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Chapter 344 I hate Gong Ou all my life

"I'm here to save you." He said in a low voice in her ear.

Save her.

Anyone who says to save her, she will doubt, will question; but when qianchu says to save her, Xiaonian will not have any doubt.

She looked at qianchu with shaking eyes, full of eager hope in her desperate eyes for too long. She looked at him and shook his hand back a little excitedly, very hard.

He came to save her.

Finally, the world will be so a person really miss her.

Hope in despair It's precious.

"Save me and the child."

When small read slowly said with lips, the body is full of endless pain.

"Good." He agreed in her ear without hesitation, and then said, "but I want you to give me a condition."


When Xiaonian was stunned, his hands were shaking even more.

He picked up a tissue to wipe the sweat on her face and whispered, "I want you to admit to me that you will never love Gong Ou again in this life."

When small read Zheng Zheng, did not expect that his condition is this.

She turned her head and stared at him. He stared at her deeply. "As long as you promise me and fulfill your promise, I will save you and the baby."


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, he suddenly reached out and grasped his hand, lips playing back and forth.

He lowered his head as if to wipe his sweat, but in fact, he attached his ear to her lips.

When Xiaonian was lying there, he grasped him with his hands. His lips trembled violently. He said, "I hate Gong ou and Gong Jia all my life. I hate them. I will never forgive them."

It's not them. She won't be where she is today.

Gong Ou plays with her feelings and abandons her. The palace family wants to force her mother to seize her son and keep her in the tower for half a year. Her hatred grows in her body like blood.

She will never forget what Gong family and Gong ou have given her!

How could she fall in love again.

Her voice is hoarse, but with a strong hatred, every word is saturated with her hatred.

He looked at her face from the side of his eyes. There was only white on her face, and the hatred of her eyes was so clear.

He stood there and looked at her with mixed emotions in his eyes.

When Xiaonian hides the hatred in his eyes and stares at him expectantly.

Nothing is more important to her than to be able to leave here with her babies.

For a moment, he nodded at her.

He agreed.

Shixiaonian looks at him gratefully.

Thank you, Chiu.

Shi Xiaonian wanted to ask how he escaped from death, but before long, a sharp pain poured towards her. "Ah --"

she screamed loudly, her facial features wrinkled painfully, "what a pain, ah I'm going to have a caesarean section. I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to do it. "

She cried in agony, hoarse.

One long hair was almost soaked.

She really can't stand it. It's too painful.

Hearing such a painful cry, the doctors stopped chatting and came to check her body condition. The voice suddenly became serious, "it's going to be born.". Miss Shi, you are in good health. Let's try to have a smooth birth at this time. "

"Pain. I can't hold on. "

Crazy pain torments her desperately. When Xiaonian feels that her body is being separated by five horses, someone is tearing her body and her flesh.

She can't stand it.

It's too painful.

At the thought that she would have two more children, she couldn't stand it. Xiaonian's body was shaking and her eyes were dazed by the pain. The entire operating room was spinning in front of her eyes.

"It's too painful. It's so painful "Ah!" When Xiaonian screamed hysterically.

"Don't be nervous, take a deep breath, what I say and what you do." The man standing beside her all the time, holding her hand to cheer her up, "breathe, breathe. Breathe, breathe. "

Everything seems very chaotic. Although doctors are very experienced hands, they are very careful at the critical moment in the face of the birth of the palace children, for fear of a delay.

Therefore, no one found that the eyebrow scar doctor's voice was different from that of ordinary people, and no one found that the eyebrow scar doctor had changed a person, and the eyebrow corner scar was fake.


When Xiaonian took a deep breath according to his words, the pain eased a little.

"Yes, that's it. You did a good job." He stood beside her, encouraged her, and continued to wipe her face with a clean white towel.

When Xiaonian's pale face was full of sweat, she pulled at the corners of her mouth, before she could laugh, another wave of sharp pain hit her.


This time, Xiaonian forgot to take a deep breath, leaving only the scream of heartrending and lung splitting, and the voice of despair continued to ring in the operating room.

No one can bear the pain for her.


Outside the palace castle, fireworks spread all over the sky, illuminating the dark sky.

A row of black cars stopped on the road. Gong ou, dressed in a dark gray suit, hurried out of the road with obvious eagerness.

He ran forward, taking off his suit and throwing it on the ground, dismissing it.

His face is huge and handsome, with cold lines, tired brows and eyes, deep and gloomy eyes, handsome nose and thin lips.

Gong Ou ran to the car, where Feng de immediately opened the door respectfully.

Gong Ou got into the car and immediately said, "drive!"


The driver answered.

Feng de followed him into the car and looked at the fireworks outside. "How about inside, young master? Will it be a mess if you just leave? "

Feng De is a little nervous.

"It was a show for my mother. She was really relaxed. She asked the maid to answer the phone over there. She scattered people and went to these addresses. Hurry up!"

Gong Ou hands Feng de the map he has already prepared. He is a little impatient.

Just sworn, now the two families are talking about the future development of the situation. When he came out for a while, the palace family would not find out. He was afraid that if he found out later, he would quickly transfer people.

Feng de looked at the map in his hand and saw that there were several places marked with red circles on it. "Young master, how do you judge when miss was caught in these places?"

Where do you see that.

"The maid said on the phone that she couldn't make it tonight, so she said if nothing happened, my mother could make it tonight." "My mother doesn't like flying very much. If she can avoid it, she can avoid it. In this period of time, there are only four places that can be arrived by car without signal, monitoring or even human beings. Look for them now!"

"Yes, my young master is wise."

Feng de had to admire the young master when he heard this.

He sat in the copilot's seat and took a look at Gong Ou in the rearview mirror.

Gong Ou sat there, tugging at his collar, leaving the knot aside. His face was restless and his leg was shaking, which indicated his uneasiness and anxiety at the moment.

Master Gong and his wife are impeccable in their work. They are always on guard against master Gong. They are good at chess. Master Gong can't find them after so long. The palace family is still obstructing them secretly.

A lot of money and manpower were expended, but there was no echo.

I have been looking for a long time. Seeing that Miss Shi's due date is about to arrive, the young master has no choice but to compromise and agree to marry Miss Mona.

Miss Mona is also deeply in love with Gong ou. She was tortured to half her life. As soon as she heard that she wanted to be engaged, she immediately promised not to tell about the mental abuse she suffered in the imperial castle.

It's just that Miss Mona and the Lancaster family don't know that all this is the master's expediency.

With young master's temperament, after saving Miss Shi, we must be desperate to be together. Then the two families I don't know how to deal with it.

Forget it. It's very important to rescue the young lady at this time.

Feng De quickly ordered people to go to these four places, and then asked, "young master, where are we going to find?"

"Give me the map!"

Gong Ou takes the map from Feng de and takes a look at it. His deep vision falls on a place. Finally, he says, "go to the seaside!"

He is intuitive.

"Yes, sir."

There is still fog in Britain at night. The closer you get to the seaside, the more thick it gets.

Gong Ou sits on the car, his face is tight. The roadside light swings across the car window, passes his gloomy face, and falls into his eyes. No one can see his impatience.

Shixiaonian, don't be afraid. I'll save you.

Don't be afraid.

He will surely keep her, accompany her to wait for the birth of the child, he will never leave her, never again.

Gong Ou sits there, his long hand grabs his sleeve involuntarily and grabs a sapphire cuff link.

The sea fog is heavy in the night, and the sea is surging against the rocks as if to rush up.

The tower stood still in the fog.


When Xiaonian's scream rang out in the quiet night, she didn't know how long she had been in pain, only knew that she had no strength to cry out.

A voice is like a mute voice, the voice is terrible.

Suddenly, she heard a female doctor say, "at 9:16:32 p.m. British time, the baby is born, male, everything is normal, send the incubator first."



When Xiaonian was lying there, he was completely out of force, as if his body was not his own, and none of them was complete.

She grabs the hand of the person next to her and looks at a doctor. "Look, show me the baby."

She wanted to talk, but she couldn't even hear her voice.

She has hoarse her throat.

She could only watch the woman doctor carry the child away, and they wouldn't even let her see more.

When small read too late sad, a new round of pain began to torture her again.

"Miss Shi, it's hard for you. The second baby is coming out. Come on!" The doctors stood there, knowing that she had lost her strength, cheering her up.


When Xiaonian wanted to make her strength, but she had no strength. She was too tired. Except for the pain, she didn't feel anything, let alone try to give birth to a second baby.