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Chapter 888 I remember

Did she torture him on purpose?

How good does she think he is? How good can it be?

At that time, Xiaonian's ears changed in minutes. She lowered her eyes and looked at her bulging stomach. Her face was a little embarrassed. Of course, her figure was out of shape. How could Li Qingyan be good.

Oh, he means she does everything.

She deserves it. She deserves it.

When Xiaonian turned her eyes to the room without saying a word, her teeth were tightly biting her lips, and her nose was sour. She was moody and had no reason to change her mood. She decided to do this only when he was in a bad mood, but she was embarrassed.

Gong ou, you are good enough!

Gong Ou stood there and looked at Xiaonian's back. He was relieved. He almost straightened her out. He loosened another button and took off his tie and threw it aside.

Lying on the ground, he didn't know when he threw the folder on the ground. Gong Ou stooped to pick it up and opened it at will, only to find that it was a written text that Xiao Nian talked with the doctor.

Doctor: Miss Shi's second child is in a good and healthy condition. She doesn't have to be as careful as when she had her first child. Generally speaking, some x lives are OK now. As long as they are not fierce and frequent, they and their husbands should pay more attention.

This is the most important dialogue in written language.

Gong Ou stares at the document and stares at it. Now you can have



Gong Ou smashes the folder in his hand to the ground and runs to the bedroom. Xiaonian stands by the bed, stretching out his hand to loosen the knot of the white shirt. There is a circle of heart-shaped rose petals on the bed in front of her.

There are some thick colored candles on the windowsill and cupboard.

He suddenly understood that she had no intention of going to the temple fair. She had set up twins to live with him in the world of two.

The room full of lights exploded the whole world in Gong Ou's eyes.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou rushes to her, embraces Shi Xiaonian from behind, and looks down to see the tears on her eyelashes. He turns her around, looks down at her, and panics

"No, it's windy."

When small read stubbornly said, put out a hand to wipe eyes, and then push him, but he hugged more tightly.

Gong Ou holds her tightly and pats her back gently. When Xiaonian struggles, he holds her tighter. When Xiaonian understands that he knows what he did wrong, he knows how strange it is.

Then why bother her.

After struggling symbolically for a few times, Xiaonian said nothing more. She could easily forgive his moodiness. She leaned on his chest. For a long time, she stretched out her hand and slowly circled his waist, feeling the temperature in his arms.

Her hand was suddenly released by him.

When Xiaonian's chin is slowly raised by Gong ou, she looks into his dark eyes, and Gong Ou looks down at her. Without the fury and displeasure just now, he stares at her deeply, eyes opposite each other.

Shixiaonian knows that his mood comes and goes quickly, so he's going to coax her, right?

Four eyes are opposite.

Gong Ou stares at her face, holds her face with his long fingers, and opens his lips slightly. When Xiaonian waits for him to say something nice, his handsome face lowers little by little, leans to her lips, and his warm breath spreads on her face. He asks word by word, "really?"


When small read a black line, reached out and beat him hard, Gong Ou was beaten white face, when small read asked nervously, "what's the matter? Hit the injured place? "

Gong Ou pressed the position to her chest, kissed her lips before the pain passed, and whispered, "no matter what, I'll do it first."

"Don't make trouble. Are you ok now?"

"Shixiaonian, if you dare to say it again, I will let you know!"

As soon as Gong Ou holds her horizontally from the ground, he lowers his head and kisses her lips. He slowly puts her on the bed. It's hard to bully her gently. He reaches out to unbutton her shirt and begins to do whatever he wants on her smooth skin.


When Xiaonian nibbles his lips.

"Not afraid?"

Looking at her like this, Gong Ou looks down at her, with a teasing smile on his lips. Xiaonian lies there, thinks about it seriously, and then shakes his head.

He likes her like this!

Gong Ou kisses her lips again, the fingertip swims gently on her body, arouses her hidden fire, holds her lips and asks silently, "is that the reward?"

His voice is so low that it's sexy. It's like an electric current flowing through her.

He asked about the party held at the base, and she said there was a reward for him.


When Xiaonian didn't answer, the color on his face represented everything.

The look in Gong Ou's eyes suddenly deepened, "that really needs to be mended. I have missed many days of rewards!"

Finish saying, Gong Ou tightly covers her soft body.

The candle flickered.

The night was drawn longer and longer.

Later in the middle of the night, Feng de and his two children were still outside, but they didn't come back. When Xiao Nian couldn't sleep, he got out of bed, put out one candle and looked out of the window.

"Can't sleep?"

Gong Ou leans on the head of the bed. After eating and drinking, she has the whole spirit outside her personality. Her black eyes look at her deeply, and her thin lips draw up a radian, which looks like a smile.


I nodded and looked out of the window.

"Want to do it again?" Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.

When small read red face to stare at him, "I just don't have that meaning."

"Come here!"

Gong Ou patted the bed beside him.

When Xiaonian went to sit down, Gong Ou circled her in his arms, looked down at her face, opened his mouth and kissed her soft lips, and let her go without hesitation. "Let's go to the temple fair to find them."


When Xiaonian looked at him in surprise, he knew what she was thinking.

"You haven't changed yet?" Gong Ou pulled at the men's shirt she had just put on, and said, "you are not allowed to wear shirts to show others in the future. Change your fat clothes and wear them when you go out."

When small reads helplessly to look at him, "we go out now inappropriate?"? It will be watched. "

They're still acting as the emotional couple, aren't they?

"Just ignore me."

Gong Ou Dao.

"Yes, I do." Xiaonian nodded happily at once.


Gong Ou's face is black.

When Xiaonian looked at him with a smile, printed a kiss on his face, stood up and said, "hurry up and change clothes. It is said that the temple fair will end at 2:30 a.m., and we will go back tomorrow as soon as the temple fair is over."

Temple fair is an annual festival in the countryside. The whole street is full of colorful lights all night long. Exquisite and huge dragon boats are swimming in the water. Countless lanterns are hung on the bridge.

It's the second half of the night and it's still crowded.

Some are selling their own vegetables;

some are selling pancakes;

others are performing acrobatics, singing and dancing, and the lantern row is endless.

"Little read, little read! Why are you here? The big show is over. "

When Xiaonian arrived at the temple fair, he was warmly pulled by a group of aunts. Two beautiful octagonal lanterns were stuffed in his hands. The auntie said with a smile, "the picture of dragon and phoenix is painted on the lamp. I think it suits you, so I bought it for you. I wish you and Mr. Gong have dragon and Phoenix."

"Thank you, aunt."

When Xiaonian received the lantern with a smile on her face, she was led by aunts to find twins. She listened to them all the way and was very happy.

She subconsciously wants to look for Gong Ou in the crowd. If she wants to play, she still needs to do enough. Don't pay attention to him. Go home and do it again.

So she had a good time in front of her.

Outside the crowd, always have a pair of eyes to look at her direction grudgingly, I wish I could blow up the group of aunts around her.

I got along well with people when I came down from the countryside.

Don't even look at him!

Just now I was at home trying my best to seduce him. It's not as good as taking him as a passer-by! Lean on! Lean on!

"Would you like a lantern, sir?" A peddler asked Gong ou with a lantern. "This lantern has music, too. It's by Liang Jingru!"

Gong Ou sweeps coldly, then calmly shouts out, "roll."

He has heard the music.

A song with only four words: Happy break up.

Gong Ou continues to walk forward and looks at Shi Xiaonian's figure all the way. In front of him, Shi Xiaonian and Feng de meet, so the whole family happily strolls around. Gong Yao, who has always been expressionless, is teased several times. Gong Kui is running around the street with a rabbit lamp.


Why does he play husband and wife discord? Find yourself guilty!

Finally, Gong Ou comes to them with a stinking face. When Xiaonian deliberately pretends to ignore him, he just plays with the lantern in his hand. Gong Ou stares at her fiercely, "Hello!"

Shi Xiaonian looks at him coldly and pretends, "what's the matter?"

She also asked him what's wrong with her play. Is it so true?

Gong Ou stares at her and doesn't speak. Gong Kui looks at him with a rabbit lamp, yawns and says, "Dad, hug, I'm tired!"

Gong Ou looks at her and bends down to pick her up with one hand.

When Xiaonian continues to fiddle with the lantern in his hand, shuttles through the crowd, with a light smile on his face, and Gong Ou's deep voice suddenly comes from his ears -

"I remember."


When small read some surprised look at him, do not understand what he means, think of what?

Gong Ou holds Gong Kui in one hand and stares at her with black eyes. "In a dream, where do you want me to take you?"

He remembered.

Looking at her back from afar, he remembered.

"Where is it?"

He asked lightly.

"Your hometown."


When small read stupefied in there, the hand that is carrying lantern froze.

He really remembers.

"Go there the next stop!"

Gong Ou decides that he will go where she wants to go once and show her what she wants to see.

Although that place, he didn't want to go.

"Then Lancaster..."

When I was about to stop talking, she thought that this time when I went back, he was going to face Lancaster. Did he have time to go with her?