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Chapter 828. If holy is dangerous, too

When Xiaonian stared at him.

Four eyes are opposite.

Mingming is a small villa, but when there are only two of them, it becomes very empty.

Gong Ou's hand is on her shoulder, and a strand of black hair is wrapped around his fingertip. He raises his hand, and gently touches his belly on her face twice. His voice is low and sexy. "Shi Xiaonian, a few years ago, our home was broken, with children on one side, me on the other, and you on the other. A few years later, we are together. That's enough. Will it be worse than those years? "


When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in a dazed way, they were much better than the previous years. At least, when she wanted to see holy, she could see it. No one would stop her.

"Isn't it?"

Asked Gong ou.

When small read low head, low voice, "yes, compared to that time, we are now called happiness."

"Then you don't have to shed tears for such a small matter. Give it to me!" Gong Ou said in a arrogant voice, "with your man here, what can't be settled for you?"

When Xiaonian looked up at him, before he opened his mouth, Gong Ou said, "I know you hate my way of doing things, but I like to offer you, and I don't want to put you in a humble position."

Sometimes he didn't agree with Gong Yao's way of education, but he didn't agree with her to lower her figure to please a child again and again.

Over the years of knowing each other, no matter in front of anyone, he has offered her to the palm of his hand. How could she be so humble and please others.

His tone is a little awkward. His eyes are so deep that they can almost cover her, making her completely unable to find herself.

"I didn't hate you. I just thought you were too tired." "Gong ou, you are my strongest shelter, but you will also want to rest, right? The relationship between holly and I will mend it myself. "

It's between her and holy. She understands their knot.

"You despise me?"

Gong Ou is dissatisfied with the tunnel, and he says it's all in vain for a long time.

"I don't mean that." Shi Xiaonian said, "you can't always protect me and block all the big and small things for me. Then if one day you need me to protect, I forget how to do it."

A man who is used to being protected is too weak.

"I don't need your protection."

Gong Ou snorts.

"Would you say too much?" When Xiaonian couldn't help but say, he always felt that he was too strong to be defeated, too conceited, so it was easy to have an accident.

"Don't worry about my discontent. I'm in danger one day. Then you're not allowed to help me!"

Gong Ou said domineering.


When I was young, I couldn't understand.

"Don't you say you forget how to protect people? Then you don't have to protect them!" Gong Ou Dao.


It turned out that he disliked her.

Gong Ou looked at her lonely face, stared for a long time, and finally said, "when I read."


Shixiaonian looks at him.

"In fact, it's good for you to be weak now." Gong Ou approaches her white face and moves her long hair back. "If you are weaker, it means that I am well protected. You don't have to make a choice and sacrifice something to care for me, such as my son."

Smell speech, when small read looked at his near in front of the face, the vision was gloomy down.

Because of the choice at that time, holy hated her,

"I don't want to mention it, but I want to scold you when I think of it. Is your brain a hole? What kind of deal to do behind my back! What burden do you bear? Did I allow you to do that? " Gong Ou's face changed as soon as he said it, and his eyes glared at her fiercely, hoping to stare her out of a hole.


When small read low Mou, haven't had time to say what, Gong Ou asked coldly again, "if I give you another chance now, will you still do that?"

Will you give up fighting for your son for him.

Hearing this, Xiaonian's eyes were stunned, and a flash of guilt passed away. Gong Ou thought that she regretted it, and her face suddenly turned blue, "you..."

"I really had no choice."

It was a matter of no choice for her then.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou and said, her voice is a little hoarse. This is her deepest and most secret scar. "At that time, you can't be stimulated any more, but holy is safe and healthy in the palace. My choice to fight for holy is to push you to the abyss. I can't do it..."

She can't really do it.

At that time, she could only choose to give up her son, which was a debt she could never make up for to holy, but again, she could only do so.

It's not a choice, it's a choice.


Gong Ou is silent. He looks at her with low eyes. Suddenly, he leans back and puts his hand on the back of the sofa at will. He loosens his collar and makes a low smile.

When Xiaonian turned to look at him, the radian of his lips made her unable to read through and understand what he meant.

Gong Ou smiled and stared at her face and said, "it's childish to compete with his son, but how can I be so happy?"

Hearing her unrepentant answer, he admitted that his heart was in full bloom.


When Xiaonian was silent, she couldn't laugh now.

"What if a son is in danger?"

Gong Ou suddenly asked.


When small read stupefied next.

"If your son is in danger, what would you choose?" Asked Gong ou.

When Xiaonian had a headache, he said, "don't make trouble. There won't be such a if. Don't force me to make a choice under the condition of if."

She's sick and really can't do it.

Gong Ou stared at her with deep eyes.

Words fall, her whole person is embraced by Gong ou. Gong Ou lowers his head and kisses her ear. The heat on his lips spreads all the way to her whole body.

She leaned motionless in front of Gong ou and let him kiss her. Now she really needs a little warmth.


Gong Ou said.


The sun is shining on the white villa. In the bedroom, Gong Ou holds Shi Xiaonian to the bed. Shi Xiaonian lies on the bed with her eyes closed tightly. She has fallen asleep. There is a hair on her pink lips. Her pure face is a bit sexy.

Gong Ou reaches out and takes the hair off her lips, pulls open the quilt and covers her with deep eyes.

I talked with her for a long time before she fell asleep.

It's so hard to get a woman to sleep.

Gong Ou leaned down, printed a kiss on her lips, then stood up and walked out. When she closed the door, Gong Ou's face became extremely cold. She took out her mobile phone and called out the phone, saying coldly, "it's been two hours. Have you arranged any hands?"

"Young master, they have arrived at langhuayu. In order to keep secret, I only sent ten people to deal with the LAN family." Feng de said on the other end of the phone.

"Capture Lanting secretly, set out all the information he has about the Lancaster family, remember, quietly." Gong Ou ordered coldly.

Take a surprise and get things done before the Lancaster family responds.

Just after he finished speaking, a strange voice came from his mobile phone. He took it down and another phone was inserted at the same time.

A number.

Gong Ou has a good memory. He has seen these numbers in the materials. They belong to Lanting.

Lanting called him.

This call is a little weird.

"Feng De, you wait first." Gong Ou hangs up the call with Feng De, picks up Lanting's phone, and is silent.

There was silence for a few seconds.

Gong Ou walked into the kitchen step by step, poured a glass of water, and heard Lanting's modest and polite voice, "Hello, Mr. Gong, I'm Lanting. I'm sorry to disturb you."

"What, want to apologize?"

Gong Ou sneers, takes a drink from the water glass and frowns.

What water.

I didn't pour it by myself. I couldn't even drink water.

"Yes, my daughter has offended the young master of the palace family. I'm very sorry about this. So I took the young master and asked my daughter to apologize." Lanting's tone was extremely humble.

But it's not right to think about words in words.

Gong Ou's eyes were suddenly cold, and he patted the cup on the Liuli platform heavily. His voice was gloomy. "Lanting, what did you do?"

His son left the island on the yacht at this time.

"People on the island are so familiar with the sea that they are more flexible than fish. I asked them to stop their yachts in the sea, and they did." Lanting said with a smile over there, as if talking about a matter of spring.

There are not many people in the palace to pick up the two children. Although they are all good at one enemy and ten enemies, they are completely planted after being led into the water.


All the people on the island listen to Lanting's words. After all, he is a kind man.

Hearing this, Gong Ou immediately hung up the phone and pressed several keys to dial Charles's mobile phone.

He stood in front of the flow straightening table, his thin lips pursed a touch of white.

Soon, the phone was connected, and Lanting's voice with a smile rang again, "Mr. Gong, you don't seem to believe my sincerity."

All the people on the yacht have been planted in Lanting's hands.

Gong Ou's eyes flashed a fierce color, and his voice was like the snow in winter. "Do Lancaster's dogs still depend on the residents of langhuayu?"

"As expected, Mr. Gong guessed my identity. I sent someone to inquire. Knowing that you didn't leave with the child, I expected something wrong." Lanting said with a smile, "the first time, Mr. Gong blocked my door; the second time, I really can't imagine Mr. Gong's means, so I have to start first."

"Your men are not tough enough. You should inform Lancaster."

Gong Ou said coldly.

"I've been away from Lancaster for several years, and I really don't want to have anything more to do with the big family." Lanting said, "originally, I didn't want to get involved with a character like you, but I know that if I don't, Mr. Gong will not let me go."