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Chapter 494. It's like killing yourself completely

"Take it slow, Miss Xi. Be careful of the heat."

Said Fengde.

When Xiaonian didn't pay attention to him, he desperately fed porridge to her mouth. After swallowing several mouthfuls continuously, a disgusting rush came up, "disgust -" a sour countercurrent rushed out of her throat.

She fasted for too many days. It's very difficult to eat again. She vomited after eating.

"How do you feel?" Feng de immediately came to her side and asked anxiously.

"Can't I eat?"

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde in despair.

She had heard before that once the hunger strikers had died for too many days, they could not live even if their hopes were rekindled, because they could not eat any more.

She can't die, at least not yet.

Feng de stood in front of her, gently grasped her hand, put his finger on her pulse, and frowned slightly. "Miss Xi, your body is too weak, but it's not to the point where the medicine stone is inanimate. It needs a little bit of time."


It's not lying to her.

"Really." Feng de nodded and pushed the bowl in front of her. "Try again. Slow down. Don't worry."


When small read gas if you silk, picked up a spoon spoon slowly put into the lips, slowly drink down, still have the feeling of nausea, she will this feeling pressure down.

She must eat.

She will never allow herself to die before she gets the correct news from Gong ou. Gong Ou is a careful person. If she walks in front of him, he must scold her for abandoning him and leaving him behind.

"Miss Xi, you can eat." Feng de sat down beside her and looked at her with relief. "Now the palace gives me full power over the affairs on this island. You are just here to recuperate for a few days, and then I will take you away."

When Xiaonian slowly drank porridge, looked up at him, and then shook his head, "if I don't leave, I will be the housekeeper, and Gong ou may not be dead."


Feng De is stunned.

She said it. She said it too.

"Mu qianchu came back to me tonight. He said he didn't catch Gong ou." When small read the spirit to say.

Feng de frowned. "Do you believe what he said?"

"I would rather believe it."

At least, that's great hope for her.

"Yes, I believe there is a little motivation." Feng de looked at her and said, "but miss Xi, you still have to leave. I'm the steward of the young master. I'm not sure how the palace will treat me before the young master dies. But you are different. The master and his wife don't like you very much all the time. They are likely to treat you in the absence of the master... "

"If they really want to deal with me, it's very easy. I have nothing left. It's not like mu qianchu can rely on the power of the Xi family and start again after he leaves." When small read to drink porridge to say softly.

Instead of running for her life, she would rather stay and find Gong ou with Feng De.

When Gong Ou comes back, everything will be back.


"Manager Feng, look at my body. I can't last long even if I'm going to die." When small read to look at him way, the vision is firm, "I want to stay."

Feng de had known Xiaonian for so long, and understood that she looked weak, but she was a very thoughtful person.

He can only nod.

Later, let him take the place of the young master to protect the fragile girl.


Under the care of Feng De, Shi Xiaonian recovers day by day. He falls so fast when he loses meat, but grows back very slowly.

She became more and more afraid of the cold. She always had to wear a lot of clothes to be comfortable.

After all, mu qianchu has run away.

Waiting for him is the endless investigation of the palace family and the prosperity of the Xi family. He chose this road, which he should have predicted.

Whether he is good or bad has nothing to do with her.

When small read will be the name of muqianchu completely stripped of their lives.

At night, Xiaonian stood by the door in a thick shawl and looked up at the lantern. The lantern was not put down. One was red and full of joy.

The night wind was cold.

"All the affairs on the island have been completed, and all the searches have been completed. This island is the legacy your mother left you in her will. I'm sorry that the island is not so beautiful after the war. "

Feng de stood behind her and said that he was a very British gentleman Butler who always took all the blame that had nothing to do with him.

"Since I set foot on this island, it is no longer beautiful."

When small read light tunnel.

If she hadn't come back with her admiration and recognized the Lord, nothing would have happened.

"Miss Xi, some of the Mu's men caught tonight will be transferred. A right-hand man of Mu qianchu wants to see you before he leaves." Feng de said, "it's the man with a scar on the corner of his eyebrow."

"He wants to see me?"

"Yes, we tortured him about where the core of the Xi family was and where mu qianchu was. He didn't say anything but wanted to see you again."

Feng de said.


When Xiaonian looked at Fengde with some consternation.

Doctor eyebrow scar, what does he want to see her for?

Ten minutes later, when Xiaonian saw Dr. eyebrow scar, he had been taken to the seaside, and the yacht by the seaside had bright lights, waiting for these people to leave and continue to torture in another place.

The eyebrow scar doctor's hands and feet were both handcuffed and escorted. His clothes were a bit messy and extremely embarrassed. He hung his head and looked like a standard prisoner.

When small read in the cold night wind toward him.

"I still remember that he is very good. He always wanted to compete again, but I didn't expect that he was a tiger." Feng de walked behind Xiaonian and sighed.

When Xiaonian looked at the eyebrow scar doctor, yes, he had saved her and helped her.

At that time, when Gong Ou ordered her bodyguards to block her, it was he who saved her with one enemy and ten rotating heads.

When I think about it, I feel like a dream.

"Don't kill him." When Xiaonian heard his low voice, "he just obeyed."

He listened to moose so much.

Otherwise, on that day, he could leave her completely. It was easy for him to escape, but he was dragged to this point by her for an order.

"I'll find a way."

Feng de nodded.

When small read toward eyebrow scar doctor to walk over, stand in front of him quietly looking at him, the voice is taken away by the night wind, "you look for me?"

The wind by the sea is very strong.

He stood there awkwardly, with several blood holes in his face. The wind made people feel pain.

Smell speech, eyebrow scar doctor raises a face slowly, eyebrow horn's scar is obvious extremely, difficult ground nodded.

"What do you want to say?" "When small read to ask a way, voice indifference," is want me to help say a sentiment to let you go? "

She couldn't think of anything else for the eyebrow scar doctor to see her at this time.

"Did mu Shaozhen escape? How can he be reconciled if he doesn't take you? "

He asked weakly in his voice, and between his eyebrows and eyes he could no longer see the high expression of his former skill.

When small read some surprised look at him, did not expect that he is still thinking about the millennium.

"He can't take it, because I stabbed him. He can't take me, he can only leave." "When small read to say frankly," I and him, has been broken, he is dead or alive has nothing to do with me

She no longer resents.

Hate also needs strength.

"What?" The eyebrow scar doctor shocked, looked at small read in amazement, and then the vision dimmed down, "so it is."

"You still care about your master. Don't you hate him for not coming to save you?" Feng de stood aside and asked, "if you are willing to explain the whereabouts of Mu qianchu or the core of Xi family, I can give you freedom."

Doctor eyebrow scar stood there, motionless.

For a long time, he closed his eyes and looked at Shi Xiaonian. "Big miss, I have been with Mu Shao for a long time. What kind of person is he? I can see it better than you."


When Xiaonian looks at him indifferently.

"In the eyes of the eldest lady, Mu Shao did a lot of things that hurt you." But you can never deny that you owe Mu Shao emotionally


Shixiaonian turns around.

"Mu Shao's eye disease recurred and he was going blind."

Said the eyebrow scar doctor.

“……” When Xiaonian looked back at him in shock, "what do you say?"

What is blindness.

"Mu Shao is such a gentle and stubborn man. He has always been so good to you. He never thought about extorting. When you hate him and scold him, you never thought about why he suddenly changed and became so close." The eyebrow scar doctor said, "because he is going to be completely blind, he knows that once he is blind, he will never be able to defeat Gong ou, or be with you, so he will fight this last time."

In the night, her face turned white inch by inch.

I am going to lose my sight.

Once his eye disease recurred, he was completely blind.

"Why didn't he tell me?" When small read stupidly asks a way, the body sends cold.

"Because he doesn't want your sympathy, just your love." The eyebrow scar doctor bitterly said, "but obviously, Mu Shao is too stupid. He failed in his last fight."


When Xiaonian stood there, he couldn't speak.

"Congratulations, young lady. I've got revenge."

With a wry smile, doctor eyebrow scar said, "no matter how prosperous the Xi family is, in the future, Mu Shao will spend his whole life in the dark, tasting your resentment and determination every day, which is more painful than death. Oh, by the way, he had guessed the ending for a long time, but he still wanted to do it. It was stupid. He didn't seem to be fighting, but rather to let himself die completely. Are you right? "

"Enough." When Feng de looked at it, Xiao Nian turned pale and stopped the doctor from saying, "take him to the yacht and go."

"Yes, housekeeper."

Doctor eyebrow scar was taken away.

When Xiaonian stood by the sea, facing the cold sea breeze, no matter how many clothes could not warm her, she felt very cold.

She looked at the sea at night. Her eyes were astringent, but she could not shed tears.

He had guessed the ending for a long time, but he still wanted to do it. It was stupid. He didn't seem to be fighting, but rather to let himself die completely.