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Chapter 229 Gong Ou's suspicious jealousy

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded.

"Don't bother." When Xiaonian opened his eyes in amazement and looked at Gong Ou strangely, "I'll be so upset for a while, and you'll have to enter the instrument and ask for a doctor again?"

"Of course!"

Gong Ou took it for granted.

"I'm fine. Don't be so fastidious." When Xiaonian repeatedly waved her hand, it was too exaggerated where she needed such a big battle.

"We should pay attention to it!"

Gong Ou waved and let Feng de go.

Feng de nodded and turned to leave. Xiao Nian couldn't even stop him.

Gong Ou holds her in his arms, holds her in one hand, takes a knife and an apple from the fruit plate on the table, and gives her, "come, cut an apple for me, you cut it delicious!"


Is he so paranoid that he can't eat an apple without her cutting it?

When small read a face speechless, reach out to take apple and knife, snuggle in his bosom begin to cut apple.

News was being broadcast on TV, and the voice of the reporter came out from inside, "n

Hearing the news, Xiaonian raised his head in amazement, looked at the TV picture and said, "you want to buy Mu group?"

"To be exact, it has been acquired, and the news is only two days later."

Gong Ou said that his tone was wild but he took it for granted.

"Why?" When small read stunned.

"When you were splashed with dirty water, they stepped on your feet and said that you actively seduced qianchu. Ridiculous! " Gong Ou said that there was fire, and there was a touch of ruthlessness in his eyes.

He just wanted to buy Murdoch group is particularly generous.

Shi Xiaonian knew that he was holding injustice for her, and she could not say anything.

"In this way, the Murdoch group will disappear in the world, right?" Asked shixiaonian.

She thought that Gong Ou would not allow the existence of the Mu group.

"Of course, all the cosmetics and skin care products I want are gone!" Gong Ou said coldly, a handsome face with disgust.

He hates cosmetics the most, especially MOE's.

The man in front of him said that no woman can do without cosmetics, absurd!

"What about the millennium? He will certainly be the target of public criticism at Mojia. "

Shi Xiaonian stood up from his arms, worried.

Muqianchu was not in a high position in the Mu family. After all, he would not be criticized by others. However, muqianchu had a low self-esteem and a high morale. What should he do.

"Don't worry about him!" Seeing this, Gong Ou immediately became jealous and stared at her with his eyes dead. "If you worry about him again, I will kill him!"

"Gong ou, I mentioned one of the conditions of being your girlfriend: you can't hurt the innocent!" Said Shi Xiaonian.

I don't know how mu qianchu is now.

"He's an innocent ghost!"

Gong Ou doesn't care about the tunnel. He stands up from the sofa, barefoot on the soft sofa, and looks down at her with a commanding gaze. He is unhappy in his eyes. "I told you that I am taking the Mu group now. He should be grateful if I didn't kill him! What do you want? Not with me? "

He said aloud, in a tone of displeasure, with anger in his eyes.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him, he understood that his anger would explode again.

He is too easily angry.

It explodes at one point.

She can't say anything that doesn't go to his ear.

When Xiaonian bit his lip and looked at him silently, with a knife and an apple in his hand.

"Well! Say, isn't that the way to stop talking to me? " Gong Ou stares at her, all over her body is the magnetic field to be gone.

When Xiaonian stood on the ground, held up the apple he had shaved in his hand and handed it to him. In a soft voice, he said, "with you, you are against me and the whole family. Can I not follow you?"

She just wanted to start a new life.

Her soft attitude made Gong Ou happy. His anger gradually disappeared. He reached for the apple and said, "it's almost the same!"

"As long as you don't do anything to Mu qianchu." When small read add a way.

"As if I'm interested in him, don't worry, I just want to do something to you!"

Gong Ou snorts and bites an apple.

Wen Yan, when Xiaonian was amused, said deliberately, "I think you are very interested in qianchu, always biting him. If you want to like him, go after him. Don't play the game of love and killing each other."


Gong Ou spits out the apple in his mouth and stares at her, "I'm only interested in killing him!"

Haunted people always want to pester them.

I don't want to see how much I have to fight him!


At that time, Xiaonian looked at the apple dregs on the ground and was about to speak. Suddenly, he listened to the news Voice from the TV --

"now, a piece of news is interrupted. The Chinese air flight ca1433 from s city to Paris, France, lost contact at 2:40 p.m. and crashed at 3:20 p.m. after a large maritime air time plane. At present, the casualties are unknown and the cause of the crash is unknown. There are 127 people on board, including the crew. According to the passenger list I have, it seems that there is the prince of Mu group, Mr. mu qianchu. "

The prince of Mu's group has a long history.

When Xiaonian thought he had heard the wrong thing, he stood there and looked at the TV.

In the middle of the title was written "Mu qianchu".


When Xiaonian stayed there, her fingers loosened and the fruit knife fell from her hand.

Gong Ou's eyes were sharp, and he quickly bent down and hugged her. He didn't let the fruit knife touch her.

When Xiaonian stood there, his head was blank for a moment, his fingers touched his heart, and the sense of suffocation came back.

She was upset by the boredom.

I can't seem to breathe.

Twenty past three is the moment when she suddenly woke up from her nap.

What's the matter? It's impossible.

How could something happen suddenly to Mu qianchu.

"What's the matter with you?" Seeing that she was caressing her heart again, Gong Ou couldn't even care about the apple. He jumped off the sofa and stood in front of her. His black eyes looked at her anxiously.


When Xiaonian looked at him dully, his face was pale, and his body seemed to feel nothing for a moment.

She didn't wake up at all. In Gong Ou's eyes, she thought she doubted him. Gong Ou immediately said, "I have nothing to do with the crash! I'm going to kill him and never let you know! "


When Xiaonian was called to God by his voice, her long eyelashes were quivering, and the whole person panicked and murmured, "impossible, it must be the same surname with the same name, impossible."

Said, when small read to take out his cell phone, did not get, she flustered to turn the sofa.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou called her.

When Xiaonian continued to turn on the sofa like she couldn't hear her voice at all, her fingers shaking.

The air crash is still on TV.

When Gong Ou called several times in a row, she was just like lost soul, and she should not be him at all.

When he was angry, Gong took out her cell phone from his pocket and handed it to her. "Here it is!"


Xiaonian looked at the cell phone in front of her eyes in amazement.

She didn't doubt Gong Ou at first, but she looked at the mobile phone and thought about Gong Ou's reaction. She looked at Gong Ou doubtfully.

Gong Ou stares at her, dead at her.

When Xiaonian picked up his mobile phone and dialed mu qianchu's phone, but no one answered.

Her heart sank.

No one answered.

She looked at Gong ou. "Today, it seems that my mobile phone has not been here."

"It's you who's littering it!" Gong Ou immediately yelled, leaving the relationship clear. "Do you doubt me? Are you questioning me now? "

"What are you doing so badly?"

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou's angry face, he said, "as soon as you saw the news, you said you didn't do it. Generally, you shouldn't question whether he was on the plane like me."

Why is clarification the first time.

Isn't that a strange reaction.


Gong Ou stares at her with a dull look.

This woman is stupid, smart, but it's damn smart.

This is the first time he has been caught loophole, or she was a woman.

"Gong ou, you won't do that, will you?" When Xiaonian suddenly grabbed his clothes and looked at him pale, "you can't, can you? You tell me you won't do it. "

Gong Ou was grumpy and almost killed her, but he didn't let her die, did he?

Gong Ou looks down at her hand, her hand is shaking, his face is ugly and his face is tight. "Shixiaonian, are you worried about Mu qianchu's safety, or are you afraid that I will kill him?"

These are two completely different concepts.

"Tell me, did you do it?"

He asked excitedly.

"Answer me first!" Gong Ou stares at her. "If I killed him, what would you do?"


When Xiaonian stood in front of him and was asked by him, she stayed there as a whole. She found that the latter was more worried about in her heart.

When did she lean so much towards Gong Ou's balance.

"Answer me!" Gong Ou clutched her hand and asked forcefully. The air on her body was overwhelming.

"I don't know."

Shixiaonian shook his head, struggled to open his hand, stepped back step by step, and looked at his angry face in fear, "I, I......"

"Will you leave me?"

Asked Gong Ou aggressively.

When small read all the way back to the edge, hand will be a glass lamp down on the ground.


The glass lamp broke in response. At that moment, Xiaonian recovered some sense. She looked at Gong ou and said two words slowly, "I will."

She can't stand his killing innocent people.

Especially for the first time.

Mu qianchu has suffered too much for her.


Gong Ou looked at her, disappointed in her eyes, and with a wry smile on her lips, she said to herself, "do you still think of him in your heart?"

Smell speech, when small read thought he admitted, suddenly the whole person a blank, eyes overflow tears, constantly back, "Gong ou are you crazy? Why is your jealousy so cruel? I have nothing to do with qianchu. Why don't you believe it How can you be so cruel. "