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Chapter 1022: to leave, to be found, to die and save

When he heard this, there was a sense of hate in his eyes, "isn't it? For money, for work, let the host do whatever he wants to her, and he will not even run away. Such a person is doomed to be born abused! "

He hated his mother and his father. He hated his mother who gave birth to him and made him suffer from all the white eyes brought by blood

"Who told you that?" Asked shixiaonian.

"This is what I saw. All the maids in the family are like this. They are holding their breath for money and work. It's like they can't live if they go out. They deserve it!" Biting his teeth, bit's hatred grew stronger and stronger.

"Everyone is an individual, not a profession." When Xiaonian patted his back and said softly, "you should know each of them, including your mother."


Bith's body is stiff. If shixiaonian criticizes him severely, he can't stand it. He thinks she doesn't understand anything, but she speaks so softly that he doesn't get any anger.

He turned his eyes to look at Xiaonian, fixed to stare, and finally, he nodded cleverly, "I know."


He rubbed his short hair admiringly.

If she stays like this, she may be able to let bith change her mind and leave with her, but she can't grasp the time, and she wants to go back to Gong Ou too much

What she can do now is only here. Let's talk about it later.


It's only a few days to be around bit, but Xiaonian feels that he has experienced a lot.

She didn't have much luggage to pack, so she made a little more cake in the kitchen and walked into the research room with a good sunshine.

When the window was opened, bit sat on the windowsill, his foot against the edge, his hands turning over information, and the sun fell on his face and his features were blurred.

It's really a juvenile sitting posture.

When Xiaonian smiled and walked into the light tunnel, "bit, I have made the cake. It's not very hot recently. Please put the cake for a while. Don't eat it in a hurry."

Bith turned to look at her, carrying the light on his back. He shook the information in his hands. "I checked their background. It turns out that several of them stay here because they need to have a big family, and because they are used to it for generations in the family. If they want to leave, it will involve a lot."

"Everyone has their own difficulties. They are also trying to live." When Xiaonian put the cake down and said, "then you can get along with them well?"

Bit leaped down from the windowsill to her and said, "I won't hit them again."

"I'm obedient." Xiaonian smiled and took a cake and handed it to him.

"But Xiaoxue is nothing. Her parents are servants of the family, but they are all dead. She is alone. She can leave completely, and she is foolishly beaten by me." Bit took the cake and said, "she's willing to be abused for money and good life, isn't she?"

Of course, living in the Lancaster family is better than outside, like his mother.

"You judge it privately again. If you have any questions, why don't you ask her?" When small read a way.

"I don't want to ask." Bit bit bit a piece of cake hard, then opened up the topic, excitedly pulled her to sit down, "come on, let's watch another funny show. Last time we watched the trailer, it was good."


There was no way for Xiaonian to refuse the proposal.

Two people are sitting in front of the computer eating cake to watch the program. Bit's smile is very low. From the beginning of the program, he can't be teased. He laughs so hard that he almost collapses in the chair. When excited, he steps on the table with his feet.

When Xiaonian reaches out and wipes off the cake crumbs that he dropped on his body, he keeps his eyes on the smiling boy.

As soon as she left, they stood on the opposite side of life and death, hoping that this young man could always keep such a smile, and keep that simple and only a little bit of openness, all the time.

Never smile away.

The moment when the cake was finished, and the program was finished, until they even finished reading the notice, bith reached out to touch the plate, and could not touch it.

He sat there with his head down, stifling, "it's dark, let me see you off."

The atmosphere of parting spread in the research room.

When small read a nod, "well."

"Let's go."

Two people stand up, the words that should be said are finished, on the contrary, there is nothing to say when they leave.

Bit sent her a lot of things. She came alone empty, but left with a suitcase. Xiaonian took the suitcase and walked out of the house.

The sky is very dark at night, leaving only sparse starlight. It's convenient to walk at night.

At that time, Xiaonian was thinking that the suitcase in his hand was taken away by someone. Bit pulled her suitcase and walked forward silently, all the way stuffy.

He didn't want her to leave, but she had to leave, not because of any insecurity. She really couldn't let Gong Ou worry any more.

She wants to go back to Gong ou.

When Xiaonian walked behind him, everything was quiet under the night, even the wind seemed to be deliberately lowered, two people walked forward one by one.

After stepping on a weed, bit stops, squats down and fumbles in the grass for a while, opening something like a well cover.

The stars were on him.

Bit stands up, pats the mud off his hand, turns his head and looks at her. "You go quickly. This time is very safe. After you go down, go right. It will take you half an hour to an hour at your speed. At the end is the reopened door of Mr palace. When you go up, it's a range of palace meeting patrols. You'll be safe if you find them."

"I know."

When Xiaonian nods, she looks at the whole process of finding a way out in Mr palace. The secret path below seems to be completely closed, just like a basement.

Finally, Mr palace forced another exit after there was no other way, which was also found after Bitian looked at the map analysis. The exit was opened in a more favorable place for her.

"There's food in the box, lights, and some knives. You can defend yourself." Bit said with some guilt, "they don't want me to have a gun. I don't have one for you."

"It's OK. Mr palace has been exploring the way. It's safe." When Xiaonian came to the dark road, it was dark inside. He could see a little step by the star light.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he looked at the silver body standing not far away, and his eyes were dim.

"Sorry, I can't give it back to you now." Bit understood what she was thinking. "When I find out, I will bring Mr palace to you."

At that time, I don't know what kind of scene it will be.

When Xiaonian smiled bitterly and nodded, didn't say much, groped down, bit worried, "be careful, turn on the light below, now I'm afraid to attract those bodyguards."

"I'll be careful. Give me the suitcase."

"I'll send it down to you."

Bit was uneasy. As soon as the words fell, several strong beams of light came on them, hitting them all in the face. The whole weed suddenly turned into daytime.

When Xiaonian and biter keep their eyes covered, Mr palace has rushed to them, guarding against the light with his body.

"Sir, you are very disappointed to do so. I think you should think about how to deal with him."

A mocking voice burst out.

When Xiaonian's heart suddenly tightened, it seemed that he had been watered with cold water, and all the free hopes had been watered out in an instant.

She held on to the lights and looked at them. Behind the lights, there were all people. It can be seen that she had been waiting for a long time. A bodyguard came out of the crowd, dressed in a dark suit, with his hands behind him, laughing and walked into the strong light.

When I saw Xiaonian, the head bodyguard's eyes were full of pride and excitement, and he saw a great chance to make money on the top. "I thought about what the young master wanted so much flour and cream for recently, and I was in such a bad mood to eat and drink all the time. An assigned robot walked around. I waited in the dark for several days, but I didn't expect to wait until Mrs. Gong It's a surprise! "

Even Mr. George can't catch Gong Ou's woman. It seems that he won't have to worry for the rest of his life.


When Xiaonian stood on the steps, he was a little desperate to hear these words.

She knew that the longer she stayed with bith, the more likely she would be found. But she didn't expect to see Gong Ou when she left

"I'll kill you if you move her!" Bit stood on the top and said, the man stood a step forward, and Xiaonian waved as his back was desperately moving towards him, beckoning her to go first.

When Xiaonian saw this, he bit his teeth and went down the steps. Then he heard the voice of the head bodyguard, "young master, do you really think you can stop me?"

"You are just a dog in our family. You dare to bark!"

Bit said, waving his hand as hard as he could while he was still facing.

When Xiaonian couldn't think too much, he clenched his fists and walked down without a suitcase.

"Hahahaha." The bodyguard laughed. Suddenly, when he saw it, he read it. His face changed and he shouted, "arrest! This woman is Gong Ou's wife. We are all outstanding when we catch her! "

"Dare you!"

Bit roared. As soon as he turned around, Xiaonian had gone down and put the lid down. The man stood on it.

As soon as the upper cover is sealed, the whole wet dark road is dark, and nothing can be seen. When Xiaonian opens the small flashlight he carries with him, he lights it all around.

On the right, on the right. Come on. She can go back.

When Xiaonian was looking for the direction, he raised his feet and walked away. There was a fighting sound on it. Every sound was fierce, accompanied by the sound of guns.

There was no gunshot in the fake Taiping of area 13. These people had done everything to catch her.


There was a sound of something falling heavily on the well cover. When Xiaonian looked up, he only heard the angry voice coming from him. "Young master, do you think you will be ok if you lie on the top? Don't you think I dare not shoot? "

Get down?

Bit uses his body to block the entrance for her?