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Chapter 96 Gong Ou's special way of love

"When small read, you so obedient just good."

Gong Ou is very satisfied in England. He can't wait to touch his lips with his fingertips.

On the side of tianzhigang, Xiaonian walks into a bathroom, turns on the shower, makes the water sound to the mobile phone, and then says loudly, "then I'll take a bath."

"Well." Gong Ou replied with satisfaction.


When Xiaonian put her cell phone on the sink, clapped her hands and walked out of the bathroom, relaxed.

There are policies on the one hand and Countermeasures on the other.

He is far away on the other side of the ocean, so he can't keep her in a tight net.

When Xiaonian's face showed a triumphant smile, she went into another bathroom and began to take a bath. Don't worry about Gong Ou's sudden attack with the universal room card. She sat in the jacuzzi and took a comfortable bath.


It's the second half of the night. I'm sleepy and I'm reading.

After taking a bath in the bathroom, Xiaonian falls down on the huge bed and falls into a dream of rare freedom.

In the dream, she went back to her hometown when she was a teenager, mu qianchu's fingers scratched on the wall, walked to her step by step, walked in front of her, smiled gently, "Xiaonian, I'm back, I'm really back."

She got lost and asked him what he had corrected.

All of a sudden, Gong Ou's face becomes the face of the bully. Gong Ou's face is twisted in front of her and yells at her loudly, "when you read, get up! Phone ml! "

She is scared to run away. Gong Ou keeps chasing. She keeps running. He still keeps chasing


the switch of the bedroom suddenly rings, and some light stabs her in the eye.

When Xiaonian rubs her eyes and continues to sleep in another posture, she is suddenly shaken by a position, shaking her out of the dream of chasing and escaping.

"Miss Shi, wake up, Miss Shi! Wake up! "

"Miss Shi, wake up and stop sleeping!"

"Miss Shi, Miss Shi."

A scream of death rang in her ear.

When Xiaonian vaguely opened a pair of eyes, hurt by the strong light in the bedroom, she sat up from the bed and looked at the two maids standing in front of the bed gloomily, "what do you do?"

Are they sent by Gong ou to straighten her out and not let her sleep?

Two maids stood there, looking at her anxiously, and handed her a mobile phone. "Miss Shi, how can you leave your mobile phone in the bathroom? The young master is looking for you."

Young master?

Gong Ou?

When Xiaonian looks at the mobile phone, the call time on the screen makes her wake up suddenly. Has the phone been hung up?

It's been more than two hours. Is Gong Ou crazy?

When Xiaonian hurriedly took the mobile phone and put it in her ear. As soon as the mobile phone was close to her ear, Gong Ou's roar shook her poor ear, "shixiaonian! You have a problem, don't you? I thought you didn't know the time to take a bath and fell in the bathroom, so you ran to sleep for me! "


When Xiaonian silently took away her mobile phone, and made a gesture to the two maids to show that they could go to bed first.

The two maids nodded silently and turned away from her bedroom.

When Xiaonian put the cell phone back to her ear, Gong Ou was still shouting at her, "do you know how worried I am? You go to sleep! How dare you go to bed without saying a word? "

When small read sit on the bed, smell speech Leng next.

Do you know how worried I am?

He said that to her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," she snapped

She forgot to make a phone call.

"Not on purpose. You can't sleep tonight. Anyway, I can't sleep. Get up and talk to me!" Gong Ou said to her viciously.

He can't sleep she can.

He is a big young man. Are you afraid he can't find someone to chat with?

When Xiaonian grabs his hair and yawns, he shrinks back, leans against the bed and hangs his head and says, "OK, OK, chat, what do you want to talk about?"

"I don't think so, you do." Gong Ou is crisp.

“……” When small read convinced him, full of sleepy Italy tunnel, "I also can't think of ah."

In the middle of the night, she just wanted to sleep and not talk.

Gong Ou is silent there. I don't know what he is thinking.

As soon as the bedroom calmed down, Xiaonian began to feel sleepy again. His upper eyelids and lower eyelids kept sticking together. He nodded down with his head, and his hands began to lose their grip on the mobile phone.

A second before the mobile phone slipped in her hand, Gong Ou's voice rang out, "I think, we watch movies."


When small read to stay.

"Let's go to the movies, and you can carry your notebook to the bed." Gong Ou orders her domineering.


When the small idea is low, the whole person collapses into the quilt.

God, let's take the monster Gong Ou away.

In the middle of the night, across two continents, he wanted to watch movies and movies with her

"Come on, get your notebook."

Gong Ou urges her.

"May I not see it?" With the last hope, shixiaonian asked if he could be more normal or not?

"No!" Gong Ou is crisp and neat. "You should dare to hang up my phone and see how I can clean you up when I come back!"


When small read had to get up from the bed, went to the study to take a notebook back to the room, and then against sleepy meaning boot.

Hearing the music coming from her side, Gong Ou said with satisfaction, "it's almost the same. What do you want to watch? Action, love, or art? "

"you pick, you has the final say."

When I read the boring tunnel.

"I choose, are you sure?" Gong Ou's voice is not sleepy at all, full of evil spirit, "then I want to watch 25 forbidden love films."

What the hell is it?

When small read stupefied next, immediately reflected that he is to see that kind of movie, the person wakes up again, busy way, "I choose my choice, I happen to have a movie that I always want to see."

Gong Ou didn't insist on it, just "um" and asked her to send the movie to her, "hang up the phone, video."


And video.

I wish I had smashed my laptop.

She connected to the Internet, boarded her own MSN, and Gong Ou quickly sent the video.

As soon as the video was posted, Xiao Nian saw the huge bedroom over there, which was like a Western Palace. This is the room where the British aristocracy lived? What a luxury.

On the screen, Gong Ou is sitting on the bed, and the notebook should be on his knee. This video looks at his half body. The neckline of the bathrobe is loose, showing his delicate and sexy chest. A handsome face is facing her, with a high attitude, without any sleepiness.

He looks like the hero of the 25 movies.

Shi Xiaonian looks twice more, and Gong Ou grabs her line of sight. "Shi Xiaonian, don't covet me. You can see that you can't get it now."


Who coveted it.

In the middle of the night, Xiao Nian didn't even have the spirit to argue with him, so he sent a movie to him.

In the process of transmission, Gong Ou has been staring at her deeply, with dark eyes.

When Xiaonian was sitting there, he was not comfortable. His eyes were too naked, as if he was doing something to her across the screen. She had the illusion of being bullied. She couldn't help reaching for her pajamas to make sure she didn't walk away.

He is coveting her.

A wolf.

Gong Ou stares at her with black pupils. Her voice is sexy. "When I was reading, I took off my pajamas."


When small read stupefied next, she is to listen to wrong.

"Take off your pajamas." Gong Ou stares at her with open eyes. "So, you watch movies, I watch you."


When small read is finally unbearable, hate to stare at the screen that Zhang junpang, "Gong ou, you again so I cut the video, wait for you a week later to clean me up."

She's fed up with love.

How many things happened to him that night.

Understand where her bottom line is, Gong Ou is a little bored to pick up eyebrows, no longer insist, just lazy way, "pass well, can start, what broken movie."

When Xiaonian took a look, she found that what she threw in the past was a love science fiction movie, Mr Jiang, from the future.

Forget it. Just watch it.

Pass the time.

"Then I'll start playing." When Xiaonian put on his headphones, he was going to play the movie.

Gong Ou stopped her. "Wait a minute, I'll count 3, 2, 1 and start broadcasting."


"Keep the screen synchronized."


At that time, I couldn't find any words to describe Gong ou.

Paranoia, terrible paranoia, even the film must be synchronized paranoia!

She is annoyed when others are by her side; she is annoyed when he is not by her side!

When small read hard to bear down, in his countdown, a start movie.

As a result, I don't know if there is any delay in the network, and their films can't be played in the same second, so in order to synchronize, Gong ou and her countdown again and again, and correct again and again, until he is sure that their films are synchronized.

Until he was sure that they did see the same picture at the same time.

Adjust this, two people adjusted for 10 minutes, finally enter the movie theme.

This is definitely the most depressing film she has ever seen before.

I couldn't sleep at all, so I sat in bed and watched the movie with such a grim face.

The films she chose were surprisingly good-looking.

When Xiaonian looked at it, he threw himself into it. Even the conversation between Gong ou and her was perfunctory.

The movie is about a future robot Mr Jiang who is taken home by the heroine accidentally and lives a cohabitation life. When the heroine is frustrated and sad, the robot is with her.

When the heroine is sad, the robot will bring her tissue; when the heroine is bullied, the robot will fight; when the heroine is ill, the robot will hold her to see a doctor.

The robot thought that it would care so much for the heroine if it listened to the instructions, and finally found that it was his machine life that had feelings.

After a fierce scolding from the heroine, Mr Jiang left sadly.

The heroine realized that when she fell in love, she cried and regretted her willfulness.

R Jiang came back at this time and said, "as long as you need me, I will be by your side."