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Chapter 1050 accidental discovery


Oh, well, that's a little weird.

When Xiaonian bit her lips in silence, she couldn't get back to her mouth. She just got to the entrance of the underground water channel. She hurriedly said, "come on, here we are. Let's play. Be careful."

"I'm not disabled yet." Gong Ou comes down from the wheelchair with a snort.

Smell speech, when small read melancholy not to be able to bear to stare at him way, "what's the matter with you today, eat dynamite?"


Gong Ou purses her lips and doesn't speak. Her handsome face is tight.

"I know you are impatient. If you still need to carry out your previous simple and rough way of doing things, I won't say anything about you, but don't order yourself. Be careful to be crippled!" When small read to push wheelchair to say, a pair of black and white clear eyes son serious stare palace Europe.

Gong Ou stood there, and was told by her that her temper was suddenly restrained. She just hummed, "who said I would use the old way of doing things? I don't need to use it."

"Then you have to calm down and don't be grumpy."

"I'm not grumpy!"

"How many batches of furniture have been changed in the hall when I can't see it?" When small read a way, a temper to fall, rich to willful in the end, right?


Gong Omo stopped talking. He turned to walk to the sewer, stepped on the stairs, and said, "don't you want to play, don't you want to go? When I was young, I thought you were so wordy. I'm not your pumpkin son. What kind of training do you have? "

"Can't you listen? Are you going to be furious today? "

If she doesn't talk about treating him, he'll be furious tonight. His whole body is full of negative emotions. It's not good for his wound recovery.


Gong Ou glared at her hard and went down again.

It's so reasonable to hear that.

When small read helplessly shake his head, want to lift the wheelchair down, a move up but heavy.

Gong Ou looks back at her and says, "Feng de!"

"Xiaonian, let me do it." The white haired Feng de suddenly appears beside shixiaonian, smiling and lifting the wheelchair with a bodyguard.


When Xiaonian was sweating, did Fengde follow them all the time, and their little quarrels were all seen in the past? Awkward.

She followed and went down. As soon as she turned around, the wheelchair was beside her. Feng de and the bodyguard were gone.

"How can I walk so fast?" When small read surprised.

"Otherwise, what can I do? Listen to you to make their master look like a son?" Gong Ou stares at her.

The people under him don't see?


When I was reading nuzui, it turned out that it was for this reason that she didn't know that Feng de and them were behind her, otherwise she would not open her mouth to Gong Ou of education.

"Now you know how to lose your man's face?" Gong Ou reached out and poked at her head. Xiaonian looked at him in embarrassment. "I didn't know they were in the back."

"I'll call. Can they still show up believe it or not?"

When small read Mou son a turn, show a big smile hurriedly, clap the wheelchair in front of the body, "come here, young master Gong, please sit down, I serve you!"

Seeing her attitude changing so fast, Gong Ou felt that the sullen air in his heart had gone away inexplicably. He hooked his lips, sat down in the wheelchair, and said in an ordered tone, "push harder."

That's what he said. He pressed the automatic forward button to turn on the light on the wheelchair. There was such a light in the dark underground waterway.

When Xiaonian pushed him forward for a while, looking at the wet walls and columns, he said with some emotion, "I didn't expect that this time we were so close to the underground waterways, it was a bad fate."

Gong Yu disappeared in the underground waterway. She was taken away here and nearly died here.

Vaguely, she could still see the tragic situation of the gunfight on that day, and smelled the strong smell of blood.

"Allow you to hurt spring and autumn?" Gong Ou is dissatisfied with the way he says, "it's out to play. I'm in a better mood."

Can she be as bad as he is? It's clear that she came with him to relax.

When small read smile, did not care about him, "then you say how to play?"

Gong Ou picked up the map rolled aside, unfolded it, and looked at the structure inside by the light. A pair of dark eyes were suffused with a faint and deep light. "The design is really exquisite, no wonder my people didn't see any trace of the dark door."

Without this map, it would be difficult for him to get a full view of the underground waterways.

"It's strange. Enid knows that the surface map of the underground water channel is not strange. She has explored it for years." Shixiaonian asked with some doubts, "but it's weird to be able to touch these hidden doors clearly, as if she participated in the whole construction process. Besides, why do so many hidden doors need to be built in an underground waterway? It's like waiting to escape later. "

Gong Ou holds the map's hand tightly, and the black eyes are deeper. "There is absolutely an unexpected secret in this woman."

"But we don't know."

When Xiaonian sighed softly, she knew that Enid concealed a lot, but they couldn't do it.

When he said that, Xiaonian looked at Gong ou with some worry. Sure enough, Gong Ou's face looked extremely annoyed, but he didn't lose his temper. He looked at the map and said, "if you walk 20 meters in the direction of 10 o'clock, you can see a dark door that leads to the ground."

"Let's go out and have a look."

When small read hurriedly said, no longer mention Enid's matter to annoy him.

She pushed Gong Ou forward and walked to a dead road. The wall was tightly sealed, and there was no trace of a secret door. Xiaonian turned on the flashlight on her mobile phone and looked at Gong ou. "Is the secret door here? How to open it? "

Gong Ou turns over the map in his hand. Behind the map are all kinds of ways to open the door. He tells Shi Xiaonian, "you pick up a stone."


When Xiaonian flashed his cellphone on the ground.

Gong Ou looked at the ground she was shining on, and said, "be careful."

When Xiaonian picked up the stone and knocked on the wall according to Gong Ou's instructions. Soon, the wet dark door in front of him moved to reveal a deeper path.

It turns out that you can see a way from here.

When Xiaonian went in, she looked around, but this side was not as wet as the outside. She looked at the dark door, and exclaimed, "last time I saw that Enid opened the door like this. It's really powerful to knock a few times to open the door."

"It's arranged by password." Gong Ou turned the map in his hand and said, "and where do I see the password?"

"Password?" When Xiaonian laughed, "isn't this really a city of war? Do you want to use such a secret code to convey any information?"

That's too winding. I'm tired of fighting like this.

Words fall, Gong Ou suddenly looks up at her, eyes burning, as if to burn her completely.

When the smile of small read falls gradually, some uneasily looked at him a few eyes, "what's the matter? Is there anything wrong with me? "

Why do you look at her like this.


Gong Ou sat in the wheelchair and stared at her. Her face was tight and still cold.

"Then shall we go up and play? Find your way. " Shi Xiaonian said that he was about to push him. He listened to Gong Ou's whispering, "Feng De, get a charcoal pen!"

When Xiaonian was surprised, the next second, she saw Feng de come out from the dark, smiling and handed over a charcoal pen, "young master, you want it."

It's too fast to appear. I'll follow you as expected.

"Your adoptive father, do you even have this?" I can't believe it.

"I'll take it along the road and make a mark for the people behind me to know." Feng de said with a smile, the life of the young master and Xiao Nian is now the top priority of all people. Of course, we should be cautious and cautious.

After that, Fengde disappeared into the dark underground water channel again, coming and going silently.

When Xiaonian admired her, she turned to Gong ou and said, "what do you want to do with charcoal?"

Without saying a word, Gong Ou pressed the button on the wheelchair and walked towards the new path. He stopped in front of a less humid wall. Then he pulled out the cap of the charcoal pen and quickly wrote and drew on the wall.

When small read puzzled to walk over, "what do you do?"


Gong Ou didn't say a word, just wrote it on the wall, reading the map while writing, and drew small dots on the wall.

It looks like it can be connected into a picture of stars.

When Xiaonian looked at his focused face, he understood that the possibility of going out to play should be very small. Did he research out anything?

She stood by quietly, not bothering him any more.

Half an hour passed quickly.

Xiaonian's legs were a bit numb when he stood. He reached out and rubbed his legs. He walked back a few steps and looked around. The road here is really deep.

An underground waterway should not be built so complicated.

Was it really built by the government at that time? How does she feel that it doesn't look like

When Xiaonian walked up and down the wall, Gong Ou's voice suddenly sounded in the open water channel, "if you are tired, sit on my leg for a while."

"Ah? I'm not tired. I'll walk around if I'm ok. " When small read hurriedly said, "are you tired? Shall I press your shoulder for you? "

The words fell, and there was silence in the underground channel.

She can't get any response. Gong Ou is focused on her own work. He has drawn many "stars" on the wall in front of her.

When small read some chat up ground press own leg, it seems that for a while Gong ou can't walk out of here, she has to find some of her own things to do.

I really want to sit for a while. Gong Ou's leg is impossible. Don't say he's hurt. She's afraid to disturb him even if he's not hurt.

When Xiaonian thought to herself, she saw a reclining chair behind her with a thin blanket on it. She looked up and saw Feng de disappear in the dark.


Even if you take charcoal, do you still carry a reclining chair with you? Can the adoptive father take so many things?

When Xiaonian is moved and funny, she shakes her head and sits on the reclining chair. The whole person is suddenly more comfortable. She looks at Gong ou, who is concentrating on writing on the wall. The color is almost the same as that of the wall. It's a little fuzzy, but he looks very seriously.