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Chapter 884 policy against Li Qingyan

Feng de said, pointing to the photo, "however, it's interesting that there are two English names engraved on the silver necklace. This Sophie is Li Qingyan's English name, and the rest looks like a man's name."


Man's name.

When small read vaguely understood what, asked, "Li Qingyan was taken away?"

"Not yet."

The tears in Li Qingyan's eyes appeared before Xiao Nian's eyes. He thought about it and said, "I'll see her for the last time."

"Xiaonian, you seem to be very interested in Li Qingyan?"

Feng de looked at her and said she didn't look jealous.

"I don't know either."

At that time, Xiaonian was really at a loss. She knew that Li Qingyan had done something bad. She knew that Gong Ou had guessed that Lancaster was behind the scenes. Li Qingyan had no use value. But Li Qingyan's tears were always on her, which made her unable to let go.

Moreover, she really doesn't want the blood on Gong Ou's hands.

"Then go."

Feng de nodded.

After breakfast, Xiao Nian went downstairs and went into the room where Li Qingyan was under house arrest. Li Qingyan was still tied to the chair. His clothes stained with blood were tightly attached to the flesh and skin. There was no treatment. His head was lowered and his face was worse than before.

It's like she's slowly waiting for death.

"Li Qingyan."

When small read coldly call her name, walk to her in front.

Hearing the voice, Li Qingyan slowly raised his head and looked at her empty eyes, and a smile of mockery rose slowly from the corner of his lips. His voice was pale and powerless. "The president's wife seems unhappy, and she has to torture me to death."

"It's too easy for me to torture you. I don't need to tie you here." Xiaonian turned to the bodyguard and said, "take the necklace off her neck and melt it."

Wen Yan, Li Qingyan lost his face in fright and writhed excitedly, "what do you want to do? Don't touch me don't touch me! "

The bodyguard insisted on taking the necklace off.


Li Qingyan screams hysterically. The whole person falls off the chair and falls to the ground. Xiaonian is hurt when he looks at it. Li Qingyan ignores it and still screams, "don't touch me!"

The bodyguard wants to come forward again. When Xiaonian stops them, "pull her up."

"No, no!"

Li Qingyan is still struggling to resist, people with chairs are pulled from the ground by bodyguards.

When Xiaonian stood in front of her, looked at the silver necklace on her neck, and said, "who is Jerry?"

Li Qing looked at her bloodlessly. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Do you want to install it.

If she knew that Gong Ou had guessed that Lancaster was behind it, it would be even worse.

When Xiaonian stood there, looked down at the blood stains on her body, and said lightly, "I'm a caricaturist, and I'm good at making brain holes. Do you want to hear what I've guessed?"


Li Qingyan looks at her dully.

"Li Qingyan fell in love with a man named Jerry. He should be a poor man, so he can only afford a silver necklace for you." The story of Shi Xiaonian is very short, which almost explains the whole story. She sees the expression of panic on Li Qingyan's face as she wishes.

But soon, Li Qingyan put the emotion down, turned around and said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Li Qingyan and Jerry love each other very much, and they love each other very hard." When Xiaonian slowly narrated and watched Li Qingyan's expression all the time, "maybe later, Lancaster caught Jerry and forced you to destroy Gong Ou's feelings. You love this man so much that you came."


Li Qingyan did not even cover up. He looked at her in complete astonishment.

"You don't love Gong ou. It's the name carved on your necklace, right?"

Xiaonian stood in front of her and said slowly.

Li Qingyan's eyes suddenly turned red and sneered, "since you know everything, what else do you want me to do? Don't kill me yet? "

"I guess I'm all right?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Li Qingyan lowered his head and his lips trembled. "You don't know how hard Jerry and I have to walk to today. He is poor but ambitious. He has been working hard. I can't help but look at him at home. Lancaster suddenly found out that the senior was very special to me in St. John, so he grabbed Jerry."

"No disaster."

When I was young, I read it quietly.

"Yes, what did we do wrong? It's just a fight between the two families! " Li Qingyan raised his eyes and glared at her angrily. "I just want to be with Jerry. Is that so difficult?"

Her voice quaked with pain.

"You're under arrest now. Do you think Lancaster will let him go?" Asked shixiaonian.

Smell speech, Li Qingyan's eyes show a taste of life recognition, bitter and astringent way, "I know that this kind of big family has never taken human life as life, when I die, I have no use value, maybe Jerry will come to me soon. But maybe they won't bother to do it and let him go. "

Only fighting for this glimmer of hope, she also clenched her mouth and said nothing, doing what chess pieces should do.

But now Xiaonian knows it. As long as they take her necklace to Lancaster and make a mockery of it, they say that they know all about it and that the plan has failed, that is, she is ineffective. Lancaster will definitely kill Jerry in a rage.


Li Qingyan is really a smart man.

Shixiaonian nodded and looked at her and said, "do you want to turn? Come and help Gong ou. "

The words fall, when small read also feel oneself this proposal some boldness.

Li Qingyan looks at her unexpectedly, his eyes are red and his face is pale. "What do you say? What other value do I have for my seniors? Can you help me get Jerry back? "

"I just suggest that, in fact, I have nothing in mind, and I have to ask Gong Ou what he means." When small read lightly said, "I just......"

"Just what?"

Asked Li Qingyan.

"Whether you say my virgin or ignorant, I just don't want you to die like this." "When small read a way," I and Gong Ou this road also go very hard, many times almost can't support down

Li Qingyan was tied up and sat there, and asked straightforwardly, "can you help me save Jerry?"

"Ask Gong ou."

"No matter what you want me to do, Jerry is in Lancaster's hands. I'll fight for his life at any time." Li Qingyan added, without any deception.

"I believe in Gong ou." Said Shi Xiaonian.


Li Qingyan was shocked.

When Xiaonian looked at her, "Gong Ou has never been close to others. But in St. John, you can let him praise you, let him not bother you, let him lend you books. He is very poisonous and picky, so I believe in his vision."

Li Qingyan looked at her stupidly, and there was a flash of guilt in her eyes. Instead of saying anything else, he just said, "OK, deal."


Several bodyguards watched and looked at each other.

What's the situation? Two women standing in the position of love enemies have reached a united front with such three words and two words? So fast? So easy?

Between women It's really terrible.

"What can I do to make Gong Ou face up to your value?"

When small read lightly ask a way, expression is always calm, she did all that she wanted to do, think should do.

"Is there any information in Lancaster in the hands of the seniors? They should steal it back." Li Qingyan immediately said, "although they didn't disclose too much in front of me, I guess there should be a lot of their people around the senior, maybe these are their people standing beside you now."

"We are not, Mrs. Gong!"

Several bodyguards turned pale with alarm.

"Of course you are not."

When Xiaonian said with a smile, the adoptive father said that the people who protect the palace and Europe are actually strict censors, and they will go to check regularly, never allowing the existence of betrayers.

So she believed in them, too.

"I'm not a polemic, I'm serious." Li Qingyan looked at shixiaonian and said seriously, "the senior is very dangerous now. If Lancaster can find me, it means that they have investigated the senior's past clearly. Even some people like me who have been treated in a different way have taken advantage of it. It can be seen how big their heart is to kill the senior."

In the end, Li Qingyan was a little anxious.

When Xiaonian looks at her quietly, "in fact, you care about Gong Ou very much."

At least, she called out that the senior was sincere.

"I adore him."

Li Qingyan explained it very briefly, but explained everything.

"I see." Xiao Nian nodded, stood up and walked out. Li Qingyan excitedly called her, "can you really help me save Jerry?"

"It's said that Gong Ou is a terrible man. He has a bad temper and is arrogant When Xiaonian turned to look at her, smiled and asked, "what do you think of his comparison with Lancaster?"

Who is more trustworthy?

Li Qingyan can be appreciated by Gong ou. She should know the choice.

Li Qingyan could not help but drooping his eyes, shaking his lips a few times, and said, "I know that the senior will not forgive me, but Say sorry for me. I can't help it. I'll do whatever it takes to save Jerry. "

"I will."

Said Shi Xiaonian, turning away.

"When I read it."

Li Qingyan called her back.

When Xiaonian looked back, Li Qingyan looked at her pale, then shook his head again, "nothing, say sorry for me."


From Li Qingyan's side, Xiao Nian's heart was heavy. Not because of Li Qingyan's story, but from Li Qingyan's mouth, she understood how deep Lancaster's hatred for Gong Ou was, to the extent that water and fire could not melt for a moment.

Gong Ou has always said that there will be a war with Lancaster sooner or later.

She thought the war would come soon.

This makes her a little uneasy. She reaches out to her belly, frowns and frowns. Baby, everything will be safe, right?

It must be, right?

When Xiaonian walked into the hospital with soup, she didn't play a jealous woman. She was preoccupied. As soon as she entered the ward, Gong Ou was not there, and the bed was empty.