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Chapter 675, group C, No. 8 That's me

He shouldn't have heard of it.

"Maybe you heard this number when you were checking me." Xiaonian stood there and said.

At that time, Gong Ou checked so many people and kept checking who gave him the drug. As a result, Tang Yi lied and recognized all of them on her head.

"What do you mean?"

Gong Ou squints.

"Because group C, number 8 It's me. " When small read a way.

At that time, she and Tang Yi were cruise ship attendants. They all wore hairpins. She was group C No. 8.

Smell speech, Gong Ou raises his hand and stares at the hairpin on it. The voice is sexy. "Isn't this what you left on the cruise ship more than seven years ago? Then they don't like to clean up. They don't clean up any broken places. "

However, it was worn by her, and he suddenly saw the hairpin.

He rarely saw her wearing hairpins and so on. Gong Ou threw the hairpin in his hand. "Why, do you like hairpins? Go back and buy you a pile! "

When Xiaonian stood in front of him, his lips pursed and said, "do you know where I found this hairpin?"


"I don't know how to stick it under the nightstand in your old room." Shi Xiaonian said, "I found it when you asked the waiter to clear all the furniture inside."

Gong Ou's original room hasn't been cleaned for more than seven years. Until now, this hairpin has come out.

As soon as her voice fell, Gong Ou jumped up from the bed and stood in front of her, staring at her with dead eyes, "what do you say?"


"You said that this hairpin is yours. It was found in my room?" Gong Ou holds the red hairpin in his hand, and a small cluster of red fluff falls down.

"I'm also very strange, how can this hairpin appear there, but I believe that everything can be explained..."

"I knew it was you that night!"

Gong Ou shouts and interrupts her.


When small read subconsciously cover the ear, the ear almost deaf.

What, she was that night?

"I knew it was you!" Gong Ou grabs the hairpin, and Jun Pang is excited, as if he has found a new land. "I said that my judgment could not be wrong. It was you who slept with me on the cruise ship seven years ago!"

She's the one who slept with him?

He's flying back seven years?

"But it's impossible."

Shi Xiaonian said that he tried to explain to him, but Gong Ou couldn't get excited. He grabbed her and kissed her twice on the face, stretched out his hand to loosen his tie and threw his hairpin onto the bed. "How could Gong Ou make a mistake! That night is you! "


"That's you, that's you in my bed!"

"No, this thing..."

"I've been in bed with you! So I never miss it! " Gong Ou goes to the door, opens the door, and says to Feng De, who is standing outside, "go to the bar and say, I've got all the drinks for three days!"

Feng de looked at Gong ou with some consternation and lowered his head. "Yes, young master."

Young master seems to be very happy.

"Gong Ou!"

When Xiaonian frowns and is hugged by Gong ou and kisses again, she can't stop the excited Gong ou. Gong Ou pinches her chin and bites her mouth, "how can you be so cute, shixiaonian?"

"Gong ou, listen to me..."

"I love you so much!" Gong Ou held her tightly, and his long fingers slid back and forth on her back. His voice was breathtaking. "Since we are so happy today, let's go to bed."


When I read a black thread, I tried to explain that Gong Ou couldn't wait to find the zipper on her evening dress. "Let's review it!"

I'll go back.

The ghost wants to relive.

When Gong Ou picked her up, Xiao Nian couldn't stand it. He shouted, "put me down!"

Gong Ou stares at her. "What are you yelling at? Does your voice hurt? It's broken. "

Can he hear her if she doesn't roar?

When Xiaonian was trapped in his arms, he said with a straight face, "Gong ou, can you listen to me well?"

"What are you going to say? Say it in bed! "

Gong ou, put her on the bed.

"Why are you so excited?" When Xiaonian struggled for two times, but didn't, he looked at him unidentified. "I thought you saw this, and you would suspect that it was me who gave the medicine."

He was so excited.

This brain circuit is speechless.

"What's the matter with you?" Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes, holding her lips and asking vaguely.

"Didn't you say it was the hardest disgrace of your life to wash away?"

A big man was drugged and forced.

Just before they came here, they mentioned Tang Yi. He was still eager to get rid of it.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's lips were crooked in a sinister way, and a pair of dark pupils were full of doting smile, "sometimes you look smart, but sometimes how can you stay so thorough?"


"No wonder the IQ of the two children is not as high as that of me, and they are neutralized by you."


Hello, even if you despise her, you should also despise their children. When Xiaonian was a little depressed, "what do you mean?"

Gong Ou is deceiving her, and her black eyes are staring at her deeply. The eyes are naked and spoiled. "Even if that night is your medicine, what shame do I have? I think you flirt with me! Or I'll find some more medicine next time and recall it? "


What good memories do you have? Who will remember this.

When Xiaonian nuzui, want to explain something, Gong Ou's kiss fell down again, in her lips repeatedly suck kiss, deprive her of breath, when Xiaonian left and right struggle, but still can't hide Gong Ou's kiss.

She put her hands on his chest, turned around, and tried to find a breath. "But that night was not me, I swear!"

"I don't care!"

He acquiesced to be.

Gong Ou continues to kiss her.

"Gong ou, you don't believe me, do you? When did I cheat you on such a thing? " When Xiaonian blurted out.

Words fall, Gong Ou's lips stop beside her cheek, a pair of black eyes become more profound, staring at her, a cavity of excited impulse is hit to nothing.

He came down from her, took off his shoes, squatted on the bed and looked at her, his voice steady. "OK, you say."

"It couldn't have been me that night." Shi Xiaonian said, "I have no impression at all. Besides, I overheard Tang Yi talking to Shi Di personally. Tang Yi is dizzy and strong. You are still half faint and half awake when you say you want to kill her."

Gong Ou crouches there, his face is completely black. "Take off that character, and take off the character in front of it!"


When Xiaonian tidy up the skirt on his lower body, sit up and carefully analyze the tunnel on his face, "so, that night can't be me."

"Maybe Tang Yi is lying in front of Shidi."


"I'll take care of her!" Why does he want to think about why that woman lied? What does it have to do with him?

When Xiaonian bit his lips, he said, "Gong ou, are you forced to clear the relationship with Tang Yi? Well, well, it's nothing to do with her, even if it's me. "

She suddenly realized that Gong Ou didn't pursue the truth about the past seven years ago. He only cared about being drugged by a woman who wasn't her. If it was her, he accepted it in minutes.

Since that's the case, she shouldn't worry too much.

What truth can be found seven years ago.

"What is it? I have nothing to do with her! " Gong Ou is not happy with her tone, as if he is comforting a naughty child. He picks up the hairpin beside him, stares at her with black eyes, thin lips and tiny Hins. "Now tell me, what's the matter with this hairpin?"

"I can explain that."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Say it!"

Gong ou and she are serious. They have to look up what happened seven years ago.

"Have you been locked up in that room for more than seven years? Will someone fall there today? " Asked shixiaonian.

Gong Ou sneered at her idea and reached out to hold her and walked out. "Follow me!"

"Where to?"

When Xiaonian looked at him perplexedly, Gong Ou took him all the way. He came down the winding stairs, stood in the middle of the stairs, and led shixiaonian's hand. "Look for yourself!"

When Xiaonian looked down from his eyes, he saw people coming and going, people at the gambling table, people drinking in the bar area, and stars singing on the stage. It was a picture of being addicted to money. The air was full of the smell of money. This was a gold selling cave.

In those days, Tang Yi was fascinated by such a scene and used such a brain. The

waitresses wear the same clothes to the guests, serve the guests, send drinks and drinks to Bin Bin.

Shi Xiaonian carefully observed that the clothes the waitresses wore were different from those they had worn at that time, and the waitresses no longer wore hairpins, but each one's skirt was embroidered with a number.

"Do you think the party will be held many times? It has changed a long time ago. " Gong Ou's voice rang in her ear.


The style of the hairpin is not popular now. This party is mainly high-end and atmospheric. How can we still use the previous hairpin? It must be to hold a meeting to change the uniform of the waiter.

So the hairpin could only be hers?

It's so weird.

"How is it? What else can I say? " Gong Ou looks at her and waits for her to follow.

He would like to see what explanation she can refute.

"I don't know." When Xiaonian shook his head, "if that hairpin is really mine, how can it be in your room? I didn't go to that room. "

"Because you were the one with me!" Gong Ou stared at her and said, "although I can't recognize who I was with that night, I always feel strong about you. It must be you."

"But at that time I was dizzy in the toilet. I couldn't fly."

"No one saw you in the toilet."