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Chapter 587 stay with me

The light lit up in front of her eyes, extending all the way to the front, illuminating her vision.

Give her hope all the way.

"Here we are."

Gong Ou said, stopping in front of an arched corridor, several maids stood on both sides of the pillar in the most standard maid's clothes, respectfully standing there.

When Xiaonian takes a look at Gong ou and follows him inside, two maids stand at the door, one opening two doors at the same time.

A strong light was thrown at me.

When Xiaonian stood at the door and looked in, this is Gong Ou's bedroom. It's exactly the same style as Gong's. It's all British classical and dark furniture. It's clean and tidy. There's no dust in it.

Gong Ou goes inside, takes off his coat and puts it on his arm. When he turns his head, Xiao Nian still stands at the door and doesn't come in.

"Why don't you come in?"

Asked Gong ou.

"It feels the same every time I walk in here." "When small read said in a low voice," through those old British films of noble castle, manor and so on, a thick sense of cultural atmosphere

"Is it?"

Gong Ou doesn't feel anything about it.

"Yes." When small read repeatedly nods, then walks in, a pair of black and white clear eyes look around, "you from small to big is living here?"

"No, I've changed rooms several times."

Gong Ou said in a deep voice that his tie was hung on a hanger.

When Xiaonian nodded, curious about everything in the room, reached out to touch this one, and then touched that one. Suddenly, she saw a picture frame on the cabinet.

She walked over at once. The picture of Gong Ou is striking. It's just a very young Gong ou. She's only a teenager. She's so tender that she can drip water. Her facial features are deeper than they are now. She seems to have mixed blood. He's sitting on a horse, holding the reins in both hands and galloping forward.

"So handsome."

At that time, Xiaonian's eyes were suddenly full of stars, and she turned her eyes to look at Gong ou, "Gong ou, how could you be so handsome at that time? There must be a lot of little girls pouncing on you, right

Riding and galloping, this kind of handsome is totally out of control.

Being praised by her without any bottom line, Gong Ou's face shows a touch of pride.

He went over, took the picture frame from her hand, and saw himself in the picture. Gong Ou's eyes were dim and fleeting. His pride was also restrained by him. He said in a low voice, "this was taken during a hunting."


"The nobles advocate hunting. If you live here for a few more days, you can see it." Palace Europe light tunnel, put the picture frame back.

When Xiaonian bent over the cupboard and looked at Gong Ou in the picture with deep eyes, "you are so handsome all the way from childhood. It's amazing that I can marry you."

This words any man listened to vanity can burst the shed, Gong Ou stood aside, looked at her face with low eyes intoxicated appearance, the lips angle slightly moved, thin lips hook up a shallow arc.

"It's not easy. I thought it was very difficult for me to pass the pass. I didn't expect that." When small read straight up to say with a smile, "I still want to ask Xiao Kui for advice, see a few mother-in-law drama to learn something."


Gong Ou looks at her speechless.

"Now, all customs clearance!" When small read open arms, stretched a stretch, "it's a relaxed body, I go to take a bath."

Everything is getting better and better.

There is no rival.

No mother-in-law problems.

There is no suspicion between lovers.

In particular, Gong Ou's situation is getting better and better. It's not a waste of her time to search a pile of love words every day and tell him that he is more and more open and free.

She is waiting to be Mrs. Gong now.

"Well." Gong Ou responded, pointing in a direction. "This is the bathroom. The dressing room is on the left. You put your clothes in it."


Xiaonian nodded and went to the bathroom.

After a comfortable bath, I was tired all the way. When Xiaonian came out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe, he wiped his hair with a towel.

The room is empty.

"Gong Ou? Gong Ou? "

When small read puzzled ground called a few times, nobody answer her, strange, where to go?

This is no more than Empire castle in s city. She can't find him if she wants to.

When Xiaonian was thinking about it, her cell phone rang. It was a phone call from Fengde. She immediately picked it up, sat down on the bed and happily announced the good news to him, "my adoptive father and my wife agreed to my marriage with Gong ou."

"Really?" Feng De is also very happy, "great, now I'm waiting to hold the baby."

Smell speech, when small read very helpless, "adoptive father, how can you and Xiaokui, is not I and Gong Ou one marriage, you all become the birth party?"

Then her life after marriage is really conceivable.

"I hope you and the young master have more. I can help you to take care of them and make sure they are considerate." Feng de said with a smile.

When I was a little girl, I could only smile bitterly, except bitterly. "Well, my adoptive father, are you in the Butler school now? I'll see you when I'm free. "

"Good." Feng de said, "you take good care of yourself. Don't say I gave birth to you. When you get married, your wife will naturally urge you."

"Madame has only two."

Shi Xiaonian said that birth is a stressful thing.

"That's because my wife's health was damaged when she gave birth to the eldest young master. Later, she had to give birth to the second young master, and almost lost her life. The master would not let her have another baby." Feng de explained.

When Xiaonian didn't expect that there was such a thing here, "so it is."

"Therefore, compared with other nobles, the palace family is weak in heirs, but just because of this, only two brothers, the young master and the big young master have a very good relationship. When there are more brothers and sisters, they have to contend for jealousy and power." Said Fengde over there.

When Xiaonian sat there and quietly listened to some of the palace's past events.

After hanging up the phone, Gong Ou didn't come back, so Xiao Nian simply got up and went out. As soon as he got out, several maids were still there.

He nodded politely to them. "Did you see Gong Ou?"

"The second young master has gone to the eldest young master's room."

Said a maid.

"My room? Where is it? " When small read to ask a way, the maid pointed a direction, unexpectedly is opposite this room, in the middle is separated by very broad corridor.

When Xiaonian went forward, a maid grabbed her with some worry. "Miss Xi, except for cleaning, the second young master doesn't allow others to enter the room of the eldest young master."

"It doesn't matter."

When small read light smile, she believes, she is not that other people.

She walked forward firmly and opened the door carefully. Gong Ou was standing inside, looking up at what was on the wall. Hearing the sound, Gong Ou turned to look at her.

He has deep facial features, dark eyes and no expression on his face.

But Shi Xiaonian was sure that she did not see the look of disgust in Gong Ou's eyes, so she strode to him and looked at the wall following his eyes just now.

Another picture of Gong ou.

It's the same picture of riding on a horse.

It's just that the picture here has been magnified by more than 30 inches. It's a big one, and it's just hanging there.


When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou with some doubts.

"My brother took this picture for me. He is very satisfied with this work." Gong Ou stood beside her and said.

I see.

When Xiao Nian looked at Gong ou, he thought of his brother. For Gong ou, he rarely worshipped anyone. I'm afraid that Gong Jue was not one of them. But he respected Gong Yu very much, and he always missed him.

"He must be a very warm and special man." Xiaonian stood beside Gong ou and said.

Gong Ou looks down at her.

When Xiaonian stares into his eyes, smiles and says, "do you want to stay here? If you need it, I'll go back to my room first. "

She doesn't bother.

Gong Ou stood there without speaking.

When small read witty way, "then I go to see twins first."

As she said that, she went out and reached for two doors. The gap between the doors was getting smaller and smaller. Gong Ou stood there and looked at her deeply.

Four eyes are opposite.

When the door was about to close, Xiaonian heard Gong Ou's voice ringing inside. "Stay with me."


When Xiaonian stood there, her hand still resting on the door, her heart pounded. She looked straight ahead and asked incredulously, "say it again."

"You said it. What do you say?"

Gong Ou stood there and looked at her with black eyes.

Yes, if you have anything to say, smile when you are happy, sad when you are not happy, and scold when you are angry.

When Xiaonian immediately opened the door, walked towards him, and looked at him with a smile. "I'm here, I'm not going anywhere, I'm here with you."


Gong Ou's jaw head, lips moved, and pulled out a smile that was not natural.

When Xiaonian saw it, she almost laughed. Turning her eyes, she saw a very empty place in the room. She walked over, stood there and looked at it. She raised her hand and played the air like a piano.

"Is there a piano here?"

When Xiaonian looks up at Gong ou.


He knew that she had thought of it.


After that, Xiaonian didn't ask. The piano was moved to their bedroom in s city and stayed beside Gong ou.

When small read empty play a few air, a wry smile, "there are brother memories of Miss really good, I also miss Xi Yu, but we do not have any common memories."


Gong Ou looks at her.

"We don't have the strong telepathy between Gong Yao and Gong Kui. The first time I felt Xi Yu was when he had an accident." When small read a way, to go up palace Europe's line of sight, "so, or you and your brother better, you can have so many past memories."

Gong Ou comes to her and looks down at her. "Don't comfort me with your scars."


The intention is seen through.

When Xiaonian smiled, "for the sake of my efforts to comfort you, can I give you a reward?"

"Matter or body?"

Asked Miyamoto solemnly.


When Xiaonian was asked for a while, he was speechless, and then he laughed again.

Her Gong Ou is really a little back.