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Chapter 833 finally meet Gong ou

"Can you just tell me if you remember what I said?" Gong Ou's black eyes stared at him gloomily. "There's never a chance to escape."

Gong Ou's tone is so heavy that he has to.

This time, Gong really put all his bets on his son, who is under six years old.

Gong Yao's failure to escape means that Lanting will detain them more comprehensively. It's hard to run again.

Gong Yaoding looked at the face that was close to him. He was calm all the time, but he was a little flustered inexplicably. "Will you be killed?"

When he runs away, the LAN family will be very angry. If they are angry, they will beat Gong ou.

"If you can escape, I can live." Gong Ou said coldly, "the palace dare not act, not because I am imprisoned, but because of you."

As long as Gong Yao can escape, Feng de will immediately send someone to rescue him. He has seen these people in LAN's family. He can survive until the rescue.

Just send Gong Yao's untimely bomb out


Gong Yao stood there stupidly.

"You can't be wrong, can you hear me?" Gong Ou pressed his head. "My life is yours!"

Gong Yao stood there, hearing the words, and suddenly backed away in fear, all the way to the wall. He blurted out, "I'm just a child."

It's too serious to say what to give his life to.

If he can't, Gong ou will die.

His action caused Gong ou to chuckle. Gong Ou stared at him, and his lips curled up. "It's really the son that Xiao Nian gave birth to me, but it's still a little cute."

Like shixiaonian, he likes it.


Gong Yao can't speak. He looks at Gong ou like a madman.

Gong'ou also looked at him, no longer doing any ideological work for him, but stepping back step by step.

Gong Yao's eyes widened in horror. Gong Ou retreated to the door, then knocked hard on the door and said coldly, "open the door, I want to talk to you Mr. LAN."

"Mr. LAN doesn't want to see you!"

The servant outside immediately replied.

"Tell him I know what he wants to do, maybe I can help him."

Gong Ou said coldly. There was a running sound outside. It should be running to find Lanting.

Gong Yao clings to the wall, and Gong Ou looks at him, then points to his brain with his fingers, "use your brain."

"I, I can't..."

Gong Yao stutters. For the first time, he admits his cowardice.

"At that time, your life was in the hands of Mona, and I managed to save you." Gong Ou said coldly, "you are gong Ou's son, you must do it."


Gong Yao looks at Gong Ou stupidly. His face is pale. At that moment, he seems to suddenly understand how Gong Ou felt when he saved him, but he doesn't seem to understand very well.

He's in a mess.

He didn't know what to do.

But there was a sound of opening the door outside. He couldn't bear to think more. He had to do it with his head on his head, because Gong Ou wanted him to run first and rescue him.


At night, it was dark.

The moonlight is lonely.

The orchid family stands in the moonlight.

Shi Xiaonian bypassed the construction truck, went to the gate of LAN's house and rang the doorbell. The waiting time was longer than any other time. She heard a cautious voice, "who is it?"

"It's me. I'll send Mr. LAN flowers."

Xiaonian stood at the door and said.

"So late to send flowers?"

The servant inside asked in some doubt.

"I didn't come to send flowers because I had something to do this morning. In addition, Xiaoqi seemed a little scared yesterday, so I came here specially to have a look." When small read lightly say, say this word also is to avoid servant to take flower to let her go.

Sure enough, when the servant heard her words, he said, "wait, I'll ask Mr. LAN for instructions."


When small read should say, hands holding flower basket stand at the door, lips tight, some uneasy heart, do not know Lanting will let her in.

At this time, Lanting will certainly not be spared. If LAN Xiaoqi hears this, she should be asked to come in.

She was thinking that the door had been opened from inside, and a servant stood there and said to her, "please come in."

When hearing this, Xiaonian relieved, smiled at the servant, walked in with a basket of flowers, glanced to both sides, and the courtyard in the moonlight was as quiet as ever.

It seems that nothing has happened, just as before.

She went into the hall, where the light was bright. Lanting was sitting on the sofa, with a laptop on her knee. She was looking at something. She was very gentle, and her face was as good as usual, with a good look of a rich man.

"Mr. LAN."

When Xiaonian walks by and makes a sound.

Hearing her voice, Lanting, who was sitting on the sofa, was stiff. Looking up at her, she felt guilty. "I thought you would never come again."


When small read some inexplicable, do not understand his guilt is from where.

"Yesterday, I'm really sorry that the man is Gong ou. You may not know this man. He is powerful and easy to kill." Lanting put the computer aside, stood up from the sofa and said guiltily, "so, I'm really sorry."

It was for this matter.

So Lanting really didn't know that she was gong Ou's wife, which was strange enough. As long as you read Gong Ou's news, you should know her face at least.

But Lanting didn't know.

She didn't have to make up reasons to say why she didn't send flowers in the morning. Lanting automatically thought that she was bullied by Gong ou.

"Mr. LAN doesn't need to feel sorry. It's normal for a flower picking girl like me to be bullied because of her humble status."

When Xiaonian said lightly, if she had never admitted or denied that she was a flower plucker before, it was not really a kind of deception, then at the beginning of this moment, she began to really mislead Lanting.

Smell words, the guilt on Lanting's face is deeper, "you How are you? "

When Xiaonian stood there, lowered his eyes and smiled bitterly, "well, what can I do? Being bullied is being bullied. What can I do? Can I go to find that big guy in your mouth for revenge?"

"Xi Nian."

Lanting frowned.

"I put the basket here." When Xiaonian looks up at him, her eyes are red, which just confirms her sad mood at the moment.

Lanting is more complacent, low Mou looks at the flower basket in her hand, "at this time you still want to send flowers to Xiaoqi?"

"Although Xiaoqi's character is not cute enough, I really like her these days." Shi Xiaonian said in a low voice, "I didn't know what happened yesterday, but Xiaoqi was shocked. I think these flowers she likes can comfort her."


Lanting's eyes stagnated and he looked at the flowers in the basket, saying, "it's hard for you to think about Xiaoqi, but I can't do anything for you."

"What can you do? That's not a big deal." "When small read bitterly say," probably this is my life

Lanting looked at her. "Do you hate me?"

"How dare you? You have no obligation to save me. Besides, it's the man I should hate, isn't it?" When small read low eyes, sad and sad do not have to pretend to behave very naturally.

She was so pitiful in the light that she couldn't help arousing the desire for protection.

When Xiaonian put the basket aside on the tea table, he lowered his head and turned around slowly. His lips were tight and his heart was beating drums.

She didn't know how much she could do by retreating.

After two steps, Lanting stopped her. "Xiaonian."

He called her Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian stopped and didn't look back, Lanting stood in the same place and looked at her back with a low voice. "Do you really hate that person?"

When Xiaonian closed his eyes, then turned around. His eyes were red more than before. "Mr. LAN, I'm a woman. Shouldn't I hate being bullied like that? I wish I had killed him. "

“……” Lanting listened to her words, and her eyes were deep. After a long silence, she seemed to make a decision and said, "Xiao Nian, come with me, and I'll let you see someone."

When hearing this, Xiao Nian's heart beat like a drum, beating very hard.


She pretended to know nothing.

"You'll know when you come."

Lanting said, turning to go upstairs, Xiaonian followed him up. Every step was as soft as stepping on cotton. He had no strength at all. His face was sweating.

Now she can only watch the plot step by step.

When Xiaonian followed Lanting all the way to the upstairs, there were more than twice as many people upstairs, and some of them were dressed in civilian clothes, as if they were residents on the island of spray.

Everyone here is favored by Lanting, a great good man. Everyone is under his orders.

In front of a door, a lot of planks fell to the ground. The door was ajar. There was a sound of beating. Xiaonian's face suddenly turned white.

Lanting takes Xiaonian to the door, looks back at her, and says, "Xiaonian, I know you're just an ordinary flower plucker. I'll open the door now. Don't be scared."

"What are you going to show me?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"A person I don't know if you want to see now." Lanting said and went to open the door.

The door was opened slowly. The first thing Xiaonian saw was two tightly bound feet. The shoes on his feet were familiar to Xiaonian.

When she bought clothes for the twins that night, she also picked out a pair of shoes for Gong ou, which was very cheap, but Gong Ou liked them very much and wore them all the time.


When Xiaonian's breathing stopped for a moment, the door opened wider and wider. Then she saw Gong ou, who had fallen to the ground, with his hands tied back. The whole man fell to the ground. Three servants were either whipping him or kicking him with their feet.

One foot after another.

The voice is loud.

The clothes on Gong Ou's body are dirty, and his chest is torn open. His face is a little blue, and there is a touch of blood on the corner of his mouth. He is biting his teeth to bear the pain.

Gong ou.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, his lips trembled so much that he didn't say there was a way to escape. He asked her to go home and wait.

Is his way to be abused here?