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Chapter 338 and tower missing

An assistant sat next to him and said, "second young master, we've been to all the industries in the name of all the people in the palace, and we've sent people around to inquire about them. They've checked them out in two months."

It took Gong Ou two months to find out the industries in the name of all the people in the palace.

Gather all the bodyguards and Charles' relatives who are supposed to be missing beside Luo Qi, and keep asking.

But the result was the same. This time, Luo Qi was very careful. No one knew where those people had gone. Even Luo Qi couldn't call herself and stayed in the palace Castle all day.

"The property of the palace servants has been checked out?"

Gong Ou sat there, thin and cold.

"Yes, we have made a statistical investigation of everyone's industry. There is no miss's whereabouts at all." Said the assistant.


Gong Ou angrily smashes the information in his hand to one side. His handsome face is full of anger and his thin lips are tight.

Seeing this, the assistant quickly said, "second young master doesn't have to be angry. Miss Shi is sure to be OK. She is raising a baby. The lady will only send someone to take care of her."

"And with you?" Gong Ou glares at him sullenly, "I want you to come up with a way to find someone, don't tell me these useless!"

Of course, he thought it was safe at this time.

If it wasn't for sure, he and Luo Qi would have been desperate.

"Second young master, in fact, we spent two months searching for human and material resources, but we still got nothing. We'd better wait a few more months." The assistant thought about it and offered advice carefully.

"What do you say?"

Gong Ou's eyes were cold and gloomy.

How many months will he have to wait?

"Yes, yes." The assistant swallowed his saliva nervously and looked at him with some trepidation. "Miss Shi must be put in a hidden corner now. It's impossible for the master and his wife to find the hidden person so easily. It's better to wait for the birth of the child. The lady must go to pick up the child. Then go to find it."


Gong Ou's eyes glared at him angrily, and he roared out of his throat one word at a time. "Do you think it's still useful for me to seize the son and kill the mother?"

What does he want to do with Xiaonian's body!


You can't be so cruel.

The assistant sat there, bowed his head and stopped talking. Gong Ou punched him severely. "Waste! Keep looking for me! "

"And in which direction now?"

The assistant can't think where else to look. He has found all the places to look for. Where else can he go? The master and his wife do everything well.

In which direction.

The whole world is so big, where can he find it? The clue is that the waiter on a cruise ship knows that he may have gone to England. Besides, all the lines are broken.

When small read like disappear in this world.

Even if it is still in the UK, there is no answer.

Gong Ou sits there, a pair of black eyes sharp and cold, thin lips tight, forcibly suppressing the panic in the center mouth. He turns his head and looks out of the window.

From afar, we can see a white tower standing in the distance, as if to guide the way.

Seeing Gong Ou looking at the tower, the assistant said, "that should be a lighthouse."

Gong Ou sits in the car, smells the words, takes back his eyes and stares at him gloomily, "can you talk less nonsense! I tell you, in two months, I can't find Xiaonian again. I'll give you all up! "

In another two months, Xiao Nian's stomach will be full of seven months, and she will give birth at any time.

At that time, her life will be threatened. Luo Qi may not be able to rob her son and kill her mother, but his father It can be done.

"Yes, second young master."

The assistant lowered his head in fear.

Gong Ou sat in the car, reached out to close the window, did not look at the lighthouse, picked up a laptop, opened the map, dark pupils.

According to his parents' cautious thinking, it should be hard for him to find such a tight place for Tibetans.

"Next, check all the places in the world where there is no signal, focusing on the UK!" Gong Ou said coldly and made a decision.

He still believes that the place where the Tibetans live will not leave the UK and be easy to work nearby.

"Check everything?" The assistant was shocked. "Second young master, this is another big project."

The property of the people in the palace has been checked for two months. I'm afraid it will take another two months to check these.

"Find more people! In these places, scatter the photos of shixiaonian and offer a reward to find someone! " Gong Ou said coldly, his black eyes fixed on the map on the screen.

He asked people from the N.E. Technology Department to scan every day for surveillance images in various parts of the UK, scanning the head.

It can't be swept out at all.

Some of the palace's missing bodyguards and Charles did not appear in any of the surveillance mirrors.

This hiding place is definitely a place where there is no monitoring. Luo Qi has never called. Maybe the signal there is not good or even there is No.

"Yes, second young master."

The assistant nodded.

A row of cars slowly drove off the road, leaving the tower behind them, farther and farther away.

In order to find Xiaonian, Gong Ou spent a lot of money this time. He used his own profession to monitor the whole family, including servants, and tried to find clues from them.

But his parents can bear it too much. Don't say that they don't call to see Xiaonian. There is no one under their control.

His money is evaporating day by day with these big projects.

Money is not a big deal for him. It's just that he can't wait for a little time. Gong ou can't afford it, and Xiao Nian can't even afford it.

The car slowly drove into the palace castle, which was built in the hands of the palace father and built on the lake.

From a distance, it looks like two mirror castles.

Huge, in order to show a long time, the overall style of the castle is similar to that of the 17th century.

The car drove slowly on the land of Gong's house. Gong Ou sat in the back seat and looked up the computer map, considering where Luo Qi might hide Shi Xiaonian.

"Joe, I didn't steal your candy. I don't know where it went."

A little girl's voice came.

With the window open, Gong Ou turns to go out. Beside the flowers, the six or seven year old boy looks angrily at the girl in front of him with his waist crossed. "It's you who stole my fruit candy! I'm going to tell the chef! "

"You believe me, I didn't steal."

The little girl cried quickly. She held out her little hand to the boy and shook her long blonde hair with two ponytails.

Gong Ou sat in the car, his chest inexplicably sluggish, blurted out, "stop."

The car came to a sudden stop.

Gong Ou looks out of the window. The brown haired boy glares at her angrily. "I don't believe you. You and I are the only ones who didn't eat. You stole it! I will never play with you again! "

"Joe, don't tell me. I really didn't steal. I'm honest. I'm honest."

The little girl cried bitterly.

"I don't believe you!"

The boy gave the girl a good push.

At that moment, Gong Ouxiang saw Xiaonian forced by him to infuse abortion medicine, and his face was ugly.

The little girl fell heavily on the ground, her beautiful skirt stained with mud, and cried even louder.

"What are you doing?"

Gong Ou immediately opened the door and stepped down from the car with long legs.

The little boy stood there staring at him, his face still angry.

Gong Ou walked forward with cold face, picked up the little girl from the ground, stared at the boy with brown hair and brown eyes, and moved his thin lips, "who allows you to bully girls?"

"She steals fruit candy!"

The little boy immediately pointed at the little girl and said rightfully.

"I didn't steal, Joe." The little girl cried bitterly, trying to pull the boy's hand and play with him.

"She said she didn't steal. Why don't you believe it?"

Gong Ou asked coldly, and his black eyes stared at him.

The boy stood there frightened by his eyes. Nunu's mouth forced him to look back, "who are you? This is the land of the palace. Outsiders can't enter! "

"Joe." The driver got down from the car a little flustered and said nervously to the boy, "this is the young master, apologize quickly."

The little boy and the little girl are the children of the palace maid.

Status is naturally humble.

They used English all the way, and the driver only said master. The little boy was stunned and asked, "second master?"

Even these children know that there is no eldest young master in the palace, but there is a second young master, but the second young master seldom appears in the palace.

"How are you, young master?"

The little girl stood there sobbing and whispering to gong'ou.

"And you!" The driver immediately took a picture of the boy. Does the boy want to die? He doesn't say hello to the young master.

The little boy stood there, struggling for a long time before he said, "good young master."

Gong Ou stood there, looking coldly at the boy. "Say, you believe her, you won't ignore her."


When the little boy heard this, he was depressed, but he was raised to know that he wanted to share the superiority and inferiority, so he had to say to the little girl, "I believe you, I will not ignore you."


The girl was too young to understand the truth. Hearing the words, she broke into tears and smiled. She immediately grabbed the boy's hand happily.

It's very easy to reconcile the world of children.

Gong Ou looks at them with low eyes, turns around and leaves. The driver opens the car door for him. Gong Ou's voice is cold. "I'll walk away, you drive back first."


The driver bowed his head.

Gong Ou is walking on the road, surrounded by trees. He reaches out and takes off his suit and carries it in his hand. He moves forward step by step. There is no expression on a handsome face. His black eyes are very deep.

"Mr. Gong, why don't you believe me? I didn't have your baby! "

"No, no, no, I have no men, no people, no animals, even the next pot of flowers are female, OK? Are long-distance calls not expensive? "

"Gong ou, those people didn't insult me. They didn't really."

"Gong ou, this child is yours."

"Why do you believe me so few times? Why can't you see anything rationally and only believe in yourself. Come on, I know it's not your fault when I didn't say it. "