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Chapter 658 calculates her life

When Xiaonian gently patted her back and said along with her words, "my father also works hard. He only hopes that my mother will have a good and comfortable life after he left. .”


"Perhaps most of the reason why a father has developed a double is because his mother has a concern, not because he died and suddenly collapsed." He continued.

Luo Qi's body was shaking badly.

"I should have been better to him then. I could have been better to him." Luo Qi choked and said with tears on her face, "why can't I understand him earlier, why can't he talk to me earlier, we can have a better life."


When small read quietly stand aside, watching her regret.

Next second, Luo Qi leans against her, throws into her arms to cry, cries like a young child, fingers tightly grasps the skirt on her body.

When Xiaonian lets Luo Qi lean on her body and cry, pat her back gently and pacify her, "mother, you can't come back in the past, but as long as you have a good and happy life in the future, father will comfort in the heaven and won't feel guilty for you."


Luo Qi answered with a choking voice.

Hearing this, Xiao Nian was relieved. Luo Qi had always been obsessed with Gong Jue, and lived without hesitation according to what Gong Jue said, until she had some split personality.

Now, Luo Qi knows that Gong Jue loves her very much. This knot should be put down, and she should be able to live a good life for herself.

For a long time.

Charles's figure appeared at the door of the study, saw Luo Qi cry into such a stupefied, bowed to them, "madam, little madam, the engagement ceremony is about to start, don't you go?"

Engagement ceremony.

When small read heart next tight, low Mou look to Luo Qi, now only see Luo Qi's mind, don't know what kind of decision she will make.

I think of all the ways I can. If Luo Qi still can't think about it, what should I do?

"Engagement?" Luo Qi was stunned and repeated these two words. Then she looked up at Xiao Nian, whose eyes were blurred by tears. "Xiao Nian, Gong Yu doesn't want to get married, does she?"

"Don't all mothers know?" Shi Xiaonian said, "I couldn't stand the pressure of my father's eldest son, so I became a deserter. Now I say that he is willing to follow his father's old way. How can it be?"

"Then what?" Luo Qi blurted out and frowned.


Charles stood there and looked at them unexpectedly. When did the lady trust her so intimately? She even took the initiative to hold her hand.

When Xiaonian looks at Luo Qi and doesn't speak.

Luo Qi stands up from the chair and looks at Xiaonian and says, "you can't let Gong Yu marry, Xiaonian."


Xiaonian looked at her in surprise.

"I can't let my son follow his father's path any more. If he wants to take over the palace family, he will take over. If he doesn't want to marry, he will not. It's OK."

Smell speech, when small read light smile, look at Luo Qi way, "mother is willing to let elder brother live his own life?"

"How could my own son not have hurt?" Luo Qi said, folding up the paper on the table, carefully clip it back into the book, and said, "my husband just wants me to live a comfortable life, my sons live a comfortable life, I'm ok, I don't pay so much attention to glory."

"Mother, you've finally figured it out."

When small read light tunnel, Luo Qi thought through, this big lie finally played the best role.

Luo Qi put out her hand to wipe her tears, and said eagerly, "Charles, get your car ready. Let's go to the scene. You call Gong Yu. Hurry up."

With that, Luo Qi went out and strode.

When Xiaonian stood there, looked down at the book on the table, opened it and looked at the page.

Everything is just a lie. Luo Qi is easily deceived. She doesn't know that Gong Ou has already found some old people in the palace.

Under all kinds of threats and lures, they pieced together a message from those old people. Gong Jue was a man with only ambition. He was very indifferent to feelings and had no need. At that time, he was looking for the marriage object among several young ladies and finally chose Luo Qi.

It's the first time that we met. It was also arranged by Gong Jue.

Maybe, even if Luo Qi falls in love with him, it's also his elaborate arrangement.

In order to let Luo Qi and the family behind her support her wholeheartedly, Gong Jue has not been derailed.

Gong Ou also set a secret. At that time, Luo Qi was not in good health. Gong Jue was worried that he would not be born. He also asked people to give birth to Luo Qi with drugs. Later, he didn't worry about the heirs anymore, so he didn't ask Luo Qi to continue. But these became possible concerns in Luo Qi's eyes, so she kept wondering whether Gong Jue had ever loved her.

Gong Jue has calculated Luo Qi's life.

These secrets to let Luo Qi know, she can not imagine what Luo Qi will become.

"Do you have no regrets in your life for a woman who loves you so much?"

When Xiaonian closed the book, whispered, sighed softly, closed the book, put it back on the shelf, and turned away from the study.

It's a white lie. It's a forced modification of the wishes of a deceased person. Another family can live well.

She did it right.

At least everything is going in the best direction she wants.

There is nothing better than this.

When Xiaonian raised her legs and went out, she took a paper towel and gently wiped Luo Qi's tears on her skirt. Then she walked out of the castle. She saw several cars parked there, and the door of the RV was open.

Charles stood in front of the car and called anxiously.

When Xiaonian steps forward to get on the bus, Luo Qi sits on the bus, and someone is mending her makeup. When she sees Xiaonian, Luo Qi immediately pulls her hand and says eagerly, "Xiaonian, please call Gong ou."

"What's the matter?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Gong Yu's cell phone was not answered, and no one answered the phone he was calling." "The engagement is about to begin," said roach


When Xiaonian nodded and took out her mobile phone to dial Gong Ou's phone, the result was the same. No one answered the phone, and her brow frowned, "no one answered, so what should I do? It's even more troublesome if I get engaged and get back from marriage."

Why doesn't Gong Ou answer the phone? It's true.

Luo Qi finally wants to open, but the phone doesn't answer. What should I do next.

Luo Qi put aside the makeup artist's hand and said, "let's hurry up. It's better to discuss with the York family before the ceremony so as not to make things worse."

Then the car slowly started to move forward.

When Xiaonian looked at her, "it's OK, mother. Everything will be OK. Their brothers will be very happy to see you like this."

Luo Qi sat there and looked at her. She smiled and said sincerely, "thank you, Xiaonian."

It's not Xiaonian. She's still tangled up. Maybe this tangle will be taken to the grave by her.

When small read light smile.

"You know, I feel like a rock in my heart has been removed." Luo Qi looks at her with a smile and reaches out to pull her. "It's all your credit. Thank you. It's women who understand women. My two sons never know what I'm thinking. "

Luo Qi said thank you twice in a row.

When Xiaonian sat next to her, she finally understood why Gong Ou insisted on her saying these things to Luo Qi. She was originally asked to brush her kindness.

"But they love you so much, there is no doubt about it." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Well." Luo Qi nodded, a pair of beautiful eyes looked at her lovingly, reached out and touched her face, said, "Xiao Nian, hit you that day, I apologize to you."

"I understand that you were excited."

"Good boy, the past has passed, and the mother will not do that to you in the future." Luo Qi said with a smile, still leaving a little tears in her eyes.

Luo Qi hasn't completely recovered from the "truth". After talking with Shi Xiaonian for a while, she can't help but say, "he's really thinking about me. So, when he was ill, he pretended to be so calm. He must be afraid of my sadness, right?"

When small read to listen to some sad, but still follow her way, "must be."

"I never knew."

This sentence, Luo Qi recited all the way.


There are flowers and balloons in the hard to get manor. The bodyguards guard the gate. The guests talk on the lawn outside the church. The children play with balloons.

A lively and festive atmosphere.

In the church, some guests came in and sat down. Upstairs, Gong Yu stood against the railing, bent over his body, looked down at the priest's desk in the distance, and there was only indifference in his eyes, with his fingers crossed on his chin.

Looking at it, Gong Yu's face became rather ugly. With ten fingers crossed, the blue tendons on the back of his hand appeared.

God, you have so many people to bless that you don't have to bless his marriage.

Gong Ou steps down from the downstairs, holding his mobile phone in his long hand, looks down at the incoming call from above, reaches out to hang up the phone, and the corner of his lips is in a vicious arc.

Put the mobile phone back, Gong Ou walked towards Gong Yu and said coldly, "an engagement ceremony is just like a marriage ceremony, which needs to be held in the church."

Hearing Gong Ou's voice, Gong Yu immediately released his hand, turned his eyes to look at him, and smiled at the bridegroom, "are you engaged in church?"

And said he was.

"When I was engaged, of course, I had to use the highest standard." Gong Ou stood beside him, looked down at the pastor's desk, and sneered, "is that ugly girl you deserve?"

It's so much to be ugly like that.

"It's not so ugly. You don't have to talk about it." Gong Yu said that many people came and went to York's family and friends.

"You think she looks good?"

Gong Ou looks at him coldly.

"She will be my wife." Gong Yu said that if he wants to take on the responsibilities of the palace family, he should be concerned about the problems left behind by his father's death. It is necessary to consolidate the palace family.

That Miss York also knew that they were in marriage, cooperation, nothing else.

"Then you can eat it?"

Gong Ou asked directly.