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Chapter I love you

"Yes, I passed out, but I just know that the performance of those men at that time..."

"Enough!" Gong Ou couldn't hear the situation at that time. He was in a frenzy, holding her hand to death, "you take a bath for me! Go now! "

"I don't want it."

When small read firm tunnel.

After taking a bath, nothing can be found out.

"I'll let you go!" Gong Ou roars and stares at her.


At that time, Xiaonian was frightened by his ferocious eyes, but she was still stubbornly standing there, unwilling to compromise.

"When small read, you --" Gong Ou roared at her, suddenly reached out to his stomach, the person bent down, pain made his face white.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, "are you OK, Gong Ou? Has your stomach hurt again? "

Remember, it's been a whole night since yesterday.

I'm afraid Gong Ou didn't sleep or eat anything for her.

Gong Ou pressed his stomach hard, sweat seeped from his handsome face, and Xiaonian said worriedly, "I'll make you something to eat."

As he said this, Xiaonian was about to walk out, and Gong Ou caught his arm again.

His slender hand was on her green and bruised arm, when Xiaonian frowned with pain, Gong Ou half bent, turned his eyes and stared at her, and then said, "take a bath! Darling, go clean yourself! Do you hear me? "

"Gong ou, why don't you believe me? Why are you so suspicious? Once and twice, when can you trust me unconditionally? "

When Xiaonian looked at him incomprehensibly.

Is that how he can't believe her loyalty?

"Can you take a bath first?"

Gong Ou only cares about this, holding her in one hand and stomach in the other.

When Xiaonian knew that he and a paranoid couldn't come up with an answer for a while, he had to say, "I'll make some food for you first."

"If you don't take a bath, I won't eat!"

Gong Ou roars out, then releases her hand, sits on the chair beside, the stomach twitches to ache.


Xiaonian looked at him in amazement.


Gong Ou sat there, in unbearable pain, and madly pushed a chair to the ground again, as if to make him feel better.

When Xiaonian watched his back more and more curved, his face more and more pale, bean big cold sweat from his forehead, he half lowered his head, sweat directly fell to the ground.

When small read heart and mouth is suffused with pain.

He has a bad stomach. If he goes on like this, something will happen.

Before, she didn't love him, she could argue with him to the end; now, she fell in love with him, how could she argue with a paranoid him, especially with his body.

She looked at her embarrassment, closed her eyes, bit her lips, and finally said, "OK, I'll take a bath."


Smell speech, Gong Ou sits at that time, a pair of black eyes are sharp, the slender hand changes to press to grab, cling to the shirt in front of oneself.

"I know you are suspicious of tyranny, but I hope you can believe me."

When small read lightly said, turn around to go out, step by step hard.

"I love you, shixiaonian!"

Gong Ou's voice rang out behind her, word by word, firmly speaking.


When Xiaonian came to the door, he heard his voice, his body was stiff for a second, his eyes were stagnant, and his long lashes were quivering.

Why suddenly say love her.

What is it, believe her or not?

When Xiaonian couldn't figure out what Gong Ou was thinking. She waited for him, but Gong Ou didn't make any more noise. She only heard the uneven breathing sound of him.

When Xiaonian went out, he endured the pain and made a sandwich for Gong ou, and then went to the hot spring to take a bath.

She was soaking in the hot spring. The warm water flowed through her cold body, which made her comfortable.

She was the only one in the empty indoor hot spring.

There is a light fragrance of herbs in the hot spring. It's good for her health to take a dip.

But Shi Xiaonian also knew that she had no evidence to prove her innocence.

Why don't you believe her?

Isn't she worth believing?

What about love.

When Xiaonian closed his eyes, he stood alone in the hot spring and clapped angrily to the water.

The water splashed all over.

Time passed by, her body recovered temperature, she opened her eyes slowly, the mood in her eyes was peaceful, her eyes did not focus on the front

Gong Ou has paranoid personality disorder.

Self identification and paranoia are all diseases.

she should not be angry when he is paranoid. Feng de said that he should not face Gong ou and guide him.


After the bath treatment, she will go to have a good chat with Gong Ou again, and wait for Gong Ou's mood to be more stable.

Perhaps, he will change his mind.

Before the cruise incident, didn't he finally believe her? As long as we talk about it, it should be OK, it should be OK.

When small read secretly thought, in the hot spring bubble for a long time to climb up.

This kind of medicine bath really has an effect. She just took a bath, and the bruises on her body have disappeared in half. She really thinks that those bruises are just twisted out by others, which makes her stronger.

Because it is only twisted, so these bruises gradually disappear after soaking in the medicine bath.


When Xiaonian put on comfortable light colored pajamas and went into the infirmary, a female doctor came to treat the wound for her immediately.

Her wrists and ankles were all scarred and her skin was worn.

"Miss Shi suffered." The female doctor bandaged her and sighed a long time, "the wound is not heavy, but light. Take a good rest. Don't eat anything with pigment. When the skin of the young lady is so white, so that the color of the wound won't get darker after healing."

"OK, thank you."

I nodded.

There are two small wounds on her face. The woman doctor pasted a band aid on her cheek. The wound on the corner of her mouth can't be pasted any more, but can only be healed gradually.

Shi Xiaonian stands up from the chair and reaches for the bandage on his wrist.

I don't know if she really doesn't match Gong ou. When I met him, the gauze on her was almost unbroken

All of a sudden, a rush of footsteps came, "something big, something big!"

A maid rushed in, and when she saw Xiaonian, she was also stunned. She bowed her head respectfully, "Miss Shi."

"What's the matter?"

Asked shixiaonian indifferently.

"Here..." The maid pursed her lips, not daring to say.

"What's the matter?" He continued.

The maid hesitated for a moment and said, "the young master and his wife are quarreling. They are quarreling very badly."

"What?" When small read stupefied, "in the 5th floor?"


Shi Xiaonian immediately walked out of the elevator without looking back.

Why did Gong Ou suddenly quarrel with his wife?

He shouldn't care about her now. How can he quarrel with his wife?

When Xiaonian took the elevator to the 5th floor.

The elevator door opened slowly in front of her eyes. Feng de and a group of golden haired and blue eyed bodyguards were standing in the corridor. As soon as she went out, she heard Gong Ou's frantic roar, "Luo Qi, you're not respecting me! Interesting? Come with me! Why do you do that? Why? "

Gong Ou's anger is more than that.

With this sound, listen to a clear sound.

A painting was smashed out and the frame was scattered.

When Xiaonian listened in amazement, turned to Fengde, and asked, "manager Feng, why does Gong Ou quarrel with his aunt?"


Feng de looks at her and stops talking. After thinking about it, he thinks it's impossible to hide it. Then he says, "Miss Shi, you don't know something. The hotel is owned by the young master, and there are almost all people in it, so It's impossible for Miss Shier to enter the hotel by inviting several people. "

She also felt strange about this. Gong Ou said that she was OK in the hotel, but when she saw mu qianchu's back, she immediately followed him.

Then something happened.

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde and listened to the noise coming from inside, he suddenly understood that he was shocked and stared, "what do you mean is..."

"The young master transferred the monitoring video of the hotel. There are two people who put you in the garbage truck and take the elevator to leave. One is a stranger, the other is a bodyguard of the young master." Feng de told her the truth, "when he caught the bodyguard, he was about to run away, and was tortured all night before he said it was what Miss Shier told him to do."

"And then?"

When small read Zheng ground listen.

It turned out that was the process of finding her.

The stranger was probably the bait that didi found to lure her. It was too similar to Mu qianchu's back. Another bodyguard wanted to make sure that she could be transported out smoothly.

"Miss Shi, every bodyguard of the young master is selected by me. I have only one demand for them, that is, absolute loyalty." Feng de said, "this may not even be known to his wife."

"What do you mean?"

"I can say that it's impossible to move any bodyguard of the young master by means of the time flute." Feng de sighed and said, "here, the only one who can do this is his wife."

Smell speech, when small read's face white white white, "that is to say, madam is with when flute cooperation?"

Only this is possible.


Feng de nodded in silence.

Madame thought that she was only sitting behind the scenes to help her achieve her goal, but she didn't expect to be seen through by the young master.


When Xiaonian closed his eyes, I'm afraid that the masked men were all found by his wife, otherwise, he would not even be moved by the huge amount of money.

So it turns out.

When small read a wry smile, "is that I do not want to be a lover angered to his wife?"

Feng de sighs and responds in silence.


Madame Gong must have seen that she would rather learn to faint than be soft, so she took a step back to ask her to be a lover. As a result, she was still stubborn and refused, so she and she came to some cruel means.

It's tough enough.


a pile of things are smashed inside.

As you can imagine, the living room here is the same as the disaster scene.

When Xiaonian went forward, he stood outside the glass door and looked in.