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Chapter 789 humiliating Lancaster

Gong Ou's cake was just half eaten. Hearing that there was no expression on his face, he continued to eat the cake. His dark eyes listened with interest to the lawyer read the terms one by one.

"Including the palace family should withdraw from the British stage, these are not enough to completely smooth the pain of Mr. Wang's loss of his daughter." The lawyer blustered out all the terms of the settlement, which was already a little dry.

His words fell into silence in the meeting hall.

Everyone looks at Gong Ou in silence. Gong Ou eats the cake calmly, like enjoying the best delicacy in the world.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he whispered to him and said, "wait for your reply."

All the people in the room stood there and stared at Gong ou, waiting for him to nod or shake his head, but he seemed to have no eyes at all.

"Reply to what?"

Gong Ou's voice was deep enough for everyone to hear.


Lancaster's people looked at each other, and a lawyer pushed bit. Bit was not in a good mood, but he stood up to speak. Gong Ou just finished the last bite of cake, put down his fork, stood up, moved his neck, and said, "tired, go back to sleep."

"The second young master of the palace." Bit called to gong'o, "have you forgotten anything?"

"What is it?"

Gong Ou asked with a sneer.

"Have you personally made an appointment to talk about the reconciliation between the two families? If you don't give me a word, you will go?" Bit asked, hands in front of him.

"Saying?" Gong Ou laughs and repeats, reaches out and pulls Shi Xiaonian from the sofa, and then looks at the lawyer without hesitation. "I came to talk about business today, but I saw a joke. I haven't asked the Lancaster family to give me a statement yet."


Bith said suddenly, this is not in the script arranged for him by the family. He blurted out, "then are you not going to reconcile with our family?"

"Reconciliation? "Ah." Gong Ou sneers, walks up to bit, reaches out and taps him on the shoulder. "If you want me to give up half of N.E. and leave the UK, is it my Gong Ou who has been shot in the head or you?"


Bit can't say a word.

The lawyer behind him immediately stood up and said, "master Gong Er, don't forget that today's settlement was proposed by you, not by our Lancaster family."

The lawyer hinted that gong'ou had a trump card in their hand, suggesting that gong'ou was seeking help from others at the moment.

"Yes, I did."

Gong Ou said.

"I believe that the original intention of Gong er's talk about reconciliation is also to show the greatest sincerity to our family." Before the lawyer's words were finished, Gong Ou laughed again, as if the lawyer's words were all jokes.


The lawyer's face was a little embarrassed.

"How much do all of you Lancaster get used to thinking?" Gong Ou hugs Shi Xiaonian and holds him in his arms. Then he looks at the lawyer and bit. "My wife is so bored that she doesn't think it's interesting to do anything. My family can't make her happy, so I have to think of you."

"What do you mean, we Lancaster family are all actors for your wife's entertainment?" Bit is still young after all, smell speech to immediately follow Gong ou to say.

He didn't understand that it was more insulting than Gong Ou's to say it out of his mouth.

The lawyers in the back row were all black and worried. It seemed that the meeting would be ruined.

"Of course." Gong Ou stretches his hand to grab the black folder from a lawyer, puts the above text in front of bit, and says, "look at this thick pile, isn't it funny? Shixiaonian, do you think it's funny? Happy? "

When Xiaonian stood beside Gong ou and smiled along his words, he said, "this joke is the funniest one I've heard recently. The lawyer just said it seriously, even his throat was hoarse."


The lawyer's face turned vegetable, so he was just a play.

"I wanted to see what Lancaster's appetite was, and what was the result? A diamond robbed by my aunt and cousin of the Palace should also be written in it Gong Ou laughed wildly. "What is that? Lancaster is poor enough to beg? It's the same. Berger island is gone. I said earlier. Isn't it just a diamond? Since Lancaster attaches so much importance to it, I will be sent home. "




There was a dead silence in the meeting room.

When Xiaonian watched the expression on everyone's face, Gong Ou returned all the humiliation at the beginning of the meeting. This face was all changed from blue to purple, which was very ugly.

Lancaster calculated the account carefully to humiliate Gong ou. He didn't expect to be humiliated by Gong Ou in the opposite direction.

Apart from lawyers and bith, there was nothing to say, and Gong ou could not be refuted. She could only be humiliated. This was probably what Mona's parents didn't expect.

"Young master, it's getting late. Since the young lady is happy today, it's better to go back." Fengde stood out in time and said, which stimulated Lancaster.


Shi Xiaonian agreed happily.

Gong Ou has not humiliated enough. He hears the words and shakes the folder in his hand to leave.

"Gong Er young master, you are domineering and arrogant. Do you take us Lancaster family seriously? When we stand in Lancaster, your family... "

"Isn't it a family of incest who dug up gold?" Gong Ou's face sank. He slowly turned around to look at them. His eyes were gloomy. "Are you such a funny person today? Is it incest intelligence?"

"Don't deceive too much!"

Bit's face turned red with anger.

"Do you think you are called a young master? Why do you think you were sent out today? " Gong Ou reaches out to poke bit's chest, and his chin is slightly tilted. His momentum is incomparable. "Because you are the son of a servant, you have no background or position, and you are the last in the family gathering, so you are sent to humiliate me! You ask your people, who really treats you as a young master? "


Bith's face turned white, and he looked at Gong Ou stupidly. His long-standing self abasement poured into his body, hoping to catch someone to bite him.

"You're not a young master, you don't even call it bit, you call it Lancaster disgrace!"

Gong Ou said word by word.

"Gong ou." When Xiaonian can't help but pull back to gong'o and stop him from mocking bit. His words will bring shadow to bit.

"I'm teaching him!" Gong Ou said coldly, "don't be proud of Lancaster. It's your biggest shame and tragedy!"


Bit stood there, speechless, standing there like a fool.

"Let's go."

Gong Ou's voice was cold and he turned around with Xiaonian. Lancaster's people immediately surrounded them and trapped them in the middle.

Gong Ou subconsciously brings Shi Xiaonian to his bosom. The tremor of his finger tip reveals the tension in his heart, but his face is still arrogant. He sneers, "want to keep me? It's all the media you hype outside. There are hundreds of my bodyguards in it. It's naive of you to want to save my life here. "


When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he stood beside him softly, and looked down at his hand. He didn't know why his hand was holding her sleeve tightly, like tension.

The Lancaster people didn't let it.

The negotiation did not come to an end, and Gong Ou ridiculed them. If they go back, they will surely die.

"Let them go." Bit suddenly opened his mouth.

"Master bith, you can't do anything, sir, but you have told me..."


Before the lawyer finished speaking, he was slapped severely by bit, who showed a trace of maturity. "Am I a young master or are you a young master? My father gave me the full authority here, and I has the final say. "



Bit slapped again, "it's all the media outside. It's less than three minutes since we start here. The news that reconciliation can't be used to express anger and anger has spread all over the world. Will you be responsible for the impact then?"

The lawyer was beaten to silence.

Gong Ou looks at this scene to coax, all in his expectation, he snorts coldly, when cuddling small read to leave.

Outside the villa, bodyguards came up to protect them and opened the door for them.

When Xiaonian reaches for Gong Ou's hand, she suddenly finds that his palm is sweaty. She can't help asking, "how do you sweat?"

"Nervous. It's all right now. "

Gong Ou wiped his hands.

"Nervous? Why? Isn't Dr. law out of it? " When small read interrogatively to ask a way, after hearing dispel, he just can't rise all the time, right? There is nothing to be threatened by Lancaster. It should be a sigh of relief. How can I be nervous.

"Who is nervous about that Luo pervert! I'm nervous about you! " Gong Ou stares at her fiercely, "don't let you come, but you will come!"

Gong ou, who has just had a good temper, doesn't know what medicine he took suddenly. He enters the car with a black face.


When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, he walked towards the car somehow, looked up at the bodyguard who opened the door for her, and the whole person was shocked, "you are not that..."


It's the farmer that Gong Ou envied before. Why does the farmer of Gong family wear the clothes of bodyguard?

When Xiaonian looked around at the dense bodyguards doubtfully, he suddenly found that those bodyguards were not the faces he usually saw. Isn't this David who served tea and poured water? Isn't this in charge of the laundry? Why are all the people in the kitchen here.

She suddenly understood what Gong Ou was nervous about.

Gong Ou takes all his main forces to Gong Yu to save Luo lie. It's like an empty city plan here.

Looking at the bodyguards in Lancaster not far away, if these people start to move, their hundreds of bodyguards here will be totally destroyed, just like the decoration.