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Chapter 638 is that she and Gong Ou stimulated Gong Jue's death?


When Xiaonian is held in his arms by Gong Ou domineering, he can't get rid of all the money and can only bear his strong kiss.

For a long time, Gong Ou let go of her, stared at her deeply with low eyes, and bit her teeth. "Do you know that you make me worry about death?"

He lowered his head, put his forehead on her forehead, and breathed heavily. He held her tightly like he was afraid of losing something. When Xiaonian stared at his eyes, he couldn't say a lot. He just whispered, "I'm sorry, I'll remember to watch the power of my cell phone next time."

"There's no next time! I have to be by my side every day. I can't go anywhere! "

Gong Ou presses her into his arms and enjoys the feeling of recovering from her loss.

"Well." Xiaonian nodded. He leaned against his chest and slowly raised his hand to grasp the clothes on his back.

Until the past for a long time, Gong Ou's breathing slowly smoothed down, when Xiaonian stood back and asked, "did you have a good time today?"

Brother reunion and good, together time should be very good.

"Not happy!" Gong Ou held her in her arms and rubbed her thin lips against her hair. "I've been thinking about you. I always think you will have an accident. I don't want to hunt at all."

This intuition is really weird.

When Xiaonian smiled, "what can happen if you stay here? Have you had dinner? I just made a little dinner and stayed there. If you've eaten, I'll share it with others. "

She thought he had.

"Did you cook?" Smell speech, Gong ou a pair of black eyes suddenly light up, pull her to go out, "haven't eaten, I haven't drunk a mouthful of water!"

"Ah? I thought you would have dinner together. " When Xiaonian was a little surprised, Gong Ou glanced back at her and said, "can you eat those meals outside? It's good for dogs not to eat. "


When small nianmo, follow him to leave.

When he didn't go to the restaurant, Xiaonian took out a few dishes. Gong Ou sat directly at the kitchen table and began to eat them. When Xiaonian sat aside and helped him with the dishes, "slow down, you can only eat one third of each dish here."


Asked Gong Ou displeased.

"One third of your food is enough. Don't eat more." Said shixiaonian solemnly.

"I'm exhausted today. I can eat more!" Gong Ou said and put a plate of vegetables in front of him. Far away from her, the meaning of food protection is no more obvious. His eyes even gave her a hostile look.

When small read chuckle, "line line line, you eat it."

Fortunately, she cooks less food and doesn't overeat after eating.

"That's about it."

Gong Ou starts to eat at a very fast speed, as if someone is going to rush to eat with him.

When small read to sit aside, the hand holds the face to gaze at him, the black and white clear eyes have a smile, gradually, that wipe the smile light down, the matter of the afternoon slowly emerge in front of her eyes.

In that cold study, she was pushed to the relief of the cross by Charles. She seemed to be branded on it. Charles's hand tightly held her neck.

As long as she moves, her life is gone.

After hanging up Gong Ou's phone, Charles said, "young lady, you really shouldn't enter this study or break the secret that has been hidden for four years."

A secret hidden for four years.

When Xiaonian stood there, took a breath of air conditioning, looked at the coffin in front of him, looked at Charles, and finally looked at Luo Qi.

"So you're going to kill?" When Xiaonian thought that he could not escape this disaster, he simply asked frankly, "do you two have secret? Or did you kill Gong Jue? What kind of conspiracy do you have? "

Otherwise, how could a double be made?

She didn't understand that she had frozen Gong Jue for four years.

She looked at Charles and Luo Qi. She found that they were of the same age and the intimate relationship between the master and the housekeeper. I'm afraid they spent more time together than Luo Qi and Gong Jue.

It's no surprise that there's any personal relationship.

Her questioning tone and inquiring eyes made Luo Qi angry, "what are you talking about?"


When Xiaonian looked at the two of them coldly, Charles stood there and looked at them puzzledly. Suddenly, he put down the hand holding her neck, with a look of crying and laughing, "young lady, are cartoonists as imaginative as you are?"


When Xiaonian looked at the two of them, she couldn't hear any more, and said to her, "come with me, don't talk nonsense in front of my husband."

If shixiaonian goes on, she can guess what she and Charles have to do with each other.


When Xiaonian stood there motionless, Charles beckoned her to follow, and she had to follow Luo Qi away.

Luo Qi always took her out of the castle and went to the garden behind her. The weather began to warm, and the flowers began to light up with bright colors.

Luo Qi walked forward, pulled her coat with both hands and sat down on the bench. Her long hair flicked slightly in the breeze. When she looked at it, she said, "OK, you can sit too."

"Say what you want."

When Xiaonian stood and said, if things are as mean and shameless as she thought, she would leave a message to Gong Ou even if she died.

"Madame, how about me?" Asked Charles on the side respectfully.

"It doesn't matter. The so-called secret in the world is waiting for someone to break it." Luo Qi raised her hand and pressed her aching head. She raised her hand and put it up gracefully and gracefully. She was as beautiful as a picture. When she looked at it, she thought for a long time. She said slowly, "my husband's body was not good in the past few years. No one knows except me, Charles and the personal doctor. Even Gong Ou doesn't know how to do it."

"You mean he is ill?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Yes, since then, he has been trying to stay away from home." Luo Qi mentions Gong Jue, and her beautiful eyes show sadness. "Gong Ou suddenly told the whole world that he was in love with you, which was very serious. It was my husband who should have gone to s City personally, but he was seriously ill, so I was the only one to go."

When Xiaonian looked at her in shock, "so what did you say at that time to appease Gong Jue and let you come to mediate first is false?"

At that time, Gong Jue was seriously ill?

"It's a fake. His condition is always repeated, stable and bad. At that time, his disease is so serious that he can't go as far as s city." Luo Qi said bitterly, "so, everything can only be me, but I'm not as hot as him, otherwise, I won't let you and Gong oeneng go to this step."

When Xiaonian stood there, he suddenly remembered that four years ago, Gong Jue's words were heartless and cruel to her. But since Gong Ou disappeared, her relationship with the palace family began to mend a little. She thought that Gong Jue was heartless after losing his second son.

"In Baisha islands that year, the bodyguard put the muzzle of the gun on my head, Xiaokui cried, and then you said that Gongjue ordered me to be released." When Xiaonian looked at Luo Qi, he finally understood, "it's not Gong Jue's heart, it's you."

She said that in the legend, a father who only valued fame and was so fierce that he forced his son to go to China at full pressure, how could he suddenly become soft hearted.

Luo Qi's means are not the most ruthless, she has her own bottom line.

Luo Qi once sent someone to strengthen her, but she was not really touched; Luo Qi once trapped her in the tower for half a year, wanted to give up her mother and son, but did not want to kill her; Gong Ou returned, she was in a misunderstanding and broke up with Gong ou. After a fight, she came back and married again, and the palace family did not object.

Although I haven't seen Gong Jue, all the posts are Luo Qi's style, because she's not cruel enough. Luo Qi can only be cruel to half of everything.

"Yes, sometimes I wonder if it's better to kill you then? There won't be so many things. "

Luo Qi gave a wry smile.

If Gong Jue is always in good health, shixiaonian has died many times.

"Do you think it's all my fault?"

She didn't make Gong Jue sick.

Hearing this, Luo Qi's eyes filled with tears. "At the beginning, my husband was not willing to make public because he didn't want to affect the reputation of the palace family outside. We always thought that he could be cured. But since you made public your love, he has been deeply stimulated and his condition has gone from bad to worse."


When small read lips.

"What my husband is most worried about in his life is the future of Gong family. Gong Ou is the most proud son of Gong family. Gong Ou was willing to inherit the palace family before, but later, when he was with you, he became like that." Luo Qi said, paler and paler.


When Xiaonian stood there and didn't know what to say, she didn't know anything about these things.

"Later, Gong Ou was willing to marry the Lancaster lady. My husband's illness was better and he was able to walk around. Even Gong Ou didn't find his abnormality." Luo Qi said, turning his fingers to tears on his face, "I thought everything would get better slowly, and as a result, an engagement ceremony to change brides in public destroyed everything."

When Xiaonian looked at Luo Qi in amazement. Luo Qi sat on the bench, her eyes were red. "My husband's body has gone completely since the engagement ceremony. Remember, once you came to talk about the transaction with us and said that you should put holy beside us and don't disturb Gong ou."


"We have to compromise with you because my husband really can't stand it. In the end, you stimulated his death." Luo Qi said, "he didn't understand until that moment. He couldn't make Gong Ou change his mind."


When small read low head, fingers can not help but grasp tight clothes.

Did she and Gong Ou stimulate Gong Jue's death?

"I've told him so many times that we can't be such a big master of children's affairs. I want him not to be so persistent. I want him to travel with me to see the scenery in the world." Luo Qi said, tears came down, "but he still refused. I couldn't persuade him. Until the day he died, he was still thinking about the palace."