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Chapter 11

Why are you bleeding

"You make trouble for no reason."

Shi Xiaonian thought that after the polygraph test, they would understand that everything was wrong.

"I made trouble for no reason? Shi Xiaonian, since you like to play so much, I will keep playing with you! "

Gong Ou growled angrily as he grabbed her chin, as if he wanted to crush her to pieces.

Why did he think this woman was so beautiful when she was angry?

"Rogue, didn't you say that you don't want to touch me anymore?"

Is he a pervert?

"You seduced me." Gong Ou pushed the blame onto her.

"I didn't."

"His heart is open, yet he has such a pure face. If that isn't seduction, then what is?" Gong Ou's tone was full of ridicule as he stared at her eyes with a hint of dark desire in his eyes. Lowering his head, he was about to kiss her lips.

Shi Xiaonian had never seen such a shameless person. Even though her head was full of nonsense, she blames it on her. She was startled for a second, but quickly understood what was going on as hatred surged within her.

Looking at Gong Ou's face that was gradually approaching, Shi Xiaonian suddenly turned his head to the side and bit onto Gong Ou's neck with what remained of his strength, refusing to let go even at all.

The teeth were sunk deep into the skin.

This was her last stand.

"Urgh …"

Gong Ou moaned in pain as he forcefully pushed her head away. He reached out his hands to cover his neck and opened his palms, revealing a pool of blood.

What a cruel mouth.

"You woman …"

He was already unconscious.

Worse than a cup.

Gong Ou raised his hand and was about to hit her in the face. Shi Xiaonian was unconscious, tears flowing from her eyes.

He didn't look like he was acting at all.

Gong Ou's gaze froze and his hand stiffened in midair. His chest felt as if it had been struck by something, and an unspeakable feeling surged up.

Butler Feng De walked in from outside and upon seeing the blood on Gong Ou's neck, he immediately cried out, "I'll go get the medicine box immediately."

"We'll talk about it later."

He wanted to put out the fire first.

Gong Ou said coldly as he picked Shi Xiaonian up from the polygraph chair and carried him in the direction of her spy. As he walked, he lowered his head to cover her lips.

He did not tell her that the sweetness on her lips was stronger than the sweetness of the spring.


So painful.

Shi Xiaonian woke up from her sleep in a daze. A ray of sunlight shone through the huge window, illuminating the big bedroom that was adorned with European decorations. The purple curtains that covered the floor added a tinge of gentleness to the light.

"Miss Shi, you're finally awake."

Shi Xiaonian didn't say anything and silently sat up on the bed. She was tired and cold.

She looked at this unfamiliar room. This was Gong Ou's Imperial Castle, and she thought of how she was hit by Gong Ou's cold water in the sweat steamer pavilion when she was still unconscious due to the heat. She thought of how she was tortured to the point that she didn't have any strength left, and how she was trapped in the lie detector chair and fainted.

Gong Ou.


How could she touch such a person?

"Miss Shi, do you need to eat something? The kitchen is made up of 36 chefs from all over the world. They have different flavors and you can eat whatever you want. " Feng De said.

"When can you let me go?" Shi Xiaonian leaned on the back of the bed, his face was pale white, his voice was hoarse and his eyes lifeless and desperate.