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Chapter 1015 unfinished words

Looking at these men, Gong Ou is so angry that he wants to have a fit. His head is dizzy again. He reaches out and holds his head.

"How are you, young master?" Feng de looked at him anxiously.

A bodyguard brought a dinner plate with a hot dinner on it. Gong Ou was still steaming. Seeing it, he knew it was not something he wanted to do. He raised his hand and wanted to sweep it over.

His hand rose into the air, and he drew back stiffly.

When Xiaonian was gone, he was no longer qualified to play with his temper. He had to keep his strength.

Gong Ou reaches out and picks up the bowl and chopsticks and starts to eat. It's almost just picking up rice. The first thing is to fill the stomach.

After filling his stomach, Gong Ou shook his head, his eyes deepened, and he didn't get angry again. Sitting on the sofa, he said to the group of bodyguards, "get up for me. I have something to tell you."

Well, that's the end of the rage? In the morning, when he was going to execute people with a gun, did the second young master suddenly show mercy?

A group of bodyguards look at me. I look at you. I dare not look at each other.

"Still kneeling? What for? I want you to get up! " Gong Ou roared angrily. The more angry he was, the more he fainted and the more painful he was.

With such a roar, the bodyguard stood up busily.

Gong Ou tried to control his mood and looked at the group of people in front of him. "Listen, you must do three things from today."

"Second young master, please tell me."

"First, don't let Lancaster find out that we've lost someone. If anyone dares to let it out, I'll go to see the whole family!" Gong Ou said in a cold voice, his tone was covered with a layer of sinister, and his eyes were so fierce that people could not look directly at him.

"Yes, second young master!"

All the people answered in unison.

"Second, you are divided into two groups. One group continues to find my brother. He should investigate the location of bit within the range we set before." Gong Ou pressed his head, biting his teeth word by word, and said forcefully, "if you don't have a clue, you'd better find it by bit, and you'll meet my brother's track."

Gong Yu is unlikely to have an accident. He has no whereabouts but is afraid to contact him and get caught.

"Yes, second young master."

The bodyguards nodded.

"Third, another group of people gave me some smart ones to check the house and the underground water channel. Especially when you finally saw Xiaonian, don't let go of any traces of spiders and leeches to see if there were any signs of invasion by outsiders." Gong said, holding his fist tightly with his long hand on his knee, as if he could continue to have strength.

The bodyguards answered, and Feng de could not help saying, "young master, do you think Xiao Nian was arrested? But how can anyone get in here with such a strict defense? "

Gong Ou glanced at him coldly and said, "if there is no sign of invasion, it is..."

All of them listened attentively with bated breath, but Gong Ou didn't wait for them.

Because Gong Ou is sitting on the sofa and his head is falling heavily. There is no sound.

Feng de bent over and looked at the past. His eyes were full of worries. To appease people, he said, "young master is too tired and needs to rest."

That's when you suddenly fall asleep again?

Faced with this situation, the bodyguards are not surprised. Gong Ou has been like this for two days.

A group of people looked at Fengde and waited for his instructions. Fengde said, "do everything according to the young master's orders. I'll dispatch people. Don't let the news out."

"Yes, housekeeper." All nodded.

Feng de looks down at Gong ou, who is sitting there sleeping. How does an old man deal with such a mess.

How did the young master suddenly become like this.


Day and night alternate, the light of dawn falls on the lake, shining countless golden luster. It's very beautiful. In the fresh air, the lakeside seems normal, making people's hearts settle down bit by bit.

"Young master." Xiaoxue, the maid, watched with fear as bit sat up from the bed and lowered her head. "The wash water has been put, and the bath water has been put."

The teenager sitting by the bed is wearing a silver gray twill Pajama, sleepy and harmless, which is not much different from his usual appearance. After all, he is only a 16-year-old.

"I see."

Bit rubs his eyes to stand up. The maid quickly kneels down to put on slippers for him. His fingers accidentally touch his feet, which annoys him instantly.

He kicked at the snow and said, "don't touch me with your mean hand! Get out of here! "

Xiaoxue is kicked to the ground and dare not have a word or get up.

"Like a dead man, it's annoying to watch!" Bit came out of bed and glared at her fiercely. Turning his head, he saw Xiaonian standing at the door, and his eyes turned into a piece of consternation.

When Xiaonian arrived, she found that it was not the right time for her to come. She looked at the delicate snow and looked at biter, who was so ferocious that she didn't know what to say when she stood there.

Bith looks at her in silence and stops the madness.

This bit usually looks like an ordinary teenager, but it's terrible for the servant. It's really like Gong ou, but Gong Ou is much better now.

"I made breakfast. Would you like to have it with me?" Asked Shi Xiaonian in a slightly flattering tone.

She should adopt the old method of cooking to accept the young man and establish a good relationship, so that she can return to Gong Ou's side early.

As soon as he heard the word breakfast, bith's blue eyes lit up. He nodded in silence, and then walked out.


Xiaoxue sees this and wants to stop him. When Xiaonian's eyes beckon, she stops. She also knows that he may be beaten again, but he hasn't washed yet.

"Go and rub some medicine. When a master like him ignores you, you should never find another sense of existence. It's not good for you." Shixiaonian looked at her and said earnestly.

Xiaoxue bowed her head. "Thank you, ma'am."


When Xiaonian turns to catch up with bit. Bit has sat down in the dining room. His blue eyes are staring at the full table of dishes. There is no surprise or disappointment on his face.

Well, this is not as good as Gong ou, who sees that instant noodles are just like the birth of a starving ghost.

When Xiaonian pinched her ears, she thought ironically that she really didn't want Gong ou for a moment. If she continues to develop like this, she will be able to think of Gong Ou from the ceiling.

When he was calm, Xiaonian walked forward, pulled out a chair, sat down, and said, "these are simple Chinese food, because there are not too many ingredients and ingredients to make a little casually. If you are not used to eating, I also made a piece of spaghetti and sliced bread, you can taste it."

Bit sat there and watched for a while, picked up his fork, rolled up the pasta, and began to eat it. After a few bites, he said, "it's not as good as your cake."


When I was busy all morning, Xiaonian was a little depressed. Gong ou, 16, must be much more beloved than bith. That's not the case.

Bit sat there and ate silently for a while, looked at her, ate again for a while, and looked at her again.

When Xiaonian was seen inexplicably.

"You'd better just make cakes later." Bit silently put down his fork, took up a glass of milk and began to drink.


At that time, Xiaonian suddenly found the disgust of Gong ou. He wanted to pour his face on his head for minutes.

But she has to endure.

She wants to establish a good relationship with the young man and get his trust. Xiaonian stifles her anger and says with a smile, "OK, I'll make some cakes later. Where can I get them?"

"My office, you can send it to Mr palace."

Bit wiped his mouth gracefully and looked around.

Music suddenly sounded in the restaurant. When Xiaonian heard the reputation, she saw four maids wearing white swan skirts stepping on the music slowly from the door, and then began to perform. They were soft, United and beautiful, like elves.


When Xiaonian opens her mouth in amazement, what's the situation? She turns her head and looks at bith. Bith looks at the dance indifferently, without speaking.

After dancing for a while, bith noticed Xiaonian's surprise and asked, "does the palace's breakfast have to go with the program?"

Would you like to go to Swan Lake for breakfast?

What about having lunch? Do you have a picture of Titanic?

When Xiaonian was shocked, he saw her look like this, and bit sneered, "the palace family is really not of any orthodox aristocratic origin, and it has been mixed by the bastard blood for a long time

When I heard this, Xiaonian was not happy. What is blood relationship? Mixed race is a bastard. Don't close relatives call Luan and Lun?

When Xiaonian wanted to use this sentence to provoke her back, but when she thought about her situation, she had to bear it again. After thinking about it, she smiled faintly, and looked at the four maids, swans, and said quietly, "what kind of noble pursuit is very boring to me, and it's very tired to be such a one-sided noble?"

The words fall, bit's smile is stiff in the corner of his lips, even the last irony is gone. He looks at her definitely, without anger, just at her.

"Why do you want to marry Gong Ou when you don't like being superior? Don't you think you're hypocritical? " Bit asked.

"I married him because he was gong ou." When Xiaonian looked at him and smiled, "is it just watching Swan Lake for breakfast every day? Then I'd rather watch funny TV with a bowl of noodles in my arms, or eat biscuits directly in bed, which is more comfortable. "

"You like that?"

Bit's brow is frowned tightly, and his face is hard to accept.

"At least it's more comfortable than watching dancing. It seems to be your routine. Is it interesting? What sentiment can this cultivate? It's nothing more than to say that it's not the ordinary people who can compare my style. " Shi Xiaonian said, with some sarcasm at the end of the tone.

"Why do you marry such a family?" Bit thinks it should be a puzzle.


was upset, when Xiao Nian stood up from the table. "OK, you are enjoying your music and dance slowly here, and I'll make a cake for you."