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Chapter 939. Not a single one

"Young master, you can't drink any more."

Feng de stepped on a foot of the wine bottle, looked up at the alcohol degree, brow lock more tightly.

A bottle of red wine from Gong Ou's side soon came to an end. Feng de carried the dessert in his hand and said, "master, this is the dessert Xiaonian made before he left. It's been in the refrigerator for several days, but it hasn't broken yet. Do you want to eat it?"

"Go away!"

Gong Ou smashes the empty wine cup in his hand at him. The cup breaks at Feng De's feet, and the fragments spring onto his trouser legs.

Gong Ou's face was full of restlessness. His long hand was smooth. His eyes were red than wine. "Don't bother me here!"


Feng de frowned and put the dessert aside on the piano.

Gong Ou stretches his leg and kicks the wine box beside his kick. He reaches out and picks up a bottle of open red wine. Feng de rushes forward and grabs the wine. Gong Ou's eyes are full of rage. He stretches out his leg and kicks him hard.


Feng de was kicked to sit on the ground. The red wine in the bottle spilled all over him. He looked at Gong ou and said, "young master..."

"Shut up! Get out of here! "

Gong Ou roars, does not kick him again, stretches out his hand to press his forehead, the decadent exhausted state fully displays between the eyebrows and the eyes.

"Young master." Feng de pulled the wine box aside and looked at him. "You can't go on like this. Now it's a good time to fight back against Lancaster. N.E's top and bottom are also very united. You are their backbone. You can't fall down."


Gong Ou held his head still.

"Besides, Xiaonian is waiting for you to find her, young master. She is waiting for you to finish everything and pick her up." Feng de puts Xiaonian on his lips. At this time, only Xiaonian is the special medicine of the young master.

"Have you said enough?" Gong Ou suddenly put his hand down, a pair of scarlet eyes stared at him, the voice roared out from the deep throat, "don't you go? That's ok! Let me go! "


Gong Ou got up from the ground and sat on the ground for a long time. As soon as he got up, he began to shake. His tall body was leaning forward slightly. He walked step by step. He stepped on a bottle of wine. He bumped forward and almost fell down. He was in a terrible mess.

This is not like a young master.

The former young master was upset and broke the furniture, but he didn't fall anything in this bedroom, and said that if you don't leave, I'll leave.

It doesn't look like a young master at all.

He is more worried about this. Once the young master falls down, all plans will be destroyed.

Gong Ou stumbles forward, and Feng de stands up from the ground, regardless of the wine stains on his body. He can't help thinking. "Young master, if you really miss Xiao Nian, why don't you contact her, or I'll try to bring you a few words from her?"

Smell speech, Gong Ou thoroughly bombed, turn the MOU to stare at him, "can you stop annoying!"


Gong Ou rushes over, grabs Feng De's collar and yells, "if you dare to find her in private, I'll give you up! Do you hear me! "

"I'm just worried about you, young master." Feng de said, "even if I try to find out the latest situation of Xiaonian, I believe the young master will comfort me."

Since Xiao Nian was taken away by mu qianchu, Gong Ou has cut off all contact with mu qianchu, and they do not communicate with each other.

They don't know what the present Xiaonian looks like.

"Have you had enough!" Hearing Feng de say so, Gong Ou's eyes flied a little flustered, "don't go to her! No! "

He has done her enough harm.

He can't be selfish anymore. He can't!


Feng de was strangled a little.

"I fucking know the right thing to do! Just today, just today! " Palace O'Shea roared out from the bottom of the ground. The five fingers with distinct finger bones were eager to break his collar. The red eyes almost burst out. But all the roars were compromise words, "I'll drink today! I'll do something tomorrow! OK? Is it right now that I have to go through the agreement of one of your housekeepers to have a drink? "Ah!"

"That's not what I mean, young master."

Feng de looked at him in a daze.

Young master's heart is deep-rooted, so good, so good.

"Don't disturb me!"

Gong Ou loosened his collar, snapped and threatened, then turned to the bathroom.

Feng de stood in the same place, looking at Gong Ou's stumble, he was helpless and worried. This time, young master was really determined. If he didn't solve Lancaster's problem, he would not see Xiaonian, and would not bring any unnecessary trouble to Xiaonian.

But they are inseparable at ordinary times. How can they stand such a long time? This time, young master's desperate is really cruel.


Suddenly there was a loud noise in the bathroom.

Feng de rushes to the bathroom door. Gong Ou stands alone in front of the sink. The water drops slowly down his face and down his neck. A fist is on the mirror on the wall.

The mirror cracked from his fist and heart, all the cracks.

Red blood trickled down slowly.

"Young master..."

Feng de was shocked.

Gong Ou stood there, looking into the mirror at his split face, his eyes getting red and his voice getting low. "I know she's on that side."


Feng de didn't understand Gong Ou's words. She was on the other side.

"She must be desperate. She's waiting for me to save her, but I haven't." Gong Ou slowly put down his hand and looked at the face in the mirror.

It's his face, not the mirror, that should be broken.


Feng de frowns and thinks, is young master talking about Xiaonian?

"Did you say she was seriously hurt? Do you think you can keep the baby in your stomach? " Gong Ou asked himself.

Feng de stood there and sighed, "if you really want to know, in fact, I can go carefully..."

"I'll kill you if you go to see him in private again." Gong Ou turns her eyes to him. Her scarlet eyes are full of cruelty. "Do you hear me? I don't care if you were my adoptive father, I will kill you by myself! "

"Yes, sir."

Feng de looks down.

"Do you think she hates me?" Gong Ou looks at him and suddenly asks again. Then he laughs at himself. "It doesn't matter. It's nothing to hate me. She can't do anything. I put the child beside her. She doesn't dare to be sad. I know her too well!"

As he said this, Gong Ou went out. The wine on his body was smoky. He walked three steps and two steps askew. Feng de reached out to help him.

"I used her as bait. I pushed a pregnant woman out to use her as bait. That's my woman, that's my child..." Gong Ou grabs Feng De's lapel, stares at him straight, and says, "she won't forgive me! She won't forgive me! "

Obviously with drunk nonsense, it sounds so desperate.

Feng de suddenly understood why Gong Ou was drunk.

"No, Xiaonian can understand your difficulties. You are also for her. She won't blame you." Said Feng De, holding him.

"Impossible." Gong Ou shook his head. "She won't forgive me. She won't forgive me."


"No, it can't be."


"She'll be disappointed in me, she'll hate me." Gong Ou said, in a low voice, like saying to herself, "she will live with mu qianchu's blind man for a long time. What should I do? What should I do?"

"How could it be." Feng de was helpless. "Xiaonian is not like this. She only has you in her heart."

How can Xiao Nian and mu qianchu walk together? Young master is worried that this will lead the two people together. Isn't it self entanglement?

"That's the past, that's just the past."

Later, shixiaonian will only hate him.

Later, shixiaonian will not want to see him again.

What's the use if he solves Lancaster, what's the use if he takes her back. She won't love him anymore. He's a bird Shou, a bird Shou who pushes his own woman out to get hurt.

Seeing Gong ou like this, Feng de suddenly couldn't bear to cheer him up. Feng de helped him to go to the bedside. "Young master, you have a rest in the bed. I'll help you pour the wine. Today, my old man will accompany you to have a good drink."

"Get drunk."

Gong Ou said.


Feng de helped him to sit down beside the bed, and Gong Ou fell into the bed. He felt a splitting headache, which made him curl up.

In the sight, Feng De is arranging the bottles, looking at the empty bottles, he can't help saying, "young master, in fact, you are drunk."

"I'm not drunk."

Gong Ou curled up on the bed, his eyes red.

He's really not drunk.

When he is drunk, he will see everything. But now, he can't see any of them.

None of them can be seen.

Feng de poured two glasses of red wine, took a cup and handed it to Gong ou. Gong Ou reached for it, shook his hand twice in the air and then dropped it on the bed.

"Young master?"

Feng de looked at him in dismay, only to see Gong Ou curl up in a ball, his eyes tightly closed, I don't know if he was asleep or if he was too tired to pass out.

Either way, it's good for the young master now.

Feng de gently put the glass aside and began to clean up the room. Looking at the broken bottles on the ground, he couldn't help thinking of shixiaonian.

I don't know if Xiaonian is seriously hurt, but no matter how much she is hurt, young master It's not a light injury.

I hope that, as the young master said, he will cheer up tomorrow, do what he should, and pick up Xiaonian and the children as soon as possible.


A land of mystery.

When Xiaonian woke up from a strange and familiar room, her stomach was slightly painful and her strength was better than before. She sat up from the bed, lifted the quilt, and walked out the door step by step.

"Madam, you need to stay in bed."

Two bodyguards stood at the door and said.

In recent days, the bodyguard and mu qianchu always told her that they had kept her in bed, in bed and in bed.

"I want to see my son and daughter."

Shi Xiaonian said that she had not seen Gong Kui and Gong Yao for several days in order to protect the fetus.