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Chapter 275 Mona is close to Gong ou

"Go!" Gong Ou grabbed her arm and went out. "I'm not going to starve you!"

"Wait, I'll change."

When Xiaonian resolutely refused to dress the maid in front of other people, she still wanted to face.

When Xiaonian changed into a loose orange horizontal yellow Pajama in the bathroom, she straightened her long black hair and walked out. The bedroom outside was empty.

Gong Ou is gone.

Where are you?

It should be the kitchen. Let someone make something for her.

Gong Ou is very domineering to her, but he will not treat her badly on the food.

When Xiaonian was puzzled, she went to the bedroom and went downstairs. As soon as she got close to the kitchen, she could smell an indescribable smell of burning.

No, it's fried rice with eggs again!

Want to fork!

The worst thing Gong Ou does to her is to cook her eggs and fried rice!

When Xiaonian hurriedly trotted into gongou, the smell of coke was so painful that he saw gongou standing in front of the pot, far away from the pot, with a shovel in one hand turning the shovel in the pot.

Also did not open the smoke exhauster, so a huge kitchen is full of smoke, like a fairyland on earth.

When Xiaonian hurriedly covers her nose, she breathes more air here, which is cruel to her baby.

"Don't cook it, Gong ou. I'll make some bread and eat it."

When small Niang Wu nose mouth goes to Gong Ou in front of, the voice is stuffy to say, one hand is fanning smoke.

"What do you want to eat those who are not nutritious? Just a moment! "

The sound magnetism of Gong ou.


It's not nutritious to eat his fried rice with eggs, is it?

When Xiaonian tried to stop him, she could not help but smell the burning smell in her nose and a disgust in her stomach. She immediately rushed out of the kitchen, pushed open a toilet and rushed in. She vomited to the sink. "Ouch --"

her stomach was empty.

There's nothing to vomit.

When Xiaonian pressed her stomach and slowed down, she went to the direction of the kitchen, only to see smoke coming out of the kitchen door. When Xiaonian looked at the smoke, she felt it was a terrible goblin hole.

Alas, how can I persuade Gong ou not to be so "nice" to her.

When Xiaonian went there, before he went in, he heard a pleasant voice coming from him. "Mr. Gong, I didn't expect you would cook. It's so powerful. I only make tea."

Mona's voice.

Mona was taken back to the palace after fainting in Wushan mountain, and lay in the guest room for rest.

When Xiaonian walked into the kitchen, she saw Mona standing there and looking at Gong Ou admiringly. "I didn't expect that Mr. Gong would stay at home like this. Now, if the descendants of the nobility don't support their appearance, who will do this, you are really powerful."

Gong Ou stands there and ignores her, just frying her own fried rice with eggs.

Mona is close to gong'ou while praising him. Almost the whole person has to paste it on gong'ou.


I read aloud when I was young.

Mona turned around and when she saw Xiaonian, she was very happy. "Xiaonian, you didn't sleep, either?"

When Xiaonian looked at her, she saw Mona '.

"Are you awake?"

When small read to show a light smile, some polite, eyes fell on her legs.

Mona is wearing a skirt, which is different from the handsome one when she is wearing a sportswear. She looks a lot gentler, with a circle of white gauze around her calves.

Seeing her looking at her legs, Mona laughed. "Well, I'm a little hungry when I wake up. Come here and see Mr. Gong cooking. It's really powerful."

Another sentence.

It's like this. The kitchen is full of burning incense. Mona really thinks this fried rice is good? What's the taste.

At that time, Xiaonian didn't know if Mona was flattering or saying anything.

Gong Ou's side has already filled a large bowl of half burnt uncooked rice, and then transferred the uncooked fried rice to the side of the plate, with a successful appearance, "when Xiaonian, OK, eat!"


When Xiaonian wanted to escape.

"Mr. Gong cooks for Xiaonian himself?" Mona looked at Gong Ou in some consternation and said sincerely, "Mr. Gong, you really don't look like an aristocrat."

"Well, I can't compare with your incest aristocrats."

Gong Ou snorts coldly. His tone is full of disdain.

"That's all history. Our Lancaster family has improved a lot. Otherwise, how can we contact the palace family?" When Mona heard Gong Ou slander her family, she couldn't help but retort, looking a little haughty.

Although the palace family has mixed blood, in the final analysis, it is still Oriental and yellow. If it was not for Gong Ou's transcendent status, he is a genius character in some aspects, the family would not consider the palace family.

Smell speech, Gong Ou is a scornful sneer, "see incest is not good, want to mix outsiders to wash next generation? You think it's beautiful. Your family doesn't dig for gold. They dream of changing their major? "


Mona was so angry that she stood speechless.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at them silently, she didn't understand the family's high and low, expensive and cheap, and couldn't persuade her at all.

It seems that what she has learned is not enough. She needs to know about the aristocracy.

When small read secretly think.

She doesn't want Gong ou to talk to anyone. She knows nothing like an idiot.

"When reading, eat!" Gong Ou holds the plate in one hand and Xiaonian walks to the long table in the other.

When small read choke can not stand, looking at the dark dishes, all of a sudden do not feel hungry, "or out to eat, to the restaurant outside."

It's going to burn here.


Gong Ou answers with a plate.

In the bright dining room, Xiaonian sits at the dining table and looks at the pan of fried rice with eggs. He touches his stomach unconsciously.

This eating is harmful to the baby; this is not eating, but a waste of Gong Ou's mind.

She knew that Gong Ou didn't mean to play with her. He was really serious about cooking.

What to do?

Is it baby or Gong Ou?

When small read tangled extremely.

"Mr. Gong, I hope you have some respect for my family."

Mona limped over from the kitchen, with the unopened bread in her hand, and walked seriously to the dining table towards Gong ou.

Gong Ou is sitting there, casual and lazy, a pair of black eyes fixed on Xiaonian, waiting to enjoy her eating.

Hearing Mona's voice, Gong Ou turned to look at her displeased, "respect? Since you think that yellow people are not worthy of your family, why should I look up to a incest? "

"I don't think I deserve it?"

Mona's theory.

"Your whole face is full of the disgusting pride of being a white man and a descendant of Lancaster," Gong Ou said coldly, turning to look at Shi Xiaonian, who was full of doting in his black eyes. "Shi Xiaonian, eat."


Mona couldn't argue.

Apart from her professional theory, her argument with Gong Ou in other aspects will only come to an end.

What's wrong with her pride as a descendant of the Lancaster family?

Gong Ou glanced at her, and didn't even bother to pick her up. He quickly stared back at Shi Xiaonian, who had never moved the spoon. "Shi Xiaonian, eat! It's going to get cold! What are you doing? "

"Oh, No."

When Xiaonian grabs the spoon and looks at the dark dish, he really doesn't know how to bite.

There was no baby before. She dared to eat even though she was struggling. But now

Will it affect the baby.

When Mona saw her, she felt her stomach and murmured, "I'm hungry."

Said, Mona opened the bread bag, a pair of eyes but looking at small read.

When Xiaonian looked at her, she thought that Mona was so close to Gong Ou in the kitchen just now. Did she really like this fried rice?

After thinking about it, he said softly, "Mona, would you like to taste it?"

"No way!"

Gong Ou's eyes are cold, but it's too late to stop it. When Mona leans close to Xiaonian, she moves the fried rice and takes a spoon to taste it.

Gong Ou's face sank.

"Eat well. How do you make this burning fragrance? It's not bitter but it has different flavor. I've never eaten it." Mona swallowed the fried rice and expressed a series of feelings.

It's a very serious compliment.

There was no joke or flattery, and Mona continued to eat fried rice.


When Xiaonian's lips were slightly open, they couldn't close, and she looked at Mona in shock.

Is it really her misunderstanding.

Mona is not trying to please Gong ou.

Are the nobles now the offspring who have a bad taste and smell? It's sad.

"It's really delicious." Mona gestured to Gong Obi, "Gong ou, you are more arrogant than me, but there is no denying that you have made a good meal."

Gong Ou's face was livid, and he was about to attack. Hearing this, he didn't take her. He just sulked and said, "of course, what I did is delicious! But who allowed you to eat? Put it down! "

“…… Well, all right. "

Mona quickly sent a few spoons to her mouth, which pushed the plate in front of Xiaonian, and smiled apologetically at her, "I'm sorry, it's so delicious. I eat more when I eat it."

"No, nothing."

When Xiaonian was shocked, he couldn't speak.

"I'm bored!" Gong Ou snorts and says, "I'll fry you another one."

"Ah?" When Xiaonian was distracted, he immediately picked up a piece of bread and put it into his mouth. He said vaguely, "no, it's too hungry. I can't wait. I'll eat this."


Seeing this, Gong Ou's face is colder. He slaps the table with his big palm and stares at Mona displeased, "it's all because of you! Today is cheap for you. How can I deal with you next time! "

"Well, it's my fault." Mona apologized sincerely, admitted her mistake, and then said with a surprised face, "but it's really delicious."


Gong Ou snorts coldly, but his face is a little Ji.

No one doesn't like to be praised, especially in the areas where they are not confident, which feels better.


When small read silently listen to Mona extremely serious words, bite the bread in the mouth.

What are the non-human things she meets? Is their taste right? Is she wrong? When I think about this, I'm afraid to think about it.