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Chapter 29

Chapter 29 - Sister's Provoke

"I …"

Shi Xiaonian was about to speak, but the call ended.

She looked at the phone in her hand and was extremely speechless. Why was this stinky man so persistent?

It wasn't like she made him eat twenty buckets of Ice cream.

What did it have to do with her!

Shi Xiaonian was no longer sleepy, she quickly got up and prepared to leave.

She still had to go to the hospital. She had to do an examination and take out the proof that she was not pregnant.

He had to cut off the rank of a realm with Gong Ou as soon as possible, or else this paranoia would definitely be able to kill her.

Shi Xiaonian left the house, raised her head and looked at the sky above the city, today was a beautiful day.

She was wearing casual clothes today. When she was in the Gong Jia Castle, she was forced to wear a skirt and couldn't even walk fast.

Today must be a brand-new day.

Shi Xiaonian encouraged herself on the inside and took the bus to the hospital. She didn't look for Gong Ou, but registered and paid alone, then entered the Gynecology Department alone.

There were many patients in the obstetrics and gynecology department. They were all waiting on chairs in the hall. Most of them were women with big stomachs.

Shi Xiaonian found a corner seat to sit down and wait.

On the big screen in front of them, there was a certain palace fighting drama being played. The main actor was her sister, Shi Di.

Shi Di was indeed very beautiful.

Shi Xiaonian looked at the familiar face on the screen, she was actually not ugly, with just her facial features, she should not be inferior to Shi Di.

It was just that she did not have the Spirit Qi in Shi Di's eyes, nor her character that would make others fall for her.

If she was opening a blade of grass at the corner of the wall, then Shi Di was definitely opening a flower in the middle of the sun.

So beautiful, so flamboyant.

Who wouldn't like it?

How could Mu Qianchu not like it? In the past, he just couldn't see it.

It was a pity that she didn't understand this logic in the past, thinking that as long as she could remember, Mu Qianchu would still be hers, she was really stupid.


"Miss Shi, please come with me." A voice suddenly sounded from beside her.

Shi Xiaonian turned her head and saw a familiar or unfamiliar face. She recognized this face, it was Shi Di's manager.

Shi Di was also in the hospital?

Shi Xiaonian was startled, she stood up and left with the manager.

The manager brought her to the depths of the Gynecological Corridor, and stopped in front of a door at the far end, gesturing for her to come in. "Miss Shi Di is waiting for you there, she just saw you and wants to meet you."

Wait for her in the gynecology department?

Shi Xiaonian pushed the door and entered the empty office. An enchanting slender figure stood by the window with her back facing, dressed in a Chanel dress, with long, curly brown hair and a sweet and elegant aroma of perfume.

It was Shi Di.

"litter Di, why are you here? Are you sick?" Shi Xiaonian said indifferently.

The relationship between the sisters was never good or bad, but rather apathetic.

Right, indifference.

There had been a lack of communication between them since they were children, no intimacy with their other sisters.

"I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant."

Shi Di suddenly turned around at the window. Under the sunglasses was an exquisite face with a checklist in hand.



Shi Xiaonian's body instantly stiffened, wasn't too surprised.

Shi Di and Mu Qianchu were so sweet, pregnant … Sooner or later.

"You look very pale." Shi Di took off her sunglasses and looked at her with her big eyes. Suddenly, she smiled and said sweetly, "Elder sister, it's been so many years. Now, can you let go of me? "

Her voice was soft and sweet.

Following these words, Shi Di reached out and stroked her flat stomach.

Shi Xiaonian watched intently with a pale face. After a few seconds of silence, he answered with a low voice, "En."

Naturally, he had to let go.

No matter how difficult it was, she had no choice but to let go of Mu Qianchu and his past.

She had already told Mu Qianchu, but he had not told Shi Di yet.


Shi Di stood there and looked at her in surprise.

Shi Xiaonian actually said Mhm? Not refute?

She also prepared a bunch of words.

Shi Xiaonian knew what she was thinking. She had been around for so many years, it was not surprising that she suddenly stopped messing around with her.

"Since you have a baby, take good care of yourself. Work carefully, okay..." "If there's anything that you need elder sister's help with, please ask. I'll be leaving first." Shi Xiaonian said, and turned to leave.

Step by step.

It was extremely difficult.

She walked towards the door, her ears repeating what Shi Di had said: I'm pregnant, I'm a thousand years old.

In front of her eyes, however, was the scene of Mu Qianchu holding her hand time and time again while they were young.

Time had taken everything and changed everything.

"Big sister, I hope you don't try to cover it or hide it." Shi Di's voice suddenly sounded from behind her, "I've already tolerated you for so many years, I endured enough. I love Qianyu, if you continue to pester me, don't blame me for not thinking about sisterhood. "

This seemed to be the first time Shi Di said something so heavy to her.

He had endured so much.

Shi Xiaonian turned her head, looked at her own sister, and faintly smiled. "No, I won't pester you anymore.

After saying that, Shi Xiaonian wanted to leave, but Shi Di opened her mouth again, "Elder sister, why did you pretend to be like this in front of me? I know you best. "

Her voice suddenly lost a hint of a baby's voice.


Shi Xiaonian stood there and did not move.

Shi Di threw her sunglasses to the side and walked step by step towards her, "Mom and Dad always say that you have a good temper. I really don't know why you became someone who stole my little sister's boyfriend. Only I know that you have always been pure on the surface, born rebellious, and especially wanted to take over everything. You didn't change your personality all of a sudden. "

On the surface, it was pure, and it was born with a reverse nature. In particular, it wanted to take over everything.

"What do you mean?"

Shi Xiaonian asked.

"My parents adopted you because they didn't have children for a long time, but once you arrived, I was born too. Mom and Dad give me more love, so you desperately try to play a good, good daughter, want to win the love of parents. "But it's no use, I am the one who is born." Shi Di said, "Do you think I don't know how evil your eyes are in the corner every time Mom hugged me?"


Shi Xiaonian looked at her in shock.

When he was young, he was jealous that his parents favored his sister. He never thought that it would become malicious in Shi Di's eyes.

A person who was neglected didn't even have the qualifications to be envious.

"Later, when Qianyu came to our house and you took care of everything about him, do you think I don't know your purpose?" Shi Di sneered.


She peeked at her sister's diary and was so confident.


Shi Xiaonian stood there, her body becoming more and more stiff.

She could not deny what had happened in Qianchu.

When he was young, who would like a silent blind person?

Everyone liked Shi Di. She was so lonely that she urgently needed warmth. It was at that time that Mu Qianchu appeared.

She went to take care of Mu Qianchu, she went to please Mu Qianchu, and turned herself into the most important person in his life. She thought that way, she would no longer be alone.

But in the end, she was abandoned.

Just like her parents, Shi Di would put her aside.

"Perhaps the heavens knew that your scheming wasn't simple, so they completely forgot about you after the Thousand Begins Operation. He recovered his sight, he returned to his human form, he fell in love with me …" Shi Di continued to speak with pride.

His scheming was not simple.

Because her initial goal was not that pure, was this her retribution? He deserved to be forgotten.

"Have you said enough?"

Shi Xiaonian could not take it anymore, and turned to leave.

Shi Di suddenly grabbed her wrist from behind, and the armor that was repaired deeply embedded into her wrist.

"Elder sister, Mu Qianchu is mine."

Shi Di emphasized.


Shi Xiaonian shook her hand off, looked at the marks on her wrist and said calmly, "You don't need to keep emphasizing, this will only show that you are not confident, it is as if you do not have the confidence to catch Mu Qianchu."

"You …"

Shi Di frowned, but could not refute him.

She hated Shi Xiaonian for this point. She did not say much, but her words always hit the nail on the head.

Shi Xiaonian opened the door and left. Shi Di's manager was waiting outside.

Seeing the manager, Shi Di suddenly thought of something. A smile appeared on her face again as she walked forward gracefully and said to the manager, "Give me an invitation."


Shi Di directly put the exquisite invitation card into Shi Xiaonian's bag.

Shi Xiaonian watched her actions silently.

"Mu Qianchu and I will be getting married at the end of this month. As my elder sister, you should be attending. Shi Di laughed and said, his face was extremely beautiful.


Shi Xiaonian did not speak, and turned to leave.



How good it was to have two blessings at once.

It wasn't her who was happy.

"Big sister, you're so scheming, it's fine to lose a Mu Qianchu, why don't you just find a blind person to take care of him everyday?" Shi Di's voice sounded.

Soon after, Shi Xiaonian heard the manager ridiculing him, "Then let's not let him recover his sight with the surgery, otherwise he would waste his time again."

"Hur hur."

In the quiet corridor, their laughter was extremely ear-piercing.

Shi Xiaonian clenched her teeth tightly. Without turning her head, she walked forward step by step, without any disorder in her steps. She didn't want herself to show any signs of weakness.

It doesn't matter.

She no longer needed someone with her as much as when she was a child.

Shi Xiaonian returned to the entrance of the gynecology department and continued to wait there alone. His eyes dimmed and there was not a trace of luster in his eyes.

When the nurse called her, Gong Ou suddenly called her.

"Shi Xiaonian, do you dare to not take my words seriously? Where are you? "

Gong Ou growled in displeasure.

He had just met Shi Di, and at the moment Shi Xiaonian's mind was blank. He held his phone without thinking much, and said: "I'm in the hospital."

He was in the same hospital, not in the same building.

"Then why aren't you coming over? I'll give you another 30 seconds. "

Gong Ou's roar almost wanted to pierce through her eardrums.