster was born beautiful and intelligent. Now she married an American, and Lancaster has prepared a mountain like family business for her. "

"I don't know how much miss Xi's family has prepared for you."

"Three ladies," I said.

When Xiaonian stood in front of the easel with a faint smile, he said, "I'm just a civilian, and there's nothing worth mentioning."

That's funny?

Gong Ou's brow suddenly twisted badly.

On one side, Luo Qi is tasting tea. Some of them can't listen to her, and her voice is cool. "Xiao Nian also has a family business in Italy. She has a lot of assets and islands."

"What island? Is it the kind you can buy with a little money? Ha ha. "

The three ladies laughed again, as if they had heard some funny jokes.

When Xiaonian stood there quietly, she was used to such sarcasm. She drew calmly, but the injury on her wrist made her even a little hard to draw.

The hand injury was OK when she fell down immediately. Later, she twisted her wrist completely because of the practice of etiquette. Now a short medical board is fixed on her wrist, which makes it very inconvenient for her to draw.

Gong Ou's eyes are completely gloomy. Just going forward, Luo Qi's face is ugly in the open space. "Do you really think our family will fall after marrying a civilian lady? Before you speak, do you think about whether you can bully my husband or my son

Smell speech, three expensive madam exchanged a look in the eyes, all collected smile to say, "what are you angry with, we are all at will talk about just."

"Sorry, I don't like this conversation." Luo Qi got up from the sofa and looked at Xiaonian. "Xiaonian, let's go back. Send a visitor.


When small read an Fen to nod, follow Luo Qi to leave.

Gong Ou stood behind the tree and looked at Xiaonian. She followed Luo Qi calmly with a light smile on her face, as if she didn't care about all the disputes.

Is that all she hears at the palace?

When Xiaonian left with Luo Qi in another direction, before leaving, he heard the three ladies whisper, "I can't say that. We are not happy to say that we want to get our approval by marrying civilians."

"That is to say, the palace family is not as good as it used to be. It has no character to be a businessman with the reputation of an aristocrat."

It seems that women can never stop biting sour words.

When small read walk beside Luo Qi, low voice way, "sorry."

"You said that you would have washed your identity and background. As a result, both your parents died and you are alone. You can't fight for face if you want to." Luo Qi said helplessly.


When Xiaonian's face was indifferent, he listened quietly, and there was no sound.

"I'll go back to rest."

Luo Qi turns and leaves.

Gong Ou walks slowly behind Shi Xiaonian and looks at her thin figure. She stands there with her right hand and her face is not clear in the sun.

"Miss Xi, those people still adhere to the decadent tradition of aristocracy to a great extent. You are not the first or the last ordinary woman who can marry into the aristocracy or even the royal family. You don't need all the pressure." Charles stood behind shixiaonian and said softly,

shixiaonian stood under a tree and lived her fingers. Hearing this, she smiled, "I know, I went to see some of their stories."

"Oh? Yes, Miss Xi is very attentive. "

"A divorce, one less than middle age will end in depression, and one as thin as firewood, has been in poor health up to now." "The aristocracy and the common people are really two worlds. I have already reached it."

Listen to her laughter, Gong Ou's chest seems to be beaten.


Charles, the housekeeper, stood there speechless.

"Charles, you don't have to look like this. I know what kind of road I choose will bear what kind of price," he said

Gong Ou stood not far away, his fingers clenched the box in his hand.

"By the way, Charles, I'll be out in a minute." When Xiaonian lifted the low branch and bent over.

"Are you going out again?"

Charles was shocked.


I nodded and walked forward.

Gong Ou followed her in silence without disturbing her. Her dark eyes grew deeper and deeper.


When small read out of the door, as usual think of ways to get Charles and the driver away, a person rushed to the common platform.

She took her cell phone and looked at the information on it.

After a while, a taxi stopped in front of her. She compared the license plate with the information. It was the same, so she stepped forward and opened the door to sit on it.

The driver drove on without asking where she was going.

She's going to see Mona.

Mona is now in complete control of Mr. y and obedient.

The Lancaster family is at a loss.

Shi Xiaonian had to admire Mr. Y's ability in hiding, as if there was a huge system, and every time she used to arrange Mr. y perfectly.

The car has turned several times, all in places that are hard to find.

Finally, a black car stopped at the beautiful seaside.

When Xiaonian pushed open the door and got off, the sea fog was very heavy, the sun was still hazy, and the visibility was relatively low.

She went forward in her tight coat.

In the fog came the sound of waves on the stone wall, which made Xiaonian sound to the time when he was imprisoned in the tower.

She walked carefully through the fog to the seaside, where a large white yacht stopped, and could not see the real face in the fog.


A mature male voice rings.

On the yacht stood a tall man, dressed in elegant light grey clothes, short curly hair, wearing sunglasses and masks to distinguish the truth.

Mysterious Mr. y.


When Xiaonian nodded to him and walked on the yacht cautiously, Mr. y held out his hand to her and reminded her, "be careful."


Finish saying this word, when small read suddenly feel sharp in the back, looked back, only to see a mist.

"What's the matter?"

The man pulled her onto the yacht and asked.

Xiaonian looked behind him, blinked suspiciously, then let go of the man's hand and said, "maybe I'm worried, I always feel someone following me."

"I've changed cars so many times, even if Lancaster's people stare at you secretly, they can't follow you here."

The man said, the voice line is mature and steady, and the words are clear and pure.

"Yes." When Xiaonian took back his sight and walked on the deck, the yacht was very quiet and asked, "do you still insist on not using more people to watch?"

Mr. Y's way to the Tibetans is to hide in person and guard in person, without his subordinates.

"The more people I use, the more horse feet I can show. It's foggy all the year round here. I can also pay attention to the visitors first and drive away the yacht at once." The man walked beside her and pointed to the direction of the cockpit. "My yacht is still the latest full range automatic unmanned navigation technology. I don't need a professional driver, I can do it myself."

"So powerful?"

When small read to follow to say, looked back again one eye, always felt as if by what stare.

"Powerful? You have been with that man for so long, what high-tech things have not seen before, and what do you think is powerful? " Mr. y said with a smile.


When Xiaonian nodded, Gong Ou's high-tech technology had already amazed her. She followed Mr. y down the stairs and asked, "why does Mona suddenly want to see me?"

"I don't think she can stand it any longer." The man chuckled and said, "she thought she could find her by Lancaster's ability in a short time, but there was no news for so many days. She seemed a little restless."

"Thank you, sir."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Little things."

Before the two men went to a cabin, Mr. y took out the key to open the door. Inside was a bedroom. Mona was lying on the bed. Her hands were locked separately on both sides of the bed. There was a little blood on her wrist. Her face was gaunt under the long golden hair. She was sticking to the gauze and her eyes were closed.

When Xiaonian slowly walked to the bedside and looked at her with low eyes.

Mona slowly opened her eyes and looked at shixiaonian. When she saw shixiaonian, Mona saw a little more light in her eyes. She sat up weakly from the bed and rubbed her wrists against the chains to break the skin and bleed again.

"When can I go?" Mona looked at him and said, her voice was very weak. She didn't have the arrogance before. "I heard about Gong Ou's situation. He's in good condition now. It's really good. You don't need to be trapped with me anymore."

When Xiaonian looked at her like this, he could not help frowning.

"If you didn't do those things, you wouldn't be trapped here now."

When small read light tunnel.

She suffered herself.

"I've done everything, and four years have passed. What else can I do?" Mona asked, a pair of sea blue eyes staring at her, "Xi Xiaonian, you're going to let me go."

"When will Gong Ou be able to completely recover as before and no longer restrain himself?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Soon, isn't he in good condition now?" Mona said, speaking weakly. "Let me go, Xi Xiaonian. How about we write it off?"

"Do you have a hand to hide?" Mr. Y's voice rang behind Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian turned to look at Mr. y.

The man walked slowly to the end of the bed, leaned down and pressed his hands on the end of the bed. In the sunglasses, Mona looked haggard and said, "I have investigated you. You are a woman with a very careful mind. Take Gong Ou's disease for example. You forced him to train his restraint for four years in the name of treatment, so that he could become another kind of person like an idiot. If it wasn't for Miss Xi to insist on pursuing him I can't find out what's wrong with you. "