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Chapter 180 kiss in fountain

"What do you want, what don't you want, just say it, do you hear?" Gong Ou said.


Responding to her is the silence of shixiaonian.

She was sent by heaven to test his patience.

Gong Oula takes her hand and goes to a relatively quiet restaurant. When she takes it, Xiao Nian sits down at the table.

As the housekeeper, Feng de brought the dishes himself, so that Xiao Nian could not see too many people.

"Master, Miss Shi, please have dinner."

The table was full of delicious dishes.

When Xiaonian picked up his chopsticks and ate them numbly, as if he had completed any task.

Gong Ou looks at the dishes. His appetite is clean and his brow is tight. He doesn't have any appetite for the dishes made by Xiao Nian.

Suddenly, he put out his hand and held his stomach, his forehead was sweating.

"Young master, is it a stomachache again?"

Feng de stood aside and asked anxiously.

When Xiaonian sat aside, fingers holding chopsticks, the action was rigid for a second, no one saw it.

Gong Ou clenched his teeth, and his stomach ached like a wring. He turned his head and looked aside. He thought a bit in his black eyes.

Next second, Gong Ou picks up chopsticks and starts to deliver rice to his mouth, which is tasteless but tasteless.


Feng de looked at it with some consternation.

After Miss Shi left, he had not seen the young master eat so much.

"Shixiaonian, look at it carefully. I'm eating such a terrible meal for you!" Gong Ou looks at Xiaonian and says, "I don't have enough to take care of your little ancestor."


When Xiaonian sat there, the action of eating was stiff again.

This movement is in the eyes of Gong ou.

Did she react?

Gong Ou's black eyes became more and more profound, and suddenly reached out to grab the job in front of her.

She used to hate him for robbing her.

Sure enough, when he snatched it, Xiao Nian looked at him subconsciously. Although there was still no expression on his face, it was a considerable progress compared with yesterday.

"Do you want it?" Gong Ou held the bowl in his long hand, raised his thin lips, and stared at her with black eyes.


"I'll give you a word."

“……” When I watched the bowl of rice with determination, I didn't speak or rob it.

"If you call me my name, I'll give it to you." Gong Ou treats her as a child who can't speak yet.


When Xiaonian didn't listen to him, he suddenly stood up from the dining table, picked up a tissue and wiped his hands, then turned away.

Gong Ou sits there with a bowl in his hand, petrified.

How is this woman now? She doesn't like to talk to him at ordinary times, and even less when she is stimulated?

Is he invisible to her?

Feng de stood silently aside, pretending to study the wall, not daring to see Gong Ou's neglected face.

"Go after her. She doesn't seem to dislike you."

Gong Ou didn't get angry. He just opened his mouth coldly. Then he picked up the bowl and began to eat. He gulped the food all the way to his throat. He just had enough, no matter how it tasted.

After eating, Gong Ou stood up and took Xiaonian's rice bowl. Then he put some vegetables on the rice.

Looking at his actions, Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows.

He's really a servant for her. He hasn't even treated his parents like that.

Gong Ou turns and leaves, looking for Xiao Nian's figure.

At the edge of a big fountain outside the castle, he saw Xiaonian's figure. She sat on the edge of the fountain pool, her two slender white legs in the cold water, facing the fountain in the sun, with no light in her eyes.

She is very thin.

It's like a gust of wind can blow her away.

"Young master."

Feng de stands behind shixiaonian and immediately lowers his head when he sees Gong ou.

Gong Ou walked towards her, sat down beside her, and put her legs into the clear and cold water, just like her, "come, eat."

Shixiaonian looks down at his legs.

He put his legs in the water without curling them. They were half wet.

"Come, little ancestor, eat. I remember you like eggs very much."

Gong Ou takes an egg to her mouth.

When small read low head, looking at his wet pants legs, and then open mouth to eat eggs, chewing slowly.

"How is it? Is it delicious? I fired all those cooks if they didn't taste good. "

Gong Ou opens his mouth in a wild way.


When small read is a stuffy oil bottle, how all don't open mouth, one mouthful of one mouthful of meal that he feeds.

"When Xiaonian, what do you want? As long as you can say it, I will do it for you. Don't let me live like a puppet." Gong Ou says, black Mou looks at her face deeply.

Once upon a time, it was a face with flying colors when drawing; once, it was an expression of anger and anger towards him; once, it was a curved arc of eyes when smiling at him

Now it doesn't exist.

There is only a dead water expression on her face now.

"I wonder if I should go to the parking lot to look for it again. I must have only found your body, but not your soul."

Gong Ou said to himself.

“……” When small read silence.

Gong Ou continued to feed her the food bit by bit, like an adult worried about her children, reminding her, "chew slowly and eat after breaking a bit."


When Xiaonian chewed the food, he ate it constantly.

All of a sudden, the fountain changed its original trajectory, and a stream of water swept towards them like a parabola. It fell on shixiaonian, but it drenched Gong ou.

It's a mess.

Gong Ou's face suddenly turned black, with neat short hair wet, and water drops falling off one by one on his handsome face.

"Fengde!" Gong Ou shouted out displeased, "give me the design of the fountain!"

"Yes, sir."

Feng de bowed his head to one side.

“shit!” Gong Ou makes a low mantra and reads when he looks down.

When I saw Xiaonian sitting next to him, a pair of black and white clear eyes fixed on him, the eyes were empty, but obviously not without focus.

Gong Ou seems to find something surprising. Black eyes stare at her deeply. "Do you like to see me like this?"


When Xiaonian watched him not speak.

Gong Ou hands the chopsticks to Feng de and jumps into the fountain without thinking.

The fountain pool was very deep. As soon as he jumped in, he splashed a lot of water.

When Xiaonian subconsciously raised his hand to block in front of her face, but the water splashed her a lot.

When the water is no longer splashed, she puts down her hands and raises her eyes forward. Gong Ou is standing in front of her, very close to her.

He stepped on the fountain, wet all over, his shirt clinging to his family name feeling figure, his handsome face stained with water drops, a pair of black eyes staring at her directly.

When Xiaonian looks at him.

Next second, Gong Ou suddenly hooks her neck and draws close to herself. Junpang approaches her. She kisses her lips with thin lips. She kisses warmly with cold water.

He grinds on her lips, easily Prys open her lips, fiercely intrudes, rolls away the sweetness in her lips, and brings up the soft dance.


When small read did not speak, did not resist, silently let him kiss.

The sun is more and more warm and bright, shining on the towering castle and the designed fountain pool. The man stands in the clear water, wet all over, and hooks the woman sitting by the pool to kiss.

The water on Gong Ou's face is fixed in the close lips of the two people, just like a diamond shining in the sun.

Everything is as beautiful as a picture.

A servant walked by and couldn't help but stop to look at it more.

Gong Ou kisses the puppet like Xiaonian. She doesn't respond or refuse. She lets him kiss as if the body doesn't respond at all.

Gong Ou retreats her lips, a pair of black eyes are covered with a layer of lustre of family name temptation, and stares at her face deeply, "you woman won't give me a response?"


Xiaonian looks at him in silence.

"Well, then I'll kiss until you respond!" Gong Ou puts down his words and kisses her recklessly.

Shi Xiaonian suddenly has an action. She reaches out her hand and pushes him away, then stands up from the pool and runs to the castle.

Gong Ou wants to catch her. He steps on the pebbles in the fountain and slides. The whole person leans back and falls heavily into the fountain, splashing countless water again.


It's like a deep-water bomb, splashing loudly.

Shi Xiaonian stood still and turned to see him.

Gong Ou stands up from the fountain pool, his long hand turns away the water drops on his face, and his magnetic voice catches his anger

When he looked up, Xiaonian was gone.

Gong Ou's face is extremely embarrassed. She just hates being kissed by him. Who does she like to be kissed by? What is her passion? She has been abandoned by Mu group!

She's going to die like this?

I haven't seen such a stupid woman. If you can't see the good one, you have to stare at the bad one!

Gong Ou slaps the water hard, then stands up from the fountain, and Feng de hands the clean towel in time.

Gong Ou takes a towel and wipes his face. Then he goes inside.

Without taking a bath or changing clothes, Gong Ou was angry, but he still went to the bedroom for the first time and opened the door to go inside.

Sure enough, when Xiaonian changed into pajamas, he was already lying in bed and began to sleep again.

Just got up and went to sleep?

Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows, so he went to the bathroom for a shower.

When small read self escape way and other different, she did not seek death, no mood, she just sleep.

In the following week, shixiaonian spent almost 18 hours lying in bed, and the rest of the time was taken down by Gong ou.

This afternoon, when the sun is warm, Xiaonian is lying in bed and sleeping with his eyes closed.

Clench tightly the hand of be Jiao to divulge the fact that she didn't fall asleep.


The door slammed.

She did not open her eyes, but listened to the low but domineering footsteps approaching her, and finally stopped in front of her bed.

"Shixiaonian, how can you get so much sleep? Get up for me. "

Gong Ou's voice rang above her head.

“……” When small read silence, did not move.

Then, she was pulled up by Gong ou. When Xiaonian sat on the bed, she had to open her eyes and look at him empty.