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Chapter 936 is Gong ou here

When Xiaonian stood up and looked forward in astonishment. He put his hand on the door. At night, a foreigner with a gun rushed towards a car in front of him.

Gong Yao, holding the bow and arrow in his hand, was dragged out of the car. The man picked up the gun and aimed it at his small head.

When Xiaonian cried out in horror, "no!"

Without paying attention to the screaming Gong Kui, Xiaonian rushes towards Gong Yao like crazy, and knocks Gong Yao down. The foreigner doesn't expect a pregnant woman to have such great strength to watch Gong Yao swept away in her own hands.

When Xiao Nian clings to Gong Yao.

No one can move her son, no one can move her son!

No one can!

Gong Yao hides in her arms. There is no expression on a small face, but there is fear in a pair of black pupils, and there are some dullness.

He was a child of the palace family. For the first time, he attacked people in such a bloody way and shot through a person's eyes. He was not afraid.

He was cold all over.

But now Xiaonian holds him tightly. The temperature on her body makes him less afraid.

Gong Yao falls to the ground and reaches out to grasp Xiaonian's clothes slowly.

"Damn it, the mother and the son!" The foreign people roared in desperation. They were hesitant to take up the pistol. If they killed Shi Xiaonian, their task would be a complete failure.


A loud noise suddenly exploded in the night.

It's not a shot.

Innumerable white lights came to them from all directions, and they were shot on one face or one face that was bloody or shocked. Those lights were more intense and dazzling than the sun, which made the entrance of the community bright and fuzzy in an instant.

Those foreigners are even more confused. They don't know what's going on. They just put their guns in front of them on Thursday and Monday, and the languages of all the countries are coming out.

Gong Kui's screams were loud, heart splitting and lung splitting, with great fear.

When Xiaonian lies on the ground and holds Gong Yao firmly. In fact, she only has the last strength to guard her son.

There was a running sound from four weeks.

Soon, Xiaonian heard a fight over her head. Some fresh blood splashed down her face, and she lost her eyes.

When Xiaonian didn't wipe it, he just held Gong Yao.

I don't know how long it took, the noise of the fight gradually decreased. There were footsteps far away and footsteps approaching. She couldn't tell what state it was. She only heard that Gong Kui was still screaming in fear.

Gong Yao struggles in her arms.

When small read to embrace him to death, "first don't move, don't move."

Once more, she will not have the strength to protect him. Even if she dies, she will die in front of the two children.

The scene suddenly became very quiet.

The dazzling light is shining all the time, making people's eyes can't open.

Suddenly, a hand rests on the shoulder of Shi Xiaonian, who clings to Gong Yao with his body stretched like a stone.

"Madam, it's OK. Get up."

A strange, gentle voice rang over her head.

When Xiaonian stopped, his face was paler than those lights.


Did Gong Ou come to save them? Otherwise, how can I call her a wife.

It's Gong ou. It's Gong ou.

I don't know where the strength comes from. When Xiaonian struggles to stand up from the ground.

The light gradually dimmed.

Standing in front of her are all some strange faces, all wearing strong clothes and guns, standing there looking at her straightly, all eyes are stunned.

When Xiaonian slowly lowered her head, she knew how embarrassed she was. Her messy hair and clothes, blood everywhere, and her face was swollen.

This looks like Gong Ou's wife.

For a long time, she raised her eyes. The bloodstain on her eyes blurred her vision, only to see that the foreigners had been sent to the car.


That's good.

Gong Yao is OK, Gong Kui is OK, Gong Ou doesn't have to be too sad, that's good.

"And Gong Ou?"

When Xiaonian looks at those people and asks hoarsely, Gong ou will come in person, she knows.


Smell speech, those people all stand there in silence, no one answers her.

When I saw this, I didn't say anything. I just looked down at Gong Yao who stood up and said hoarsely, "you go with Xiao Kui, I'll find Gong ou."

He must be worried to death.

He must see her with his own eyes before he can feel at ease, and she It doesn't seem to last long.


Gong Yao nodded obediently, looking at the bloodstain on Xiao Nian's face and then walked towards Gong Kui's car.

When small read drag already overdrawn body step by step to go forward, the line of vision blurs to look around, from a strange face.

Gong ou, it's OK to look at her. Just look at her. He won't worry about it.

Everyone stood there and looked at her, and watched her move strangely forward. Her feet were all dragging forward, step by step, with willpower.

Some people want to come forward and take back their hands, but they just stare at her silently.

Shi Xiaonian passes through the crowd, his face is swollen and pale, his lips are not half bloodstained, and his eyes are looking for him painstakingly, without any sound.

Gong ou.

Where is it?

When Xiaonian dragged her legs forward, suddenly there was a sound of footsteps from the front left. She hurriedly looked forward, her eyes were stabbed by strong light, and now it was dark.

She could only vaguely see that some shadows were coming, and the leader was very tall.

"Gong ou..."

When Xiaonian cried out, her voice was so rusty that she bit her teeth and walked quickly forward, reached out and wiped the blood on her face, trying to give Gong ou a picture of her safety and health.

It's near.

The shadows began to show in front of her.

What fell into her eyes was a light gray windbreaker, elegant and delicate. The man stood in front of the crowd quietly, with short hair and five features slanting towards the feminine and handsome. He looked straight ahead with one eye, but did not get angry at all. He was holding a big fuzzy white dog in his hand, and the dog stood quietly with its tongue sticking out.

He stood so quietly, his breath was very calm, very light, as if there was no such person as him.

At that time, Xiaonian didn't know how much he had to go through to achieve this. She only knew that he was not the person she was looking for.

He is eager for the beginning.

It's not Gong ou.

She stood there, her eyes looking at him, her long eyelashes shaking, her eyes getting more and more blurred.

At that moment, she suddenly thought of a lot of things before, thinking of the abnormality of Gong Ou in this period of time.

She suddenly understood something.

Gong ou He won't come to see her. He won't come.

"Xiaonian, are you ok?" Mu qianchu stood there, blind. He couldn't see Xiaonian's condition. His voice was worried.

It's not Gong ou.

Gong ou will not come.

When Xiaonian finally understood that her eyes were staring at the person in front of her, and the strength that supported her standing was gone.

At night, her legs softened and the whole person fell to the ground.


The guide dog gave a cry.


Mu qianchu immediately moves forward two steps, just catching the fallen Shi Xiaonian, who falls into his arms and has lost all consciousness.

Mu qianchu took her in his arms and sniffed her forcefully. He could not help crying out, "what about the doctor? Call the doctor! Hurry up! "

The scene, again chaotic.


"Nonsense. You're my woman. Where can I go if I don't come back?"

"When I read that you only need to remember one sentence, your man is invincible!"

"I want to be with you all the time."

"I will accompany you to wait for the birth of this child, I will solve Lancaster, I will cultivate Gong Yao and Gong Kui! This is my promise to you! "

"When reading! No one wants you to leave me! Put away your worthless tears and don't upset me! "

After the coma, shixiaonian had many messy dreams. He dreamed of the fragments when he went back to his hometown with Gong ou. He dreamed of the man's promise that he would accompany her forever. He dreamed that he believed it.

She was trapped in a dream and didn't want to wake up.

Even if the pain in her body constantly reminds her, she would rather sink into a dream.

A soft voice sounded in her ear, "wake up? Dreaming? What's the dream? "

That voice has a power, a calming power.

Nice voice.

When small read to close eyes involuntarily said, "I dream a lot of cellophane made of paper crane, very good-looking."

"You mean that?"

Said the pleasant voice.

Then, she heard some rustling sounds, tempting her to open her eyes slowly, and the sunlight in front of the floor window slowly came into her eyes.

In front of the window is a curtain of rocking paper cranes. The transparent and beautiful cellophane glitters in the sun, just like the stars in the sun. It is extremely beautiful.

When Xiaonian looked at her and felt that she had entered the dream again, Gong Ou stood in front of her, and she saw countless glass paper cranes in a handsome way.

Gong ou.

"Although I can't see it, I can imagine it should be very beautiful."

The gentle voice rang in her ear again. When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw mu qianchu's calm face.

this is a strange and unfamiliar room, built in the bedroom of the imperial castle, and the location of the piano is exactly the same.

But she knew that this was not the imperial castle, not her bedroom with Gong ou.

It's different.

No matter how much it is imitated, it still feels different.

At the moment, she was lying on the bed, her body was as heavy as a stone, and it was hard to sit up, so she lay looking at the room.

The more you look, the stranger you become.

The more you look at it, the more painful it is.

"How do you feel? I'll call the doctor. "

Unable to hear her voice, mu qianchu stood there looking worried.

"Can you tell me now what it is like?"

When small read to ask a way, the voice is hoarse as if the voice is pinched, listen to make people uncomfortable.