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Chapter 957. Undisguised jealousy


Seeing that she cares about herself, Mr palace speaks as hard as he took the wrong medicine, strides forward faster than her. .


When small read can't help but shake his head, it didn't find his temper is growing?

Starlight is a little bit, and the night sky is quiet. Two young men stand in front of the floor to floor window upstairs, one is soft and handsome, the other is plain, the other is quiet and the other is aloof.

"Mrs. Gong kissed the robot for a while. Now they are going back. It's estimated that the robot will go to rest with Mrs. Gong again." Lori stood in front of the French window, holding a glass of wine in his hand. He could not drink any red wine.


Mu qianchu stands beside him, and the calm on his face gradually splits, squeezing these two words out of his lips and teeth.

"Of course, it's ridiculous. Mr. Gong can't blow it up until he knows it." Lori is more worried now. Shixiaonian's physical and mental conditions are all entrusted to him, but he really has no way to deal with shixiaonian now. "Mrs. Gong's spirit should be a very serious problem, but I can't help her. Do you have any way to contact Mr. Gong?"

This matter must be known to Gong ou.

Murdoch stepped back two steps and said with low eyes, "there is no way. Gong Ou is ready to break contact with us from the beginning to ensure the safety of all risks."

"That is to say, you have to let it happen?"

As soon as Lori's voice fell, he heard a closing noise coming from the outside of the door, and he knew that it was Xiaonian's room. In this way, Xiaonian entered his bedroom with the robot in full view of the public.

Mu qianchu stood there, listening to the sound of closing the door, his face became very ugly. "You can't let Xiaonian go like this!"

His tone was a little excited.

"What else can we do now?" Laurie shrugged his shoulders mockingly. "Can I persuade Mrs. Gong, or can you?"


Muqianchu was silent, and the wound on his arm hurt.

Luo lie suddenly thought of something and smiled, looking at mu qianchu's dull eyes and said, "really, I thought that Mr. Gong was not there, and that the relationship between you and Mrs. Gong was delicate. What would happen? As a result, Mrs. Gong kissed a robot, which was unimaginable. Now I would rather she cheated on you, which shows that she is still normal in spirit."

I thought that the relationship between him and shixiaonian was delicate and what would happen, but I didn't expect that shixiaonian chose the robot to ignore his existence.

This sentence made mu qianchu's face white. He stood there, numb and unconscious.

He had been given up too many times and had not dared to ask for anything, but Lori said so in a frank way, which made him even more humble.

Mu qianchu turns around and his voice becomes depressed. "If you are a doctor, I will take care of you. Even if you continue to be a bad person, I will not let Xiaonian indulge."

Luo lie looks at mu qianchu's figure and pushes his glasses. Did he say something wrong?


In the quiet bedroom, Xiao Nian opened the curtains to let in the large moonlight.

The R palace followed her into the room without saying a word, standing there to weaken her sense of existence.

Shi Xiaonian refused to let it go, standing in front of the bed and looking at it, said, "tired, go to bed and lie down for a while."

She invited it to bed.

"I'm a robot, no need."

R palace refused, full of personality.

"Then sit for a while and do what you always stand for."

When Xiaonian walked forward and pushed it toward the bed, Mr palace was pushed back and forth, and finally sat on the bed, its body was a rigid boulder.

"I have something to show you." When Xiaonian went to the wardrobe, he opened the door, picked up a folded gray scarf and went to Mr palace.

"What is this?"

Asked the R palace.

"I made it for you. You're about to leave. I didn't have time to prepare anything, so I made this scarf for you." When Xiaonian handed him the scarf, "do you like it?"

Hearing this, Mr Gong tengdi stood up and shouted angrily, "weave a scarf for Me? "

Its tone is so angry that it can't hide the inflexible electronic sound.

When small read Zheng ground to look at it, a pair of eyes black and white clear, "you this mood seems not happy?"

"I......" Mr Gong Yusai sits back on the bed heavily, with a poor tone and says, "I'm not unhappy!"

"That's good."

When Xiaonian smiled lightly, she spread the scarf in her hand and put it around Mr palace. Mr palace pushed her hand away, and then she put it around again, and it dropped its hand and went to her.

"In fact, I don't know how to weave a scarf. I've been thinking about it myself. It's not very good." When small read to smile to say, put on scarf gently to it, "England this time won't be too hot, my scarf is thin, you just can use."

"I'm just a robot, and I'm not afraid of the cold."

The R Palace said, in an awkward tone.

"But now you're the one I care about. I hope you're OK." When Xiaonian loosened his scarf, he made a pretty scarf knot for it, and his face was satisfied, "it's very handsome, it's suitable for you."

"Just like it."

The R Palace said word by word, two hands did not know when they became fists again.

"Don't you like it?"

When Xiaonian asked back, Mr palace didn't answer, she didn't follow him, sat down beside him and said, "and..."

"And? What else did you do to send Me? "

The R palace suddenly stood up and a cold body was about to go away.

"Why do you react so much? I have something to tell you. Sit down." When Xiaonian looked at it speechless, it was really more and more personality, really not afraid to expose in front of her?


It took a long time for the R palace pestle to sit next to her again. When Xiaonian reached out to rearrange the scarf for her, he whispered, "you are going to England in three days. This trip is to go to someone's old nest and make a hard job. It must be very dangerous. You must pay attention to safety."


The R palace turned away and pushed her hand away from the scarf around her neck.

When small read also not angry, continue to say, "although you are smart, but temper is too easy to be irascible, do not be stimulated by others, do not worry about dealing with Lancaster, everything to their own safety, you know?"


The R Palace said nothing.

"Also, you should not be too conceited. You should carry everything on your shoulders. Those who should ask for help should go. Many people are willing to help you." When small read to continue to say, reach out to smooth the corner that scarf raises.


In addition to silence, the R house is silent.

"Take good care of your body. Don't work too hard. If you are injured or sick, you need to be treated. Don't delay. Otherwise, Lancaster will solve the problem and you will fall down. How can you win?" Said Shi Xiaonian.

R palace sat beside her, always leaving her silver back.

"Mr palace, do you hear that?"

When Xiaonian reached out and pushed it.

The R palace looked back at her reluctantly. "Master, I'm just a robot. I won't get sick. You've personified me too much."

Hearing this, Xiao Nian's eyes stagnated, and then he said, "you're going out, I'm just worried about you."

"Like worrying about Mr. Gong?"

Asked the R palace, who recognized a trace of indifference.

When Xiaonian was dumbfounded, she lowered her eyes and held back her mood. She didn't say anything. In the past, she looked up as if she didn't hear anything and said, "well, don't say this. Remember what I told you, go to England, take good care of yourself, don't hurry up, don't get angry. It doesn't matter if Lancaster can be defeated. The most important thing is to go back safely Come on. "


R palace sat there without saying a word.

Seeing that it was silent, Xiaonian broke off his fingers. "I have three days left, and I can prepare a gift for you. I'll sell it first, and then I'll give it to you on the last day."

"And gifts?" Mr palace suddenly stood up again, "master, do you like me so much?"

It's just for a robot. Do you want to give so many advices and give scarf and gifts? It's ridiculous!

"I said, I'm comfortable with you." When small read lightly said, the voice is very soft, does not have a little attack power, "don't you like it?"

"I......" Mr palace again, but he quickly replied, "master, it's time for you to rest."


When Xiaonian nodded, he opened the quilt and lay on the bed. Mr palace stood by the wall like a guard to guard her.

She turned around, turned her back to Mr palace and looked out of the window at the moonlight. Under the long eyelashes, the bottom of her eyes was lonely, but the voice of the exit was relaxed. "Mr palace, I've had a very happy relationship these days. Thank you for accompanying me every night, and I have expectations every day."


What does she mean by saying all of a sudden, advertising with a robot?

"I'm not a strong person, and I'm easy to get to the top of my head. I'm sinking deeper and deeper. If it wasn't for your sudden appearance, I think I'm not me now, and I don't know what I'm going to become." "When small read back to it said," but now I seem to slowly want to understand, I know what I should do, should not do

"Master, what on earth do you want to say?"

"Nothing. I'm tired." When small read lightly said, slowly close the eyes, moonlight in her eyes gradually disappeared, "Mr palace, today's moon is very beautiful."


Palace r looks up at the moon out of the window. It is bright and bright. The moon is like a garment. It is really beautiful when it is draped on Xiao Nian.


The next day, when the sun shone into the villa, Xiaonian sat in the dining room, turned over a Book of food recipes, and recorded all the food he was interested in.

"Mrs. Gong, is there enough flour in the villa?" Several servants dragged out two big bags of flour and asked Xiaonian.

"That's enough. Let me have some information about the ingredients."

When small read to turn over recipe to say.

All of a sudden, a group of bodyguards passed by the restaurant door, with neat and hurried steps.