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Chapter 561 the hysterical roar of Mu qianchu

"I remember." Muqianchu got up from the sofa and faced her. "Shidi and I said that if we were separated, we would try our own way to meet at the airport. If it was inconvenient to meet at the airport, we would wait until the place we agreed to meet abroad."


When small read to smell speech to be relieved, did not expect that they still have such an agreement.

"Well." Mu qianchu nodded, "you go quickly, and I'm ready to leave. It's not suitable to stay here."

"I'll see you off." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"No!" Mu qianchu's tone suddenly became very excited, and he realized his gaffe. Mu qianchu reached out his hand and pressed his brow and heart, and the tone eased down. "There are three thousand nails left in the broken boat, and I will send someone to pick me up. Xiaonian, go away. You never love me. Don't let me owe you more. "


When Xiaonian stood at the door, the black and white eyes looked at his figure, red eyes, the heart is not a taste.

"You go."

Said Mu qianchu once again.

When Xiaonian looked at his face, "really someone will come to pick you up?"

"Of course, I think I can find someone, after all, I have been here for so many years." Muqianchu said, taking out his mobile phone from his pocket, "do you need me to call you?"

At this point, shixiaonian realized that she shouldn't stay any longer, and her parents couldn't allow her to take too much care of muqianchu.

"Then you should be careful and ask more people to take care of you outside." Shi Xiaonian said to turn around and leave.


Muqianchu called her back.

When Xiaonian stood at the door and looked back at him, mu qianchu looked at her direction, but she knew that he could not see anything.

"Xiaonian, I'm sorry." Mu qianchu looked at her and said slowly, "I owe you four years for this sentence."


When Xiaonian stood there stiffly, his nose was so sour that he couldn't speak a word.

"In fact, I always know that I did something wrong, but I dare not admit it. I don't think it's my fault if I don't admit it." Mu qianchu stood in front of the sofa and said.


When Xiaonian turned away, tears ran down her cheeks.

"Now think about it. If I didn't spend that year doing those terrible things, maybe now we can talk like friends." Mu qianchu said slowly, "I have made too many mistakes and missed too much."

"Stop talking."

When small read low to say, voice choked.

Hearing her voice with tears, mu qianchu's eyelashes trembled. He looked at her direction and said, "Xiaonian, have I told you that you are the permanent wound in my body, which is too big for me to see anything else, but even when I die, I would not like to sew this wound."

He would rather the wound hurt all the time until he died.

He would, because he was used to loving her.


When Xiaonian couldn't hear any more, he turned around and ran out, covered his lips with his hands, and strode out of the Bank of the river and onto the bridge.

She stood alone on the bridge, holding her hand against her heart, where the pain was spasmodic.

Her lips trembled and tears kept falling.

She didn't want to be like this with Shidi and muqianchu, but what made them look like today? When she was a child, she got along with each other under the eaves of a house, but now she has become more hostile than strangers.

For a long time, Xiaonian's mood was stable. She stepped down the bridge step by step and walked alone on the road.

Shidi, sister, did you fulfill your last wish?

I don't know if Mu qianchu can go abroad safely or if the people he invited can take care of him.

When Xiaonian turned her eyes to look at the direction of the bridge, her teeth were biting her lips, and then she went to have a look. When she saw the person who took care of Mu qianchu coming, she went back.

In this way, when Xiaonian decided to follow his heart and go to the bridge, he slowly went back to the bridge, when Xiaonian looked at the villa on the Bank of the river.

I saw mu qianchu standing in the flowers on the Bank of the river. I didn't know what he was doing.

Although there are railings on the Bank of the river, they are too dangerous.

When Xiaonian hurried to the bridge and ran to the Bank of the river with all his strength. His eyes were looking straight in that direction. When he was near, he would open his mouth and shout caution. Suddenly, his voice was hoarse in his throat.

She slowed down and looked forward.

Mu qianchu stood in front of the railings on the Bank of the river, tugging at the flowers with both hands, pulling out all the branches and flowers, and acting crazily.

Like losing his heart, he pulled out the flower stems and threw them to the ground and to the lake. When he was blind and couldn't see them, he grabbed them at random and pulled them out when he caught them.

There are thorns on the flower stem. Mu qianchu's hands are all bloody and fleshy in an instant. The blood is gurgling out and falling down bit by bit.


When Xiaonian didn't even have the courage to stop him.

Because she realized that she had said something wrong, mu qianchu had already guessed that the flute was dead.

He is so clever that he has guessed it.

Mu qianchu seemed to feel no pain. He pulled out the flower stem harder, and there were red blood flowers floating on the river.

He was there fumbling about.

Until I can no longer touch a straight stem, no longer touch a flower.

Mu qianchu leaned back exhausted. He sat on the railing on the Bank of the river. His face was painful, his lips trembled, and his hands were covered with blood.


He roared hysterically, like a cry, like a roar, and the sound from the depths of his body was too painful to bear to hear.

When Xiaonian stood not far away, his eyes looked at his decadent appearance.

Mu qianchu hugged his head and roared wildly. She saw the regret on his face, endless regret.

He suddenly squatted down again, a pair of scarred hands to touch the flowers on the ground, regardless of the above thorns, but also a little bit into the soil.

"Shidi, I'll plant the flowers. Come back soon."

He murmured, his voice completely hoarse.

When Xiaonian looked at his terrible hands, he kept touching the flowers and inserting them into the soil. When he touched the thorns, he felt no pain, and his brow would not wrinkle.

The eyes of Xiaonian when the tears are wet.

People are the same. They have to wait until they are irretrievable to know how to regret. Those who regret will never come back.

This is the case with the flute, and the same with the mu qianchu. How can she be wrong.

Looking at this kind of admiration, Xiaonian suddenly understood a lot.

What does she want?

Gong Ou has come back. His character has become indifferent. He is also Gong ou. He has come back alive. What is she still suffering from? Isn't four years enough?

Gong Ou is right. She wants too much.

She loves him. No matter what kind of character he becomes, he is Gong ou. That's enough for her. What else can't she let go of? Do you have to wait for the best time to wake up?

When Xiao Nian stood there and looked at mu qianchu, she was already in tears. She took out her mobile phone.

No electricity.

There's no electricity.

She turned around and ran out again. She wanted to find the place for charging. She wanted to tell Gong ou that she loved him. She figured it out and never wanted to go to the top again.

As long as he is Gong ou, she loves him.

The rest, she doesn't care. At

, Xiao Nian ran out and just got off the bridge. She saw a car coming from far away in the same direction as she saw in front of the cafe yesterday.

Is it those who want to deal with mu qianchu?

When Xiaonian bit his teeth, he had to come back again, ran to the Bank of the river with all his strength, and grasped mu qianchu's hand.


Mu qianchu squatted there and planted flowers. His face was so desperate that he didn't even hear her holding him.

"Come on in! Those people are here again. " When Xiaonian ran to the villa with mu qianchu, he suddenly thought of something and said, "no, those who come here must know where you are. We can't hide in the villa."

Smell speech, the expression of Mu qianchu is loose, look at her direction way, frown to ask, "how do you come back? Hurry up. "

"Tell me, where is the safest place to hide?"

Asked shixiaonian.

This is not the time for bullshit.

"You go." Muqianchu reached out and pushed her away. Step by step, the man retreated, and the despair on his face gradually calmed down.

That calm is not a good phenomenon.

"Shidi wants me to save you!" When Xiaonian looked at him and said, "if you feel sorry for her, you should live!"

When it comes to flute, mu qianchu's body shakes and shudders.

"They are coming soon. Do you want me to wait here with you?" When small read looked at the direction of the bridge.

Mu qianchu stands there.

A few seconds later, he said, "come in. What they found is a house I bought across the river. It's my bluff."


When small read should way, pull Mu qianchu's hand to walk toward inside, hand tightly clench his wrist.

When entering the house, Xiaonian immediately closed the door and looked out from the window. Sure enough, the cars were all parked on the other side of the river, and down came a dozen men with guns.

Then she heard several clear shots.

I don't know if it's safe here. I hope those people will leave if they can't find anything in the opposite house. They won't go from house to house.

When Xiaonian put down the curtains and turned his head, he saw mu qianchu sitting on the sofa, his short hair stained with blood, his face pale, only despair, his hands on his knees, his hands covered with wounds and blood.

She then found that the sofa beside mu qianchu had been pulled out of a hole.

Before that, mu qianchu had been trying to cover her up, so he realized that the flute had died.

"Where is the medicine box?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"I don't know." Muqianchu said, people sitting on the sofa decadent, "those are made by the time flute."

When small read to hang Mou, the sight falls on the blood of his hand dripping, ask a way, "where exactly did I say wrong?"

"She won't leave me behind. I've been through more dangerous things with her. She's so timid, but she never left me." Murakami said, his voice was so hoarse that he could not recognize his original elegance.