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Chapter 349: the truth of Xiaonian's abandonment

Murakami spoke slowly. .


When Xiaonian looked at him in shock, his face turned white.

Xi Yu is on the plane.

She reached out her hand and pressed it to her heart, and said stupidly, "so I was suffocated not because of you, but because of Xi Yu."

"It's not surprising that you are twins with some telepathy." I admire the way of the beginning.


When small read some difficult to accept to sit there, the heart is stuffy, the eye blinked, some acerbity, "he died?"

"Many people from the Xi family have gone there and recovered the remains."

Said Mu qianchu.


Her brother is dead. How could that happen.

When Xiaonian looked at the album with low eyes, she turned page by page, turned to the last page, and finally saw a picture of Xi Yu's men's clothes.

18、 Nine year old look.

Xi Yu is dressed in a handsome military uniform with short hair and spirit. She stands upright and looks sassy. Her eyes are absolutely confident and proud. She is handsome.

This is her younger brother, a brother who has never planned to meet, and who has never met before.

When Xiaonian reached out and touched the photo above, he suddenly felt a little sad.

There are always too many misses in the world. Unexpectedly, the only time she felt her brother was when he died.

Only one telepathy is a farewell to life and death.

"Don't be too sad, Xiaonian. Pay attention to your health." Muqianchu got up from the sofa, walked to her side and sat down, took the album in her hand and closed it.

When small read some bitter smile, fingers touch red eyes, "I don't know why, obviously never seen, but know he died, I am very sad, very uncomfortable."

That's the brother of one of her compatriots.

I can't even see one side.

"I only talked about a cup of coffee with Xi Yu, but he is a very cultured person."

"Do I have any other brothers and sisters?" He asked aloud.

She doesn't want to talk about Xi Yu, her younger brother who died young.

Mu qianchu shook his head and put his hand on her shoulder. "Xi Yu is the only son of Xi family. Xi Yu left a box at the airport. Before I could find you, I knew that his plane had been lost. I found the Xi's house according to the contact information in the box and met your father. "


Her biological father.

When small read lips.

"Mr. Xi suffered from the loss of his son. He was very sad because I brought the relics of Xi Yu. Your father was grateful and wanted to help me. At that time, I just needed to start again, so I stayed to work for the Xi family." The tone of Mu qianchu is gentle and modest.

Stay at Mu's house. No matter how tall he is, Gong ou will beat him. He will never get up.

He had to start all over again in a place he could not see.

"To work for the Xi family?"

When small read some ground to stare at him.

There are some lofty in Mu qianchu's bones. Ordinary people please don't touch him.

Mu qianchu looks down at her, stands up and walks to the window, pushes the window open, "Xiao Nian, come and have a look."

When Xiaonian looked at him, he stood up and walked to the window, looking out. The outside world was very comfortable, the scenery was beautiful, and there was light flashing and jumping in a far and far place.

Like a lake, like a sea.

"Do you know where that is?" Muqianchu pointed to the distant light, then turned to stare at her and said, "it's the Baisha islands, your seat."

At home.

When small read surprised to look at him, and look at that distant point of light.

For a time, she could not accept so many things. She had a twin brother, but he died. She had a living father, and it seemed that she was not rich in general.

"Do you want to know what your father is doing? The career of Xi family is mysterious and low-key. I can't tell you specifically, but I do have money." Muqianchu looked at her. "All this will be yours."

When Xiaonian stood there, his face was not happy, just asked lightly, "do you know why I was abandoned?"

"The Xi family didn't know there was another you."


When small read Zheng ran.

"When I brought Xi Yu's relics, Xi began to investigate the whole thing. At that time, Xi's family was going through some things. Your mother escaped to China and lived with trepidation, not to mention checking whether the twins were in her stomach. When she gave birth, she was in agony and almost lost her consciousness. So she always thought she had only one son. " Said Mu qianchu.


When small read to stay.

"I went to find out the doctors and nurses who delivered the baby, only to find out that they were all engaged in black trade. Seeing that they had twins, I began to greedily sell one." I admire the way of the beginning.

"Then I......"

"Their procedure is to negotiate with the seller first, then sign a contract to pay for the child, then throw the child away from the abandoned baby Island, and let the seller adopt the child in a regular way, so that they can't be found even after thorough investigation." Mu qianchu looks at her, then tells the truth, "you were bought by Shijia."

At first hearing such a truth, Xiaonian stood there stupidly and did not say anything for half a day.

She thought about why she was abandoned many times, but she didn't think about it.

She was bought at home.

"As for why some sellers don't adopt directly, but want to buy, because those buyers will want a beautiful and healthy child, and most of the abandoned babies are abandoned because of physical diseases." Said Mu qianchu.

Buy children to buy things you like.

"That's the truth." Said Xiao Nian in a low voice.


The sun outside is very warm.

When Xiaonian thought about his life experience, he suddenly smiled a little derisively. "My parents didn't tell me until the end. I bought it from the black doctor. I always thought I was lost by my father and mother. Every time my adoptive father gets angry, he scolds me for no one wants me, for being a drag bottle, and for being a bitch who has been lost... "


"It turns out they didn't plan to tell me the truth all along." When Xiaonian said with a wry smile, "even if they cut off the relationship with me, they would rather let me live and die by myself, but they didn't want to tell me the truth, let me find my own biological father and mother!"

At the end of the speech, Xiao Nian cried out a little excitedly.

She thought that min Qiujun was weak, but still loved her. Why didn't even his adoptive mother tell her.

Even her adoptive mother instilled in her from an early age the "fact" that she was lost.

What is she to the family?

Mu qianchu has been at Shijia for many years. He understands what shixiaonian cares about. "Xiaonian..."

"I think I've lived like an idiot for so many years!" When Xiaonian stood at the window and said excitedly, his eyes were red and full of hatred.

Concealing her life experience and laughing at her loneliness and helplessness is what the family brought her.

And she, once took them as her close relatives, chose to help them and forgive them again and again.

But what did she do for it?

There is no good return in the world!

"Come on, it's all over." Muqianchu reached out to hold her shoulder and soothed her mood. "You see, you have come back to Xi's house now. I will arrange for you to meet your father and mother. They want you back very much."


Meet my father and mother.

She doesn't know who else she can trust.

"After investigating the matter clearly, I have always sent someone to follow you and want to pick you up, but you and Gong ou are almost inseparable and haven't found a chance." "Muqianchu said," I didn't expect that, but I saved you from the hand of Madame Gong. "

The mantis catches cicadas, and the Yellow finch is behind.

"Thank you, Chiu."

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him gratefully, "if it wasn't for you, I might be in the sea in front of the tower now."

"You were going to die?"

Mu qianchu looked at her in amazement, but didn't expect that she would hold such a determined idea.

"If you didn't save me and my children, I would have lost everything, and I wouldn't have any resistance against the palace family." Said Shi Xiaonian sadly.

The saddest thing for a man is not to overstep himself, but to face a strong power and know his vulnerability too well.

"Well, I don't want that."

Looking at her like this, mu qianchu's chest brushed a touch of pain, reached out and patted her shoulder, and said softly, "when you are better, I will take you to see your parents. After that, you will have a dependence, not a small idea when you adopted your daughter."

She can take off the title of adopted daughter forever.

See your parents.

When Xiaonian stood in the window, listening to the three words, her heart was in a second of panic. She reached out and pressed on the windowsill, her lips pressed tightly. "Qianchu, I'm a little scared. I don't know if I can trust anyone now."

She didn't know what her parents were like.

She didn't know whether her parents would like her or not. Would they get along with each other like ordinary mothers and daughters and fathers and daughters? Or stranger?

"Then do you believe me?" Asked mu qianchu, standing beside her.

"Of course I believe you."

He replied without hesitation.

If she can't trust mu qianchu, she doesn't know who to trust now.

"That's good." Mu qianchu turns her body and stares at her deeply. Her eyes are gentle. "Xiaonian, you just need to believe me."


When Xiaonian was about to speak, her head suddenly became dizzy, and her face suddenly turned into two. She shook her head vigorously, "my head is dizzy, qianchu."

"I know, because you are too tired, so I put some medicine in your tea to let you sleep more." Murmured mu qianchu.


When Xiaonian looked at him in shock, he wanted to say something. In front of him, there was a blank in his head, and the whole person fell down.

Mu qianchu quickly reached out to hug her into his arms and picked her up horizontally. There was a pain in his waist, which made him frown.

Mu qianchu holds back the pain and leaves with Xiaonian.


Palace castle, England.

In the corridor, the elegant Luo Qi walked around on the wood grain floor, her face was full of anxiety, and her high-heeled shoes made a crisp sound on the ground.