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Chapter You don'st want to be ashamed!


When Xiaonian looked at him, he suddenly understood Lingfeng's words. It turns out that people really shine.

Now Gong Ou is shining.


When he returned from the cruise banquet, Fengde completely opened the face of a frenzied monster. He sent out all the people who could be sent out to find people. He had an idea all day long to study the old case seven years ago.

"Mr palace, this fruit has been washed and selected. Take it."

When Xiaonian stood in the kitchen, he put the packed box into the bag and handed it to Mr palace.

"Yes, master."

Palace r took the bag and waited there quietly. "Master, what else can I do for you?"

"Just stand there and help me carry the bag. I'll go to the hospital to see Bob later." Shi Xiaonian said, put the cakes in the box one by one and carefully pack them.

"May I go with the master?"

"The electronic voice doesn't have a very strong tone," the palace asked.


When Xiaonian looked at it, Mr palace looked at her, blue light floated, raised his hand, and said, "I hope I can protect the master until the end of time."

"Poop." When small read can't help laughing, "is Gong Ou updated for you?"

I'm smart enough to talk about love.

"The master is very clever."

The R palace nodded and carried the bag with great cooperation. He was a good helper. When Xiaonian was loading the bag, he said, "what he updated for you is the love talk system, right?"

"It's not love talk, it's service quotations." "For this quotation, the technical department worked overtime for two consecutive months to read the book," Mr Gong said

"What book?" When small read casually asked.

"Bully president fall in love with me, a curtain of dreams, my Lord is too proud and charming, those things, exclusive desire."

The R palace reported one by one that it was not over yet.

Dabbling is really extensive. Why even her comics are included? Is her comics so domineering?

When I read the black line, I stopped it from reporting, "OK, you can go with me, just as the adoptive father is busy with other things, you can help to take care of the children together."

"Yes, master." Mr palace sounds much lighter.

When Xiaonian went to the hospital with Gong Yao and Gong Kui, he smelled a faint fragrance of flowers as soon as he entered the ward. Then Xiaonian looked at the windowsill subconsciously.

It's really good. Last time she put flowers in that bottle, she thought Bob would fall off, but she didn't.

"Brother Bob, I'm here for your sister Xiaokui!"

Gong Kuixing rushed in, took a box of big toys and handed them to her. "This is what grandma sent me. I'll play for you."

As soon as Gong Kui arrived at the hospital, he was all kinds of courteous.

Bob sat on the hospital bed, habitually curled himself up in a ball, holding his legs tightly with his hands, still infusion on his hands, turning his face to one side, ignoring sunflower.

When I was young, all three of them were used to it. Gong Yao didn't listen to Bob when he arrived. He went to a chair beside him and sat down. Maybe he felt bored when he sat down. Then he closed his eyes and went into a state of meditation.

When I was young, I always thought that Gong Yao was an old cadre living in the body of a four or five-year-old child.

"Bang bang."

The doctor and the nurse came in from the outside. When they saw him, Xiaonian said with a smile, "you are here at last. Bob didn't know how many times he ran to the corridor from yesterday to now. He just looked out."

Smell speech, when small read some surprised look at Bob, this child is actually waiting for them.

"Brother Bob, you wanted us to come." Gong Kui immediately said, very excited.

Bob sat there, as if he had been stabbed by someone. His face was slightly red, embarrassed and shy, but what he showed was his teeth and claws. He grinned at the nurse, and his eyes glared at the nurse.

The nurse was startled.

When Xiaonian was used to Bob, he looked down at him and smiled. "Bob, Auntie went out for a trip these two days, so she was very busy. She never came here, but today I made a lot of food for you by myself."


Smell speech, Bob lowers his head, buries his face under his arm, only reveals a pair of eyes to look at her.

There was not much malice in his eyes.

"Darling, let the doctor and uncle check it. I'll take you and your brother and sister out for a picnic after a while, OK?" When Xiaonian reaches out and rubs his head.

Bob shrunk his head as if frightened, but he didn't push her away. He stared at her like a deer.

The doctor came forward to check Bob. Bob was rarely noisy. He cooperated obediently. The doctor and the nurse couldn't help praising him.

"Haha, brother Bob's face is getting red."

Gong Kui pointed to Bob and said, "I'll tear it down without mercy.".

Bob would like to curl up in a group, when Xiaonian looked at the doctor, "how is he now? Is the recovery good? "

"Yes, Bob is in a good condition. He can go through the discharge formalities. After returning, he can have a rest and come to have a reexamination regularly." Said the doctor.

Bob sat on the hospital bed, raised his face suddenly to look at them, his eyes were full of frightened looks. Next second, he suddenly lifted the quilt, like a puppy, he climbed inside, trying to hide himself.


When Xiaonian frowned, the longer she got along with Bob, the more she knew how sensitive the child was. In fact, he knew right and wrong. He knew that discharge meant returning to the welfare home. He was very resistant.

On a quiet lawn in the hospital, Xiaonian and Mr palace opened the table cloth beside the rockery and carried the food one by one. Gong Yao stood aside and stared at the sunflower playing around Bob with black eyes.

Bob sat on the mat that Xiaonian had laid for him in his sick clothes, motionless.

Bob and Gong Yao are always alone, but they are different. Gong Yao just likes to be alone. He is naturally cold and soft. He is a very precious young man. Bob is different. Maybe he is alone because of illness, or because he has been ignored by people over the years.

Bob also hopes to have a warmth in his heart, otherwise how could he run to the hospital corridor and look around again and again when they didn't come.

"Holly, come here!"

When Xiaonian sat there and beckoned to Gong Yao, Gong Yao took back his eyes and looked at her. His face was cool and expressionless, and he walked slowly to sit beside her.

When Xiaonian sat beside the cloth, looking at the direction of Gong Kui and Bob, he asked, "Bob is going to be discharged now. What do you think mom should do?"

"Are you going to take him home?"

Gong Yao asked, a pair of big eyes staring straight at the direction of Gong Kui, staring at her safety.

Gong Kui has been circling around Bob. Bob is sitting. He doesn't show his teeth to Gong Kui as before.

"My idea is to let his mother take him back, but now he is facing the problem of discharge, and his mother has not been found." Shi Xiaonian said, "so I want to hear from you."

"He will hurt Xiaokui."

Gong Yao said coldly. He didn't know why. He just thought that this monster would definitely hurt Gong Kui. Gong Kui was always stupid and trusted by everyone.

Seeing Gong Yao's seriousness, Xiao Nian didn't want to brush his mind any more, so he said, "well, let me talk to the doctor, let him have a good treatment in the hospital after a while."

"Well." Gong Yao nodded and suddenly turned his head to look at Shi Xiaonian. "Why do you listen to me?"

Doesn't she listen to Xiaokui? Xiaokui wants to take Bob home.

Xiaonian chuckled and said, "objectively speaking, you are more mature than Xiaokui. I believe you think more than her, so I prefer to listen to you."


Gong Yao sat there with a cold face, which was totally different from that of a young child. The sun fell obliquely on him, and he pursed his little lips, and the corners of his lips overflowed with a radian.

"Go and play with them. I can see Bob is not a bad boy. He just lacks universal love. If he has more friends, his character may not be so gloomy." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Yao didn't care to play, but when Xiao Nian said that just now, he wanted to listen to her, so he stood up obediently and walked towards them.

Seeing my brother coming, Gong Kui's monologue finally had an audience, and they immediately played together happily.

"The three of you play back. Don't be too wild. Bob can't exercise too much. If you're tired, come and eat."

When Xiaonian sat there and looked at them.

When Xiaonian sat there and peeled the fruit skin and set the plate, her mobile phone suddenly vibrated. She put down the fruit knife and wiped her hands. She picked up the mobile phone, which is Gong Ou's phone.

His phone never stops.

"Mr palace, you look at three children for me. Don't let them fight. Keep imitating them." Xiaonian said to the robot standing in front.

"OK, master, I'll take them with me. I'm a robot with a nanny system." Mr palace made a gesture wrapped around me.

This tone, free from a arrogant and arrogant Gong ou.

When Xiaonian smiled and shook his head, picked up the phone and picked it up, but Gong Ou didn't reply. "What are you doing? Even if you don't accompany me to work, it will take 30 seconds to pick up the phone. You still don't pay attention to me?"

Angry again.

When Xiaonian glanced at the direction of the robot and thought about the love speech system on it, he immediately said, "I didn't put you in my eyes, I put you in my heart."

This sentence is a very old network segment.

Hearing this, Gong Ou choked on the other end of the phone for a few seconds, and then said, "when I read, you don't want to face!"

But apparently, his anger had been gone for seconds.


After a few seconds of silence, Shi Xiaonian said, "you should be in a meeting at this time. How can you call me?"

"It's a meeting, but I suddenly miss you, so I told them to take a ten minute break and I'll come out and call you." The voice is magnetic.