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Chapter 527 Mr. Y's gift

With that, Gong Ou throws the tablet computer in front of his daughter, stands up and leaves, and his long fingers can't help loosening the buttons of his shirt.

The tension in his throat made him uncomfortable.


Gong Kui holds the tablet in his hand and shouts excitedly when he sees it.

When I saw my daughter, Xiaonian felt a little relieved. She opened the quilt and wanted to stand up. She thought that she would still get up with the quilt wrapped. She said to the computer, "Xiaokui, I'll change my clothes and talk to you."


The sunflower answered sweetly.

When Xiaonian left, wrapped in a quilt, hurriedly changed his clothes and sat in front of the computer. He looked at Gong Kui on the screen, smiled and said, "have you had dinner? Where's holy? "

She can only see Gong Kui's big face on the screen, but she can't see anyone else.

As soon as she heard about dinner, Gong Kui grabbed a small nose from her tablet and started to cry again. "I want to eat your tomato fish soup. Mom, I miss you so much. I want to be with you. Mom, I'm so sad now."

As soon as Gong Ou calmed down his body, he heard Gong Kui cry again. He stared at his daughter silently, "if you talk to Xi Xiaonian, you won't cry."

Words are not words.

Gong Kui looked at him wrongly and cried louder than before. "I can't help it. Hum, mom, I miss you. I miss you so much. I'm not happy here at all. I want to hear your story. Hum."


Gong Ou has a headache. Turning his eyes, he sees that the photographer is still shooting happily. The black pupil sinks. "Still shooting?"

What's the structure of the photographer's brain? Can children's words be shown to judges in court?

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

The photographer shut down the camera in silence.

When Gong Kui cried like that, Xiao Nian's heart was twisted into a ball. "Don't cry, baby, haven't you eaten yet? The food cooked by the chef in my father's house is very delicious. If children don't eat, it's not high. "

"I want to eat tomato and fish soup, Wuwu."

Gong Kui sat on the sofa, two calves straddled, his little hands holding the tablet, tears falling down hard.

"Children should not be picky about food."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Then I won't eat." Gong Kui looked at her plaintively. She said with tears, "do I have to live here tonight?"

"Yes, dad will take good care of you."

The voice of Xiaonian is gentle, but the thought of Gong Ou's peeping just now makes his teeth itch.

How can this man do such a thing.

Gong Ou is standing in the living room. Black eyes appreciate the potted plants beside him. When he hears the voice of Xiaonian, his thin lips are pursed, and he even speaks well for him.

Isn't she bent on robbing him of her children?

"But dad said he won't tell me a story. You won't come, mom. You don't love me anymore."

Gong Kui cried and said, put the tablet aside, slide down from the sofa, walk to Gong Yao, lie down on the ground beside him, blink big eyes full of tears, "holy, we will be the children no one wants in the future."

"Ah, Xiaokui? I don't mean that. "

When Xiaonian sat in his room, seeing Gong Kui leaving, he got anxious and hurried to call her.

Gong Kui didn't answer her. She felt sad alone.

When Xiaonian looked at the computer screen, Gong Ou's cold face suddenly appeared in her vision. He went to the sofa, high above, with his noble head low, and looked at her coldly, "you have created a gap between your child and your parents."


She made it?

Who doesn't have the time to accompany the two children? If she didn't insist on the lawsuit and arouse his hope of victory, he would accompany the children himself?

When Xiaonian is about to refute, Gong Ou directly hangs up the video chat.

Looking at the dark screen, Xiaonian helplessly moves the mouse. Really, how does it get into her computer in the dark? Will it be high-tech?

When Xiaonian turned off the computer, he moved it out of the room and put it outside.

In the future, you can't buy a computer with a camera, especially a computer with N.E.

When Xiaonian tied up her hair, she plunged into the kitchen and took out the fish she bought fresh today.

She sliced the fish neatly, cut the pieces of fish according to the texture, took out tomatoes and ingredients, and began to cook soup.

Fish soup is cooked well.

When Xiaonian put the fish soup into the heat preservation box, turn on the lid, put the heat preservation box into a kraft paper bag and carry it out.

It was very dark outside. When the cool wind came, Xiaonian coughed a few times, reached out and locked the door. Suddenly, there were several car horns behind him.

She turned her head and saw a car parked there with double lights on.

The door was pushed open, and a tall man came down from the driver's seat. He was dressed in a black leather suit, with straight legs and a strong atmosphere. He had short curly hair, black sunglasses and black mask, and armed himself tightly.

"Mr. y."

Shi Xiaonian recognized him and looked at him with a smile.

Is he really in s city?


The man towards her light jaw head, toward her walk, no voice.

On the passenger seat of the car, a woman, with a high-grade ol dress on her body, nodded at the time and smiled kindly, "Hello, Miss Xi, we are on the phone during the day. I'm Mr. Y's assistant, you Yi."

"Hello, Miss youy." When small read back to smile, a hand-held kraft paper bag, a hand with a key to open the door, "come in and sit."

Just as she was about to open the door, the man suddenly took out a pink gift box from behind and handed it to her.

When small read stupefied next.

Assistant Youyi stood aside and said, "Miss Xi, we will not sit down. And for other things, this is the gift Mr. y bought for you in Paris."


When Xiaonian looked into the man's eyes in amazement, as long as he saw his surprised appearance in his sunglasses.

Why give her a gift if it's not for her family?

When Xiaonian didn't say.

When the man insisted on delivering the gift to Xiaonian, he said, "how can I do this? You've helped me so much, sir. I haven't given you the gift yet. How can I accept it?"

The man's hand didn't shrink back and stood there silent.

"Mr. y is willing to help you for free because he appreciates your paintings and talents. Miss Xi doesn't have to feel pressure for that."

Yoi stood talking for the man with a business smile.

"I can't accept this gift."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Miss Xi said that she would invite you to dinner. How about the French Pavilion at 43 noon tomorrow?" Yoi said with a smile.

"Of course."

There is no reason why shixiaonian disagrees.

"That lady should have accepted the present more, otherwise the gentleman won't give you a chance to express your gratitude." Yoi is on the side.


When I was young, I wanted to see Eugene and the man's face. I couldn't think of any reason to contradict. So I had to take over the reason and look at the man and say, "thank you, sir. I'm waiting for you in the French restaurant tomorrow."

The man shallow jaw head, turns around to leave, walks toward own car.

"Goodbye, Miss Xi."

Youyi nods to shixiaonian and turns away.

When Xiaonian took the present and watched their car go away.

It seems that Mr. y is really a mute. He needs an assistant to speak for him.

When Xiaonian shrugged, walked toward his car, opened the door and sat in the car, put the gift box in the brown paper bag and drove away.

Deep in the night.

When Xiaonian drove to the imperial castle, through the forest road, looking at the familiar two rows of street lights, her eyes were a little confused.

She hasn't been here for a long time.

At that time, mu qianchu dodged and left. She left her life in Xiaokui's cry. She came back to s city alive. She could not enter this place because it was all memories.

She could see the shadow of Gong Ou everywhere.

She really can't stand that kind of day.

So she moved out and opened a gallery across from N.E.

When the car stopped outside the gate, Xiaonian looked out. When she arrived, the doorman immediately opened the gate to let her in.

When Xiaonian drove in and stopped at the fountain pool, the fountain pool was full of lights, like stars jumping with the current, the stars flashing, beautiful.

This fountain also has many memories of them.

When Xiaonian pushed open the door and came down, carrying a kraft paper bag to go inside, the servant led her to go in.

She gazed around, and there was not much change here.

Still gorgeous and resplendent.

When Xiaonian walked into the living room, he saw Gong Ou sitting on the carpet in front of the sofa, wearing a comfortable gray household clothes, one leg bent up, one leg stretched forward, bared feet, short hair and half wet, handsome face, deep black eyes, which are sexy, charming and lazy.

In the air in front of him is a hologram, playing a movie.

When I saw Xiaonian come in, abbot Gong Ou's hand waved in the air, and all the images in the whole picture were collected.


When I was young, I was stunned. Now the technology is so advanced.

"What are you doing?" Gong Ou looks up at her coldly. "Surrender to me?"

"What about twins? I cooked the fish soup and let Xiao Kui come out for a drink. " When Xiaonian picked up the kraft paper bag in the handle.

"I asked the servants to put them to bed."

Gong Ou sat on the blanket and put his hand on his knee casually. He said indifferently that he would not let her see the twins.

"But Xiaokui hasn't had supper yet."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Do you know what level of chefs the palace invites? Even if they don't eat their food, they will eat yours? " Gong Ou despises the tunnel.

"It's hereditary. Before, someone only ate my cooking."

"Someone used to be ill."

"Some people are more lovely when they are ill." When small read retorts, does not flinch.

"You're getting closer and closer."

Gong Ou's eyes were glued to her.

Time and again in front of him how good the former Gong Ou is, he is not a dead man.

"That's what I am."

If he and Mona didn't go to open the house to give her a chance to wake up, she thought, she would continue to grievance and seek perfection, and forget what she was originally like.

She is not an easy person to compromise, but for Gong ou, she has compromised for too many years.