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Chapter 852 obesity is a problem

"Who has the name of that leisure time?" Gong Ou said coldly, dismissive, about to leave, as if thinking of something. He turned his eyes to look at Xiaonian and stared at her deeply. Then he pointed to the direction of the tombstone and said, "this road is called the afterlife road."

The way of afterlife.

When Xiaonian's heart was shocked, he looked up at Gong ou. Gong Ou also stared at her. His deep eyes were absolutely spoiled.

She looked at the long tunnel, eyes some bitter, some confused.

"Gong ou, is there really an afterlife in the world?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Lanting will not die until the whole tunnel is covered with flowers, because he believes in the afterlife." Gong Ou said indifferently.

Would that make her feel better.


When Xiaonian looked at the tunnel, he thought that whether there was one or not, the three members of the Lanting family believed that there was one. Maybe they had already met in the next life to make up for all the regrets.

When small read a nod, then way, "next life way, very good to hear."


Gong Ou Dao.


When Xiaonian goes out, Gong Yao catches up with him. He has a lollipop in his mouth, a damaged doll in one hand, and a hand to hold Xiaonian's hand. He looks at her with some worry.

Gong Yao is still the same as before. She has few words and is polite to aristocrats, but she is much more attached to her than before.

When Xiaonian thought, after this stop in langhuayu, even Gong Yao understood how to get along with many family relationships.

"Master holy."

Charles walked behind them and suddenly called Gong Yao.

Gong Yaozheng is observing whether Xiaonian frowns or feels uncomfortable. Hearing this, he turns his head. Charles stands there and looks at him with a smile. "Master holy, come here."

When Xiaonian looked at it doubtfully, he was hugged by Gong ou and left.

Gong Yao walked towards Charles and bowed his head politely and alienated. Charles was very energetic in the sun in his butler uniform. He slowly handed out one thing from behind.

It's a picture book.

Gong Yao looked at him puzzledly, and Charles said with a smile, "I haven't destroyed this picture album. I have always taken it with me. It's a promise to your mother. I promised her to give it to her children at the most appropriate time."


Gong Yao is stunned, hands the doll to Charles, takes the picture book from his hand, carefully opens a page, on which there are cute pictures.

It's a picture of a girl with a baby.

Some words he knows, some words he doesn't know.

Charles's voice continued to ring above his head. "I thought I would give it to you later when you grow up, but I can see that it seems a little unpleasant this time. I just thought that master holy is as talented as the second master. Seeing this, I will know how much your mother loves you."


Gong Yao stands there in silence, turning over a page of paintings. Is this page talking about mom and the people in her belly? A lot of words. I can really talk to myself.

Looking at it, Gong Yao suddenly laughs. There seems to be a small cluster of fireworks blooming in the dark eyes.

Charles stood there, looking at the little child in front of him with some surprise. Master holy was a different kind of palace family. He was silent, seemingly polite but always a cold face. He was young but didn't like playing, let alone laughing.

It was the first time Charles had seen such an innocent and joyful smile.

Charles knew that he had done the right thing, and he was relieved.

At the beginning, when his wife was going to deal with all his past, he still didn't destroy the album. He always thought that when he was still in debt, he had to read a promise and make it.

"Holy, what are you doing?"

When Xiaonian walked out for a long time, Gong Yao was still not at ease and shouted back.

"Here we are!"

Gong Yao immediately answered, took the doll from Charles's hand, held it in his arms with the album, and ran to shixiaonian. The tone of his voice was all up.


When Xiaonian nodded, she was relieved to see Gong Yao following her.

Little Qi's things make her feel guilty, but also let her know how to cherish, cherish her now hard to get a home, nothing is more important than this.

Before leaving, Xiaonian could not help but look at the tunnel again. The colorful flowers swayed with the wind in the sun. After a long time, it seemed that the tunnel was shaking slightly, gathering all the sunshine, like opening a tunnel of time, leading to the next life.

Again, the Huahai tunnel is breathtaking.


Next, Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian are hurt. Gong Ou's injury is more serious. Shi Xiaonian won't let him go to spend his honeymoon again. He wants him to have a good rest.

Gong Ou speaks and listens. As a result, she and the twins are directly brought back to s city. As he deals with the pressing business, he takes a rest as she says.

In this way, once he's rested, they can go out for their honeymoon again.

When Xiaonian was thundered, the rest in his mouth was totally different from what she understood. She thought that the honeymoon could be stopped, and Gong Ou regarded it as a major event.

Half a month after returning to s city from langhuayu, Shi Xiaonian stood in front of the landing mirror and looked at herself. She was wearing a pair of white shoes, her slender legs were a comfortable and loose sweater, her long black hair was spread over her shoulders, and her white face was small but round.

My face is fat.

When Xiaonian tightens his sweater back, protrudes his belly, which is obviously bigger than before.

She touched her stomach and pinched the flesh on her face. Hearing a piano coming from time to time, she turned around and saw Mr palace coming towards her with a cup of hot drink. Her silver body was tall and powerful, which made her feel very safe.

After returning to s City, Mr palace has been completely repaired, and now it is perfect. The system has also been further upgraded and updated.

Shi Xiaonian was worried about Mr palace because it had some self-conscious behaviors before, which were beyond the scope of robot. However, this time, N.E did not find any abnormality in the big repair. She thought it was just that she thought more.

"Master, your hot drink, be careful."

The R palace handed her the hot drink.

"Thank you." When Xiaonian took a sip of the cup, then turned left and right in front of Mr palace, "Mr palace, am I a lot fatter now?"

"It's normal to gain weight during pregnancy." Mr Palace's electronic voice sounded in front of her, and it stepped back attentively to ensure that its radiation would not reach her at all.

"When I was pregnant for the first time, I didn't seem to have so much weight, just a big stomach."

When Xiaonian holds the cup and goes to look at herself in the mirror, she may not be fat because of too many things she met during her first pregnancy. But this time, Gong Ou keeps her like a pig, and she feels that she is too fat.

"No, master, you are still slim and beautiful."

The R palace complimented her.

"No, I'm really fat."

When I was a little confused.

"Why does the master suddenly start to care about his figure?" Mr Gong asked, "you have been standing in front of the mirror for a long time."


When Xiaonian was ashamed to say the reason, Gong Ou had to hold her yesterday when he was struggling with a wound that had not recovered, but he said, "huh? How can it sink so much. "

Although Gong Ou followed up with a sentence: "it's really too long to hold, so we need to hold more", but she has a little glass heart.

In addition, when she came back, some media took pictures of her. Some netizens commented that her face was fat. They said that she didn't deserve to go to Gong ou. They said that she was looking at a very pure face, and that one fat ruined everything, and said that she was all kinds of things.

She became even more glass in an instant.

When he saw Xiaonian, he didn't speak. Mr palace continued to play the music that he always read. He asked, "does the master want to lose weight?"

When small read shakes his head, "I am pregnant now, can not deliberately control diet, must take the baby as the first."

"If so, why isn't the host happy?"

Asked the R palace.


When Xiaonian couldn't answer, she knew that it's normal for her to gain weight now, but Gong Ou didn't even see her when she was pregnant for the first time. This time, she wanted to see her big belly and see her fat again.

She was very worried that one day Gong Ou would stare at her and suddenly say, "shixiaonian, how do I see you become ugly?".

Then a pregnant woman will break down in minutes.

"Master, let me dance for you."

Sensing Xiaonian's unhappiness at that time, the R palace started the mode of coaxing people, and began to dance on the carpet in front of the floor to ceiling window. It was Square dance.

Silver limbs in the sun flexible twist a variety of wonderful posture.

The exaggerated body movements made shixiaonian unable to hold up and laugh. She went to the sofa beside and sat down, "OK, I'm not in such a bad mood. Don't tease me."

"Yes, master."

The R palace obediently rectifies the enchanting dance posture.

Xiaonian tried to forget the fact that he was getting fat and said, "are the ingredients for dinner ready? I'll do it later. "

You have to do what Gong Ou likes. You have to do what Gong Yao and Gong Kui like.

Gong Ou always stays in the company in order to finish the backlog of work, which is also called recuperation. When Xiao Nian advised him to have another honeymoon in minutes, she had to give up and work harder on his usual diet to make his injury recover faster.


The palace replied.

"That's good." When Xiaonian nodded, a person sat on the soft big sofa, leaning back, holding the cup in one hand, and taking a magazine next to him in the other hand, opened it.

Well, turn over and turn over to a recent photo of her. It's still her side face. She's bowing her head and has double chin if there's any.

Obviously, it's not good to have a double chin or a bad angle.

When Xiaonian kept looking up, he felt his chin with his hand, and a cheerful footstep came, "Mom, mom! There's your letter! "