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Chapter 992 shaving


Gong Ou doesn't speak.

"the beard is so long." Xiaonian looked at Gong ou and said.

When I saw him, Xiaonian stared at him. Gong Ou's whole face was green. "What do you mean? Are you trying to shave him? "


I blinked when I was young.

"Forget it. If I don't shave, I'll do it myself! This is the only time! " Gong Ou said and went to the bathroom in the ward to find a shaving tool.

When Xiaonian stood there, some innocently touched his neck, watching Gong Ou take out the tools with a stinking face and walk to the bedside.

Mu qianchu is lying down. Gong Ou shaves his beard very hard. His eyes stare at him all the time. It's not like he's taking care of the patient, but he's killing people.

When Xiaonian wanted to help, Gong Ou slapped him off.

Instead of letting her come, he might as well go up on his own. He is just a vegetable, and removing the character "a" is just a plant.

He doesn't mind, he doesn't mind at all!


When Xiaonian stood aside and watched in silence as the immortal Gong Ou shaved her once hated rival. She moved her lips and didn't say what she wanted to say.

She watched the whole process.

Finally, the green stubble on mu qianchu's lips was cleaned. Gong Ou took a soft towel and wiped it on the "plant" mouth, then threw all the tools away.

He shaved his rival! This matter spreads out, how does he Gong ou still have a foothold!

It doesn't matter. He can do anything for his own woman.

"Xiaonian, I'm sorry I'm late."

A gasping voice came, and Feng de hurried in from the outside, carrying a bag of shaving tools in his hand. When he saw them, he immediately bowed his head, "young master."

Gong Ou stares at the bag in his hand.

Feng de came forward, opened the bag and said, "I have bought this brand of tools and have been running for a long time. I'm afraid of shaving and hurting my skin in such a situation as Mr. mu. My set of tools is very good Eh? Has Mr. Mu's beard been shaved? "

Gong Ou stares at Feng De, then stares at Shi Xiaonian, suddenly understands, "Shi Xiaonian!"

He shouted.

When Xiaonian looked at him innocently, "I can't shave, so I originally asked my adoptive father to help me. "

Who knows that he rushed up so "enthusiastically" to shave mu qianchu, and he shaved so seriously, she was embarrassed to pick it out.


Feng de stood there with a puzzled face, not knowing what had happened.

"Shixiaonian, how dare you..." Gong Ou glares at her with a vicious look, and her fingers stab her in the head.

When Xiaonian looked at his face, he said, "I said, you really don't need to be so nervous. I won't let you do something you don't like. Don't hurt yourself so hard."

It's like shaving mu qianchu. Even if she wants to take care of him, she won't ask Gong ou to do such a thing.

He was too nervous.

"You --"

Gong Ou stares at her in death, and looks at the ferocity on his face. Xiaonian can't help laughing. His black and white eyes are full of gentleness.


You can't be silly any more.

She walked around the hospital bed to Gong ou, threw it into his arms, leaned on his chest, whispered, "Gong ou, I'm much better, I just don't want to leave you again."

Don't be so nervous. Don't worry so much.

Gong Ou stood there and let her hold him. For a long time, he held out his hand and surrounded her.


The next day, when Xiaonian was walking in the huge castle with a bucket of ice cream, he saw the servants packing for England.

This time, she can finally stand side by side with Gong ou.


A small voice came.

When small read stupefied next, listen to that voice again come, "hello hello."

She turned her head, followed the prestige, and saw Lori standing at the door of her room, holding the door in one hand. The door was very small, and her eyes looked left and right, and she did not know what was on guard.

When small reads inexplicably to walk over, "Luo doctor, how?"

"What does Mr. Gong say? Can I stay in England?" Lori stared at her and asked, "I don't want more. Just let me see him again."


Is it Gong Yu?

When I was young, I didn't know the relationship between Gong Yu and Luo lie. They should have found a more comfortable way to get along, but how could Luo lie say goodbye?

"Who wouldn't let you keep your life in England?" When small read to ask doubtfully, do not understand what he is thinking.

"Before I quarreled with Mr. Gong, he was furious, but I knew that he would not touch me. After all, when he was closed and far away, he could not find several absolutely loyal doctors." Lori's face was a little embarrassed. "Now it's not the same. I heard that you're reconciled. You'll go to England with him. I'm not much of a doctor because he can't control others for a lifetime, of course."

When Xiaonian understood, "you are afraid that Gong ou will kill you."

Men think so much these days.

"Can't he do it?" Lori said, "I don't ask for anything. How about execution when I get to England?"

His life was saved by the palace family, and he should have been taken away by the palace family.

"I don't know if Gong ou can do it, but I have a veto right now." "When small read light smile," so, doctor Luo you although rest assured good

"One vote veto?" Luo lie is stupefied, immediately understand come over, raised to lift glasses way, "your position can lift so high at once?"

Why doesn't he believe that?

"In fact, my position has always been high, but I didn't take the initiative before." Xiaonian said with a smile.

"Cut." Lori sniffed at her. "I don't know who was going to die before."

"It's all over."

Shi Xiaonian didn't pay attention to what he said, and she also knew what she was like before. In fact, in this relationship, her status seemed to be low all the time, but in fact, Gong Ou praised her too high, so high that she couldn't cope with it, so high that he didn't know how to continue to provide.

She turned to leave, thought about it, looked back at Lori again, asked faintly, "do you want to go to England? Although Lancaster doesn't have the energy to chase you now, it's not safe. If you don't want to go, I can ask Gong ou to take you away. "

When Xiaonian didn't want to sacrifice for them one by one, no one should be their own, she and Gong Ou had their own difficulties.

"I'm going."

Without hesitation, Lori gave an answer without hesitation.

When Xiaonian looked at the firm eyes behind his lenses, nodded, didn't persuade again, turned around and left, she thought, Lori's no hesitation should not be for her.

As long as he is willing.

When Xiaonian brought the ice cream into her study, it melted a little. She stepped up to her desk and said, "hurry up, eat the ice cream."

Gong Ou sits at the arc desk and deals with affairs. There is a mess of data floating in the air. He looks at the bucket of ice cream and frowns. "You're five minutes and thirty-eight seconds late. Even the ice cream has melted."

Do you want to be so precise.

"I talked to Dr. Luo for a while. Hurry up." When Xiaonian stood there, he picked up a spoon and fed it to his lips.

"Lori?" Gong Ou seems to want this man to come. He looks scornful. "He's not dead yet."


It seems that Lori's worry is not unreasonable. No wonder he didn't dare to come out even hiding in the room.

Gong Ou grabs the spoon in her mouth, grabs it and forcibly pulls her whole body into her arms and presses it on her leg.

When Xiaonian didn't resist, he gently picked up the spoon and scooped it for him again, scooping and scooping again, feeding Gong Ou's stomach with satisfaction.

"Why, don't you plead with him?" Gong Ou looked down at her and said in a cold voice.

"No, please." Said Shi Xiaonian.


"If I don't say anything now, you will think for me. Do I need to say it?" Xiaonian said with a smile and fed the ice cream into his mouth.

He won't kill Lori.

“……” Gong Ou stares at her. "Are you holding me?"

"When small read a way," I just think, if our communication can be so smooth long ago

Unfortunately, they also stumbled to despair to know how to turn back, fortunately, they can turn back.

"Keep feeding."

Gong Ou didn't say anything. He continued to call her. When Xiaonian put the spoon to his lips, Gong Ou held it in his mouth and stared at her cautiously. "You're too late, and the taste has changed."

It's half a barrel. Now, the taste has changed? How can it get so fast.

When Xiaonian looked at him suspiciously, he pulled over the ice cream bucket, scooped a spoon and was about to put it into his mouth to taste it. Suddenly, his chin was pinched.

"Just taste me!"

The next second, the cold thin lips pressed her lips. Xiaonian was surprised and helpless. He sat on his leg and was forced to open his lips. Gong Ou's tongue quickly and cleverly penetrated. He sucked and stirred it up, and passed the cold to her. The faint smell of ice cream spread in her mouth.

No change in taste.

When Xiaonian thought to himself, his lips moved, and his neck began to respond to his kiss on one hand ring. The temperature of the two people kept rising.

The coolness of the ice cream finally passed.

Gong Ou's hand poked into her clothes and swam around like a fish in the sea. Xiaonian was smothered by the kiss. He left his lips and looked at her vaguely. "The ice cream is really going to melt."

"Don't worry, I will drink all the water! I want you now! " Gong Ou once again blocked her lips and all her voices.

The temperature in the room keeps rising.

Two people entwine together, gentle discharge full of ground.

When she broke through everything gently, Gong Ou said silently in her ear, "I never know what communication is. I only know that for your sake, Gong ou can do anything, and I dare to do anything!"

So, he is still him, he never wronged himself.

As long as she lives, he will be happy, he will be happy!