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Chapter 1017 why it's so good for me

When Xiaonian wanted to ask something more, bit suddenly turned his eyes and saw the monitor on a computer screen. His face changed greatly. "Damn, they are here again!"

"Who?" When I was young, I couldn't understand.

"Bodyguards from thousands of miles away will come in every few days to see me. They say they protect me, but they are afraid that I will run away." Bit looks up at her and grabs her arm. "You can't be found. Go, hide."


When Xiaonian didn't have time to ask something, she was pulled all the way by bith. She looked at the tension on his face, and suddenly she couldn't bear it.

He really cares about her, but all she does is to make it easier to establish a good relationship with him. He is similar to her. He was ignored by his family since he was young, but he didn't want to attract their attention and recognition. She knows how to get close to such people.

He needs to relax. She will teach him some unbridled ways of life that she won't do. She deceives him that she has no younger brother, which makes him feel warm to some extent. He likes sweetness. She adds it in the cake wantonly, and doesn't think about his health

"Come on, come on." Bit took her into the front hall, opened a cupboard and said to her, "you go in and be careful not to make any noise."

"Here?" When small read Zheng ran.

"Yes, they will find excuses to look around. There's no safety here. They won't care too much when I'm in this hall." Bith said seriously, a pair of blue eyes staring at her deeply, "even if it's found, I'll let Mr palace drag them, and it's better to run from here."

When Xiaonian carefully lowered himself into the cupboard, bit gave her a hand and made sure that she could breathe well inside before the cupboard door closed slowly.

The cupboard door closes in front of Xiaonian's eyes, and bit gives her a reassuring look.

When the cupboard door was closed, bith gathered all the maids and ordered them again. The maids were abused enough by him at ordinary times. They didn't dare to make a sound at all.

Soon, the Lancaster family bodyguards arrived and rushed into the hall, while Xiaonian hid in the cupboard and breathed silently.

Cupboard door is shutter door, when small read can see a little bit outside, a pair of legs stand neatly, small young master is good

Bith sat on the sofa and picked up a cup of coffee to drink. When he heard them talking, he said coldly, "come to urge again? I haven't worked it out yet, which disappointed him. "

"Young master, Mr. George has been very anxious. You know that." Said the leader.

"Then you take up the research room here, and go to study it yourself." Bit tasted the coffee in the cup and sneered scornfully.

"Young master joked." The man stood in front of the bodyguards and said, "in fact, I'm here to tell you that the palace family has been in zone 13 for a while. It seems calm recently, but they must not give up looking for the young master. The young master should be worried."

"I just want to search, by the way, to see if I have any rebellious thoughts, to see if there is any progress in research, and what do I do with so many cliches? Just watch. "

Bith sat there and said, his voice is cold and proud, but there is a sadness that cannot be reversed.

In front of the Lancaster family's bodyguards, although he is a young man, he has no right to speak. It is his limit to leave a pure land.

When Xiaonian sat in the cabinet and watched the hand shake, all the bodyguards left one after another.

As bith expected, they will search here, but they will not care too much in this hall.

"Young master, sir, I still hope you can accept our comprehensive protection and never let the palace family have a chance to take advantage of it." Said the man, rather respectfully.

"Last time in the club, the protection was comprehensive enough. As a result, it was not carried away by the palace family?" Bith said coldly, "you look at me like a prisoner. I can't work out anything."


The man was silent and stopped talking.

"By the way, what's the situation at the palace?" Bit asked.

When sitting in the cupboard, Xiaonian tightened his body, pricked up his ears to listen, and only heard the man answer, "it's strange to say that although we tried our best to disturb their investigation vision, the efficiency of the palace family has always been to find out the surrounding area, but there was no movement."

When small read can't help frowning, they have been disturbed by the original line of sight, no wonder they can't find out.

Now it's even more impossible. Gong Ou must be looking for her with all his strength. He would not expect her to be with bit.

"Nothing?" Bit repeated this sentence, when Xiaonian was gone, the palace family didn't move.

"Yes, and the area where the palace is staying is very peaceful. We all doubt whether they have other actions." The man said, "master, the information you have in hand is very important and urgent."

Bit stopped talking.

When Xiaonian leaned against the wall of the cupboard and sat down. Once again, she heard that Gong family was extremely anxious. She couldn't go back. Could Gong Ou keep calm all the time?

She is not afraid of anything else. She is afraid of Gong Ou's impetuosity. She doesn't want to see his illness recur.

For a long time, the bodyguards came back again and again. When Xiaonian heard someone say, "head, this is the latest research report. Please see it. It's not much progress. It's not enough to defeat N.E. at one stroke."

When small read a sigh of relief, progress is not good.

"Young master, sir, I have reiterated that the research results are really urgent. In that case, I'm sorry. "

Someone said.

Sorry? Sorry? When Xiaonian was puzzled, she heard a loud bang. She hurriedly looked out from a little gap of the shutter door, only to see that bith fell to the ground, he propped up and knelt on the ground.

Then she saw two bodyguards untie the belt. Before she knew it, the belt pulled hard at bit.



When Xiaonian was shocked to cover his mouth, he saw that he pulled the belt on the young man's thin body, bith insisted on humming without humming, but he could not help pressing his hand on the ground. The whole man looked like a humble animal.

Sweat fell from his face.

The two bodyguards pulled at him without any scruple. When Xiaonian firmly covered his mouth, he couldn't make any sound, so he could only watch.

After dozens of strokes, bit got up completely on the ground. He fell to the ground, his face was pale, and cold sweat slipped into his eyes. There was despair in his blue eyes.

The 16-year-old doesn't see a bit of light in his eyes.

After the bodyguards had taught them a lesson, they left. Several maids rushed forward to hold up bit. When bit saw that they were like explosives being ignited, he fell on the ground and raised his legs and kicked them hard. He vented all his anger on them.

When Xiaonian opened the cupboard door and went out, she opened a maid, looked down at the pale bit, "don't vent to them, they care about you more than those people."

The maids all stood there with their heads folded.

Bith's hair is all wet. He looks at shixiaonian with a heavy breath. The hatred in his eyes dissipates slowly. He stands up and says, "you don't know anything!"

"I know about it."

“……” Bit's body shook and looked at her resentfully. "So you look down on me, too?"

"Who can I look down on because of my civilian background?"


Bit stops talking, the resentment disappears, and gets up from the ground.

When Xiaonian went to him, he reached out and helped him up. "Get up, I'll help you with the medicine."

"You help me?" Bit looked at her stupidly, with an unexpected face and even a vibration in her eyes, as if her words were something new or something out of the blue, which sounded so incredible.

With the help of Mr palace, Shi Xiaonian helps bit into the bedroom, and he lies on the bed. Mr palace helps to untie his clothes.

When Xiaonian took out the medicine box, he looked back and saw the bruised back of the teenager. All the new and old wounds were added together. The scars were deep and shallow, which looked terrible.

This is actually a young man's body, these are his father let people fight?

Even if it's a son born to a maid, it's a son born to her, isn't it?

When Xiaonian walked over, bit was lying on the bed, breathing heavily, and made some painful groans and groans from time to time. This kind of voice came out of a juvenile's immature throat, which was hard to hear.

"Why don't you hand me in?" Shi Xiaonian took out some medicine bottles from the medicine box and couldn't help asking, "give me to your father, and you will completely raise your head in front of him, and you won't have to be beaten this time."

Bith's obedient choice of research robots, in addition to helpless submission, is also an urgent need for family recognition? Otherwise, he would not have regarded the noble blood as high in his bones.

And she's just a stranger.

"I'm used to it."

He said, lying there with his head up, his voice full of pain.

Shi Xiaonian sat down at the bedside, picked up the tweezers and took the cotton ball and dipped it into the good medicine to wipe his wound. Bit was so painful that he grabbed the bedspread under him, and his teeth clenched.

She quickly released her strength and wiped the medicine for him. Even so, bith's back was still shaking with pain.

Gradually, bit seemed to get used to the pain and turned to look at her. I don't know if he lost his eyes because of sweat. When I read that the Oriental face looked particularly beautiful, the worry and intolerance in his eyes made him stare for a long time.

He has forgotten who was the last one to look at him like this, as if Never before.

"Hold on a little, it won't hurt for a while."

When Xiaonian didn't notice that bit was looking at her, he wiped the medicine attentively, and from time to time fanned the wind on his wound with his left hand to relieve her pain.

"Why are you so kind to me?" The boy's dull voice rang in the room.

When Xiaonian took the tweezers and looked at him with low eyes, "it's nothing for me to do these things, compared with that you didn't kill me."