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Chapter 586 get the palace's consent

Gong Ou looks down at the hand that two people interweave together, chest gushes up a dissimilarity, have a moment of dejected.

"I see."

For a long time, he said.

When small read smile, "Gong ou, you remember, no matter what you look like, I feel happy."


Gong Ou looks down at her and loses her mind again.

Gong Ou's situation gradually improved with the help of Shi Xiaonian, and his indifferent armor was slowly removed. He came home from the company earlier and earlier.

Even Gong Yao was shocked every time he saw Gong Ou come back.

A week later, he and his twins arrived in Britain.

This is the first time that four members of their family have gone out together. It's the same as a family trip. When Xiaonian was taking photos for them with a SLR camera in his hand.

The motorcade stopped and walked on the road, and Xiaonian was excited to get off to take a picture when he met some beautiful scenery.

Gong ou and Gong Yao were left sitting in the car in silence.

When I met a thick fallen leaf and a lonely swing, Gong Kui was lying and lying on the ground. When Xiao Nian took a camera to take photos of Gong Kui, the sun fell on her face, reflecting the most brilliant smile.

"When can you go back to the palace with such a shooting method?"

Gong Ou sat on the car and said this, but he let them take photos without urging.

"Dad, holy, take a picture together."

Gongkui tried to pull the door and yelled, "take a picture together. Don't take the car."

Gong Yao doesn't respond.

Gong Ou looks at the rising trend of voting on the mobile phone, and looks down at Gong Kui. "You can take it yourself."

"No, come down and take pictures together. Come on, come on."

Gong Kui cried desperately. Gong ou and Gong Yao had to come down and take pictures with her.

"Really not." Gong Ou refuses again. When she raises her eyes, she sees Xiaonian. Standing in front of the swing, she steps on the fallen leaves and is looking down at the photos. The long hair under the wool cap is blown up by the wind. Her face is full of happy smiles.

She seems to be happier and happier.

Sometimes I can laugh at him. It seems that they finally find the right way to get along with each other.

"Holly, get out of the car and take a picture."

Gong Ou looks at Gong Yao on one side and says that Gong Yao looks up at him with a small face and a flash of consternation in his eyes.

Seeing Gong ou and her son get off the bus, Xiao Nian is very surprised. She goes to touch Gong Kui's little head. It's her daughter who can take the two men at home.

"Come on, you two on the swing."

When Xiaonian holds the two children to the swing, he arranges Gong ou to stand behind the children. Gong Ou rarely cooperates with him. When Xiaonian immediately hands the camera to the bodyguard beside him, "please stand here and take some pictures for me."

"Yes, Miss Xi."

The bodyguard nodded.

When Xiaonian gave the camera to the bodyguard, then hurriedly ran to Gong ou, stood beside him, stretched out his hands and held Gong Ou's arm, "take a picture, everyone laugh."

This is their first family photo, so many years later.

"Mr. Gong, keep your head down. Can you watch the camera? The effect will be better. " Said the bodyguard with the camera.

Gong Ou sees the camera.

With the shutter, a family photo was born in a fallen leaf in England.

Clapping and stopping all the way delayed the time to the palace. It was too late to arrive at the palace castle.

At night.

The car stopped in front of a forest. Many servants in retro clothes had been standing there waiting. When they got off, everyone bowed together.

Several maids who took care of Gong Yao and Gong Kui came up immediately and took them to wash.

When Xiaonian stood beside Gong ou and looked ahead, there was a lot of lights in the dark.

British palace.

Here we are.

When Xiaonian takes a deep breath, his hand hanging on his side slowly clenches.


Gong Ou's voice rang in her ear.

"When you're not here, I've been with you for four years. It's not easy to be afraid." When small read a light smile, stretch out a hand to pull past palace Europe, "go, we go in."

"Second young master, this way, please."

A servant bowed to them and led the way.

In the evening, the scenery of the palace is also full of aristocratic grace, heavy and gorgeous.

When Xiaonian walked in step by step, holding Gong Ou's arm, across the corridor and into the hall, the light came down, and her eyes still made her feel heavy color.

Nobles call this color heavy.

When Xiao Nian and Gong Ou went in, the servants stood on both sides and looked down at them.

The two stood in the middle of the hall.

Gong Ou stared at everything around him without expression.

"Are you willing to come back at last?"

An elegant voice came down from above.

When Xiaonian raised her face, she saw Luo Qi walking slowly down the stairs in a gorgeous suit. She was still full of noble temperament, gorgeous and beautiful step by step.

Luo Qi slowly walked down the stairs, the makeup on her face was delicate, but still could not cover up the traces of tears.

Gong Ou looks at her. When she releases her hand, Xiao Nian moves forward two steps and slowly lowers his head toward Luo Qi. "Mother."

He has a deep voice.

When this sound rings, Xiaonian's eyes turn red at the moment when he looks at Luo Qi.

Luo Qi walked quickly to Gong ou, reached out and hugged him. "You are back at last, my son."

Luo Qi choked.

Gong Ou lets her hold her.

When small read quietly stand aside, Luo Qi's mood some excitement, for a long time to slow down, three people sat down on the sofa.

When Xiaonian sat quietly beside Gong ou.

Luo Qi wiped away her tears with her veil, and her beautiful face was full of anger. She said to Gong ou, "if you don't come back to see us, I can only see your news on the news every day. Your father also won't let me go, so I'm afraid I'll disturb you and start again."

Gong Ou sat there, and after a while he began indifferently, "I'm back now."

"Then do I want to thank you?"

Luo Qi's tone with blame, four years without contact with her, once back and busy with reshaping her career, her mother he did not care.

"No thanks."

Gong oudao, when Xiaonian hears the words, he immediately reaches out his hand and presses his leg, and gives him a look with his eyes.


Luo Qi is so angry that she doesn't know whether to continue to feel sad or sad.

Gong Ou looks into Xiaonian's eyes and lowers his voice. "You don't mean to say what you want to say."

That's to her, not to his own relatives. It makes Luo Qi angry to say that. Luo Qi also waited for him for four years.

Luo Qi looks at the two faces of them, and suddenly has a feeling of being ignored. She looks at Shi Xiaonian and says, "Miss Xi."

"Yes, ma'am."

When I was young, I wanted to sit right.

"Didn't you break up? Now it's not like breaking up. " Luo Qi said, in a tone of reproach, "if it wasn't for Gong ou to promise his father not to delay the development of N.E and Gong's family, I would have wanted to talk with you."

Originally, Gong Ou made such a promise to Gong's family that she didn't know anything.

When Xiaonian really hated that he had tripped Gong Ou's feet too many times.

She stood up from the sofa and looked at Luo Qi. She said frankly, "I'm sorry, this time it's my fault. I went to the media and talked about nothing clearly, only this time."

"That sounds good."

Luo Qi said coldly, still dissatisfied with her voice. She looked at them and asked directly, "are you going to send the children back this time or come to visit us specially?"

Her son, she knew, was really thin on family.

Send the kids?

When Xiaonian's eyes drooped, she didn't come to send her children. She turned her eyes to Gong ou, who gazed at her eyes, with a light jaw, reached out and pulled her to sit down, then looked at Luo Qi.

"Neither of them." Gong Ou said in a low voice, "we are going to get married, so come back and let us know."

It's a direct and hurtful remark.

Luo Qi listens, on the face flits over a sad, but no accident, just ask, "really want to get married? Not this time? Will there be another divorce in a while? "

Smell speech, when small read some surprised look to Luo Qi, "madam, you agree?"

That's how they agreed to get married?

"Can you disagree?" Luo Qi said coldly, "you've been looking for Gong ou for four years, and everyone knows that you're a fool. Even if you say something about repentance, once Gong Ou marries someone else, the public doesn't want to suspect that you Cinderella is excluded by our family? What is the impact on our palace family and palace Europe? "

Today is a public opinion society, no matter how high people are, they can also be drowned.

Over the years, Shi Xiaonian has set up his image so well that it can't be turned around among the public. In the past two years, he also ranked among the top 100 most influential women in the world. Without background, he has stepped on the moral high ground.

Hearing this, Xiaonian smiled and said, "thank you, madam."

Her heart finally settled down. She went back to Gong ou and sat down with a big smile.

Although she talked and laughed with Gong Kui all the way on the way, she knew that although the relationship between Gong Kui and Gong family had eased over the years, she was worried that she would not get consent when Gong Ou was not there and was in sympathy with her illness.

If she can't get the consent, she's OK. What she's afraid of most is to affect Gong Ou's mood.

Gong Ou is getting better now. Life needs smooth sailing and no ups and downs.

Now that's good.

"Well, it's late. I'll tell you something tomorrow. Let's go down and have a rest." Luo Qi didn't leave them too much. She turned her eyes to look at the maids, "have you cleaned up the room of the second young master?"

"It's all in order, ma'am."

The maid nodded.

"Prepare supper for the young master and cook some sweet soup, you know?" Luo Qi told everything in detail, the maid should be.

When Xiaonian sat there, he reached out and held Gong Ou's hand tightly.


Gong Jia, when Xiaonian is led to the room by Gong ou, she holds his hand, clasps her fingers, and follows him forward.