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Chapter 985 when you go, I'sll go to England right away

In one of the photos, little f fell on the ground under the pressure of a man, his white hair was stained with blood, and there was a big blood hole on his back, as if he had been shot in the process of falling down.

To die, its eyes are open.

When Xiaonian looked at the photos in a daze, she covered her mouth with her hands. Her fingertips sank deep into her cheeks, and her face turned pale.

Fear is more guilt.

Guilt that can't be paid.

"Who asked you to take these pictures out!" Gong Ou shouts angrily, holds her aside, and caresses her arm up and down with one hand, "it's OK, it's just some photos. Don't be afraid."

He thought she was afraid of the blood.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Police and bodyguards hurriedly began to pick up photos and materials.

"Pour a glass of water." When Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian, he goes to one side. Feng De takes the thermos cup he carries with him and hands it to him. Gong Ou takes it to him. He takes a bite of the temperature himself, and then reaches the edge of the cup to Xiaonian's lips. His voice is magnetic and dotes on him. "Honey, drink a little, don't think about it."

When Xiaonian was drinking water with his hands, his fingertips could not stop shivering.

Gong Ou kissed her on the forehead and said, "we won't make the record. I'll take you home now."

With that, Gong Ou throws the thermos cup to Feng De, and when he holds it, Xiao Nian leaves, no matter what the record and investigation are.

Once out of the police station, the sunshine outside was dazzling, as if she could see her indifference and ruthlessness clearly, at least she could see it clearly.

Her eyes drooped, full of little f and the death of the victims.

Gong Ou hugs her and goes to the car. He reaches out and opens the door. A faint voice rings in his arms. "I want to see qianchu."

Gong Ou's hand was frozen in the air. For a while, when he didn't hear the same thing, he said in a deep voice, "you are very tired. I'll go back to accompany you to have a rest."

"I want to see qianchu."

When small read to lean in his bosom to say again, the voice is very low, but is permeated with thick stubborn.

Circle after circle of people around them and stand, they stand in front of the car did not sit in.

Gong Ou put one hand around her and put it on the door. For a long time, he bit his teeth and said, "shixiaonian, I know he's hurt for you, but do you want to lay him in the middle of us now?"

"I don't mean that."

Strictly speaking, Xiaonian doesn't know what happened to her. After seeing so many bloody photos, she especially wants to talk to Mu qianchu, even if He can't respond to her again.

"Then come home with me!" Gong Ou pushes her into the car with great effort.

When Xiaonian is pushed, she feels pain for the first time and feels sick. She reaches out to support the door, which is a silent refusal in Gong Ou's eyes.

"What do you want?" Gong Ou clenched her arm. "Is that man lying there, and I will never be able to match him?"


When small read caress forehead.

"These days, you haven't stayed at home for a night. When Xiaonian, where do you put Gong Ou?" Gong'ou was even more angry at her silence, and her tone was extremely angry.

His anger attracted countless eyes, and everyone looked at them.

When Xiaonian stood there and pressed her hand on the hot door, she really wanted to find mu qianchu. At this time, she would stay with Gong Ou again. She was afraid that she would not be able to support her, even the normal side could not be maintained.

"I'll be back in the evening. I just want to go to the hospital." When small read or insist.

The sun is particularly hot.

"Is it?" Gong Ou was so angry that he sneered, "that's how you want to see him? Well, you go. I'll go to England as soon as you go! "

A clear threat.

This has been a gift from Gong ou. In his temper, he took extra care of her when he didn't overturn the car on the spot.

If she knew the current affairs, she should go back with him obediently.

When Xiaonian stood there in silence, motionless, Gong Ou's patience was on the verge of a little bit, holding her arm's hand tighter and tighter, "what? No more? Do you have to spend it under the sun? "


"Shixiaonian, what do you want? Do you want me to learn from the blind man and give myself a bullet? " She would not think of the man who had become a vegetable.


She can't hold on.

The sun stabbed her hard. Gong Ou didn't listen to Xiaonian when she said something. Her mind was full of pictures repeatedly, which made her unable to support.

She needs to talk, really

When Xiaonian didn't know how he summoned up his courage, he reached out his hand and pulled Gong Ou's hand away. Gong Ou's face suddenly changed and he was unbelievable. He stared at her with black eyes. He couldn't suppress his anger any more. "When Xiaonian, do you really dare?"

How dare she leave him and find another man?

"I'll be back in the evening." Shixiaonian never looked up at his eyes.

"You can't see me when you come back!" Gong Ou's anger is full of aggressive taste, and also full of desperate.

His voice came into her ears, the sun desperately tortured her, when Xiaonian pressed his head, looked down at his shiny shoes, whispered, "I'm sorry."

With that, Xiaonian turns to the second car.

Gong Ou stares at her back, his face is hard to see the iron green, regardless of so many people's hysterical shouting, "I want you to come back!"

Did she really dare to leave in front of him?

Don't care if I can see him next? It's just a blind man and a vegetable who makes her like this!


When Xiaonian opened the door of the second car as if she hadn't heard it. As soon as she got in, the low temperature of the air conditioner made her head more comfortable.

The driver sat in the driver's seat, looked at Xiaonian behind him and Gong Ou in front of him. For a while, he was so confused that he didn't know whether to drive or not.

Feng De, standing behind Gong ou, made a gesture to the driver, who then turned the steering wheel to drive slowly forward.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou roars, rushing forward and kicking hard at the slow moving car, like a madman.

All the strange eyes fell on him.

When Xiaonian sat in the car, his head was slightly askew, and the expression on his face was full of pain.

But this kind of window makes people can't see everything inside from the outside.

The driver drove away with fear. Gong Ou took another two steps forward, then turned to the bodyguards and shouted, "what are you doing? Don't catch up with me! I want you to lose your life! "

A group of bodyguards rushed to get on the bus.

Feng de went to Gong Ou's back and said gently, "don't be angry, young master. I think Xiao Nian's mind is heavy recently. Please communicate with her well."

"Communication, she only thinks about the vegetable now! There's no me in her eyes! "

Thanks to him, he also treats her as a treasure. That's how she practices him!

Gong Ou angrily kicks the car next to him, and the alarm sounds in front of the police station, scaring a group of police to rush out.

"Xiaonian is not like that." Feng De's self recognition and understanding of Xiao Nian's temperament and character.

"Arrange a plane for me. I'll fly to England right away!"

He wants her to know what regret is!

Gong Ou growls, opens the door and sits in heavily, stretching out his hand and tugging at his collar, which makes it easier to breathe!


When Xiaonian walked into the hospital, he put on the blue sterilization suit with the help of the nurse, and then walked into the ward.

The instruments in the ward make some subtle sounds. Mu qianchu lies quietly on the bed, wearing an oxygen bottle, burying a needle on the back of his hand, and the infusion is trickling into his vein.

The face under the gauze looks very peaceful, just like when I was with her for a while, quiet, gentle and calm

When Xiaonian sat down on the chair beside his bed and looked at the calm face, his eyes suddenly moistened. "I went to the police station today and saw their photos. They all died miserably. So did xiaof, who was so obedient and brave, but ended up with such a result. You lie here still again."


Mu qianchu lies there silently, unlike the broken wall in the forest, which can give her endless encouragement and comfort.

"You say these people are voluntary and have nothing to do with me, but I'm really guilty and miserable." When Xiaonian pressed his head painfully, "I'm afraid I can't hold it well, so I want to say it, but Gong Ou won't understand. He doesn't understand."


Mu qianchu can't give her any words.

"I really want to do something for those people, but I can't do it. They lost their lives for me, but I can only look at those bloody photos and do nothing." The voice of Xiaonian shuddered.


"Dr. Luo said that this kind of thing will happen for the third and the fourth time in the future, and it will not end. I'm afraid I can't make it up to that time." When small read painfully pour out, "but I promise you to come out, to face bravely, I don't want to lose faith in you, thousand Chu, you teach me, what should I do?"


Now mu qianchu can't give her advice, so he lies quietly, only the breath sounds so sad.

When Xiaonian lowered her head and buried her face in her palm, her eyelashes were quivering gently. For a long time, she looked up at mu qianchu's pale face. "Do you think I should go to talk to Gong Ou? Trying to make him understand how I feel? "


Long for silence.

"But he can't. He does so many things for me. He's all for me. I'll say that he'll only feel that all he's done is in vain. He's paranoid. He can't stand it." When Xiaonian began to deny himself habitually, "he is still fighting with Lancaster. He shouldn't be a stranger. At least I can't be a protected one."

She doesn't want to hurt Gong ou. She really doesn't want to.