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Chapter 255 gave her a shot in the leg

When Xiaonian stared at Shidi, his index finger slowly turned to the trigger, and before he could feel it, the pistol was taken away.

Gong Ou grabs the silver pistol and stares at her with his eyes, "shixiaonian! That's what you said to me, isn't it? How much is her mean life worth? Do you want to pay for her? "

Did her skull break?

When the flute is something, she will pay for her life! Did you ask him?


When Xiaonian was torn down by him, he stood there in silence.

She said this on purpose to Gong ou. Although she hated Shidi, she was not ready to kill her. Only in this way can Gong Ou stop killing.

She doesn't want Gong ou to be in the shadow of murder.

She didn't want to do anything. She thought about it and said to Gong ou, "send Shidi abroad. I don't want to see her again."

That night in the king's palace, she really hated the flute.

"That's it? Go! You're a dead end! " Gong Ou stares at her with hate and pulls her hand out.

At that time, Zhong saw that he was also paralyzed on his knees and sat on the ground, his face full of stupidity.

It's all right? It's OK.


All of a sudden there was a gunshot in the room.

Shizhong shivered with fear. Then he heard the scream of Shidi. He was exhausted.

“……” When Xiaonian turned his head in amazement, he saw that when the flute was pressed on the sofa, there was a muzzle on a slender leg, and fresh blood splashed out, causing a blood hole.


When Xiaonian was shocked, her arms were numb.

"It's the lightest punishment I've ever given her!" Gong Ou holds the gun in one hand and her wrist in the other. His voice is murky, and his eyes are covered with a layer of light that can't be more sinister? I'll kill her if I have another objection! "

He has reached the limit of his patience with the time flute.

If he doesn't give Shidi a shot, his anger can't be dispelled.

When Xiaonian takes back her sight, she doesn't dare to see the bloody scene again. Beichi bites her lips. She is the first to see real guns shoot bullets in reality

It turned out to be such a terrible thing.

She swallowed her saliva and turned a little white.

"Hello!" Gong Ou stares at her. "Do you think I'm heavy again?"

Start heavy.

When the flute three times want to let the man strong her, it is not heavy.

When Xiaonian shook his head, he looked at Gong Ou's eyes in surprise and whispered, "I saw the shooting for the first time."

"First time?"

Gong Ou was stunned for a moment, and suddenly realized that she had lived a normal life since she was a child. She had never seen a real gun, let alone shot it.

I knew I would never let her see.

There will be a shadow.

"Well." When small say white face nod, dare not see again when flute leg that blood hole.

Shizhong has been crying and howling. He hugs Shidi, who is in pain until he faints. Min Qiujun also faints on the ground.

"Send my family abroad, and never allow the three of them to go back home." Gong Ou said to Feng De, who was standing by.

Feng de bowed his head respectfully. "Yes, young master, I will do it."


When Xiaonian's face turned white, he was hugged out by Gong ou.

Shizhong's cry and howl sounded behind her. "Little flute, little flute, wake up, don't scare Dad..."


When small read hang eyes.

This time, she really has nothing to do with her family.

Gong ou can't help but stare at her when she doesn't speak. "Do you want to find a psychiatrist for you?"

The first time many people saw a shot, it left a psychological shadow.

Smell speech, when small read to raise a face to shake head, show a smile, "I'm ok. Gong ou, is there only two of us left in the future? "

When the family was sent abroad, Mrs. Gong also left.

There will be no more time, no more palace.

There are only two left, aren't they?

"Well!" Gong Ou stares at her and responds with great force. He holds her in his long hand and clasps his fingers. "There will be only two of us in the future, and no one will disturb her again!"

"Then we'll be happy every day, won't we?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Of course!"

"Then you can't move or shoot. It's scary." Then Xiaonian said again, with a clear and soft voice.


That's the point.

Gong Ou glared at her fiercely, and handed the pistol to Feng De, "no more shooting."

When Xiaonian smiled and looked at him, reached up his back, "Gong ou, carry me home."


Gong Ou picked her up and carried her step by step.

The night is very deep, the light is dim, the two figures cast a long shadow on the ground, she lies on his broad back, feeling the warmth never before, and a sense of security protected and cherished.

This night, it was midnight when I returned to the imperial castle.

In the bedroom, Xiaonian sits in front of the piano and stares at the black and white keys on it. He gently presses the keys one by one with his fingers on it and listens to the beautiful sound of the retro piano on his side.

Always read.

She thought about Gong Ou's appearance when she played the song at the banquet. The music was beautiful, the music was so pleasant, even the name of the song was so pleasant

When Xiaonian thought, suddenly a drop of cold water dropped on her neck, which made her shrink her neck, put her hand down from the piano and turn her head.

Gong Ou stood behind her, wearing a silver gray bathrobe with a half loose collar, showing a solid sexy chest. Her short hair was wet, and water drops fell on a handsome face along the hair. The light fell on the water stains on his face, which was seduced by Tim.

"What are you doing?"

Gong Ou stared at her and asked, with deep black eyes and long eyelashes.

From the bottom-up point of view of shixiaonian, Gong Ou's face is particularly handsome and sexy. She smiles and points to the piano. "I want to learn the piano and play it all the time."

"That's it?"


"I'll teach you!"

Gong Ou sat down beside her, grabbed her body with one hand from behind, and grasped her two hands to play on the piano. When he frowned, he couldn't help saying, "no one who studies piano like this can't play well."

The handle doesn't play well.

"That's it!" Gong Ou opens her mouth domineering, grabs one of her slender index fingers with one hand and presses it on the key.


When small read the forehead next row of black line.

Does she mean magic?

Who learned to play the piano with two fingers?

But it's amazing. Gong Ou is playing with her on the piano keys. There is really intermittent music. It's very beautiful. It's like a constant recitation when the music has changed. The original sweetness can also be conveyed by notes

"Gong ou."


"It's better to make constant recitation into the music of Mr series robots, which is very suitable." When Xiaonian was surrounded by him, he raised his face to see him. His eyes were clear and bright. "How about it?"

Gong Ou stares into her eyes, stops playing at once, and stares at her directly, with her Adam's apple rolling up and down.


When Xiaonian's eyes fell on his prominent Adam's apple, he watched a drop of water slide down his sexy chin, down his neck and over his Adam's apple.

She raised her hand and stroked his Adam's apple, scraping away the transparent drop of water.

Gong Ou's body suddenly stiffened, and his Adam's apple rolled up and down again. Next second, he lowered his head, held her lips and kissed her. He breathed heavily, hugged her with one hand and let out his feelings.


When Xiaonian opened his eyes, the trend was that he wanted to

Since the king's palace incident, he seldom kissed her, let alone touched her. She was also embarrassed to ask him why he suddenly became ascetic.

When small read face up to cater to his kiss, learn his kissing skills, smart tongue describes his lips, hands around his neck.

This initiative made Gong Ou's body immediately tense. Gong Ou covered the piano with one hand, held her on the piano and sat down. He stood up and bent down to deepen the kiss.

His breath was as heavy as words, like a man who had been walking in the desert for many years, eager for water.

The temperature on his lips was boiling hot.

When small read obediently kisses him, suddenly, the hand of palace Europe touches the pajamas on her body, but the finger has no next move, his black eyes are full of deep need, thin lips release her, hot breath is gushing thin on her face, voice is dumb, "can you? Time is small. "

He asked her?

When Xiaonian's face suddenly turned red like an apple, shy to embarrassment, and whispered, "when did you learn to respect my opinion?"


Gong Ou said, his eyes fixed on her lips.

"Then..." At that time, I was so embarrassed that I didn't know how to reply. For a while, I muttered, "sometimes, it's better for men to be domineering."

How can she answer this kind of question!

Who is Gong Ou? How could he not understand such words? His black eyes suddenly brightened, his head bowed to hold her lips again, and his palm pulled off her pajamas


After so many experiences, Xiaonian becomes more dependent on Gong ou.

Now she lives a full life every day.

When Xiaonian handed over the second volume of the cartoon to Xia Bian, she was only waiting for listing. When she was free, in addition to learning to improve herself, she followed Gong ou to participate in various activities.

Public opinion is really man-made.

People are forgetful.

After she attended many media activities with Gong ou, her negativity has been gradually forgotten by everyone, and she has become more and more calm.

The family left the country.

After the acquisition of Murdoch group, Murdoch family knew that there was no shelter in China and moved abroad.

But mu qianchu, when Xiaonian never heard from him, once, she saw a picture on the news, and there was a figure very similar to Mu qianchu.

She can only rely on such photos to tell herself that mu qianchu must be OK. Mu qianchu is safe in some corner of the world.

Just after taking part in a charity activity, Gong Ou was interviewed, and the surrounding lights were strong. When facing the camera, he always talked freely, his tone was domineering, and he had a sense of self-respect. He didn't know what modesty was, but it was impossible to refute it.

While Xiaonian was reading magazines.

The magazine that came to interview Gong Ou this time is a tall magazine. All the financial figures who can go to the magazine are listed with one hand.

"Miss Shi." Feng de came over with a glass of juice in his hand. "It's still hot, young master let Shi miss have some juice."

"Thank you, housekeeper."

When Xiaonian smiled, took a sip of juice and looked up at the palace being interviewed