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Chapter 1110, how moved!


She doesn't know.

When small read a face innocent.

"Please line up in order. Don't jump in line. One by one, please rearrange those who jump in line, and those who don't follow the rules please rearrange!" A uniformed man was yelling at Mai, who was pinned to his collar, while still maintaining the shape of the line. "Line up, line up! Don't you want to take the salary? "

Isn't that the chef of the palace?

When Xiaonian looked at this scene inexplicably, he saw that the chef had come towards them. The chef went to Gongyu and said solemnly, "Sir, sitting in such a luxurious and comfortable chair in the queue will cause psychological discomfort to other queuing people."

"Sir?" Gong Yu sulks, "don't you know me?"

"Sir, the people who are willing to queue up for a ticket are all from the civilian class. In general theory, they will not buy such expensive chairs, so please come down." The cook went on, very serious.

"You don't want to do it, do you?"

Gong Yu's face was totally ugly.

"If you are tired, sir, please bring some civilian supplies." The chef totally ignored Gong Yu's face and raised his hand and clapped.

I saw a maid carrying a small folding chair and putting it on the ground. The chef said coldly, "take this gentleman's chair away and change it."

"Yes." The maid walked gingerly to Gong Yu's back to draw a chair.

Gong Yu sat still.

As soon as the chef's face sank, he grabbed the back of the chair and the maid forced the chair out. Gong Yu stumbled and nearly fell down.

Immediately, there was a sound of gasping. Lori stood not far behind, smiling on his always cold and proud face. He put out his fist to cover his lips.

When I was young, I couldn't help but open my mouth. The palace family has always attached great importance to the rules of honor and inferiority. When did the chef dare to be so bold.

"Sir, please take this when you are tired."

The cook left the folding chair there.

Gong Yu stood aside and looked at the chef in front of him. He was so angry that he even smiled, "is Gong Ou giving you courage? Where is he? "

"I'm only in line, sir." The chef said in an unashamed way, turning his head and shouting at a place, "this lady, you should never know the people behind you and enjoy the massage service of strangers."

Shixiaonian looks in the direction he points.

Well, this lady's name is Luo Qi.

"What kind of wind does Gong Ou take?" When Xiaonian looked at Fengde beside him, Fengde smiled and shook his head. "I, I don't know."


“mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! "

In the distance, Gong Kui, who was in line, was jumping and waving at her, excited.

"Why are you in line? Where's brother? " When small read hurriedly to walk, palace Kui picked up from the ground, rub her fleshy little face.

Gong Kui's face was full of excitement. "Holy is so far ahead of me. We don't know each other. We can't be in one place."

Adults say people in line should pretend they don't know each other.


I don't know anything.

"Mom, it's fun to line up. Shall we play in line every day?" Gong Kui hugged her neck and kissed her. Her big eyes sparkled.

Play in line everyday, Gong Yu is crazy.

"See dad?" When Xiaonian looked around, he wanted to catch Gong ou, the culprit.

Gong Kui shook his head naively.

"Follow me to dad?"

"No, I want to line up, I want to line up! I'm from 500, 600... " Gong Kui began to count by breaking his little finger, and then he was confused. "I started from a lot of places. It's my turn. I don't want to leave."

As she spoke, Gong Kui came down from her with legs on her feet and stood in a regular line.

When Xiaonian felt her little head helplessly and continued to walk along the line. On the way, she met Gong Yao, who was indifferent, Su Yaoyao, who had been taking photos, Li Qingyan and his wife, who were flirting and being opened, and Xia Bian and his wife, who were waiting for a loveless look

Everyone's face says: why am I in line?

When I saw it, almost everyone wanted to ask her, why did Gong Ou let the line up? Everyone was interrupted by the disciplined chefs without asking.

In the face of the eyes of all the people, Xiao Nian hurriedly walked forward, covering his face awkwardly.

After walking for a long time, she heard a familiar voice --

"standing up straight, didn't eat?"

"Who told you to wear such a flowery dress? It's eyesore!"

"Don't step out. What about the 30cm between people? Did you eat it? "

"What is a straight line? Do you have to stand in a straight line with the team? Do you have a problem with your ears or your head? "

"What are you doing with a bitter face? It's hard to line up? "

"The brain is for you, not for you to put on rust! If you don't know what is 30cm, take a ruler! "

What a terrible bigotry and tongue.

When Xiaonian looked up, he saw Gong Ou standing in the middle of the crowd. He was wearing an extremely ordinary white shirt, two buttons less, half rolled sleeves, and a pair of slippers on his feet. He dressed casually, but it was very eye-catching to wear on him. That was the face

I saw Gong Ou scold all the people in front of him and behind him with a stinking face, and everyone cried.

When Gong Ou turned to scold, the two behind immediately rubbed their shoulders and legs, whispered, "the second young master is bored in line, find someone to scold, let him go to buy tickets first, but he still refuses."

Bored find someone to scold.

When small read a black line, stride toward Gong ou.

"Stand up straight, stand up straight, hunchback want to let who look bad..." Gong Ou is catching a man to scold him. When he turns his head, he sees Xiaonian holding his arms and looking at himself perfectly. His eyes suddenly brighten, showing a big smile and his teeth are white.

But soon, he smiled back and put on a high position.

“……” When Xiaonian shook his head and asked patiently with a smile, "what are you doing, President Gong Da?"

"Who are you?"

Gong Ou glances at her coldly.


When Xiaonian felt that her head suddenly hurt. She really didn't know what he was smoking.

Seeing this, Xiaonian ignores himself. Gong Ou frowns and glares at Fengde.

Feng de immediately bent down and said respectfully, "this gentleman has been waiting in line since early morning for his wife's favorite musical."


When small read at a loss, now what is the situation, all pretend not to know?

Gong Ou stares at Feng de again, and Feng de has to continue saying, "our musical is famous all over the world. It's hard to get a ticket. For his beloved wife, this gentleman has been queuing up. He hasn't eaten for a long time. He has been queuing up for starvation. He hasn't sat down, slept, or cut in line. I really envy this sincerity. If I have such a partner, I will feel it It's moving. "

When Xiaonian blinked, he looked at Fengde with some disgust, "adoptive father, when did you talk so sarcastically?"

She's got goose bumps.

"Oh, ha ha."

Feng de can only laugh.

Gong Ou stares at Feng de again, and he wonders if he has forgotten anything. "By the way, it's said that this husband's wife hopes her husband can buy a ticket for him in a long line without privilege. Unexpectedly, this gentleman has done it! Ah, how moved. "

"Adoptive father, you..."

"Ah, I'm so moved!"


When Xiaonian petrified to look at a gentleman's Feng De, Feng de embarrassed smile twice, "sorry, confiscate. But I'm really moved. I can't find such a loving man in the world any more. It's not about it, it's about it! "

Gong Ou purses her lips with satisfaction.


When I was young, I thought I could help my forehead. Everyone really had a good time.

She remembered that when she was at Lancaster manor, Gong Ou said she would build a theater for her to see. She said she wanted her to line up to buy her a ticket.

What she wants to emphasize is that happiness can be very simple. It's not to call all the members of the palace to join the party and play the game of queuing!

She and Gong Ou's brain frequency are never in the same line.

She looks at Gong ou. Gong Ou takes two steps forward and raises her chin slightly. "You, let you take a position and allow you to jump in line."


When Xiaonian inserts in front of Gong ou.

Gong Ou goes to her side. This time, no matter the straight line rules of the team, he looks at the women around him with low eyes and high toes. "How about envy? You can't meet such a good man. "

"Yes." Shi Xiaonian nods hard and agrees with him very much.

The radian of Gong Ou's lip angle is higher.

"My husband is mentally retarded. How can he compare with you, sir?" Don't pretend to know each other. Play the queuing game. Who can't.

Gong Ou's face is blue all of a sudden, and her black eyes stare at her, "what do you mean when I read you?"

"Ah, do you recognize me?" Shi Xiaonian pretends to be surprised. "Have you recovered your memory?"

"When - small - read!" Gong Ou clenched his teeth. "You say I'm mentally retarded? Do you know how high my intelligence test is? "

He is mentally retarded. Are there any intelligent people in the world?

When I was young, I couldn't laugh.

"What are you laughing at?" Gong Ou stares at her. "Do you think I'm stupid to do this?"

The loss in his eyes flashed by.

When Xiaonian looked at the front, then looked at the terrible team behind him, then turned his eyes to look at Gong Ou's ugly face and asked helplessly, "why didn't I see you at breakfast? Didn't I have breakfast?"

I'm so stupid that I can't help myself. I don't even go to eat when I make such a fuss.


Gong Ou turns around and leaves her with a back image.

That figure wrote three words: angry.

When Xiaonian sighed for a long time and stood there and kicked the ground gently, "my husband is really stupid, but stupid It's lovely. "

Gong Ou suddenly turned around and said, "shixiaonian, don't you think I would like to listen to this?"

Stupid, cute.

He wants to listen to this?

"Don't do that in the future." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"That's how you don't like it?" Gong Ou's eyes darkened. He remembered every word she said. He thought she would be moved. He thought she would like it.