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Chapter 1023 young master, I'sm sorry

When Xiaonian opened her eyes in a daze, she couldn't move like lead under her feet. In a moment, she grabbed her teeth and went on, but her eyes were wet.

Sorry, bit.

I'm really sorry

The sound insulation effect is not good enough. Xiaonian keeps running forward and hearing the sound of fighting and conversation.

"If you want to drive, I'll see if the dog killed the owner and my father will appreciate you!" Bit's voice is a little painful.

"As long as I take Gong Ou's woman back, my husband will appreciate me." The bodyguard raised his voice in a cruel voice, "young master, I don't want to hurt you. You know what you are, get out of the way. The woman belongs to the palace family. Mr. Gong Ouqi is hospitalized, but you need to protect her? I don't know what you will think when you know it. "

"Don't tell me so much. If you dare to bite me today, I'll go down and catch people!" Bit spoke in pain.

"Young master, you are forcing me!"

Then there was a sound like a fight and a kick, mixed with a cry of bit's pain. He seemed to want to suppress it, but the pain was louder.

Does it hurt more than a belt? What is he going through.

When Xiaonian trotted forward in a dark environment, running, tears fell down, and those voices were farther and farther away from her

Her hands were shaking, and the light was swinging in the dark and damp dark path. She put out her hand to cover her mouth, and ran forward mercilessly.

Bit is the master of Lancaster. It's OK. It's OK.

Endure again, as long as she runs faster, she can run to the place where there are family members in an hour, and then she can come to save him.

Bit, you have to hold on, you have to!

When Xiaonian was running, she was thinking in her heart with guilt. The whole human figure was torn hard, and the baby in her stomach moved with it, which made her feel pain.

It really hurts

I don't know how long it took to run, a loud voice came down through the horn, "madam, our young master has been bruised all over for you, you really have the heart to see him killed alive?"

The sound of kicking and kicking came down to the ground. Every sound was so clear that it seemed to hit her.

The cry of biting pain was accompanied by the heartrending cry from several maids: "don't beat the young master again, don't fight again! Hit us! "

When Xiaonian stood there, she couldn't stand it. Even bith's mistreated maid came out, and what was she doing

When Xiaonian was in a dilemma, he listened to bith's voice, which was shaking and painful, saying, "let's go! They dare not take me! "

"Is it? Young master, you are challenging my patience. " The bodyguard was so arrogant that he had to catch Xiaonian.

"Ah --"

a hysterical roar broke the whole night, which made people's scalp numb. When Xiaonian looked up in amazement, he couldn't see anything, but he heard the cries of the maids and the voices of others. "What should I do, head? He still holds the mechanism tightly and refuses to release when his hands are discounted. We can't open it. "

When Xiaonian incredibly covers her mouth, bit

"It's too late. I'm really run away by that woman. We have no merit. Sir will blame us for hurting the young master." The head of the bodyguard made a decision at the moment. His voice was especially gloomy. "If you want to do it, you should do it simply. Then you can catch a few palace family members and count them on the head of the palace. Bith won't be favored. Sir won't check it carefully."

How dare they do that? Are they crazy? Bit is their master!

It's a cruel foot again. The moan of bith's pain came, accompanied by the cries of the maids, which was heartbreaking.

On the secret way, all the maids who came here after hearing the wind were stopped by the bodyguards. Mr Gong was fighting with the bodyguards and had been shot several times.

Bith's whole body lies on the top of the cover. He clasps the mechanism with both hands. He has blood on one left hand. His face is pale and he still clasps the mechanism with all his strength. His chest is pressed on his hands. The pain is more and more intense.

Several bodyguards kept beating him hard. He was in such pain that he didn't know what it was.

Suddenly, a black pistol hit his head.

The muzzle of the gun was cold.

"Young master, I will give you one last chance. Today I must catch this woman. Please get out of the way." The head of the bodyguard crouches down in front of bit. His eyes are almost crazy.

The two families have been fighting openly and secretly for so long, and the public opinion in the world is crazy. If such small people as them can play a key role in this war, they will become famous in the future.

No one with a brain will give up such a good opportunity.

Bit is lying there, breathing has become breathing, he slowly raised his face and looked at the man in front of him, grinning his lips, white teeth stained with blood.

"If there's a seed, you can shoot it. Open it."

Even if he died, he would not let go. Even if he died, he would survive this hour and let shixiaonian go back safely.

"For the sake of a hostile woman, you really don't want to die." The head bodyguard took the pistol and smashed it on his head.

Blood ran down the boy's forehead.

He cried out in pain. Once again, the cold muzzle of the gun was on his head. The bodyguard crouched there and smiled, "that young master, I'm sorry. May God take care of you!"

"No, young master!"

The maids cried out, wishing to rush through the circle of bodyguards.

The R palace tried to rescue people, and some systems in the body could not even work because of the shooting.

This night, full of howls of stabbing.

The bodyguard leader opened the pistol insurance and slowly turned on the trigger. Suddenly, there was a knock under the manhole cover. It was not obvious in the scream, but bit and the bodyguard leader froze.

"Go! You go! "

Bit slammed the manhole cover harder, yelled out loud, blood gushing out of his mouth.

"Leave bith alone. I'll go with you." A soft voice sounded at the bottom, which was full of a sense of life.

The head of the bodyguard stood up excitedly.

When he heard Xiaonian's voice, bith opened his eyes wide in astonishment. His eyes turned red and his lips shook violently. "Leave me alone! Go! "

From childhood, he was beaten and never saved. When he was a child, he always wondered if he was beaten and died. That was also very good.

She even turned around, he died, what is he worth her turning around.

Words fall, a low laugh came from the bottom of the well cover, bitterly, "fool, no elder sister doesn't care about younger brother."


Bit lay there, his body shaking, his eyes closed, his tears running down.

"Bith, you're good. Let's go. Let me come up." "I don't want to, I want you to go, I want you to go!"

"They've gone insane. Let me up. We can all live. Isn't it good?" When Xiaonian's voice with a smile came, "my elder sister has a younger brother, do you want me to watch you die for me?"

“……” Smell speech, bit outside share hate oneself to protect not good she, with the head to the miscellaneous grass up and down bump, the pain is extreme, "you go! In fact, I didn't take you as my sister at all. I've always doubted you. I know that you asked your husband for help. I didn't fully believe you! "

He was very weak, but he said with all his strength, just to let her go.

When Xiaonian stood on the lower steps, he smiled bitterly, and said in the dark, "so coincidentally, I didn't take you as my younger brother. In fact, I have a younger brother, but he died very early. I said those words and made cakes to cheat your trust. In order to leave you early, you really don't need to kill a liar like me Up. "


Bith was lying on the well cover in full view of the public, and when he heard her, his tears began to flow more, and his hands began to loosen.

After a long time, the well cover was finally opened and several guns were aimed at her.

When Xiaonian rubbed her eyes, not to let them get wet. She took a deep breath and arranged her clothes and hair. She was gong Ou's wife. Even if she was abducted, she should have gong Ou's dignity and pride.

She went up step by step, and the light on it blinded her.

Before he could stand still, bit came to her and held her tightly. The whole body fell on her. "When I was reading, when I was reading, when I was reading..."

Surrounded by enemies and guns.

The night wind is particularly bleak.

When Xiaonian stood there, let bith hold him, chuckled, reached out and rubbed his head, "this is the most accurate pronunciation you can make."

Bit leaned on her shoulder and sobbed like a child, with a lot of guilt. When Xiaonian took his hand, bit cried out in pain, "ah."

When Xiaonian looked down, he saw that bit's left hand was hanging softly, unable to do anything, and his sleeve was covered with footprints.

"Does it hurt?" Asked shixiaonian anxiously.

Bit immediately shook his head. Half of his face was covered with blood. When Xiaonian reached out to wipe it off for him, his palm was red.

"Come with us, Mrs. Gong. We'll take you to Mr. George." The head of the bodyguard came over and stared at Xiaonian with sparkling eyes. The whole person was very excited.

He will become famous in the first World War. From today on, his name will be remembered by the whole Lancaster family.

"I see."

When small read light tunnel, watching a bodyguard with a lock came, she obediently extended her hands.

A pair of slender wrists are locked.

"Untie! Untie her! " Bit was so angry that he almost jumped up and shouted angrily.

It's a pity that his anger didn't get any response, just like his experience from childhood, which had no effect.

"It's OK. The prisoners are like this."

When Xiaonian comforted him in turn, and then walked along with him. Bit immediately followed up and held her with another intact hand. "Don't be afraid, I won't let you have anything. I'm still useful to my father, and I will keep you."