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Chapter 600 appearance of Gong ou

"Mona, you are a madman!"

When Xiaonian screamed, she rushed to Mona with all her strength, and was firmly held by Mr. y behind her. She lowered her body in agony, and her tears flowed wildly. Her voice trembled, "madman, pervert."

She's a pervert.

How could someone be cruel to this, four years, four years, in the name of treatment, insult Gong ou for four years.

Seeing her like this, Mona smiled with red eyes and said, "I was going to play Gong ou for several years, but I didn't expect that a paranoid can train his restraint so quickly, and his self-discipline is too strong, more and more amazing, he gradually becomes fearless, there is no fun."


When small read to listen to painfully, tears.

"I was about to get married, so I decided to let go of Gong ou." Mona said with a charming smile, "Xi Xiaonian, do you know how I finally tested Gong Ou's recovery?"


Xiao Nian glared at her angrily.

"Aren't you affectionate? He loves you so much that he lives and dies. Is he faithful? " Mona sneered. "In the past four years, I have shown him countless cases and brainwashed him countless times. I told him that normal people don't have the word" love "at all, as is often the case with seven emotions and six desires."

In such a long-term closed environment, Gong Ouxin.


"So my final test was to find seven women for Gong ou and spend a week with him in his room." Mona looked at it and said, "Xi Xiaonian, your love has long been unclean."


When Xiaonian knelt on the ground, his body trembled with pain, tears ran down, and his hands were still held by Mr. y.

"Kill me, I can tell you, soon the whole world will see how absurd Gong Ou has been in these four years, and he will be completely destroyed by me again, and everyone will laugh and curse you." Mona sneered and said, "with his arrogant character, he is very quick..."

"How soon?"

A cold voice suddenly sounded.

The cabin was quiet, dead quiet.

When Xiaonian heard the words, he turned his eyes to the door in astonishment. Gong Ou was standing at the door. He attacked the overcoat he had worn when he left England. He wore a gray towel around his neck. There was no expression on his handsome face. A pair of dark eyes looked coldly at Mona in the bed.

Gong Ou?

How could he be here? He's not in China.

He heard it all?

"Gong ou..."

Seeing the suddenly arrived Gong ou, Mona sat on the bed, her beautiful face was dead white, her eyes were full of fear, she struggled desperately, but her hands were locked and unable to struggle.

Gong ou, like Xiaonian when he didn't see it, walked towards Mona.

"No, No."

Mona shakes her head in fear, sweating in her face, desperately trying to escape. Her wrists are worn by the chains. "No, No."

Gong Ou walked towards her, walked directly to the bed, looked at her coldly with low eyes. He couldn't see happiness and anger on his handsome face. His thin lips were slightly open. He asked, "my disease has never been cured. In these four years, you have treated me as a clown, eh?"

"No, No."

Mona shook her head and looked at him in fear. "Gong ou, I was just talking nonsense, ah!"

Mona screams. Gong Ou grabs her long blonde hair and leans down to her face. Her eyes are cold and her voice is gloomy like a devil. "I ask you, have you played me for four years?"

Mona's head was held up, her breath was shaking because of her scalp pain. "Gong ou, I'm wrong."


Gong Ou presses her head and smashes it at the head of the bed. She presses her head hard on it. Her black eyes stare at her coldly and growl out, "say! Let me see your courage! "

"Gong ou, listen to me. I will give you all the video data." Mona shivered so much that she looked at him in fear. "Please, please let me go."

That's true.

Four years.

It turned out that he had been fooled for four years. It turned out that someone really dared to do this to him.

"Good, huh."

Gong Ou suddenly chuckled, full of sarcasm. He reached out and took the scarf off his neck, untied it again and again.

He moves slowly.

He stood there like a ghost.

Mona shivered in fear and struggled to death. She broke one of her fingers before breaking one arm. Just about to break the other hand, Gong Ou wrapped the scarf around her neck.

"Gong Ou!"

When Xiaonian stood up from the ground in shock and called his name.

I don't know when Mr. y has left the yacht.

Gong Ou seems to be unable to hear Xiaonian's voice. He wraps the scarf around Mona's neck and holds it back. His voice is as cold as a ghost. "Is it interesting to play with Gong Ou as a dog, eh?"

"No, well."

Mona uses her broken hand to pull the scarf between her neck. The scarf is tighter and tighter by Gong ou. She can't speak. Her face is a little swollen, her eyes are gaping, and her eyes are almost protruding.

"Gong ou..."

When Xiaonian rushed to Gong Ou's side, Gong Ou's face in front of him was cold, his outline was cold, and his whole body was cold, making people dare not approach him.

She stared at Mona painfully holding the scarf, her eyes turning white, like a moment when she was almost dead, and Gong Ou suddenly released her hand.

Mona was able to breathe and breathe the fresh air desperately. Before she could take two more breaths, Gong Ou tightened her scarf and stared at Mona's painful face with gloomy eyes. She said word by word, "how excited are you to see me playing with you for four years?"


Mona raised her neck in agony and pulled the scarf with her fingers. She could not pull it down, like a fish that was slaughtered.

"What are you? How dare you do such a thing? "

"I'm so brave. I've been your dog for four years."

"If you dare to do such a thing, you should bear the corresponding consequences."

"Is it fun to play others? I'll keep playing with you! "

Gong Ou deliberately played with her, not eager to kill her, but loosened her scarf at the moment when she almost died, and tightened it at the moment when she had no time to live.

He is like a ghost in hell. His eyes are full of cold light of death. He controls Mona's life and death. He brings her to the edge of death and brings her back again and again, tormenting her so much.

When Xiaonian looked at this scene, his face covered with tears was very pale. "Don't do this, Gong ou. She really can't support it."

Mona has to get back the video data. Mona can't die yet.

Smell speech, Gong Ou low Mou saw when small read one eye.

Xiaonian had never seen that kind of look before. She felt a cool air running straight from her feet. She looked at Gong Ou stupidly. "Are you ok? Don't scare me. "

Gong Ou looks at her coldly and looses her scarf from Mona's neck. Mona's hand is still locked. She falls there like a rag. Her breath is out of rhythm. Her facial expression is constantly twitching. She can't see a beautiful woman again.

Mona hasn't calmed down, and the whole person is picked up by Gong ou.


Gong Ou grabs her hair and bumps her to the head of the bed again. Her eyes are grim.


Mona couldn't even scream, and a red blood stream flowed down the corner of her forehead. She looked at Gong ou and said with trembling, "you've been in my hands for four years."


Gong Ou hit her head on the head of the bed without any emotion, then took her and threw her to the ground. Mona fell to the ground, her blood wet her long blonde hair, and the whole person had no strength. One hand was hung by the chain and was allowed to be beaten.


Mona's body is knocked on the corner of the bed. She looks up and sprays blood on Gong Ou's pants.

The rage in Gong Ou's eyes suddenly became heavier. When he raised his leg, he was about to kick Mona. When Xiao Nian hurriedly held his arm and looked at Gong ou with his eyes begging, "no, Gong ou, and so on."

She knew he was upset and angry, but it would have to wait for those things to come back.

"What are you waiting for?" Gong Ou stared at her and shouted hysterically, "will you bring back those videos of me like a dog?"

She could hear the pain in his voice.

"Don't do that, Gong ou." When Xiaonian hugged his arm, "it's all over."

Gong Ou raises his leg and kicks Mona. Mona vomits blood again. His face is still not satisfied. His eyes are gloomy to the extreme.

"Don't look like this, Gong ou. I'm afraid." When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou and said in a low voice, with a lump in his voice.

Gong Ou stares at her with low eyes, not breathing well.

Next second, Gong Ou flings her hand away, turns around and goes out.

When Xiaonian hurriedly follows him, the sea breeze outside blows away the fog and blows over the yacht, and when Xiaonian catches up with Gong ou with the armrest, "Gong ou, you wait for me."


Gong Ou stands on the deck and smashes everything on it into the sea.

When the yacht was sailing on the sea, Xiaonian watched a pillow being smashed into the sea, being blown all the way to the sea by the wind, getting further and further away.

When the sea breeze blows, Xiaonian's long hair is a little messy. She watches Gong Ou smash the deck in disorder, and her heart aches so much.

His hand cut through the pieces, tearing a long hole.

Gong Ou sits down on the sofa and presses his head with his hands. The blood on his hands is gurgling and all of them are dripping.

Seeing this, Xiaonian hurriedly walked over, picked up a tissue and held the wound on his hand, anxiously said, "you press the wound, I'll go to the medicine box."


Gong Ou throws away the tissue.

When Xiaonian squatted down in front of him and looked at him with red eyes, "Gong ou, I know it's hard to accept, but it's all over."

"In the past?" Gong Ou stares at her with low eyes and shouts out, "how can I get there?"


Xiao Nian looked up at him.