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Chapter 755 stupid, stupid Gong ou

"When I read it."

When small read startled to turn around, saw Gong Ou turned over a body, hugged a corner of the quilt into the bosom, the eyes are still tightly closed, thin lips moved twice, "when small read, when small read."

Apart from these three words, there was no other word in his mouth.

When Xiaonian stood there quietly, Gong Ou held the quilt corner, and suddenly murmured, "I must cure you, right, cure you!"

Even the tone in the dream is so domineering.


When Xiaonian listened to his voice, he felt his eyes were astringent.

Gong ou.

You're really not smart except at work. You're not smart at all.

It's stupid, you idiot Gong ou.

When Xiaonian looked at him with low eyes, he turned around for a long time and left. He went out of the room to find a maid to help him buy makeup remover.

She went down the stairs and saw no servants. The people in Luo's house slept very early and couldn't find anyone.

Is she going out to buy it by herself?

As soon as she went out of the house, Gong Ou would have to look for earth shaking if she suddenly woke up.

When small read some helplessly think, is hesitating when suddenly listen to the door next to a small voice.

"Is anyone there?"

When Xiaonian raised his voice and asked, he walked towards the room. The door was closed. He pushed it open, and a soft veil came and brushed her face.

She stopped the gauze and went inside. It was an antique study. The air was still full of faint tea fragrance. All the windows were open. The cold wind came in from inside. The door moved and almost closed and bounced back.

It was the sound.

No one was there.

When Xiaonian was about to leave disappointed, her eyes fell on the books on the bookshelf. She went up and picked up one and turned it over in her hand. It was Lori's practice letters.

It is obvious that this letter has been in use for some years. The corners of the pages are turned over. The handwriting on it is almost blurred. The handwriting is beautiful and capable.

It is a dense record of the cases that Lori met and how to study how to cure them.

There was nothing in the consulting room. Lori looked very unprofessional. Unexpectedly, he wrote letters. When Xiaonian looked at the bookshelf, there were rows of letters on it.

It's all handwritten.

It turns out that all the so-called geeks have made great efforts behind what people don't know. Gong Ou is just like Luo lie. No wonder he can be so proud at a young age.

When Xiaonian put his letter back, beside the pile of letters was a black box with a strange pattern printed on it.

This pattern seems to have been seen somewhere.

When Xiaonian frowned doubtfully, reached out and touched the pattern lightly. As soon as he touched it, he heard a cold voice saying, "who allows you to touch it?"

When Xiaonian turned around, Lori stood in front of her in a housecoat.

Four eyes are opposite.

"I heard something and came in. Sorry, I didn't mean to break in." When small read lightly said, apologizes to him.

"What have you touched?"

Lori glanced across the black box.

"I've touched your letters, but I didn't expect you to be a responsible doctor. All the cases you've treated have been recorded." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Lori looked at her and looked back and forth in her face, as if to make sure that what she said was true or false.

After a while, Lori's face slowed down slightly, and his eyes stayed on her for two seconds. He was stunned. "How did you become like this?"


When Xiaonian asked in doubt what she had become.

Lori looked at her fixedly. She was still wearing large and heavy makeup. She was wearing a broad light color bathrobe. Her long hair hung down smoothly. It was the same person, but there was something different.

"Nothing." Lori took back her eyes, didn't stop on her, turned to the window, picked up the teapot and began to make tea.

"Then I'll go out first."

When Xiaonian didn't want to bother Lori to find a servant for her, she might as well go shopping by herself. She turned around to leave and heard Lori's voice ringing behind her. "It's better for you to unload that pile of things on your face."

The pile of things on the face?

When Xiaonian was stunned for a second, he reflected that what he said was her make-up. That's not because of him.

"It seems to have nothing to do with you."

When small read coldly refute.

"Do you think he likes you like that?" Lori took a small teacup and put it on his lips for a sip. "Do you think it's interesting to dominate a man?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Said shixiaonian coldly.

"I don't object to women's strong power, but are you sure you want each other's obedience?" Lori's voice was cold.

As he stood at the door, Xiaonian turned to look at him. Lori seemed to have something to say, but she could not fully understand, "what do you mean?"

"I don't mean much." Lori said coldly, "it's just that he feels so aggrieved when he's with you."


"Why don't you give him up to me?" Lori said, "I like him very much. I promise to find you a better and obedient man."


When Xiaonian looked at the man in the window in disbelief, the gossamer was blown to cover her eyes, and she retreated two steps speechless.

"Now that you are in my study today, I will speak directly to you." Lori put down his teacup and walked to Xiaonian step by step. The cold wind blew his short hair. He looked at Xiaonian in front of him and said, "I like your husband very much. I hope he can stay with me all the time, not only for six days. I hope you can give him up to me. "

This is a challenge.

For the first time, Shi Xiaonian received a challenge from a man in love. This kind of arrogant tone made her speechless. He said that he hoped that she would give up Gong ou.

When Xiaonian looked at him, his hand hanging on his side tightly clenched into a fist and said coldly, "I think you are the one who should be treated most!"

"In fact, I don't need to tell you that as long as you have your disease in hand, there are ways for me to let him stay at my side willingly." Lori cold tunnel, hanging in the side of the fingers slightly moved.

He is waiting for her reaction.

"You are so mean!"

Xiaonian stares at him.

"I don't do things as usual." Lori looked at her and smiled thoughtfully. "It's been three days. He's not as wary of me as he used to be. From tomorrow, I'll enlarge my moves."


When Xiaonian stood there speechless, she wanted to shout out a sentence that I could not cure, but she couldn't roar out. She saw Gong Ou's desperate appearance, she couldn't roar out.

When Xiaonian didn't know how she came out of the study, Lori's behavior was too much for her. As soon as she went out, her stomach began to ache, and she fell into the bathroom and vomited.

It hurts. It hurts.

When small read a hand to press his stomach, a hand to press the wall, standing there in pain, usually not so painful, just vomiting.

For a moment, her face was so pale that she didn't look at all, and even began to sweat.

For a long time, her symptoms slowly slow down, out of the bathroom, Gong Ou is still asleep in bed, she slowly walked past, lying down beside Gong ou.

By the fourth day, she finally knew what Lori meant by his so-called amplification.

If the first three days were not only Luo lie's courtship to Gong ou, then from the fourth day, Luo lie began to pursue Gong Ou formally.

That crazy courtship posture is not the same level as Su Yaoyao's original shy love.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and looked at the newspaper, Gong Ou sat beside her and accompanied her to read the newspaper. Such a time was the most they would like to spend in these six days, as long as Lori didn't disturb them.

Obviously, this is not possible.

"How can I sit here?" Lori walked towards them and put one hand on Gong Ou's shoulder casually and naturally. "There is something wrong with the robot I bought. You also have a robot. Why don't you help me see what the problem is?"

Lori Chengen is from the Lancaster family. He is very resistant to the palace's things, but now he has bought all the robots for the palace.

This is called creating common interests.


Gong Ou's eyes behind the camera flickered a dangerous glare, stood up from the sofa in anger, and followed Lori to repair the robot.

When small read also follow.

Lori seems to have some knowledge of the robot. When Gong Ou checks the robot's condition, he keeps saying that Gong Ou has no desire for Lori.

But Luo lie made a mistake in three sentences, which made Gong Ou unbearable, so he made a voice to correct him. The two people's words on this day were more inexplicably.

Luo lie stands beside Gong ou and keeps making chances to lean against him. One time, he wipes Gong Ou's hand with his finger, and the other time, he talks by his ear.

When Xiaonian saw that Gong Ou's face was black and white, white and black, and his hands were back and natural.

Gong ou can't stand it.

When Xiaonian really wanted to ignore Gong ou like this. He could not bear to burst out. But if she didn't come forward to help him, Gong ou could only force him to bear it again and again.

After thinking about it, Xiaonian forced himself into the middle of two people and looked at the robot with simple functions in front of him. "This robot is not as good-looking as our home."

When Lori bypasses Xiaonian, he goes to Gong ou and looks at him affectionately. "No one looks like you."


Gong Ou looks as if he is meditating, but in fact, his face is too green to see.

He really wants to strangle this pervert at once!

What a fucking woman he is!

When Xiaonian's illness is cured, he will give out a mouthful of Qi!

"Can you stop saying such disgusting things?"

When Xiaonian looked at Lori coldly.

"Oh." Luo lie sneers, ignores when small read, continues to stick to the Gong ou to talk and ask questions, just like a man pursues a woman, how ambiguous how to come.

So this situation turned into that Luo lie sought to get close to Gong Ou as much as possible. Gong Ou neither refused nor accepted it. When Xiao Nian was tired, he stirred the situation in the middle.