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Chapter 131 it's a dream

"So that's the idea." Muqianchu looked at her and said, "don't you mean that Gong Ou is looking for you as a child? I will give you a child to see if you are willing to leave Gong ou."

In fact, this is his purpose.

He never expected this plan to succeed. What he wanted It's just one of her answers.


When Xiaonian looks at him, his eyes are clear.

So it turns out.

He did this to see if she was willing to leave gong'ou to prove whether her heart was in gong'ou.

"Do you know how happy I am when you text me to leave gongou?" Muqianchu said, the pure voice is a little astringent, "I'm sorry, Xiaonian, I weave a lie to test you."


When small read to him is not angry.

She understood mu qianchu. Because of his blindness, he was always reticent when he was young. He was a rich young man, but he had a low self-esteem. Often because he could not get a clear answer from others, he would be frightened, nervous and self denying.

When he was young, how could he be angry with her who had been with him for the longest time and knew him best.

It's just that she didn't expect that mu qianchu would feel inferior when facing her.

"Xiaonian, I will not cheat you in the future. Only once. " Mu qianchu gazed at her face and assured her.

I believe you.

Shi Xiaonian said quietly in his heart.

Even if he had a lie, he would not hurt her. She knows that better than anyone.

In this world, if she can't believe her dream, then she has no one to believe.

"Xiaonian, why don't you talk?" Muqianchu looked at her, and his eyes were flustered. "Didn't you expect that I would cheat you? Xiaonian... "

"Qianchu, I believe you." When Xiaonian looked at him and interrupted him, his eyes curved in a beautiful arc, smiled and said, "I don't believe that you will not cheat me later, but I believe that you will never hurt me."

If a lie doesn't hurt, she can accept it.

For that man is eager for the beginning.


Mu qianchu breathed a little sigh of relief, with a certain joy in his eyes.


When Xiaonian nods his head hard, he is held by mu qianchu.

He suddenly hugged her and held her tightly in his arms. The corners of his lips raised a curve and smelled the breath on her, which satisfied him.

When Xiaonian can feel his strength, just like when he was young, he could not see the world, so he grabbed her hand.

He has always relied on her.

But now she can't be relied on by him. After playing and having fun, she always has to face the reality.

Face the reality that Gong Ou brings to her.

"Xiaonian, I'm tired of playing. I'll take you to dinner." Mu qianchu hugged her and said in his voice, "don't you like to eat egg wrapped rice? I'll take you to eat it."

"That's enough, Chiu. I've had a good time today." Xiaonian said softly and pushed him away slowly.

Mu qianchu gazed at her and sensed her words sensitively, "what is enough?"

"I thank you so much for bringing me such a beautiful dream today, but it's time to wake up."

She took a step back.

Mu qianchu smiled bitterly. "Is this a dream?"

"To me, it's a dream."


"Qianchu" When small read softly call his name, has not yet said that the eyes have been wet, she blinked, will wipe the tears meaning to blink, then slowly say the words, "qianchu, let's stop here."

Her voice was so low that it was suddenly covered by the wind.

Qianchu, let's stop here.

This is strange to say. In fact, she and mu qianchu did not start at all, but they are going to end.

Mu qianchu stood in front of her, pale a little, like a weak patient, staring at her stupidly, "why?"

When Xiaonian smiled farfetched, "qianchu, you used to be smarter than me, even if you can't see anything, you're smarter than me, don't you know why?"

The plan failed.

She can't leave Gong ou, and she can't escape Gong Ou's palm.

"As long as you don't fall in love with Gong ou, I can accept other reasons." Muqianchu looked at her, with some childish stubbornness in his voice, "stay with me, no matter what means Gong Ou takes out, you'll be fine with me."

Is he going to fight Gong ou for her?

No, No.

He has lost too much in order to restore his former dream. Now he has to go to gongou for her. No, absolutely not.

When Xiaonian shook his head, the expression on his face was firm.

"It's not worth it." She said, the voice is dark and astringent, "I'm stupid. I can't do anything except painting. I don't have interpersonal relationship and no great achievements. I'm not worth your efforts. You should start afresh. After leaving Shidi, you should enlarge the Mu group. That's your sky. "

She was just a stumbling block that would stop him flying to the sky and even make him fall.

"I don't want the sky." Muqianchu looked at her and said, "is it worth defining?"

"But I don't want to be your stumbling block."

She said with a smile on her lips, but her eyes were wet.

He is stubborn, and she won't let him go any further.

Shi Xiaonian says, don't let tears fall, turn around and go.

"At that time, who told me never to leave her?"

The voice of Mu qianchu sounded in the night, "qianchu, I will always take care of you as long as you don't leave me, OK? This is what you said to me when you were 13. My answer has never changed. OK! "

Hearing this, Xiaonian's feet could not move any more, tears could not stop him, and his face flowed down.

Between her and mu qianchu, there are too many things like oath.

"Well, I won't leave you." Mu Qian began to move towards her back step by step, saying the same answer as he did when he was young.


"Xiaonian, I will marry you later. We have a family together."


"Xiaonian, the most close people in the world abandon us. It doesn't matter. We depend on each other. We have a home together." Mu qianchu said and walked to her.

Every sentence he said to her at that time.

He walked up to her, slowly raised his hand, grabbed her, and pulled her around.

In the white light of the ground lamp, she was already tearful and silent.

"Do you remember those words?" Mu qianchu carefully put his hands on her face and painfully stroked the tears on her face. "You remember, how could it be so far."

"Qianchu, I......"

"We didn't stop there before we formed a home."

Mu qianchu interrupts her words, and the light on her face is covered with a layer of illusory light.

Not so much.

When Xiaonian closed his eyes, tears fell, "forget it, qianchu, I can't do it."

In order to escape Gong ou, she has thought of too many ways.

In the end, they all failed.

There was nothing she couldn't think of.

"Don't cry, Xiaonian." He whispered her name softly, and wiped the tears off her face again with his fingertips. "It doesn't matter. You can't do it. I'll do it. Will you give it to me?"

"Don't compete with Gong ou for a person like me. It's not worth it."

She can't imagine the consequences of a paranoid like mu qianchu and Gong ou.

She should not stir her admiration into the muddy water.

"For you, it's worth it." Moqian stares at her, softly, but persistently.


Smell speech, when small read stupidly looks at her.

"I can't have the Murdoch group, I can go to the streets, but I can't do without you." Mu qianchu continues to break her soft heart with the softest voice.

"I'm not that good," he said

She didn't know that she was so important in her heart.

"You don't need to be so good." He gazed into her watery eyes and said, "remember when I just arrived at home, there was a snowy day, I fell in the snow, so cold that I felt like I was dying."


"Before I was about to lose consciousness, it was you who held my hand. It was warm." At that time, I fell in love with you. I told myself that I must firmly grasp this hand

Because he has nothing to catch but this hand.


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

"Xiaonian, you are my life-saving straw." Mu qianchu smiled, a pair of narrow eyes have a light water in the twinkling, "don't say anything until now, it is to push me back to the snow."

When Xiaonian looked at him, he was so shocked that he couldn't help himself. He didn't know what to say. He just mumbled, "I'm not so good, I'm not really."

"Don't go back to Gong ou, will you follow me?"

Muqianchu looked at her and said.


When Xiaonian stayed there, he didn't know what to do.

Moqian saw her for the first time, and took her hand and left.

When she left, she put her admiration to hell.

Looking at his back, Xiao Nian can't help but shrink his hand, but he is still firmly grasped by mu qianchu.

His palm is warm.

It's like knowing what she's thinking, mu qianchu looks back at her, smiles on her beautiful face, "believe me, as long as you're by my side, I'd like to go to hell."


When I opened my lips, I couldn't say no.

He said that she was his life-saving straw;

he said that he could lose his fortune, but he could not live without her.

In his eyes, she will always be the girl who rescued him in the snow, clean and warm.

So even if he loses everything, he must seize her life-saving straw.

Under such words, she could not push him away.

When Xiaonian heard a voice in his body saying, whether it's the end of the day or the hell tomorrow, follow his heart, happy day is day, that's enough.

This dream, maybe it can go on.

When Xiaonian is pulled forward by him, his steps are no longer resistant.

Can feel the change of her step, mu qianchu looks back to her and laughs happily like a child.